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Does claiming “limbs” for ALLAH remove one from ahlus sunnah?

Rasulullah (sallAllahu aleyhi ve Selam) performing hajj from grave?

Aqidah, maturidi,ashari,athari

Following a Madhab

Imaam Abu Haniefah rahimaullaah weak in hadeeth???

deobandiyyah and wahhabiyyah

Celebrating birthdays

an answer to the false accusations against behesti zewar

Who are the ahlul qiblah?

Articles of Faith: Are Maturidies Ahlus-Sunnah?

Wird for removal of worries and debts

Recieving gifts from non muslims

Brelave say Deobandi are not from Ahlussunnah

Putting Flowers on the Grave

Salaat Wa Salaam before and after Azaan


photography and pictures???

Dhul qarnain who is he?

Advice to Muslims when discussing/debating

Seeker of knowledge

Wearing No Shirt in Public Area, because it is too hot


What is regarded as true ilm (knowledge)

I follow Deobandi Ulema but recently was called a Wahabi,our shaikhs Moulana Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi and Qasim Nantowi were called kafirs (about their fatwas like Can Allah swt lie?) What’s the truth?





Q & A on Hajj and Qurbani

The difference between Wajib and Fardh in the Hanafi Madh-hab

the friday khutbah in english????

masah on socks????

fasting issues after pregnancy

Ghusl shower

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Hadd and Zakah

Salah of a woman

imaam only coming for jumu’aah

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Day to day Masaail, Part 5

Day to day Masaail, Part 6

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Performance of Fard Salâh in a Sitting Position


Indulgance in riba and the shar’i alternatives

Job in Bank

working for nedbank?

differences between hp and islaamic finance

Asking own brother for fee

maa’koolaat and mashroobaat

E-coded products

prawns,lobster and calamari??

aadaab and mu’aasharaat

The Shar’ii ruling of trimming the beard

The islaamic method of greeting.

Watching TV



Clearing the misunderstanding concerning hijaab

Rajam-stoning to death. part of shariah or not???

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Piercing Belly

Riding Horse for Girl

Learning Military Arts for Woman

Husband’s Permission for Changing Madhab

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Amanding Disobedient Wife

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