The difference between Wajib and Fardh in the Hanafi Madh-hab

Question: Sheikh, what is the difference between wajib and fardh, is something is waajib and someone does not do it will they be sinned for it? what does the quran and sunnah say about fardh and wajib and also the four schools of thought.

Answered by Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Adam, resident scholar of and a scholar of the Hanafi Madh-hab,


Waajib according to the Ahnaaf is a stage that is between the Fardh and Sunnah . The difference between a fardh and a Waajib is that the Fardh is from Daleel qat3i (absolute proof) and Waajib from daleel dhanni (not an absolute proof). As for acting upon them they are the same. However, if a fardh is denied then the person will be declared a kaafir and if a Waajib is denied he is a Faasiq. This has been used by the shafi’ee and the hanaabila in the masaail of hajj but as for the other masaail it is the same to the other three madhaahib.”Wallahu ‘Alim


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