Firaq baatila (deviant sects)


Shias and Sunnis, The Difference




The Sunni Standpoint (against the Shi’as as presented in the High Court of Pakistan)

The Twelfth (Shia) Imam

Shaheed Aazam tariq rahimahullaah

The Salaf on the Shia- Fataawa

Fataawa on the kufr of the shia


The Reality of the qaadiyaani

by ml yusuf ludhyaanwi shaheed rahimahullaah

Exposing Qidyanee’s or Ahmadi’s

Statement of Sheikh Muhammad Anwar Shah Kashmiri

The Bane of Mirzaiyat


Salafiyyah/ Laa math habiyyaah/ ghair muallideen

Debate between Albani and said ramadhan albuti

Alistiwaa alal arsh

The issue of tawassul

hayaatun Nabi – Anbiyaa alive in their graves

Ziyaaratul qubur


11 thoughts on “Firaq baatila (deviant sects)”

  1. as-salaamu `alaikum wa rahmatullah!

    jazakumAllaahu khayr for this ikhwaan!
    should help many of us to understand things more insha’Allaah

    may Allaah ta’aala reward you aameen!
    fi amaanillaah wallaahu hafidh

  2. assalamu alikum sir me pochna chahthi hon k kya waqi me kala jadoo se nazarbandi karwathy han or yeah nazar bandi kya hothi ha?kya us kaliya insan ko koi taveez yah amal karna partha he yah jo b karthy han jadoo gar hi karty han or kya har jadogar ka kala jadoo teez hata he?i mean ky awaqi me kalajadoo asar kartha he ek khas period me?
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Saahir-magician can do Nazr Bandi and other nonsense through black magic but their magic whether confined for a specific period or meant for nonspecific time will not have an effect if Allaah dose not want so.
    والله اعلم

  3. Mashallah, I pray that Allah swt benefit us form the vast information you are assembling here in this web page, which I am only beginning to see and appreciate..

    Jazakumullah khyra

  4. Assalaamualaikum,

    Mufti Sahab this is just for your information, I found the below videos on YouTube by MAULANA ILYAS GHUMMAN. Mashallah, these are the best set of presentation and arguments, I have ever heard countering the allegations on the beliefs of Deoband and books like ‘Bhesthi Zewar’ and ‘Fazaila Amal’, Please add all theses videos to your “Deviant Sects sections”.



    Part 1-

    Part 2-

    Part 3-

    Part 4-

    Part 5-

    Part 6-

    Part 7-

    Part 8-

    Part 9-

    Part 10-

    Part 11-

    Part 12-


    Part 14-

    Part 15-

    Part 16-

    Part 17-

    Part 18-

    Part 19-

    Part 20-

    Part 21-


  5. As-salaamu `alaykum,

    Many people today are misguided with regards to the shi`ah and their status. I would like to clarify some issues just to dial in a few facts with my own observations and research on the matter (the shaykh may delete this is he disagrees with it or with any part of it, or he may add commentary afterwards explaining things).
    The shi`ah believe in a doctrine they call “imaamat” إمامة , and for them this is the first pillar of their deen. The doctrine of imaamat requires a shi`i to believe in something their scholars term as “wilaayat-ut-tasarruf”, which means the status of imaam is higher than the status of prophethood and that the wilaayat ولاية of “the 12 imaams” is a continuation of the prophethood. They believe one of the attributes of a walee ولي (according to their definition and discretion) with wilaayat-ut-tasarruf ولاية التسرف is that he gets wahee وحي (revelation) from allah by means of angel jibreel عليه السلام .
    This doctrine of theirs is an outright denial of khaatam un-nabuwwat خاتم النبوة (that sayyidunaa muhammad is the final prophet and messenger), which (finality of the prophethood and messengership) is a central pillar of faith of the ahl-us-sunnah wal-jamaa`ah.
    This alone is enough to mean that all shi`ah are out of the fold of islaam and are not one of the 72 deviated sects of the muslims mentioned in the hadeeth that will eventually see jannah جنة after a term in the fire of jahannam جهنم and are certainly not of the ahl-us-sunnah wal-jamaa`ah. Indeed, they are munaafiqeen منافقين (hypocrites) who are in denial of the book of allah wherein there is ayah 5:3 which exposes their al-kufr الكفر on this issue with clarity. This topic of khaatam un-nabuwwat is where all their al-kufr becomes exposed when properly investigated, as we have already proved with ayah 5:3 of the qur’aan which they clearly deny due to this belief alone they all share in common.
    Some are of the view that the shi`ah who do not hold to al-kufr views are not of the kaafireen, but i contest this view by reminding us all that imaam at-tahaawi said that one who refuses to call a kaafir a kaafir is himself a kaafir, and the simple fact is that the ones who do not uphold any of the kufr views we know the shi`ah to hold to so dearly still refer to all the other shi`ah as their “brothers and sisters in islaam”. And so according to the creed of imaam at-tahaawi, they are kaafir too due to this fact alone.
    And allah knows best.

    *Footnote: I am not a scholar. I have sat and learned with some excellent hanafi `ulamaa, but i do not consider myself as knowledgeable and i do not have ijaaza in anything and so i state this clearly that you may know this fact and that the shaykh may add his commentary inshaa’allah if i am wrong about anything. I believe this is all straight forward enough and makes complete sense and doesn’t contradict anything in islaam nor the pillars of ahl-us-sunnah, but it may be that the shaykh disapproves of a part of this due to some evidence or other. I believe he will approve of this, though, which is why i have posted it. It is all in accordance with some of what i have learned from shaykh adam so far, to the best of my knowledge.

    If you wish to see a debate between myself and a misguided man trying to spread “shi`ah and sunni unity” then you can go to:

    This will save me having to go through every point in detail again when i have just been debating with this individual for the last few days on this exact issue. I have given him proof after proof after proof from so many different angles and sources, and yet he still clings to his misguidance.
    I will let you decide for yourselves, but it would be nice to see some support there if you are capable of this sort of argumentation. However, do not waste much time with this man because i have found his heart to be like a boulder.

    1. SubhaanAllah, i just read this point again and realised it appears as though i am referring to the video itself where i said about the debate between me and somebody about “shi`ah and sunni unity”. I meant to say the debate is in the comments on the thread..!! This is a 3 year late clarification….. WHOOPS!!

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