wird for removal of worries and debts

Some one has asked me (in order to ask the ulema), whether their are some dhikr or some recitation of some surah mentioned in the ahadith in order to calm a person easily frustrated from daily life and similar? (My opinion is that he wanted some dikr that he can do regularly, either daily or weekly)


jazakAllah khair.

Answer by h-adam



It is narrated in a hadeeth that whosoever recites seven times The last aayah of surah Toubah it will suffice him from all worry and concerns of both this world and the hereafter.

In a hadith narrated by sayyidina abu saaeed :radhiyallahuanh: it is stated that rasulullaah :SAAWS: entered the masjid and saw abu umaamah seated there. Rasulullaah :SAAWS: asked him “why do i see you here in the masjid and it is not near salaah time? He :radhiyallahuanh: mentioned” Worries and debts that have overpowered me. Rasulullaah :SAAWS: told him should i not teach yousuch words by which ALLAH :subhanahuwatalaa: will remove your worries and make means for the payment of your debts.” He replied why not ya rasulallaah. Rasulullaah :SAAWS: said ” every morning and evening recite this ‘ ALLAHUMMA INNI A3UTHU BIKA MINNAL HAMMI WAL HUZN WA A3UTHU BIKA MINNAL 3IJZI WA KASAL WA A3UTHU BIKA MINNAL BUKHL WAL JUBN WA A3UTHU BIKA MIN GHALABATID DAYNI WA QAHRIR RIJAAL'” Sayyidina abu saeed mentions that he read it and his worries and debts were removed. “abu dawood”



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  1. Salamalaikum
    please send this dua in arabic or if you can tell its place in quran
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The ayat no has been given and this is a hadeeth .

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