Rajam-stoning From shariah or not???




I recently came across the following Hadith in Sahih al-Bukhari and I’d like to ask the sheikh for a clear interpretation:


“Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: ‘Umar said, “I am afraid that after a long time has passed, people may say, “We do not find the Verses of the Rajam (Stoning to death) in the Holy Book,” and consequently they may go astray by leaving an obligation that Allah has revealed. Lo! I confirm that the penalty of Rajam be inflicted on him who commits illegal sexual intercourse, if he is already married and the crime is proved by witneses or pregnancy or confession.” Sufyan added, “I have memorized this narration in this way.” ‘Umar added, “Surely Allah’s Apostle carried out the penalty of Rajam, and so did we after him.” (al-Bukhari, Book #82, Hadith #816)








In many other ahaadeeth it shows the same fact concerning rajm (stoning) of the adulterer.The aayah of rajm was abrogated but the hukm (ruling) is applicable till today. This hadeeth narrated by you actually has a prediction which has materialized to-day in the sense that we find so-called muslims rejecting the rajm on the basis that it is not mentioned in the qur’aan. We should remember that the Sahaabah had maade IJMAA3 on rajm being the punishment. As for the AAyah of rajm that was revealed and abrogated in recital only it is found in both Muslim and Bukhari by the narration of sayyidina Umar :radhiyallahuanh: wherein he says that ALLAH has sent muhammed with the truth and amongst the truth revealed to him was the aayah of rajm…



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