Aqidah, maturidi,ashari,athari

Shaykh Hussein Adam ,

  Could you please inform us of why there is so much differences in the ummah in terms of aqidah. On one hand we got the Maturidi on another we got ashari and on the other side we have athari. And there is disagreements between each of them, if they disagree then how is each of these groups upon haq in light of the hadith of 73 sects all being in the hellfire except ONE. Jazakallah khayr jazak shaykh.
Concerning the differences amongst the aqaaid of those who are regarded as being part of the ahlus sunnah wal jamaah , the reality is there is no real major differences. The Maturidi and the Ashari as well as the Athaari have the same view on matters of aqeedah except that the maturidi and the ashari regard taaweel of the sifaat to be permissable within the confines of the regulations of language so that one may not fall into comparing ALLAH TA AALA with his creation. There might be some differences amongst the  groups in interpretion of issues but in reality their differences are only in expression and not in matter.(lafthi not ma3ni). Yes , our pious predecessors ( salafus saalih ) had shown us the guidelines for those who are on haqq and they have compiled sufficient matter on these subjects clearly showing the [b]Haqq[/b] from [b]Baatil [/b] .If we wish to judge those on Haqq let us see if they are in conformity with the beliefs of the salafus saalih or do they differ. ( The salafus saalih are those who were from thr first three generations of Islaam i.e. the Sahaabah, The Taabi’een and the Tab3a Taabi’een )
And Allah Knows best.


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  1. salamu alaykum

    I was the one to ask that mashallah. Jazakallah khayr. I have realized that the aqidah of the Maturidiyah and ashariyah are almost identical. Imaam Subki said ‘I looked through the books of the hanafis (meaning maturidis) the difference between us and them are only in 13 issues differing. Out of those, 6 of them there is slight differences, 7 others are just differences in expression. Those six (slight differences) don’t necessitate them opposing us nor us oposing them, Neither in terms of Takfir or calling the other an innovator.

    Abu mansoor Baghdadi also stressed this.

    Abu Jafar at Tahawi great work Aqidah Tahawiyah really represents the creed of Ahlus sunnah which is the creed of Asharis and maturidis.

    The differing between the two as mentioned are slight. For an example, Imaan according to asharis is speech, actions and belief. Whereas maturidis believe Imaan is Belief and Speech. However, if you ask for explanation each of them will arrive at the same answer. Thus there is really no difference.

    Its basically just like the noble sahabah differed. Some said Nabi salalahu alayhi wa salam saw Allah during Miraj others said he did not. Some of the sahabah believed dead could hear some did not. Etc… just minor differences that really dont necessitate them being split up into different groups.

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