Imaam Abu Haniefah rahimaullaah weak in hadeeth???


Shaykh i keep hearing that imam abu hanifa was weak in hadith and the people would quote statements from imam ibn hajar asqalani and imam dhahabi r.a … also that imam ahmed bin hanbal was not a faqih he was muhaddith .. what is the truth behind this ..



Unfortunately the reality of the situation is that whenever any individual attains recognition and acceptance then people show animosity and concoct lies about such individuals to defame and disgrace them. May ALLAH SAVE US FROM THE LOT OF SUCH EVIL INDIVIDUALS.

Imaam Abu hanifah  :radhiyallahuanh: is one of the great scholars of his time that was highly respected and revered for his piety and intelligence in matters of deen. He was a Tabi’ee as mentioned by the likes of Imaam dhahabi in his book tadhkiratul huffazh as well as ibn hajjar asqalaani, etc. Makki bin Ibrahim the ustaadh of imaam bukhaari and the one from whom bukhaari has narrated most of his “thulaathiyaat” mentions about Imaam abu hanifah :radhiyallahuanh: “He was the most intelligent and knowledgeable person of his time”. It is a known fact that Makki bin ibrahim was a student of Abu hanifah and should give fatwa in accordance to the opinion of Abu hanifah. Hafiz ibn hajjar qoutes in his book “at tahzeeb” that muhammed bin sa3d awfi said he heard ibn mu3een r.a.a saying”Imaam Abu hanifah was thiqqah in hadeeth and he would only narrate those ahaadeeth that he has memorised and would never narrate a hadeeth he has not memorised.” Saalih bin muhammed narrates from ibn mu3een r.a.a that “Imaam abu hanifah was thiqqah in hadeeth.” (v10, p450In another book ibn mu3een mentioned i have never heard of anyone who said abu hanifah was weak in hadeeth.This is the statement of none other than yahya bin mu3een the imaam of jarh and ta3deel. He is making towthiqq of imaam abu hanifah and also mentioning that none till his time had ever made tadh’eef of abu hanifah. This is the issue of those who came later and had animosity. Who knows the individual better??? The people of his time or those who came much later?

Imaam Ahmed bin hanbal :radhiyallahuanh:  was an Imaam and a faqeeh who due to his zuhd did not allow his students to record his fataawa. Therefore we find people making such silly statements of this great imaam

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