How does Islam treat depression and sadness?

I am not depressed (al-Hamdulilah) but my friend is who I will not name here.

Concerning depression and sadness it can be due to various factors. We should visit a physician and take whatever medicine that is prescribed. Also among the many reasons for depression is the love of this world, dislike of death and concern of our sustainence. All these issues are perishables and out of our control. Rizq (sustainence) is predestined, death will befall all and this world will be left behind when we leave it. Rasulullaah :SAAWS:  would always make this du’aa “ALLAHUMMAJ3AL QOETA AALI MUHAMMADIN KIFAATAN ” WHICH MEANS “Oh ALLAH make the provisions of the family of muhammed ( :SAAWS: ) sufficient.”  And the best remedy for anxiety is dhikrullaah and constant rememberance of death. Let us make istighfaar in abundance. It will draw the mercy of ALLAH and also open the doors of our sustanence. ALLAH Ta’aala mentions “stagfiroo rabbakum innahu kana ghaffaaraa yur silis samaa’a alaykum miraara wayumdidkum bi amwaaliw wa baneena wa yaj3al lakum jan naatin wa yaj3al lakum an7aara”( Repent to your Lord for He is oft forgiving. He will send the skies in torrents on you and he will increase you in wealth and progeny and bless you with gardens and rivulets.) Let us inculcate the practise of dhikr, rememberance of death and constant Istighfaar.

And Allah knows best.


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  1. aoa hazrat saha….how r u.sir i ant to ask u that how can we do istagfaar?an at what time is good to do ishtadfaar.n sir could u plzz tell me if some one or a girl had done gunnha in her past so what can she do 4 that for Allah forgivness.thanx
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    Istighfaar is to seek Allaah’s forgiveness by reciting excessively ‘Astaghfirullah’ or ‘Astaghfirullah Wa Atoobu Ilaih’ or ‘Allaahummaghfirli Wa Tub Alaiya’.

    It is mentioned in a Hadith that the Nabee of Allaah said, “I seek Allaah’s forgiveness and repent to Him seventy times (and according to another source) more than seventy times during the day.” According to another Hadith he even mentioned a hundred times.

    Therefore, Istighfaar is not specified for any time or period rather it should be performed in abundance. It comes in a Hadith that whoever begs Allaah’s forgiveness excessively and constantly, Allaah will grant him deliverance from all hardships and He will change his sorrow and grief into joy and happiness and He will grant him sustenance from unknown sources. It is also mentioned in a Hadith that however begs Allah’s forgiveness, Allaah surely forgives him. (Al-Hisnul Haseen of Al-Jazri RA)

    As for the repentance of sins which have been committed, one should perform two Rakaat of Nafl Salaah and then turn towards Allaah with sincere repentance regretting for committing the sin and making a firm commitment for not committing the same in the future.
    والله اعلم

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