Advice to Muslims when discussing/debating


Shaykh, as you know things can get very heated when people debate. Sometimes personal attacks occur and the whole point of the topic is lost in between the name calling and character assasination. I feel that this sometimes shows the lack of sincerity muslims have when they discuss. We convey to try and call people to come closer to Allaah and we do not waste our time with people who refuse to see the haqq correct?

Can you give naseeha to us on the manners of debate and what our intentions should be when we discuss with each other?

Also, when do we draw the line when discussing something with someone? For example, do we bother discussing with someone who refuses to accept the truth in matters that are clear in our deen such as jihaad, etc?

Jazaaka Allaahu khairan. I think we need this reminder now so that we on SeekingIlm don’t fall into similar mistakes we have fallen to in the past.


Concerning the Aadaab (etiquettes) of debate there are many guidelines our ulema and aslaaf has provided for us so that we do not engage in futile endeavours and thereby become sinful. Unfortunately it has become the norm of the day for people to debate only and solely to show their superiority over the opponent and not to establish the truth. If a person wishes to debate then he should adhere to certain conditions as has been stipulated by our pious predecessors. Some from the many conditions stipulated (to make debate permissible) are as follows:

1. Tasheehun Niyyah i.e. Correction of Intention. To debate only for the upliftment of deen and to come to a judgement of truth.
2. Ikhlaas i.e. Solely and only to please Allah.
3. Maqsad i.e. The reason and Aim. For the establishment of haqq (the truth).
4. Abstention from personal attack. Discuss the topic and not the person.
5. Refraining from vulgarity and abuse.
6. To stay within the boundaries of shariah in our discussions and brings proofs acceptable to Shariah.
7. To make sure that the debate is not the cause of animosity and hatred between the two parties.
8. To accept the truth even if it be against our thoughts.

If these guidelines are adhered to then  :inshallah:  our problems will be solved.
And Allah knows best


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