The imam that only comes for jumu’ah


The main imam at our masjid chooses only to come on Friday’s, and Saturdays when he has some class to teach, and a Jumma khutbah. Other then that he has gets an income from the center, and chooses not to attend the 5 daily prayers at the mosque. Our second  temporary Imam, who is a Islamic school teacher, has to fill in.

Is there anything wrong in such an attitude, should we continue to pray after him in Jumma?
Firstly try and estblish his job description from the committee in charge. There might be a possibility that he is only to lead the jummah prayers. He might be an imaam in another masjid or he is performing his salah in another masjid. Let us first establish the proper information before any verdict could be attained. Actually there is a similar situation which is found in many eastern Muslim countries where one person is only there to conduct jummu3ah prayers and they are given the title of khateebs.

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