Day to day Masaail, Part 8

Conditions for Ihram

Q. What are the conditions for the validly of Ihram?

 A. The conditions for the validity of Ihram are as follows:  

1)      Islam—being a Muslim is necessary for the validity of Ihram.

2)      Intention—making the intention of Ihram along with the recitation of Talbiyah or any other Zikr is also the condition for validity of Ihram.  

 Wajibat for Ihram

Q. I want to know the Wajibat for Ihram?

 A. There are two Wajibat for Ihram—putting on Ihram garment from Miqaat (legal boundary) and abstaining from the practices prohibited during Ihram condition.

Prohibited practices in Ihram

Q. What are the prohibited practices during Ihram condition?

A. The following practices are prohibited during Ihram condition:

# Quarrelling, transgressing and using offensive languages

# Clipping nails

# Hunting of wildlife, asking or helping a hunter in anyway, chasing, destroying the eggs or taking advantage of wildlife at any cost

# Killing lice, indicating it to others and removing it form the body or hair

# Using perfume, scent and every other thing that has a fragrance, e.g. fragrant soap etc

# Trimming, shaving or clipping hair from any part of the body

# Rubbing body in a way that hair falls off is Makrooh

# Intercourse and everything relating or leading to it

# Men must not wear stitched garments, underwear, gloves or socks. They should never cover their heads and faces

# Combing hair and beard is Makrooh

# Washing one’s head and beard with soap and removing dirt from the body by using soap or any other cleansing means is also Makrooh

# It is Makrooh to stitch the loincloth from front

# It is Makrooh to tie the covering sheet round the neck, tie the sheet and the loincloth with a knot, pin them together or tie them with thread etc.

# Smelling perfume intentionally is Makrooh

# It is Makrooh to tie a strip of cloth round the body with the exception of head and mouth without any necessity.

# It is Makrooh to let the covering cloth of Ka’aba touch one’s head or face

# It is Makrooh to lie face-ward on the pillow

Farayeez for Hajj

Q. How many Farayeez are there in Hajj?

A. There are three Farayeez in Hajj.

1)      Ihram—putting on Ihram intending for Hajj.

2)      Uqufe Arafat—staying at Arafat at any time for a single moment even from the Zawal-afternoon of Zilhijjah 9 to the dawn of Zillhijjah 10.

3)      Tawafe ZiyaratTawaf performed after getting hair trimmed or shaved from the morning of Zilhijjah 10 to the Zilhijjah 12.

If any of the above-mentioned Farayeez is missed, Hajj will be invalid and can’t be compensated with Dam (sacrifice). It is Wajib to perform the above-stated Farayeez in proper order at their specific places and times.

Wajibat for Hajj

Q. How many Wajibat are there in Hajj?  A. There are sex Wajibat in Hajj. 

1)      To stay at Muzdalifa at its prescribed time

2)      To perform Sa’ee—slow running between Safa and Marwah—the area between the two green columns and fluorescent lights.

3)      To perform Ramee—throwing pebbles at the Jamarat.

4)      To sacrifice animals (this is wajib for one who performs Hajj Al-Qiran or Tamttu’).

5)      To get hair trimmed or shaved.

6)      To perform Tawaf Alwada’ (this Tawaf is for those who have come from outside the Miqaat).

Conditions & Wajibat for Tawaf

Q. What are the conditions and Wajibat for Tawaf?

A. Conditions for Tawaf are as follows:

1)      Islam

2)      Intention

3)      Performing Tawaf in the Masjid Al-Haram, around the Ka’aba

4)      Performing the major part of Tawaf

5)      Performing Tawaf by oneself even sitting in a wheelchair, if needed.

The stated conditions are common for all kinds of Tawaf; Hajj, Umrah etc. and the followings are only for the Tawaf of Hajj.

      1)      Performing Tawaf at the specific time

2)      Preceding the Tawaf with Ihram

3)      Preceding the Tawaf with Uquf Al-Arafar

 Wajibat for Tawaf are as below:    

      1)      Purifying oneself from both major and minor impurities

2)      Covering Satar—the Satar of man is from navel to knees and of woman is the whole body save face, hand up to wrists and feet.

3)      Performing Tawaf on one’s own foot, if possible

4)      Commencing Tawaf facing the Ka’ba in a manner that the entire Hajar-e-Aswad remains on one’s right and the left shoulder towards Rukne Yamaanee.    

5)      Performing Tawaf including Hateem

6)      Commencing the Tawaf from Hajar AlAswad, though some viewed it as Sunnah

7)      Performing all rounds of Tawaf 

8)      Performing two Raka’at Salah after the completion of Tawaf

 Method of performing Sa’ee

Q. What is the method of performing Sa’ee

 A. After completing the Tawaf followed by Sa’ee it is recommended to make Istilam of the Hajare Aswad—to place both hands on the Hajare Aswad and kiss it gently thrice between the two palms. Hands should not be placed on the silver ring when kissing the Hajare Aswad. Thereafter come out through Babussafa. Place left foot first and recite, “Allahummaghfirli Zunoobee Waftahli Abwaba Fazlik.” On reaching near Safa, recite, “Abdau Bima Badaallahu Bihi, Innassafa Wal Marwata Min Sha’ayrillah.” Climb one third of Safa and facing the Qiblah, raise the hands parallel to the shoulders as they are raised during Du’a, and then say Takbeer, Tahleel and Hamd three times in loud voice (men) and recite Durood Sharif in low tone. Make a lot of Du’a there. After the Du’a, climb down the rock and move towards Marwa walking at normal pace. On reaching Batnul Waadi (the area between the two green columns and fluorescent lights), perform Sa’ee (slow running) and then walk at normal pace again. The females will not do the slow running between the two green columns. On reaching Marwah, do exactly the same as was done at Safa. Read the following Du’a between Safa and Marwah: “Rabbighfir Warham Wa Antal- Aa’zzul-Akram”.

Coming from Safa to Marwah is considered one Shawt (circuit), and returning to Safa another. Complete all seven Shawats in this manner; beginning the first Shawt at Safa and completing the seventh Shawt at Marwah. Do not forget to perform Sa’ee at Batnul Waadi in each Shawt. After completing seven Shawt (circuit) perform two Rak’at Nafil Salah in the boundary of Mataaf.

Wearing Underwear in Ihram

Q. Can a man wear underwear during Ihram condition?

A. A man is not permitted in the state of Ihram to wear stitched clothes or something that is sewn or knitted to the shape of the whole body or any part of the body such as Jubba, hat and socks. (Raddul Muhtar Ala Durril Mukhtar 2:489) Therefore, a man is not permitted to wear underwear during Ihram condition.

Wearing Slippers in Ihram

Q. Can one wear slippers in Ihram condition?

A. Yes, one may wear slippers in Ihram condition provided that the bone on the middle of foot is exposed. (Ibid)

Appointing agent for sacrificing animal

Q. Is it permitted to appoint an agent for sacrificing animal?

A. To sacrifice an animal with one’s own hands is more preferable for one who knows how to slaughter animals. But if one doesn’t know how to do, it is advisable to be present at the time of slaughtering, and if it is also not possible then one may appoint an agent to sacrifice the animal on one’s behalf, making the intention whether the sacrifice is for Hajj Al-Qiran or for Hajj Attamattu’.  


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  1. jazakumullaahu khayran yaa shaykh adam, maashaa’llaah! i really needed this and i am sure many others also needed it, al-Hamdu-lillaah!

    may allaah preserve you and also may He keep us all on the straight path, aamiiin!

    please make du`aa for all the imprisoned `ulamaa, inshaa’llaah. may allaah hasten their release or their escape, aamiiin!

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