clearing the misunderstanding about the hijaab and the hanafies

Is there a weak opinion in the hanafi madhab that states that the niqab may be removed in front of non mahram men?

There is a misunderstanding that people ave concerning the adorning of niqab and not adorning.. The issue of leaving the face open has to do with salaah and not of niqqab in public.Also the opening of the face was only allowed when there was no fear of fitnah. To proove the misunderstanding is the fatwa issued by immaamul a3dham himself concerning elderly woman and non hijaabi atttitudes. when discussing with his students not to allow free intermingling between men and elderly women he told them “likulli saaqitatin laaqitatun” which means for anything that drops there is someone who will pick it up(referring to certain peoples tendencies of being attracted to older women). Therefore any claims that it is permissable for women to walk around in our times without niqaab is not from the true ahnaaf.

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  1. aoa,
    i want to ask that is it permissible for me being a female dentist to treat male patients?? bcoz i m doing my house job and so i am not allowed to examine or treat only female patients so it’s a majboori..wat do u say abt this infact wat islam says abt this??plz do inform me. jazakALLAH u KHAIR!
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    Hijaab is a religious obligation which can not be overlooked except in the case of extreme necessity. Therefore, if there is no male dentist in the locality then you would be permitted to treat male patients as being Majboor. But if there are male dentists available, you are not Majboor to treat the patients from opposite sex. It may the Majboori of your profession which can not be given priority to the command of Allaahسبحانه وتعالى.

    والله اعلم

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