Can we open our shops on eid day?


Someone asked me the following:

[size=2][i]can one open their business on EID day?[/i]

No one is forbidden from opening his shop on Eid day. However we should ponder very carefully over the words of Rasulullaah  :SAAWS:  concerning the 2 Eids. He is reported to have said ” likulli qowmin eidun wa hadhaa eiduna fi inna ha ayyamu aklin wa shurbin wa bi3aalin- verily every nation has a festive day and this( the 2 eids) are our festive days. So most definitely we should partake of food and drink and celebrate with our families”. Therefore the opening will be not encouraged due to the statement of Rasulullaah :SAAWS:
And ALLAH knows best.


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