Is it backbiting to talk about someone to someone else without mentioning the backbited persons name, the person being talked about is a open sinner and is being used as an example, if someone is an open sinner should a muslim try to hide that persons sins or make excuses for him






Ghibah(backbiting) refers to mentioning some bad quality of a person in his absence. If it is mentioned without his name mentioned or any clue given to whom it is then one will not be sinful. if a person sins openly then if his sin is such that it will effect others then we can inform others merely so that they be saved from the wrongdoers harm. If there is a sinner then our duty is to advise him and encourage him to repent and not go around and blacken his name. We might be speaking of his wrongs and unknowingly to us he/she has repented for that sin and we are continuing the slander. Who would be the better of the two then?


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