Respected mufti,

My name is shahazia and i am 25 years old. Alhumdulillah my family and myself offer our prayers 5 times a day and also recite the holy qur’an. My email is regarding t.v. Viewing. We were heavily into watching television since i can remember until september 2005. We realised that if we are pursuing allah’s path then we should not be watching films and serials which are one of the main sources used in today’s time and age to spread religion by non muslims. Also today television is only changing for the bad. We were only watching qtv. Recently, some incident took place in the city and everyone was glued to the t.v. Sets for watching the news on that incident. Hence we also started watching news channels and from then on we’ve been watching news daily along with watching other channels like discovery, national geographic, animal planet,cartoon channels and qtv. While we are watchign, we are quick enough to immediately change the channel, if anything indecent comes on it. I feel television if used for viewing the right kind of things can be informative and safe. Like i said, instead of wathching all the channels, we’ve chosen to watch only the above mentioned selected channels
i need to know what is the opinion of the various ulemas on this issue. I am sending this email to different ulemas to know the opinion of each school of thought. Is there anything wrong in watching only these channels? Kindly reply soon, i’ll be waiting for your answer.

your sister in islam

shahzia noor mohammed

In the name of Allah, All Gracious, All Merciful

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Sister in Islam,

The answer to your question is as follows:  

 Though the television is still a controversial issue amongst Ulama, its evil effect on society, culture and religion are unquestionable. Generally this instrument is used for wrong and unlawful purposes. Thus, it causes more harms than benefits. Therefore, considering these aspects and all other evils counted by Ulama such as looking at non-Mahram, watching naked women and other similar sins and vices, it is highly recommended to avoid television fully and use least harmful means to stay abreast of the news and achieve valuable knowledge.       And Allah knows the best.  Mohd. Shihabuddin Qasmi Date: 31-07-06   


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