Welcome to our LIBRARY section. We hope to establish a huge data base for our English readers and also are planning of adding both Arabic and Urdu content to the site. We request for your special Duas. Hope you find your read beneficial


Imam mehdi alayhir rahmah New

Moulood and Shari’ah New

Athaab e qabr New




Refuting Bareilwi False accusations.



The Sharh Of The Aqeedatut Tahaawiyah


debate with albani-saidramadanalbuti1.pdf

izhar-ul-haq.pdf the best book on christianity ever written

the-bible-the-quran-and-science.pdf by Maurice Buicaille

The False Allegations against the Ulema of Deoband

What is bid’ah by mufti elyas

Bid’at- Its reality by Ml M A Okarvi rahimahullah

Tafseer and Hadeeth

Maariful Hadith by ml Manzoor Nu’mani

Ma’aariful Qur’aan

Muntakhab Ahaadeeth



The beautiful Sunnah of our Beloved Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wasallam


The gift of taraaweeh

Feet in salaah New

The question of raf yadain (raing of hands in salaah) New


Contemporary Fataawa by mufti taqi usmani (d.b.) New*

Bahesti Zewar (heavenly ornaments)


Taleemul Islam

What Prayer is?

The legal status of following a madhab.pdf

Albani unveiled

Answering Albani’s sifatus salah an nabi part 1


Almabaadi’ul fiqhiyyah (shafiee fiqh)



Tareekh islami (Islamic History)


Imam Abu Haniefah

Imam Maalik

Imam Shafiee

Khulafaa raashideen

A brief history of theMaudoodi Calamity

Tassawuf Zuhd and Nasaahih

Eight lessons by Imam Ghazaali

An invitation to Islam

What is Islam by ml Manzoor Nu’mani

Rights of Parents

A gift for husband and wife

Sins By Mufti mohammed Shafee Uthmaani



4 thoughts on “Library”

  1. is solar eclipse or lunar eclipse effects on pregnancy?. please reply me under the guidance of quran and hadith.
    There are no known effects of eclipse on pregnancy thart i have come across in any books of Shariah.Eclipse is but a sign of the qudrat of ALLAH. It does not cause life nor death, as many believe. At the time of the demise of the son of Rasulullaah sallallaahu alayhi wasallam , learly mentioned that the eclipse is neither a sign of birth or death of any individual. Therefore the issue of child growth in the womb is not mentioned.

  2. asalaam o alykum.

    i love your blog, i think that it is amazing mashaALALh. Just what i needed at the moment :)
    May ALLAh give you all good both in this world and the next ameen.

    asalaam o alykum :)

  3. salam,me deobandi hanafi hoon,rooze nahi rakh ne mana kia hay gurdy ki bimari hay to me kia karoon,rozay muaaf hain ya on ka fidia dia jayee,oor 1 roozay ka kitna fidya hay,mujhay rate bata dein.
    aljawab min fazlik
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Fidya uswaqt diya jata he jab insaan roza bilkil nahin rakhsakte he. Ager aisi haalat ho tu har roz kr iwaz mrn sadaqatul fitr ke barabar raqm diya jaaega.

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