Salah of a woman


Sheikh people say that the sisters dont pray salah properly, they dont do sajdha properly, how is a woman supposed to do sajdha according to our madthab, they quote a hadith that we’re not allowed to do sajdha like a dog or camel i think, not sure
and that our elbows shouldnt touch the ground

Firstly i ask forgiveness for the delay in answering this question. I  really forgot of this question which is a necessity due to the wrong notion by many that the sajdah is the same as a male.
1. It has been narrated by By yazeed in habeeb  :radhiyallahuanh:  that rasulullaah  :SAAWS:  passed by two omen  performing salaah. He addressed them and said ” when you make sajdah then join  a portion of your body to the ground because the women is not the same as the men (in sajdah).” sunan baihaqi p 223 volume 2.
2.sayyidina  Ali  :radhiyallahuanh:  said ” if a woman makes sajdah then she sholud sit on her prosterior and join her thighs and then make sajdah.” baihaqi
3 baraa bin azhib  :radhiyallahuanh:  mentioned that rasulullaah :SAAWS: whenever he made sajdah he spread himself  and a woman should join her body because this is more concealing for her.” sharhul muhazhib of imaam nawawi
Another important factor to realise that  all the mathaahib are of the opinion that a women should make sajdah in the manner that differs from the men. This proof is available too if needed.

Sheikh need the proof please, insha’Allah


1) In the Maaliki madh hab it is recorded in jaami3us sagheer of ad dar der volume1 page 327 ” that men should seperate their bodies from their thighs and be spread out. As for women they should join the body in all circumstances.”

2) In Sharhul muhadhab , Imaam Nawaawi mentions that a man should seperate his arms from his sides and lift his stomach away from his thighs and a women should join it in all circumstances (volume3 page 404)

3) In mughni it is mentioned that concerning the imaamat of women, that she should stand in the centre of the saff because it is more concealing and therefore it is not mustahab for a woman to spread herself apart in salaah. (volume2 page 204)

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