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What is Istikhaarah and How is it to be performed

Reading lengthy du’aas in ruku and sajdah


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  1. can we make dua with the waseela of the prophet (pbuh) for our demands to be fullfilled flom allah
    give me authentic proof..
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    It is permissible to supplicate and request Allaah directly through the medium of Rasulullah ﷺ, any other prophet, any pious servant of Allaah or one’s virtuous deed. For detail, click on the below link:
    والله اعلم

  2. AOA!before namaz(PRAYER)when i go to toilet then i perform abult(WAZU)then i say my prayers.but oftenly when i bow for RAKUH i feel that some thing excreat from my mostly happen when i go to toilet then i i come back i bow or lift any thing that material excreat from there.when it excreats i examine that my shalwar or pent has some dots(SPOTS)of those excreation material!
    So kindly tell me i became NAPAK from it,or i just have to make abulet(WAZU)again or Ghusal being wajib upon me on that satuation plz kindly help me
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    Make Wudhoo after you get complete satisfaction from droplets of urine and do not break the Salaaah just because of mere doubt. But when you are sure about the discharge of that drops, then make Wudhoo and repeat the Salaah. You may perform Salaah without washing it from the body and clothes when it is less than one Dihram equivalent to the depth of the palm of the hand, though it is Makrooh not to wash it without any valid reason. But the washing of polluted body and clothes will be necessary when the discharge is more than one Dirham. Salaah will not be valid without purifying that amount of impurity. (Raddul Muhtaar Aladdurril Mukhtaar, Babul Anjaas)
    والله اعلم

  3. if the number of rakat is not mention in quran than does it came by if the add than should he add but Allah SWT warn him not to add and subtract what happen than
    sister fatima mohammed
    from nigeria
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    Dear Sister in Islaam, the question is too complicated to understand. We request you to repost it revising the text and context of the question.
    والله اعلم

  4. Dear Mufti Sahib,
    Assalam o Alaikum

    If a semen drops at a carpet and it gets dry and invisible after few days, can we offer prayer on it when it becomes dry after putting on Jai Namaz on it.

    Jazakallah o Khaira
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Salaah can be performed placing a Paak and clean Jai Namaaz at such unclean sport referred to in the question. “و كذا الثوب إذا فرش على النجاسة اليابسة فإن كان رقيقا يشف ما تحته أو توجد منه رائحة النجاسة على تقدير أن لها رائحة لا يجوز الصلاة عليه و إن كان غليظا بحيث لا يكون كذالك جازت.” (رد المحتار على الدر المختار, باب ما يفسد الصلاة وما يكره فيها)
    والله اعلم

  5. Dear Mohtaram Mufti Sahib,
    Assalam o Alaikum

    If a Deoband Maslak mosque is twice the far away from that of Barvelvi Maslak moque near my house and I being Deobandi by beliefs: can I offer prayer behind a Barelvi Imam & will there be any decrease in Sawab by doing so.

    Jazakallaho Khaira
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    It is Makrooh Tahrimi to read Salaah behind a Bid’ati Imaam who does not have Shirki or Kufri Aqidah such as the Aqidah of Hazir and Nazir that the Nabee of Allaah is omnipresent. But performing Salaah behind an Imaam who has Shirki and Kurfi Aqeedah or has such Aqeedah which are in contrary to those of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaah or who regards the people who follow any particular Mazhab as Kafir and Mushrik, is not permissible. (Radddul Muhtaar Alaad-Durril Mukhtaar, Babul Imamah) The Salaah which have been performed behind such an Imaam must be repeated. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform Salaah behind a Bid’ati Imaam as most of the Aqidah of Bid’ati consist of Shirk and Kufr.
    والله اعلم

  6. namaaz me baar baar ek surat ko duhrana , waswasa ki waja se , to kia ye bid,at hae . agar namaaz me lage keh surat nhi parhi or baar baar wohi surat parna ghalat hae
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    سورت دہرانے میں تفصیل یہ ہے کہ سورہ فاتحہ کو دوسری سورت ملانے پیلے دوہرانے کی صورت میں سجدہ سہو واجب ہوگا لیکن سورت کے بعد دہرانے یا فرض کی آخری دو رکعتوں میں داہرنے یا سورہ فاتحہ کے علاوہ دوسری سورت کے دہرانے کی صورت میں سجدہ سہو واجب نہیں ہوگا۔ اس قسم کا دہرانا بدعت تو نہیں لیکن فرض نماز میں جان بوجھ کر ایسا کرنا مکروہ تنزیحی ہے۔
    سورت پڑھنے اور نہ پڑھنے میں شک و شبہ زندگی میں پیلی مرتبہ ہو تو نماز کو از سرِنو پڑھی جائے اور اگر ہمیشہ ایسا شبہ ہوتا ہو تو جس طرف دل کا رجحان ہو اس کا اعتبار کیا جائے اور اگر کسی طرف رجحان نہ ہو تو احتیاطا دوبارہ سورت ملانے سے نہ نماز فاسد ہوگی اور نہ سجدہ سہو واجب ہوگا۔ البتہ سورہ فاتحہ کو دوبارہ پڑھنے کی صورت میں اوپر بیان کی گئی تفصیل کا لحاظ رکھا جائے۔

    والله اعلم

  7. Dear Mufti sahib,
    Assalam o Alaikum!

    When a person enters mosque and Imam sahib is in sitting position (Qaida) of Last Rakaat, can we perform ablution with just Farz actions so we don’t miss the congregation.

    Wa alaykumus salaam
    If the person feels that he would be able to join the congregation before salaam if he only performs the faraaidh of wudhu, then it would be advisable to do so.By completing the farraidh , his wudhu is correct. Yes to do so unnecessarily is not advised. Doing the full masnoon wudhu has great merits and virtues. Therefore it should not be left out unnecessarily.
    It is narrated that imaam abu yusuf rahimahullah accompanied imaam abu haniefa rahimahullah on the journey.they reached their destiny and there was very little time left to performs their asar. Imam Abu yusuf had to perform wudhu. so he only made his farraidh and also shortened the salaah by cutting down the tasbeehaat etc. After completion of Salaah praised him and told him that this was a sogn of intellegence.
    So when necessary it will be permissible to suffice with the faraidh only.
    And ALLAH knows best.

  8. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir jab larki ne namaaz nahi parni ho or us se uska bhai , papa pooche keh namaaz parhi to wo kya jawaab de, haan bol sakte hae
    Jhoot bolna sakht gunna he. jhoot bolne ne parheiz kare. Namza parhna hamara fareeza he.hamme parhne ya na parhne ki koi ightiyaar nahin.Agar namaz parhsakti he tu parhna farz he.

  9. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir i mean if a girl is in menstrual cycle and in this condition someone ask her for a prayer then what should she say, haan mene namaaz parhi ya nhi ,,, agar papa bhai ya cousin joint family pooche to kya kahe
    please sir guide
    Wa alaykumusSalaan

    In that condition to one should not lie. Erather say i cannot read. (men nahin parhsakti)

  10. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir ap please bataenge keh ZOHAR ki namaaz, ASAR ki namaaz, or ISHA ki namaaz kab kaza hoti hae, in namazo ka kitna time hota hae
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Zuhr ka time Asar ka time daakhil hone tak he. Agar kissi ne zuhr nahin parhi aur asar ka time daakhil juwa tu us shaks ko chahiye ke zuhr namaz ki qaza parni vhahiye. Asar us waqt daakhil hota hai jab har cheez ke saayaa is ka dugna hokata hai.
    Asar ka time ghuroob e shams (suraj shubne ) tsk rshta he. agar kissi ne us waqt tak asar ki namaaz nahin parhi tu woh qaza parhega.
    Esha ka time Fajar e saadiq tak he (sehri jab khatam hote he) Is waqt tak namaz parhne ki ijaazat. agr nahin parhi tu qazaa karna parega


    Hazrath I just want to ask for what purpose is this dua “Ya abid ullah ajar bil khair ya badi” is recited.
    Wa alaykumus salaam w rahmatullaah
    Sorry i am not aware for what this wazeefa is read. However from the meaning it seems to be for blessings and goodness in on ones rizq.

  12. asa, i just wanted to know if it is compulsory to make up missed faradh salah for over the years r is true repentance enough as long as you never miss another salah again?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The making up of missed Salaah, even if it adds up to many years is compusory. Salaah is an obligation that nder no circumstances can be excused except when a lady is in her menses or a person is unconcious for more then five salaahs. It is well known that Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wasallam missed four to five salaahs during the battle of ahzaab due to the severity of battle. He repeated them the next day when there was a lull in battle. Therefore both toubah as well as the qadhaa is necessary.


    Hazrath is there any dua or prayer for conceiving child. Please let me know.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    On the meeting between the two spouses the following du aa should be read:-


    Hazrath mujhe raat ko neend nahin aathi. Kithne bhi koshish karoo, neend nahin lagathi. Mujhe kya karna chahiye?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Raat ko sone se pehle aap a glass dudh piele aur sote waqt a tasbeeh durood parhle , insha ALLAH niend aaegi.

  15. aslam alikum
    muje app se ak sawal pochna tha k isha ki kaza namaz kitni parhty hai or dosta ye k main job kerti ho or main puri kosis kerti ho k time per namaz ada kero per bas dafa meeting ya kaam main namaz kaza ho jati hai tu mian irada ker lati ho k isha k sath parh lo gi or parhti b ho per muje sahi tariqa bata day k main apni kaza namaz kaise ada kero ap ki bari mahrbani ho gi sukrya
    wa alaykummus salaam
    Esha ki qazaa men 4 rakaat faraz aur 3 rakaat witr he. qazaa kisi waqt bhi parsakti siwaaie tulus shams , ghurube shams aur zawaal ke waqt.Bas niyyat kar kar namaaz ada kare. Qazaa ki niyyat honi chahiye


    Hazrath aapka bahuth shukriya aapne mera pehle sawal ka jawab diya. Mera doosra sawal ye hai ki, Salatu Tasbih ki namaz padne ke bareme mujhe jaana tha. Mujhe shuroo se akir tak bataiyer jaise niyath kya kare or kab padni chahiya aur iska tarikha. Shukriya
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Salatut tasbih aik sunna namaz he jo Huzur e aqdas salalaahu alayhi wa sallam ne apne chache sayyidina Abbas Raziyallahu anhu ko sikhaayaa. Hamme kam az kam saal men aik martabha parni chahiye. Warna har jummah ko . Yeh chaar rakaa’at namaz he jo haysiyat e nafl rakhte he. Siwaie tulu’ e shams , ghurub e shams , zawaal aur fajr aur asr ke faraaidh parhne ke baadwale waqt, har waqt parh sakte he.
    Jab irada kare ke salatut tasbih parhe tu chaar rakaat nadl namaz- salatut tasbih ki niyyat kare.
    Parhne ki tarteeb
    1. Allahu Akbar kehke sanaa parhle uske baad qiraat parhle ,i.e. surah faatiha ur koi aur surah, phir yeh tasbih- subhaanAllah wal hamdu lillaah wa laailaahaa illal laahu wallaahu akbkar -15 martabha parhle. aur ruku men chale jaaiye Allahu akbar kahte huwe.
    2. Ruku ki Tasbih- subhanna rabbiyal azeem- 3 ya 5 martabha parhne ke baad wohi tasbih 10 martabha parhkar ruku se uthe samiyallaahu liman hamidah kehkar.
    3. qiyaam men 10 martabha tasbih parhle aur ALLAHUAKBAR kehkar sajdah men chale jaaiye.
    4.sajde men subhana rabbiyal aa’laa ke baad phir 10 martabha tasbih parhle aur ALLAHU AKBAR KEHKAR JALSA MEN CHALE JAAIYE.
    5. JALSA men 10 martabha phkar ALLAHU AKBAR kehkar sajdah men chale jaaiye.
    6. doosre sajda men subhaana rabbiyal a’laa ke baad phir 10 martabha tasbeeh parhle.
    7.Allahu akbar keh kar doosre rakaat uthne se pehle baith kar 10 martabha tasbih pahle
    yeh 75 martabha tsbih he har rakaat namaz men jo kul rakaat men 300 hojate he.
    Doosri rakaat pahle wali rakaat jaise adaa kare.
    baaqi rakaat bhi aisahi adaa karle.
    masnoon qiraat in charon rakaat men yeh he.
    1. faatiha ke baad surah a’laa
    2. doosri rakaat fatiha ke baad ghaashiya
    3. tiesri rakaat- faatiha ke baaf surah kaafiroon
    4. chothi rakaat faatihaa ke baad surah ikhlaas.

  17. Respected Mufti sb.AssalamuAlaykum.Alhumdulillah,i try to offer all my salaahs on time and i read masnnon duaas which are meant to be read after every salaahs.In addition to it i am also doing some wazeefas(kindly told by you)for getting pregnant and for the deeni hidayat for my husband.Now the problem is that my husband is making plans to holiday and to show me to the doctor also which requires long journeys and moving to other cities.I requested him to make sure that i dont miss my salaahs in journey by stopping on our way at some places to do so.But he is disagreeing and is insisting me to either pray qaza or to pray in car.I tried to tell him that qaza is jayaz only if the situation is unavoidable and the journey is a must.moreover salaah in car is also not jayaz.But my husband is feeling uneasy to stop on his way to pray as this is India and he hasnt seen anybody to make such efforts(his point of view).I am really very much disturbed as i dont want to pray qaza instead of ada just for our enjoyment.Moreover what about my duaas and wazeefas?It requires some time to read them.Please give me suggestion about what to do.He is not the one to be convinced easily.We live alone and has no one to make him understand and our elders are also of his opinion so it is useless to ask them for help on telephone.Moreover if the condition does arise which cannot be avided then what should one do?May Allah TAALA bless you for helping us in distress.Mufti sb. i really dont want to miss my ibaadat and salaahs.ALLAH HAFIZ.
    Wa alaykumus Salam.
    Normally when one a lokg journey one stops forfor resting and relieving oneself. Under such pretenses you should ask him to stop and then perform only your faraaidh and the witr of esha. As for the wazaaif try and read it when you reach your destination. in safar one can be exempted from the normal daily wazaaif. In hadeeth it is mentioned if one reads three times with bismillaah the three quls , it will suffice for everything. Ulema mention that reading the three quls in safar will suffice for your wird and wazaaif.

  18. Respected Mufti sb.AssalamuAlaykum.JazakAllaah for your kind answer.May ALLAH reward you and your team with all His blessings.Mufti sb. my problem is that my husband doesnt want me to offer my qasar salaah at any resting place as he feels uncomfortable with the idea of ladies praying at any resting place as the atmosphere here is non islamic(we are right now in Gujrat)India.Its not that anybody would say anything or do anything but this is something odd as no one is making such efforts.According to me if you have to pray then you shoul do it without thinking what others reaction will be.What my husband is insisting is that EITHER I LEAVE MY QASAR AND THEN OFFER ITS QAZA AT HOME OR IF I INSIST THEN I DO IT IN CAR SO THAT NO ONE CAN SEE.And mufti sb thanks for your invaluable information about suffication of daily wazaifs by reading three quls.DOES THAT INCLUDE EVEN THOSE SPECIAL WAZAIFS WHICH WE DO TO FULFILL OUR WISHES (like for getting pregnant or else).Because some times some wazeefas have time boundries like 40 days,30 days etc.Please do answer me to remove my worries.ALLAH HAFIZ.
    Firstly the recital of faraaidh seated in a car is not permisible.Therefore that suggestion will not be acceptable.If hhe refuses , them let him know the sin of delay is on him. If so then read it as qazaa with remorse in the heart, for the delay.
    2.) If you can fulfill the normal wazaaiff then you should.If due to circumstances one cannot read it then resort to the recital of the Quls.As for the special wazaaif that i gave you , you could read it while the car is moving. It would be better.If you cannot then skip it and restart when you return. (in other words to recontinue from the days you have read . not to restart from the beginning.)

  19. Assalam O Alakaikum
    If I forget to raise hands before reciting Dua-e-Qunoot in 3rd Rakaat of Witr salah of Isha.
    Can I complete the prayer as usual or Sajad-e-Sahw should be performed.
    Sajdah e sahw is necessary as you are leaving out a waajib in salaah

  20. plz tel atleast some surat of quran tjat if we recite them our desires wil be accepted by alah
    If there was such a verse or ayat of the qur’aan then i think everyone should have been enjoying their lives in accordance to their desires.

  21. tel some surat of quran through which we can be save with our whole day and night difficulties and problems i know if we recite any surat of quran we wil be blessed with our god’s love but tel any important ayat
    Assalaamu alaykum
    In the hadeeth book sunan abu dawood it is narrated :-
    عن أبي الدرداء قال: من قال إذا أصبح وإذا أمسى: حسبي الله لا إله إلا هو، عليه توكلت وهو رب العرش العظيم، سبع مرات، إلا كفاه الله ما أهمه
    sayyidina abu darda radhiyallahu anhu narrates that rasulullaah salallahu alayhi wa sallam said, ” whosoever recites this aayah seven times in the morning and evening , it will suffice him of all his worries and concerns”,
    حَسْبِيَ ٱللَّهُ لاۤ إِلَـٰهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ عَلَيْهِ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَهُوَ رَبُّ ٱلْعَرْشِ ٱلْعَظِيمِ } Surah taubah verse129

  22. i respect u mufti sahaab but sory to say but there are such verses and ayat of the quraan by which our desires wil be accepted by our loving alah right now u r a bit wrong i can not say u completely wrong cuz i have not such knowlegde and please dont mind sory again
    Assalaamu alaykum
    Smile. I do not claim total knowledge. Rather i would appreciate it if you find such an aayah to inform me too. Jazaakumullaah.

  23. salam and the ayat are sura-e-yaaseen,sura-e-taa aa,darood-e-nijaat and there are many more as well
    Wa alaykumus Salaam.
    It seems you have mistaken the virtues mentioned of these awraad.
    surah yaseen and taa haa is to remove difficulties and make the recieving of one’s sustenance easy. Not for ones desires to be fulfilled.

  24. ok thanks for telling and i have one more question that i got a clas mate she have a afair so should i talk and sit with her and once i also love someone but i didnt have any afair and now i stopped loving him cuz now i offer prayers 5 times a day and i daily recite quran now i m totaly changed so u tel should i continue my friendship with her or not and after seeing me she has also started offering prayers regularly and she is nice but what to do no idea please reply me fast i wil be waiting
    If she does not encourage you to wrong and you have a positive influence over her then keeping feiendship will be good with the niyyah of encouraging her to good.

  25. Assalamalikum !

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please tell the best way & time to perform salath ul hajat & salath ul tahajud . Do we have to receipt any particular verses during these salahs.

    wa alaykumus Salaam

    Salaatul haajaat can be performed in any permissible time for nafl salaah. The non permissible times are after fajr and asr and the times of sunrise , sunset and zawaal(midday0.The method is to perform two rakaats of salaah and thereafter make duaa to ALLAH for ones needs.The best time to do it will be tahajjud time
    Salaatut Tahajjud can be performed after the completionof the esha salaah. however the best time for performing tahajjud is the last third portion of the night. One can perform from 2 to 8 rakaats of salah and make du aa for ones needs. One may read any surah one wishes.

  26. Asalamoalikum

    respected sir, my question is if my husband calls me to have intercourse and i denied due to illness..and he goes angry….what should i do….aswell numaz ka time ho aur mai bolon numaz pehlay parhoun ge tu kya mai gunah gar hun ge iss surat mai..
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If a female refuses her husband his congugal rights duee to illness then she wil not be sinfull.

  27. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath I had done Isthakhara of myself and my husband because we were used to quarrel for silly reasons. The result was that, that Hazrath told me that I have Ruhaani Nazar. He told me to read Surah Li-ilafi-Qureshi and Surah Izaja-a-nasrullahi seven times for 40 days. I just want to ask whether because of this nazar whether I am not able to conceive. I am married for 1½ years, still not conceived. Everyone will be asking about that. I am not able to understand what to do. Please suggest something.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus salam.
    Concerning this issue i have given a lengthy answer and also wish to remind you that childbirth and concieving lies in the “hands” of ALLAH.wE SHOULD SINCERELY MAKE DUAA TO ALLAH and also give out some sadaqah.

  28. aslam alikum mufti sb
    hope u will b fine
    sir muje app se koch sawal pochne thay ak ye k ajkal mobile per bohat se msg aty ahi k ye msg 7 logo ko kero tu khuskabri milay gi wagira wagira aisy hi kal ak msg aya jil main name of ALLAHA likhy howy thay or nichy likha tha k 20logo ko kero khushkhabri mily gi na kiya tu 20 saal tak badkimat raho gay ye sabit ho chuka hai or tum Allaha se payar nahi kerty delet b nahi kerna warna bohat noksan ho ga app batain kaya ye sahi hai is taraha k msg kerna purane zamany main mobile nahi thay tu kaya wo log badkismat thay ya ALLAHA se payar nahi kerty thay muje bohat gusa ata hai is traha k msg parh ker main delet ker dati ho k or aksar amin tu Allaha ki kasam or Muhammad ki kasam likha hota hai kaya ye sahi hai????koi majbor hota hai us k 15 20 log najany waly ho tu wo kaya kerin ya balance hi na ho us k pass tu wo kaya kerin??????kaya is tarha msg main perhne se ALLAHA or MUHAMMAD ki kasam ho jati hai
    mean k hum parh rahy hai tu is ka matlab hum ne kasam kaha li hum tu bedhahani main msg parh laty hai plz muje bataya ga zaror me upset in msg ki waja se plzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yaad rakhiye ke khooshi aur gham , nafa aur zarar sab ALLAH ke “haath” men he. Kisi aur ka haq nahin. Surah Ahzaab men ALLAH tabaaraka wa ta aala ka irshaad he :-
    { قُلْ مَن ذَا ٱلَّذِي يَعْصِمُكُمْ مِّنَ ٱللَّهِ إِنْ أَرَادَ بِكُمْ سُوۤءاً أَوْ أَرَادَ بِكُمْ رَحْمَةً وَلاَ يَجِدُونَ لَهُمْ مِّن دُونِ ٱللَّهِ وَلِيّاً وَلاَ نَصِيراً }
    (App kehdijiye) kaun he woh shakhs jo tujhe panaah dega agar AALLAH ne tujhe nuqsaan pahunchana chahaa ya rahmat naazil karna chahaa.Woh log ALLAH ke siwaa koi aur wali aur madadghaar nahin milega.(surah ahzaab ayat17)
    Yeh sab shaytaani khel he taake log israaf ur fuzul kharchi men mubtalaa hojaaiy. App in msgs se bilkul be fikr rahe aur in msgs ko ignore kare. Agaar qasm likha huwa ho tu woh qasm men shumaar nahin hoga jabn tak parhne wale qasm ke irada kare.ALLah msg bejhne wale ko hidasyat de aur musalmaano ko is chaal se bachaaiye. ameen

  29. Last week I was asked to help a Muslim organization. I really wanted to do this, because I am loney and bored. I am an independent Muslimah, a retired professional.
    I made istikhaarah twice. On the third day I became very ill. I’m really afraid to say yes, because I think the illness-I rarely get sick- answered my prayer. I no longer desire to take the position.
    Should I consider this illness as an answer to my istikhaarah?
    Istikhaaraa is based on oneeeees doubts. If one feels that it is not good tyhen one should abstain.
    The condition of ones heart and thoughts is more important than occurrances.The feeling you had is your answer rather than the sickness.If your feeling is positive then do it otherwise abstain.

  30. salam i want to ask we chat with our frends relatives couzins through internet mobiles etc included boys and girls is it rite to chat kisi ko gunha to nahe milay jo likh kr sent kr raha hy aur jo usko parh raha hy aur reply de raha hy plz tel me briefly i m confused cuz some frend s r boys and some r girls some our cousins plz kisi quran ki aayat k sath btae ga
    Wa alaykumussalaam
    Friendship between boys and girls that are non mehram to each other is forbidden in islaam.The hukm of hijaab is sufficient for us to understand this. Also if a person is in salaah and someone knocks on the door then males will say subhaanALLAH out aloud and females are to clap on the palm of the hands.
    Chat is equivalent to speech. It is used to get a message across. Unnecessary talk between non mehram is forbidden. Talk that is necessary is allowed. Casual chat therefore is not allowed.

  31. mufti sahaab i m fat not so much i m normal fat mei chati hun mei patli ho jao baysak zada nahe per itna k stomach under hoja ae khati kam hun per bacpan se normal fat hun dieting krti hun per koi faida nahe howa mei zada moti nahe hun per meri sister bht patli hy to us k samnay moti lagti hun mei ne bohat dua kare aur kab se krti aa rahe hun i know k dua alah sub ki kabool karta hy per uska waqt hota hy per mujhay sabar nahe horaha hy i know ye bht stupid question hy per plz aap bta ae kya koi bheetri hy kabhi patli nahe ho ge mei ne bht dua mange magar chain nahe aarah hy plz kuch bta saktay hy
    Try and abstain from oily food and also try and abstain from luxuries like choclates etc. I advise you to have warm water with a bit of lemon every morning an also try and have your fixed meals without anything in bbetween. If you feel to have anything in between have fruits. Insha ALLAH you will see difference.

  32. Assalamoualaikoum
    My Supervisor at work does not have a good relationship with me. What dua can i read so as he can respect me and can satisfy with my work.
    I hope my question will taken in due consideration.

    Jazaak Allah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam.
    Firstly and fore mostly we have to see that we are in the right. Let us not be the perpetrator of wrong and cause of his anger. We should do our duty efficiently and thereafter make du aa that his heart changes towards us. Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us that we should give each other gifts which will develop love.Another teaching is meeting him with a pleasant face. Try and read “Yaa Lateefu” 41 times after asar salaah insha ALLAH his attitude will change.

  33. Hi mufti sahab mein aik masla hai kafi serious hai. aap mehrbani say koi hal bataien kay is gona ki mafi kaisey ho gi. agar kisi larki nay namaz na parney ki halat mein baqi logon ko namaz parha di. ab itnay salon baad gona ka ihsas bohat hota hai. aapmehrbani say bataien kay kia karna chahye. thanks
    Bas be ilmi ki waajah se masala aap se howi he. ALLAH se sache dil se toubah maangle aur agar mumkin ho jin logon ne aap ke pieche namaz parhi he un ko namaaz lotaane ki ittilaa’ de.

  34. bohat shukrya mufti sahib aap nay mujey is baat ka koi hal batya. lekin aap nay jo kaha hai kay un logon ko bataon ye to nahi ho sakta. itnay saal pehlay ki baat hai or waisey bi pata nahi or kon kon they or ab kahan hon gay. is baat kay leye koi adya wagaira day sakti hon.
    Assalaamu alaykum
    Agar yaad na hon ya unko ittilaa dene se app qaasir ho tu ALLAH se toubah maangle yeh kaafi hoga.Agar hosake tu khucch sadaqa bhi dede aur unko iska sawaab bakshde.

  35. As salamu aleykum,

    I came upon the following texts:


    And this:


    This last hadith with same wording is also cited in a work by Abu Layth al-Samarqandi al-Hanafi (d. 373/984) called ‘Qurrat al-Uyun wa Mufarrih al Qalb al Mahzun’

    What is the status of these ahadith ?

    It says also the qadha prayers should be prayed in this manner:


    Please if you could shed some light into this issue we would be grate full.

    Was salaam
    Could you please provise proper text!!! and not

  36. Actually a salafi has shown me a hadeeth of Sahih Bukhari that i remember says that even if you get one rakaat of fajr before sunrise your prayer is valid. He says that at the time of asr hanafis say that salaat of asr is valid even if you get one rakaat before sunset, then why dont you allow this even if there is a valid hadeeth.
    please provide detailed infromation
    ASSALAAMU alaykum
    Firstly we have a hadeeth in bukhaari that forbids salaah at three times , viz sunrise zawaal and sunset.
    The hadeeth of one rakaat before sunrise and sunset is opposing to that hadeeth. Therefore according to the fuqahaa when two ahaadeeth oppose ech each we leave both and try and bring tatbeeq(merging) between the narrations.We notice that in the time of fajr the time is correct till the sunrises and hurmat comes in. In asar we know that after the yellowness appears in the sunrays the salaah of asr is permissible but there is karaahat in it.When karaahat has st in it has already weakened the salaah position and going from karaahat into haraam is one smaal step, therefore permissible. Whereas in fajr we are going directly from a totally saheeh time into an opposing haraam time which is a vast difference or rather a total turn around. Therefore in fajr we do not allow it. Another important factor is that hurmat takes preference over jawaaz in shariah.

  37. Asalamalaykum,

    I have a question about certain prayer/duas. you see if sum1 has been oppressed, i hear that Allah SWT hears that person’s duas, and even if they don’t say anything to the dhalimun, Allah can already see the pain in their hearts? If the one who is a muzloom makes a dua against the dhalim (in this case the dhalim is actually a Muslim, and has harmed another Muslim), it’s true that Allah still hears the dua?
    so, would that be considered a curse, as i’m aware that curses are not allowed in Islam, but what if the muzloom has been treated unjustly, and is innocent? and, the muzloom does not want the dua that has been made against the dhalim to come back to the muzloom? how does it work? would that come under the category of curses, as i don’t think the muzloom has an intention of cursing, but he only feels so hurt, and calls to Allah SWT because the dhalim trangressed the bounds. it’s not fair for the muzloom as they have been harmed, and their only hope is that Allah SWT hears their plea…

    Please, if you would be able to help with this and offer some guidance in this issue. JazakAllah Khairun.
    Wa alaykumusSalaam
    Making du aa against the dhaalim for removal of his dhulm is permissible To transgress by making such a du aa that you become a dhaalim on him is not permissible.also we are taught in the qur aan to make this du aa
    Rabbanaa laa taj alna fitnatal lil qoumidh dhaalimeen wa naj jinaa minal qoumil kaafireen

  38. Asalamalaykum,

    I recently got an answer for my question about the dua of the muzloom. i understood some part of it, but my question was not that the muzloom make a dua to become a dhalim over the former person ( who was the dhalim), that was not my intended question. what i meant by my question was that, suppose a muzloom is innocent and has been harmed, Allah can see that they’re innocent and that there needs to be justice…is that so? i don’t think the muzloom would ever even of being a dhalim or think harming others in such a tyrannical way…so that was not my intention. My only concern is that sometimes dhalim’s trangress the bounds, and it involves the rights of others…and it’s not fair for the muzloom as Allah SWT can see that they have been treated unjustly. I want to know that, will Allah for sure help the one who has been oppressed and hear their plea, especially when they’re completely helpless and innocent?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    What i meant by not becoming the dhaalim is by asking ALLAH to inflict a more severe punishment in this world on him. Ask ALLAH for his guidance or if not his lot then his destruction.Many times people make duaa in this fashion that “may ALLAH give him double the pain in this world”, which i feel is equal to making dhulm on him.

  39. Assalam alaikum,

    Is there any dua to end the enemity between two people. My husband and my father ideas, opinions does not match up and they both fall into misunderstanding. They does not like each other, but I dont want this to happen any more because I am stuck in the middle. Please tell me any dua so that they both have a good relationship and everything gets alright.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    Read surah hameem sajdah and blow on water and give it to them to drink. Also encourage each other to give gifts to one another.

  40. Asalamalaykum,

    Hazrath I just want to ask some personal question. Whether we can have intercourse during ramazan and can we do Sehri in the morning and later take bath (ghusl). Pls. reply to me.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Having relationship with your wife at night is permissible. To partake of sehri and bath or shower thereafter is permissible., but be careful at the time of gargling so that bo waterc goes down the throat.
    The proof for it is the Qur’aan itself
    It is made lawful for you to go in unto your wives on the night of the fast. They are raiment for you and ye are raiment for them. Allah is Aware that ye were deceiving yourselves in this respect and He hath turned in mercy toward you and relieved you. So hold intercourse with them and seek that which Allah hath ordained for you, and eat and drink until the white thread becometh distinct to you from the black thread of the dawn. Then strictly observe the fast till nightfall and touch them not, but be at your devotions in the mosques. These are the limits imposed by Allah, so approach them not. Thus Allah expoundeth His revelation to mankind that they may ward off (evil).

  41. Assalam alaikum,

    Shukriya aapne mere sawal ka jawab diya. Hazrath aap jis Surah ke baare me bol rahe woh do sureh hai ya ek Surah Hameem aur Surah Sajda. Mujhe thoda samajneme mushkil horaha hai.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    yeh aik hi surat he jo 24 para ke aakhir men he.

  42. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath after having intercourse till what time we can have bath. We have to take bath immediately after sehri or we can take at 10.00 p.m. Please let me know

    Allah hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    To take a bathe immediately is preferrable but it is permissible to delay in the bathing.It was the norm of rasulullah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam that he would bathe immediately but sometimes he would delay but would wash up before sleeping by making wudhu.

  43. Assalam alikum,

    Hazrath if I make wudu it does not stay for sometime. When I read namaz my wudu gets break and if I make again my wudu gets break. I just want to ask whether I can read namaz without wudu or when I am reading namaz if wudu gets broke again I have read the same thing or I can continue further. I have gastric problem. And my wudu does not stay for long period of time. Due to this problem I am not able to read namaz. Please suggest immediately
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    if your wudhu does not stay long enough to perform salaah then you fall in the category of being maazoor. It necessitates wudhu for every salaah time and you could read as much salaah or quraan in that time . When new time sets in a new wudhu will be necessary. The breaking of wind in between will not effect your salaah.

  44. Assalam alikum,

    Hazrath can you tell me in detail. I could not understand. Please clarify to me in detail regarding wudu

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Are you referring to the method of wudhu?
    The method is as follows:-
    1. Make niyyah (intention) wash both hands upto the wrists gargle the mouth and rinse it three times
    4. to put water intothe nostrils and blow it three times wash the full face three times, i.e. from earlope to earlope abd from forehead to chin. wash both arm upto and including the elbows three times make masah of the full head once only. wash both feet upto and including the ankles three times

  45. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath you have misunderstood to my question. Previously I had asked regarding wudu which does not stay for long time and in the middle of the namaz it gets break. What to do if during namaz my wudu gets break, shall I continue to read the namaz or make a fresh wudu. How many times also If I make wudu it does not stay since I have gastric problem, due to this I am not able to ready namaz. What to do? Please clarify immediately.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    ii explained to you that you that you make one wudhu at the time of salaah and even if the wudhu breaks you cotinue you salaah, even the reading of the sunnats and nawaafil.

  46. Assalam alaikum,

    I do not get sleep during night, what to do please tell me.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Try and sleep less in the day. Also try and drink hot milk with a bit of honey in it before sleeping. While lying on the bed try and read durood at least 100 times. Insha ALLAH you will sleep. If still facing difficulty try and play surah baqarah on cd or computer in a audile sound and let it repeat the whole night but let it be such that it does not disturb anyones sleep.

  47. salaam
    can u tell me how many rakt are farz in zohar asar in magrib and in isha how many rakath is compulsory
    thank you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The faraaidh of the various salaah’s are as follows:-
    fajr 2
    dhuhr 4
    asar 4
    maghrib 3
    esha 4 In esha after the fardh there is 3 rakaats that are waajib wherein we read du’aa qunoot in the third rakaat before ruku.

  48. assalamualyekum,
    mera sawal hai ki ek shohar kuch nhai karta.sharabi hai,badtamij bhi,aur jismani khwahish jayada rakhta hai.uski ek biwi aur beta hai 2 saal ka.uski biwi apne validen ke yaha rehti hai 2 saal se.ek din uski biwi uske shehar mien aayi toh usne uske sath humbistari kari aur wapas keh diya ki aunga jaldi hi abhi jao.kya yeh karna jayaz tha?uska shohar na lene aata hai bas kehta rehta hai ayega ayega.kya aise mien woh ladki kitna intezaar kare?kya woh talaq le sakti hai? jawab dijiye jald se jald shukriya
    Wa AlsykumusSalaam
    Shohr agar biwi se hambistari kare tu bilkul jaaiz he.Shaadi ka yehi matlab.
    Larki ko chahiye ke maqaami ulema se apne masala bayaan kare aur un se is masala ka hal nikalwaade. Agar hal na ho tu khul’aa karwaasakti he.

  49. Assalam alaikum,

    Aap mujhe Idul fitr aur idul zuha ki namaz kaise padthe hai bataiye. Maine idul fitr ki namaz galath padhi thi ya sahi patha nahi aur is galathi kaise sudar sakthe hai

    Khuda Hafiz
    Wa Alaykumyus Salaam
    Eid Namazka tareeqah ahnaf ke nazdeek you he
    Takbeer e tahreema ke baad tirn mazeed takberren hogi pehli rakaat men. aur dooeri rakaat ruku se pehle tien mazeed takbeeren hogi In mazeed takbeeron men rafa yadain hoga.
    Aik cheez yad rakhna ke eid namaz jamaat ke saath adaa hota he..Haan agar jamaat men kisi shafi ya hanbali imaam ke pieche parhi aur woh 7 takeeberen shuru men aur 5 doosri rakaat ke shuru men parhi tu namaz bhi saheeh he.Us men koi haraj nahin.

  50. Assalam alaikum,

    Ye aayat kya hai aur ise kyun padni chahiye. Mera mathlab iska mathlab bathaiye.

    Is aayat ka tarjuma yeh he:-
    ALLAH apne bando par bare meherbaan he, jisse chahiye rizq ataa karte he Aur woh Har cheez sunta he aur har cheez jaantaa he.

  51. As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah
    this past jumah(9/25/09) in usa on the capitol hill lawn in front of the capitol hill building there was a jumah salah held there.
    looking at short video clips from this event on youtube, u can see all the muslims facing the capitol hill building while athan is being called
    excuse me for my ignorance but as i understand that when athan is called we face qiblah
    so im unceratin if the qiblah is in the path of this lighthouse of shaytan.
    and i have not seen any video clip yet of the actual salah.
    but i like to ask only to ease my heart insha Allah.
    what can be said about making salah (bowing and prostrating) in front of a building which can be called the lighthouse of shaytan in my opinion, as this is one of the many buildings in the usa where executive orders and laws are written and dispersed to kill, disable and handicap muslims as a people, and our beliefs and practices as muslims. how can muslims have allowed that such a beautiful time for salah and dua be violated in this way? could u please give insight on this matter insha Allah? this building is seen by many americans as how we view the kabba millions of people from all over the world visit it daily so for me to pray as muslim at this specific site is like for pilgrimage for shaytan astagfirullah but this is how i feel.
    i have read this q n a is for the mufti but insha Allah i like to request also for sheikh h-adam to answer as well i really like to know his feelings of this matter as well insha Allah
    baraka Allahu feekum.
    sister hurriya from new york city
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    The jumuah that was conducted in front of capitol hill was more of a political ploy to try and show solidarity of “muslims” ith the US government.The Government allowed it to fool the muslim world that they are tolerant and loving to the muslim. The whole issue was political and therefore it had its hidden agendas. As for the salaah there it is permissible but being in a public place with a lot of hustle and bustle around, it would not be preferable.

  52. aslam-o-alaikum mufti sahib
    sir i want to ask that what should one recite to protect him or her from Nazr-e-Bad[Nazar lag jana]?which Surah or which Verse?PLEASE GIVE ME THE ANSWER SA SOON AS POSSIBLE. JAZAK ALLAH
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Read the manzil which insha ALAH will protect you from all such problems.

  53. Assalam o Alaikum!
    A person forgets to give out proper name of Namaz time or says it incorrectly. Like he makes following intention of 4 Rakaat Sunnah of Zohr prayer at heart.
    “Niyat karta hun mai 4 rakat namaz sunnat maghrib”
    As you know he intended wrong Namaz time & continued performing prayer.
    Will prayer be Valid or has he to re-perform it with correct intention?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If a person is aware of the salaah he is performing and makes a mistake in uttersance of name of Salaah then his salaah will be valid. However if he thinks he is in the salaah he intends which is wrong then his salaah will not be valid.
    The reason being that niyyah is based on heart and not utterance. If in his heart he is aware of what salaah it is it will suffice.

  54. I want 2 knw as per islamic month . next month is dhul qadah al’najeeb . i saw on 1 website there are certain namaz for that particular month . it is mentioned that has come in a narration of the blessed Hadith that in this month a moment of worship is better than a thousand years of worship. And said that the fast of monday during this month is better than a thousand years of worship.
    I am confuse as i m sunni (hanfi ) and belong from saharanpur . i want to know can we do these namaz . i want to know various dua like dua mustajab . can we read ths
    I have never heard of any such narration nor have i came across any such fadheelats of dhul qaa’dah.These are definitely fabricated.

  55. salam mufti sahab since frm monday night i was performing istakarah n on friday night i was tired so i slept n i forgot to perform next i said many tauba to God for this by heart so tell for this mistake wht should i do i m afraid any punishment or smething else n now i cant
    perfom istakarak from saturday cuz ov periods so wht to do ????plz tel now wht to do my istakarh is halferformed
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    When will people understand the concept of Istikhaaraah? Yaa ALLAH have mercy on the ummah!!
    Istikhaaraah being half performed? there is no fixed stipulation that istikhaarah has yo bbe for a certain amount of days then only will it be coreect. Istikhaaraah is performed to clear doubt between two options and as soon as one feels comfortable with one side then he/she should atop. It seems people have made a mountain out of a mole hill.(this is not to you only but to all readers to try and clear the many misunderstandings of istikhaaraah). I see it necessary to write an article explaining istikhaarah in detail, onsha ALLAH.

  56. Assalam o Alaikum
    Person enters the mosque & Imam sahib is in 2nd sajdah of any rakat.
    Should he join Imam in 2nd Sajda or wait for Imam sahib to come in Qiyam (standing position ) and then join him with saying Allahu Akbar.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If a person enters the masjid and finds the imam in Sajdah then he should join the imam in that position.Waiting for a new rakaat to start is not correct.It is mentioned in a hadeeth that if you find the imam in ruku then join him in ruku and if you find him in sajdah thern make sajdah. (mustadrak hakinm)

  57. Asalam-O-Alikom

    Wot is Wahabisim?
    And Can a sunni perform his/her Namaz after a Wahabi Imam?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    please explain to me your concept of being sunni.

  58. Assalam o Alaikum
    If a person mistakenly recites surah in prayer without descending order. Will this make Sajda e Sahw wajib or prayer will still be valid despite reciting Surah in improper way like Surah e Asr in first rakat & surah e Qariya in second rakat which you already know appears before Asr.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If the tarteeb of the surahs are changed involuntarily and out of mistake then there will be no sajdah sahw

  59. asalaam alikum wa rehmatullahi wabarkatahu…… really very thankful to u for tht answer…………in tht question u said tht there is no sipulation tht istakarah should b perfromed for amount of dayz then it wil b correct………….so can u please tel me wht does thiz sentence means cuz i hve heard it tht istakarh should b performed only for 7 days is it rite…………….
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It seems that many people are mistaken about the issue of istikharaa and its method. I hereby try and clarify the matter and hope it will be beneficial to all.
    Istikhaaraah means seeking advice of choice on a matter that a person has doubt about.Remember to make istikhaaraah on matters that are fardh and commanded by ALLAH, is not permissible, eg should i perform my salaah or not? .
    Whenever confronted by an issue of importance and one finds that he is doubtful whether to do it or not, then he/she should make istikhaaraah and seek ALLAH’S advice on the issue. If the issue needs immediate answer then isstikhaarah is done by making du’aa and reaading thiss du’aa ” ALLAAHUMMA khKHIRLI WAKHTAR LI” and the follow whatever direction the heart inclines to. IIf it is a major matter then one should perform the istikhaaraah before sleepingby performing two rakaats of nafl salaah and thereafter read the prescribe du’aa and try to go to sleep without speaking to anyone. Whaatever inclination one has the next morning is ones answer. The is no necessity for a dream as an answer. If one sees a dream then it can be used as an answer. Once an answer is found the istikhaaraah stops.One should not continue reading the istikhaaraah. However if a person still suffers doubt, then the istikhaarah should continue till there is an answer but it should not exceed seven days. If before the seven day an answer is found one should stop the istikhaaraah immediately. If doubt still remains after seven days then stop and stay away from the issue.
    This is the long nd short of istikhaaraah.

  60. Asalamualaikum

    Dear Mufti Sahib i want to know about Takbeer ” Allah o akbar Allah o akbar la illaha illalahu wallah ho akbar” when it will be started. From the 9 of Zilhaj to 13 of Zilhaj or otherwise.

    Please help me because it is wajib after every farz prayer.

    Thank you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The recital of the takbeerut tashreeq read in the days of hajj is wajib upon every male or female to be read after every salaah commencing from the fajr of the ninth of zil hijah till the asar of the 13 zillhijjah. It will be read in an audible voice whether in congregation or not.It will be read once only and he words are as follows,:-

  61. asalamoalikum sir,
    mera sawal yeh hai k aurat ka namaz mein apnay kis kis satar ko dhakna zaroori hai…. kia namaz k duran paon ko bhi dhakna zaroori hai?
    dosra sawal yeh hai k…pregnancy k time pe kia table pe sajda kerna jaiz hai…agar sajda kernay mein problem lagay?
    teesra sawal yeh hai k tahjud ki namaz k liye kia so k utha zaroori hai?
    aur aurat ka namaz mein awaz se qirat karna jaiz hai ya nahi?
    maharbani farma ker meray in sawalat ka javab den.. buhat shukriya
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Pura jism dhankna laazmi he sewai chehre , haath aur paaon namz men.Baaqi auqaat men chehre ka dhankna laazmi he.
    Table par sajdah nahin kiya jaasakta he. Yaad rakhiye aurat aur mard ke sajdah men faraq he.Hatal imkaan khoshish kare ke sajdah hojaai aur agar namumkin ho tu sajdah yu kare ke haath zameen par rakha jaai . Sar phir rakhne ki zaroorar nahin.

  62. Dear Mufti Sahib

    We are in on UN Mission. We have one man who is MA Islamyat. He has a little bit knowledge about Islam. At evening he translate the Holy Quran to us. He read translated version of the Quran.
    My question is . Is he authorized to translate the Holy Quran or not, because he is not a Aalim or Mufti.
    Assalaamu alaykum
    Firstlyis thisman translatingand explaining from hisown will or is he using an existing translation? If he is using an existing translation or a tafseer authored by someone then you see who the author is and accordingly. If he is doing interpretation from his own then it will not be permissible . If he is well acquinted with arabic and grammer he may be able to translate but not interpret.Itrequires certain in depth knowledge to do so.

  63. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath, can you tell me how to read namaz of Eid uz zuha with details.

    Allah hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Eid Salaah is a namz that needs to be performed in Jamah. It should be performed preferably in an open field, Women ar exempted from attending as in jumuah according to the fiqh of the mzhaahib.The salaah as per narration of Sayyidina abdullaah bin masud Radhiyallahu anhu is very simple. There are six extra takbeers to be made in the salaah.The method is like this,
    1. After the first takbeer fold hands and read thanaa.Thereafter make three extra taakbeers and during first and second do not fold hands.thereafter complete the first rakaat normally as other salaah till the ruku of second rakaat.
    2. Before ging to ruku make three extra takbeers with raising the hands. Thereafter make takbeer of ruku and do not raise hands. Complete salaah as normal.

  64. Assalam o Alaikum!!!
    I am Deobandi by beliefs and I live in a locality which is dominated by Barelvis and their mosques. Mosque under the management of Deobandis is few miles away and I don’t have any means of conveyance to reach there to offer every prayer and it will take me 20-25 minutes to reach via walk. And keeping in view my odd job timings I can’t make it go to Deobandi mosque every now and then. Nevertheless, I go there to offer Juma prayer.
    Under such circumstances is it allowed for me and others in locality with same beliefs to offer prayer behind Barelvi Imam? I heard it is Jaiz(legal) as long as Imam is not doing open Shirk or Bid’at. Kindly explain the issue. Many thanks
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    What should be understood is that the performance of Salaah in congregation is 25 to 27 times superior to salaah performed individually.Therefore performance of Salaah in jamaah is an act required by every muslim.In another hadeeth , Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam on one occasion said,” i wish to make someone lead the prayers and i stay behind aand gather the youth and ask them to gather wood and go to the homes of those who do not perform salaah in jamaah and burn them but because of the women and children , i refrain”.Tthis hadeeth shows the severity of leaving out jamaah.
    Now you are faced with a dilemma. The masjid closest to you is run by ahlul hawaa If they are staunch and have a takfeeri mentality then to perform behind them will not be permissible.However if they do not make tkfeer and are notinterfering with those who do not follow their creed , then performance of salaah will be permissible.However try and refrain from attending during the times where they are doing their bid’aat.

  65. Dear Mufti Sahib

    I am Hafiz Ul Quran. When i want to recite the Holy Quran, my heart wants leave the recitation and go out. Please help me and tell me some wazifa.
    Go against your nafs and desires. This is our our struggle in life. Nafs will definitely encourage us ti evil but it is our duty to try and keep it in control. Also i will encourage you to ead astaghfirullaah /istighfaar as much as possible daily . Make a habit of reading it at least 110 times a day. Also read laa ilaaha illa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minadh dhaalimeen.100 times daily.

  66. Salaam Mufti Saab
    I am 7 months pregnant and find it very difficult and uncomfortable to postrate during my salah. Id like to know if it is permissible to postrate in a sitting position without having to perform a complete postration to the ground.
    Also I have a friend who would like to know if it is permissible to wear eye liner make up which is free of any alcohol/haraam contents during salah.
    Please clarify.
    Wa Alaykumus salaam
    Sajdah is a fareedah(compulsory act) of salaah. One cannot leave it out if one can perform it Only if one fears harm to the child or ones health will it be permissible to do sajdah in a sitting position.
    If the eye liner is from halaal content and does not have placenta, etc as its ingredients and if it does allow wudhu to be made properly, (it is porous) then it will be permissible to make salaah with it on.

  67. Assalam Alai Kum moulana sahaab
    We bought car last yr n within that time my both bhai got an accident but with allah grace accident was severe but not even an inch harm to them my elder bhai most of time travels because of his job can u plz give me dua which they can keep with them n i also can read for them to protect from hadsa!! n dua to protect from evil eye. Allah give u jazaa for solving problem of everyone
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Whenever one travels they should make a habit of reciting the masnoon du’aas for travelling In our library section there is a pdf file of these du’as. They are simple and can easily br learnt and memorised. click here for the book

  68. As Salaam Alaikum,
    i would like to make up for all my prays since i was Baaligh, i have missed alot of namaz (may Allah forgive me) and would like to re-pray them.
    please help me
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Simple method of performing qadhaa u,ri is firstly calculate your qadhaas and then try to perform one qadhaa for evey fardh you read daily. In that manner one year of qadha will be fulfilled in a year. Remember when performing qadhaa umri on;y the fardh slaah will be repeated and the witr of esha.

  69. i have a problem that drops of urine come out from my penis when i go to ruku while offering namaz & again when i make wudhu this problem comes again in this case can i offer namaz……..if that so can i offer namaz in masjid with other people behind imam or should i offer namaz at home alone & can i read QURAN in that condition
    This issue is known in fiqhi terms as “salisal bowl”. One should cover the private parts area with tissue so that the droplets do not pollute the clothes and then the affected person should make one wudhu and may read both quraan and salaah with it til the next salaah time enters or his wudhu bereaks from natural reasons of normal wudhu. On entrence of the new salaah a new wudhu has to be made.

  70. A O A Mufti Saab
    in this problem can i go to masjid & offer namaz in saff………. ? Plz tel me as soon as possible
    Wa alaykumus salaam

    Yes you may as long as there is no fear of mesing the masjid.

  71. adab
    please pregnacny ke protection ke liye koi dua bataein apki bahut meharbani haogi
    Sawaal samhjha nahin. Pregnancy ke protection se kiya murad.

  72. Aslamoalikum

    i just want to ask you why not in the prayer of Zohar and Asar The Iman do loudly qurat.
    Wa Alaykumus salaam
    these are the day prayers where there is noise and many are busy. therefore no loud qiraat.

    mai ye pochna chati hon k tahjud ki namaz k liye sona zaroori hai….ya phir agar 3,4 bjy raat mai agar soay bagair tahjud ki namaz parhi jasakti hai?plz guide me….
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Sona zaroori nahin, lekin behtar he. Esha ke fauran baad tahajjud adaa hosakte he.

  74. assalam alaikum , 1- mere sadi ek shafi mazhab ke ladke se hui hai,to kya ye jaroori hai ki main hanafi se shafi banu?
    2) auraton ko namaz main haath kahan bandhna chahiye, ? sine pe bandhna thik hai ki nahin? reply in context with shafi & hanafi
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    1) Shafi bannaa zaroori nahin. Dono mazh hab barhaq he aur oi taaraao nahin. Chand ,asaail men ihtilaf he lein us men ziyaada faraq nahin parte he.
    2) Haath sina par hi pbandhna chahiye auraton e liye dono mazhhab men.

  75. Assalam alaikum,

    Mein yeh janna chahta hun ki kya farz namaaz (Zuhr, Asar, Isha) mein jaise shuru ki 2 rakaat mein alham ke sath koi surat padhi jaati hai aur baad ki 2 rakat mein sirf alham padhte hain. Toh kya farz se pehle aur baad ki sunnaton (4 rakat sunnat) mein har rakaat mein alham aur koi ek surat padhna zaruri hai ya waise hi pardna chahiye jaise farz namaaz.
    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Faraz Namaz men pehle do raakaat men surah faatihaa aur kisi aur surat parhna waajib he. Deegar namazon men agar chaar rakaat he tu har rakaaa;at men surah faatiha aur kisi aur surahn saath parhna waajib he.

  76. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazarath mera sawal ye hai ki, Hamare room me bathroom hai. Kya hum us room me namaz aur quran ki tilawath karsakte hai. Pls. mujhe jaldi bataye.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Agar darwaza ho tu namaz parhsakte ho.

  77. salaam
    if a woman travels over 48 miles and is planning to stay less than 15 days but the journey is made in the state of haiz. she becomes paak after reaching her destination,after ghusl does she perform full or qasr salaah.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This is a mukhtalafun feehi masala(a desputed issue). Majority are of the opinion that in this case the woman will read her salaah incomplete as she did not take her journey in the state of being responsible of Salaah.(women are exempted from salaah in their haidh/nifaas)Therefore many jurists have given the verdict that she is not at liberty to take the opportunity of making qasr.However i differ from this view. As per advise of my Teacher ,who holds the same view as i, we should stick to the majority view so that the masses are not placed in dilemma.

  78. i understand your answer is that such a woman can pray qasr but i need to clarify this as your words confuse me slightly…please review it for me as it seems both sides in the argument are using the same daleel that the ‘woman is not responsible for salaah during her journey’?
    I think you totally misunderstood me. I mentioned that the full salaah is to be read as per fatwaa of the majority of the ulema.(i mentioned that personally i differ with that opinion). I also mentioned that aince one faatwa has been given it is not necessary to oppose it. Unfortunately people love to stir trouble and also search for their ease and comfort, picking and choosing to please or satiate their wims.
    As for my proofs on the issue i do not think that this is the forum to display it. All proofs given are for reading salaah full.

    1. salams
      i understand your answer now jazakallah
      i think i misunderstood, in your original answer the word ‘incomplete’, i took it to mean ‘not full=qasr’ but you meant ‘in complete’ meaning ‘full’ salaah.

  79. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath I want to know the meaning of word “HAMAAL”. What does it indicate.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    “Ham maal” refers to abearer of burden and heavy things.

  80. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath can I read Salatu Tasbih namaz at 4.00 a.m i.e before fajar namaz. What time can I read this namaz.

    Revert back to me.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The performance of Salaatut Tasbeeh is [erm,issinle at any time except for the makhruh times.Also when Fajr time sets in noNawaafil except the sunnats and faraaish of Fajr is permissible. So if it is before suhur end it will be permissible.

  81. Could you pls clear the embiguity about saying four rakat sunat (Ghar Mokada) of asar and isha. As per my knowledge at the time of tashad one can say rabi jalini and drood and stand up for third where as some one told me in tashad we have to read till the end i.e raba jalni and stand for third one.
    During the performance of four sunnahs of asr and maghrib it is only nec3esary to read the tash shahud in the second rakaat. Further recital of durood and du’aa thereafter is not necessary. If anyone reads durood in forgetfulness then sajdah sahwa will be necessary.

  82. Asalamu alikum
    I just to know we were praying asar salah behind an imam, he forgot to sit fot tashud awal in 2nd raka some namzis said Subhanallah to remind him but he carried on and in third rakat he sat down for tashuhd and stood up for fourth rakat and in the fourth rakat he did sajda sahu at the end.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The completing of the Salaah with Sajdah sahw does make the Salaah valid. The tash shahud of the second rakaat is waajib and if mised or changed , sajdah sahw is require to correct the error.

  83. Asslamu Assalaikum
    If a person forgets to recite Surah after Surah-e-Fatiha and bows down for Ruku after Surah Fatiha unintentionally.
    Will Sajda Sahw make prayer valid or person will have to repeat the whole Salah?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Sajdah sahw will suffice and repeating the salaah is not necessary.

  84. Assalamu Alaikum
    is it necessary to make ablution in one-go. Like if some body washes his face thrice then hands till elbow & then does Masah of head and then he does NOT wash the feet.

    If he washes the feet after half an hour, will Ablution be valid or he has to repeat the entire process for Ablution be valid.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Amongst the sunan of wudhu(ablution0 is that a person performs wudhu in a manner that one limb is washed before the previous limb dries. To leave out this way is makruh and therefore it will be preferrable to repeat the wudhu which will definitely be more rewarding. However to wash the feet only later will be permissible with karahaat(dislike) due to forsaking the sunnah.

  85. assalamualikum
    which hand’s finger should be used to clean the nostrils during wudhu?

    is ghusul compulsory after ehtilaam even if it is in a very small amount?

    jazak Allah
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    1. The thumb and forefinger of the left hand.
    2. Does mount play a role in janaabat? When one finds wetness whether little or lot, ghusal will be compulsory.

  86. Mufti sahib
    I want to recite more and more quran in fajir prayer but I have memorozed only small suraas from juz amma.can I recite three or four suraas in one rakh.and then again three or four suraas in second rakh
    pls answer
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    you may repeat a surah a few times or read a few surahs together but in doing so you should keepin mind the sequence should be in accordance with the sequence of the qur’aan.

  87. Asslamualaikum
    In a saf (row) in congregation prayer if there is a space in between two persons, will prayer be valid. I need to ask what is the minimum/maximum distance between two namazi in a saf of Congregational prayer.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If there is a gap in the saff between two musallis then there salaah will be makruh. To leave a gap which could be filled by a person is Makruh.

  88. assalamu alaikum mufti sahab.i want to know wat r the banefits of surah mumtahinah.or we can read for gud proposals or not.then wat we shd read for getting gud religious proposals.plz reply.
    jazak allah.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Sorry i m not aware of Surah Mumtahina being linked to proposals. On the contrary i know that some aamils give it to woman to read for talaaq purposes(which i deem not correct).
    My advise to you is to sincerely make du’aa to ALLAH for a good partner and try andlive a good life.

  89. ashlamualakum mufti saheb

    if anyone think he passed wind in the last sitting of salat after sayaing first salam on right before saying the second salam does the salat will be valid or he has to repeat it.

    if you dont mind can i ask you which madhab you follow;as i am hanafi.Sorry if it hurt you
    wa alaykumus salaam
    The salaah is complete. All the arkaan of salaah have been fulfilled. i am Hanafi in Mthhab.(Staunch).


  90. Assalamu Alaikum
    I have been suffering from piles. After stooling if piles come out and then one makes ablution & after sometime they go inside.
    1) After piles go inside will this break ablution
    If No
    2) How about when they come outside without stooling i.e. piles sometimes come out from asserting pressure as well, will this nullify the ablution.
    3) If someone intentionally pulls them out from hand, will this nullify ablution or not
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Simple rule to follow is if any secretion is found when the piles come out or go in , then wudhu will break. This normally occurs. also if one pulls them out as you mention, then wushu will break.

  91. ashlamualaikum mufti saheb

    while praying dhuhar in jamat i missed the first rakat;after imam saheb say salam stand up after reciting sura fatiha i was about to go for ruku but before being complete bend for ruku i realise that i did not recite another sura with sura fatiha so immediately i stand up recite another sura and went for ruku and complete the salat.
    Does my salat is valid or not.

    Although i have reapeat the salat again to be confirme.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The salaah is valid because you were not in full ruku when you stood up. Yes if you were in ruku the sajdah sahw would suffice.

  92. Slam mufti sahab,
    please explain the way, and if i am allowed slaat-e-kasar, i have my spinal damaged and cancer, cant bend my self and cant sitt most times, i do tayamam for to perform namaz. do i need to perform all prayers full or i can do kassar? i do strugle to use my upper limbs, pain full and weak.
    please explain in the name of ALLMIGHTY ALLAH.
    Wa alaykumus Saslaam
    No you cannot perform qasr. However if you feel pain in raising the hands then it will be compulsory to do so. You may make signs by means of eyes or move your head to depict various movements.

  93. Shall a person answer to the AZAN while he is in washroom …
    No He cannot answer in the washroom as we are not allowed to take the name of ALLAH in the washroom.

  94. I miss my zohar prayer and then on the same day I want to pray the QAZHA …do I have to pray the SUNNA as well as FARZ or only the FARZ ….
    If after the salaah time has lapsed, then only the fardh will be performed.

  95. I perform the bath not ghusul do I have to do the WAZU all over again after the bath …
    And what in case of GHUSUL …
    In a bath as well as ghusl the portions of wudhu are washed and therefore there is no need to repeat the wudhu after completion.

  96. ashlamualakum mufti saheb
    please provide some good Islamic websites specially for learning dua’s …
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Check through our links page you may find some valuable sites there.

  97. ashlamualakum mufti saheb

    Is it allowed to bring child to mosque ..please specify the ages after which they can be brought
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It will be permissible if the child can keep himself aloof from disturbing others and partaking in the salaah. This is normally the case when the child is about six years old.

  98. Aslam Alikum

    Mufti Sahib ye batain k wazo kin kin chezon se tot jata hai..
    kya kehkha laga kr hasny se wazo tot-ta ha

    apne Rana Haider k swal per kaha k Ahle Sunnah Imam k peechy ju kufro shirk ka aqida rakhty hon namz nhe perhni chahiyee tu hmary han tu sary hi sunni hein or me b sunni hon per Hazro Nazir jesy aqidon per yqeen nhe rakhta tu kya nmaz gher me hi prhni chahiyee
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    kehkaha laga kar wuzu toot jata he ager woh namaz men lagaaya jaata he. Ghair namaz men nahin.
    2. Ager imaam ka aqeedah he ke Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam mukhtaarul kul he waghera tu unke peeche namaz parhna mukruh he. Ager Ager qareebi koi aur masjid ho tu wahaan jaakar namaz parhewarna ager koi aur masjid na ho tu jamaat ki fazeelat paane ke liye wahaan jakar apne farz namaz imaam ke saath adaa karle.

  99. ashlamualakum mufti saheb

    first of all thanks for answering my all questions

    if some1 enters a masjid and finds that all the lines r full ….can he pray behind them alone
    ….i have seen many persons they ask the person from the front row to come back(in the state the person is offering the nimaz)…is it necessary to do …

    allah hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    To syand alone in a saff is makruh. However if the person come before ruku and joins the jamaat then he should join and not delay till he draws someone from the front saff back. Yes if the person is not aware of the ruling then hemay pray alone behind. The salaah will be accepted.

  100. assalamu alaikum, Just a small query why does some people PRAY 20 RAKHAT AND SOME PRAY 8 RAKHATS DURING tharaweeh prayers in ramadhan, pls clarify,thank you mufthi saab.
    Waalaykumus Salaam

    I would advise you to read this post to understand the difference. Click here

  101. Assalamu Alaikum
    Can person perform his missed Salah Qadha after offering 2 Rakaat of Sunnat-e-Muakkadah before Fardh Salah.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If you are referring to theFajr salaah then it is not permissible to read any other salaah between end of suhur and yje fardj except two rakaats of sunnat mu akkadah. Yes after the fardh till sunrise it is permissible to read qadhaa but to be done in seclusion.

  102. Janab Mufti Sahib, Assalam allaikum

    please tell about how much and how many salat in Tarabeeh and tahzzud namaz pardni chahiye
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Taraweeh men 20 rkaat aur tahajjud men 8.

  103. can a person offer NAFIL prayer in between suuna and farz …i am not saying about fajar.and can he perform any number he wishes..

  104. While standing for the prayer does a person have to make the NIYAH for the nimaz by heart or by speaking…and In JAMAT does one have to make the NIYAH

    mjy sunnat e moqda or ghaer moqda adda kerny ka tareeka btye.detail k saath.
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Din men 12 rakaat sunnat e muakkadahhe. 2 sunnat fajr se pehle, 4 sunnat zohr ke farz se pehle aur 2 sunnat baad. Maghrib men 2 sunnat farz ke baad. esha men 2 sunnat farz ke baad. Yeh sab sunnat muakkadah he. Baaqi sunnaten ghair muakkadah he.

  106. Assalam u Alaikum

    while performing the WITR in jammatduring RAMADHAN does a person has to read the Dua “QUNUUT” or he has to remain silent as in other rakats..
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    He should read the du’aa qunoot. It is desired.

  107. Assalamu Alaikum
    If person while performing Fajar Fardh with Jamaat happens to sneeze & then says Alhamdolillah, will this make Salaah invalid. will it be Wajib to repeat Salaah..
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Saying Alhamdulillaahm on sneezing while in salaah will not break your salaah/ However if you hear someone sneeze and say yarhamukallah while in salaah then your salaah will break.

  108. if i have a wetdream at nyt. do i have to make gusl before sehri? or can i make gusl after sehri?(if before sehri than what if there only few minutes left) and wats the ruling if by mistake a person reads a quran aayat or masnoon duas when in the state of najaasat\impurety ?
    Recuital of quraanic aayahs in the state of janaabat id not permissible If done by mistake then ask ALLAH for forgiveness.
    2.It is preferrable to bath before sehri ends but if it is done later then it will be permissible. The only caution required is to make sure no water enters the throat while gargling.

  109. Assalam u Alaikum

    1)Can a person trim his unwanted body hair or it is must that he Shaves…

    2) If fasting, can a person remove his unwanted body hair & does removing need QUSUL…
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    To remove unwanmted hair is permissible during fast and it does not make ghusul compulsory

  110. Assalam u Alaikum

    1) It is necessary to remove the hair surrounding the anus…or is it recommended

    2)when and upto where does a male Muslim shave?
    Wa alaykumu Salaam
    To remove the hair from the anus area when it is long is necessary and not just recommended.
    2. Shaving of what. Qustion is incomlete.

  111. Assalamu Alaikum

    can aperson read some part of a nimaz by heart and some by speaking in low voice ?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Qiraatr in the prayer , if it is a sirri namaz then it will be read softly and if a person is reading individually then he/she has the option of reading loud or softly. Preferably it should remain the same,i.e. if loud then loud throughout.

  112. Assalamu Alaikum

    what is the dua to be read in between the taraweeh rakats>
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    There is no fixed stipulated du’aa for the break in taraaweeh. However if you wish to make du’aa then it should be done individually.

  113. A O A Mufti Sahib..
    lm posted away from my home & i took a room there then went to the masjid for prayers…masjid is away from my room so i use to pray at room
    but i didnt know the direction of KABAAH in my room bcoz its a hilly area so i guessed & offered namaz in the position which i guessed bcoz where i stays there are no muslims here I OFFERED NAMAZ WITH TILT TO THE RIGHT DIRECTION but some one told me that KABAAH IS IN WITH TILT WITH THE LEFT DIRECTION & later on i confirmed it with COMPASS it showed that KABAAH IS IN WITH TILT WITH THE LEFT DIRECTION…..I HAD OFFERED NAMAZ THERE MORE THAN 15 DAYS NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO ? kya mujhe sari namazey repeat karni padengi……IM WAITING FOR UR ANSWER ALLAH HAFIZ
    Wa alakumus Salaam
    The Salaah performed in the direction with the right tilt is accwepted as it was done after taharri/pondering.If a persons errs in qiblah after pondering and having no other means then his/her salaah will be regarded as correct and accepted.

  114. assalamu alaikum mufti sahab me janna chahti hu k pakistani pansura ki duae ganjul arsh kis time parhna chahye. allah hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ganjul Arsh men jo fazeelat likhi huwi he sab jhoot aur ghalat he. Haan ager aapko parhna he tu kisi bhi time saheeh he, lekin uskakhaas fazeelat nahin.

  115. mufti sahib
    I want to know about salat-ul-tasbeehi.Is its performance proven from sunnah or not.pls response it soon.

  116. Assalamu Alaikum

    while making the niyah for “sunnat gayermukaddah” can i just say sunnah although in heart i have the niyah for sunnat gayermukadah

  117. assalamu alaikum mufti sahab

    does wudu break if one touches his private parts directly…i mean without any cloth in between

  118. assalamu alaikum mufti sahab me ye puchna chahti hu k aisi dua ya surah bataeye jisse hum n humari family pure din hifazat me rhe, pareshani se bache, hadso se bache coz apne bataya k ganjul arsh ki koi fazeelat nai hai. to plzz ap hum wo dua ya surah bata dijiyega. allah hafiz
    wa alaykumus Salam
    Raat ko Surah Sajdah. surah waaqiah aur surah mulk parhne ki aadat aale aur barkat ke liye subah faja parhne ke baad surah yaaseen parhliya kare.

  119. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath can u tell me the full details of reading Eid namaz, for example, what niyath we have to do, how many rakaths and what to read. Here everyone says their own way. So I am little bit confused. Please give the details at the earliest.

    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Eid salaah’s intention is the performance of two rakaats waajib salaah with six extra takbeers behind the imam.
    The method is simple-
    1. The imaam will say takbeer for the first time and all will fold their hands and read the “thanaa”.
    2. Thereafter he will say takbeer for the second time raising the hands without folding the hands.
    3. The third will be said in the same manner.
    4. After the fourth the hands will be folded and salaah will be read like normal till the time of ruku for the second rakaat.
    5. Before going to ruku , three extra takbeers will be said raising the hands without t folding of hands.
    6. Thereafter takbeer for ruku ill be said without the raising of the hands.
    7. Salaah will then be completed normally.

  120. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath My husband is not able to ready Namaz because of gas problem. Whenever he makes wudu, it gets break. So he is not reading namaz. What is the solution for this problem. He has shown to the doctor but no use.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    He in this state is regarded as a maazoor in shariah. All that is required that he make a fresh wudhu every salaah time and perform his salah with that wudhu even if it breaks due to his gas problem.


    Salam, mufti sahab.

    Aaj kal mai bohot se logon se sun rahi hoon, aur mere jan-ne wale bhi yehi kehne lage hain ke aurat aur mard ki namaz ka tareeqa same hai. Kia waqai aisa hai? sub kehte hain ke agar aurton ke namaz pardhne ka tareeqa alag hota to Hazoor (S.A.W) zaroor is baat ki taraf hadees bayan karte. mai ne sahi muslim me bhi hadees dhoondni chahi magar us me sirf ye likha hai ke sajde me apne aap ko janwaron se mushabeh na karo. Ye hadees bhi hai ke Hazoor (SAW) jub sajde me jaate to unka bayan paon leta hota aur dayan ki ungliyan mordh ke bethtay. Mufti saha, mai is mamle me kafi confuse hoon kyunke mujhe bachpan se yehi maloom hai ke aurat ki namaz pardhne ka tareeqa mardon se alag hota hai, aur ab jub zindagi guzar gai isi tarha se to yahan DUBAI me log kehte hain ke mai ghalat namaz ada kar rahi hoon. Aap meherbani kar ke mujhe sahi se aurton ki namaz pardhne ka tareeqa bata dain aur agar ho sake to kisi hadees ka hawala bhi de dijye ga. Mujhe aisa lagta hai ke meri namaz qabool hi nahi hoti kyunke mujhe pata hi nahi ke sahi tareeqa kia hai. Aap jal se jald mujhe iska sahi ilm ata farma dain taake mai mutmaiin ho sakon namaz me.

  122. ashlamualakum

    After entering in the mosque if i found that jamat is finish. Can i make jamat with other brothers who also missed the jamat .

    someone told me it is makruhe tahrimi.

    wating for your reply


    farid ahmed
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    To make a secomd jamaah in the masjid area is Makruh. however occasionally to make n the “sahn” area is permissible as long as a habit does not occur of making the second jamaah.

  123. Salam, mufti sahab.

    while praying in jammat or alone can a person read “Subhana rabe’al allah or subhana rebe’al azzem” as many times he wishes and different number in the same prayer…
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It is permissible to say it up to ten times but it should be constant in every rakaat.

  124. assalamu alaikum sir me ye pychna chahti hu k
    1- kya hum peacock ka feather ghar me rakh sakte hai n kya wo paak hota hai?
    2- kya peacock khaya bhi jata hai?

  125. As salamalaikum i want to clearify i quastion, maine ess webside main pada hu ke mard aur aurat ek dusre sharmgah (suck) kar sakte hai agar dono raazi hai tu kya yeh sahi hai plz relay me


  126. Salam Mufti Saahab,

    Jazakumullah ke aap ne mere namaz ke mutalliq sawal ka jawab link ke zarye se diya. Janab ek shuba aur hai jo door karna chahoongi.
    Humaray liye kisi bhi fatway pe amal karne se ziyada zaroori ye hai ke hum Rasool Allah (SAWS) ki ahadees aur sunnat per amal karain. aap ne ahadees ka jo hawala diya hai wo to kisi bhi Mustanad ahadees ka nahi hai. kia aap kisi mustanad ahadees ki kitab ka hawal bata saktain hain, please.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Mustanad hadeeth kise kahte he aur kiya sharrait he uske liye aur usoole hadeeth men aapko kitne mahaar he? Hadeeth ke tamed aur tahqeeq ke liye ilm ki zaroorat he? Appmkaise haeeth jo saheeh ho ghair mustanad kehte ho?

  127. assalamu alaikum
    we offer 20 rakat in namaz travi, It’s SUNNAH. but what about 8 rakat. It’s BIADAT (innovation) or Mansukh (Not To offer).
    what exactly it is.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The eight Rakaats are actually the tahajjud prayer which is a sunnah throughout the year.

    1. assalamu alaikum

      I am asking about 8 rakat which ghair muklid perform as travi.
      Wa alaykumus alaam
      That is exactly the explanation i am giving you. Taraweeh is 20 and qiyaamul layl /tahajjud is 8 rakaats.

  128. assalam u aleikum
    Kia sunnatein ghar mein parhna chahiye ya masjid mein?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Sunatein ghar men parhna jaaiz he lekin ager khouf he ke rehjaai tu masjid men parhna behter hoga,

  129. what is differrence between suuni and deobandi fiqha?
    I dont think you get “sunni” and “deobandi” in fiqh. Yes you get the four mathahib,i.e. Hanafi, Shafi’ee,maliki and hanbali.Most of the doebandis adhere to the hanafi math hab.So too i think the so callked :sunni:.

  130. supose imam is in 2nd rakat doing qyam when person join namaz he must say sana or not?nd when imam do salam person stand up nd say sana again??

  131. Assalam alaikum,

    Mufti saab mera ek sawaal hai ki, har buzur log seedhi maang nikaalne ko kyun kehte hai.

    Allah Hafiz
    a alaykumus Salaam
    Sunnat he.

  132. salam u alykum

    1)if one misses a prayer does he has to pray the sunnat also and for farz does he has to say takbeer
    Wa alaykumus Salaam

    Only the fardh is performed for qadhaa. Yes it is better to recite the takbeer when performing your faraifh/qadhaa.

  133. 2. The du’aa as written is how it is narratd in hadeeth and we should stick to reading it in that way.salamu alykum

    1)Can u please tel me what is the proper way of doing masha in WUDU….i m asking bcoz i am getng different answers from different sources….

    2)Is it necessary to read this much(BELOW MENTIONED) only or one can add to it I have seen different versions of this dua on TV

    {‘Allahumma Rabba hadhihi-d-da’ watit-tammati was-salatil qa’imati, ati Muhammadan al-wasilata wal-fadilata, wab’ athhu maqaman mahmudan-il-ladhi wa’ adtahu ….}
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Are you referring to masah of the Head? If so it is very easy Take the fingers and place them on your forehead and then pull them to the nape and return to the fron from the side of the head. Thereafter make masah of the ears.
    2) The suaa written is as narrated in hadeeth and should be preferrably read as written.

  134. salam u alykum

    1) i have seen people sprinkle water on their pants around the private part after completion of wudu …what is that?is that in any madhab

    2) i have seen people washing their private parts even though they have not answered the call of nature before doing wudu …what is that ?Is taht in any madhab
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It is a sunnah to drink from the left over water used for wudhu and sprinkle it around the private parts. This is done to remove waswasaaa.
    2. This is encouraged when people suffer from urine droplets. They normally cover the private part and before salaah remove the protective covering and make istinjaa to clean themselves.

  135. salam u alykum

    thanks for answering my previous questions

    1) IF while praying witr nimaz and in the very first rakat i forgot to read the surah after surah fatiah .Shall I cut my prayer the moment i realise that or continue what is the proper way?

    2) Can a person follow some points from one MALAKH and some from other OR he needs to follow only one ?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    1. Continue reading your nama and on completion make sajdah sahwa.
    2.It will be necessary to follow one math hab so that one does not become of those who follow what pleases them.

  136. Assalamu alaykum

    Q1. Is it permissible to pray fardh namaaz in the back of a parked (non-moving) truck/ large van? (assuming there is enough space to stand up in and your direction is facing the qiblah) eg from the prophet’s (saw) saying “Wherever you may be, at the time of salah, you may pray for it [the earth] is all a mosque.” Would the floor of the truck/van be considered part of the “earth”? as when the van is parked it is touching the earth.

    Q2. Does the ground have to be totally flat? eg sometimes the roads are uneven and so the van might not be totally horizontal? Is there a limit to how uneven the ground can be before the salaat becomes void?

    Jazaak Allah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If the truck is clean then salaah in it will be permissible.
    2. There is nocondition that the earth has to be flat and equal for the performance of Salaah.

  137. Assalam alaikum,

    Mufti saab mere Husband meri koi baad nahi sunthe. Main jab mere maa baap kya jaana chahti hoon tab woh mujhe jaane nahi dethe, main to aise mushkil se guzar rahi hoon. Mere parents mujhe aakar rahene keliye bolte hain par mere Husband mujhe jaane nahi dethe kya koi aisi dua hain jisse main padkar mere shauhar ko raazi karloo.

    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Maaf kaarna aisa koi duaa mere ilm men nahin.

  138. Assalamu Alaikum
    If I have doubt while praying whether I performed one Sajda or two in last Rakaat, then what should a person do under such condition i.e. to perform extra Sajda in same Rakaat or do Sajda e Sahw.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If there is time then perforrm the sajdah as well as dajdatus sahw for removal of doubt.

  139. Ashlamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    After praying my salah if i find the white stuff corner of eyes do i have to make again wudu and salat; if not can i recite quran with same wudu.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    firstly the proper greeting is As Sa Laa Mu Alay koem. Try and get it right.
    Seeing the so called white stuff on the side of your eyes does not break your wudhu nor is your salaah broken. Therefore no need to repeat either wudhu or salaah. however if a person has pain in his eyes and puss comes out then the salaah will be broken as well as the wudhu.


  140. salam
    i have one question plz answer this.
    i kw that al sora of holyqran is best but i have this question wich sora is beter that ALLAH PAK accept our wish is it any special sora are ayat?
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    Du’aa after faraaidh is the best solution to all our problems.

  141. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Hazrath, what to be recited during Azaa for ladies. Gents replies to the wordings of Azaa, should ladies also do the same or what they have to recite. I am not talking about Azaa prayer which we read after Aza, I am talking about during Azaa.

    Please let me know at the earliest.

    Allah Hafiz
    Assalaamu alaykum
    The words of azaan will be repeated as the muazzin says except for hayyaa alas salaah and hayyaa alal falaah the one listening will say laa hawla wa laa quwwata illaa billaah and after as salaatu khairum minnan nawm the words sadaqta wa bararta will be said. Male and female are the same in this .

  142. Asalaamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    I get out from house to perform Zuhur prayer.When i enter in the masjid jamat Already started; in a hurry when i made NIyat i utered niyat for Asar; in the middle of salat when i remember this what should i do; make new niyat or continue with jamat.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Niiyyat is an act of the heart anmd if one is aware that it is Zuhur salaah and by mistake he utters asr, fully aware that is zuhur then his salaah will be correct and does not need to be repeated. However if he mistook it to be asr salaah then he will have to repeat the salaaah.

  143. Assalam-0-Allikum Mufti sb,

    Kindly tell me when tahajad prayer time starts.

    Thank you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Tahajjud prayers commences immediately after the eha salaah and one can red any amount of rakaats for tahajjud after completion o esha. However the beeter method is to wake up in the last third of the night and perform the salaah.

  144. Assalamualaikum Mufti Sahab,
    I need your kind guidance. I have just conceived after year’s of trying and I am scared that I may have problems or may miscarry while offering salah (rukuh and sajdah). can you please tell me how salah should be offered during pregnancy? is it ok to sit on a chair or sit down and offer the complete salah? Is it safe to do rukuh and sajdah?

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The method of salaah for a woman does facilitate pregnancy. The ruku a female does, differs from that of a male and also the sajdah. She bows down slightly so that her fingers touch her knees and her sajdh is donewhil spreading herfeet out to her right and placing the forehead on the ground.

  145. Aslamualaikum Mufti saheb

    if any one want to pray his umri Kada salat; do he have to follow the sequence like fajar to esha;or he can pray any waqt salat at his convenience. like if he already had attend the Zuhur salat in jamat,after completing the subsequence sunnah if he find out some other brothers making jamat for Zuhur if he join the jamat in intention of Zuhur umri kada although he did not pray his fajar umri kada;in that case will his zuhur umri kada will acceptable or not.

    Wa alaykumus salaam
    The performance of your qadhaa umri in sequence is encouraged but not necessary. However to join jamat to read qadhaa umri while the intention is something else is not regarded permissible.

  146. Aslamualaikum Mufti saheb

    Unchi awaz se fajar, maghrib aur isha ki namaz me qirat kerne ka kia hukm hai jab mein khud apni namaz (beghair jamat) ke perhta hun aur khadsha ho ke mere aas paas log apni namaz perh rehe hein ya dusre kisi jaiz or nek kam me masroof hein woh disturb ho skte hein
    barae mehrbani ho sake to quran aur ahadith ke hawale bata dijiega jazakallah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Jahr(unchi awaz) jamaat ke saath shart he. Ager koi shaks namaaz infiraadi tor par parh rahe he tu jahr un par laazmi nahin.

  147. Assalamu Alaikum
    I often have doubt in Salah after performing Sajda whether I performed one Sajda or two. Please suggest under such circumstances what should I do??
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Try an better your concentration. Also if this occurs regulariky then ponder over it and try to to come to a decision whther one or two. If one cannot reach a decision then take it as the least of the two, However the pondering should be less then the period of reasing three subhaanALLAH’S. If more time is taken sajdah sahw becomes waajib.

  148. salam o alikum
    dear scholar,
    our office is at 11 th Floor of 16 floor building. we have mosque at 1st mezzanine floor of the building. However, we conduct congregational prayer within the office premises where we have separate area used for prayer and as well as for other purposes like dining etc.

    Will our prayer being offered in congregation in office despite having mosque at mezzanine floor be Valid? Or we must join congregational prayer in the mosque instead of offering it in office.
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    It would be more appropriate to perform salaah in jamaah in the Masjid/musallah area in the building. If one is late then it will be permissible to perform in office.

  149. Respected Scholar
    I have 2-3 questions about Qaza prayers
    Hope to get guidance from u…JazakAllah

    1) What are times to do Qaza prayers?
    2) Can we do Qaza prayers between fajar azan and fajar prayer?
    3) Can qaza prayers be prayed before esha,,in place of sunnah ghair muaqada, and then after esha prayer,,instead of praying nafils
    4) Is there any binding of time, that when we can not do qaza prayers

    Hope I clearly written , my question

    Qadha has no fixed time except that it cannot be performed in the three haraam times, i.e. sunrise, sunset and zawaal. It will be perferrable to perform your qadha instead of sunnat ghaur muakkadah and nawaafil.

  150. Assalamu Alaikum
    while making intention for fardh salaah behind imam is it necessary to identify the name of the Imam or by merely intending e.g. for fajar fardh behind “I perform 2 rakaats fardh behind Imaam” is sufficient or “I perform 2 rakaats fardh behind this Imaam” Or “I perform 2 rakaats fardh behind namely XYZ Imam”
    What if he does not know the name of the Imam? Kindly explain it for me.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Firstly niyyah is an act of the heart and does need to be verbally. Secondly knowing the imaam is not necessary so it will not be necessary to mention his name.

  151. Assalamu Alaikum
    After performing 4 Rakaats of Sunnah of Zuhr prayer if there is time in congregational prayer , can a person meanwhile perform his Qadha Umri.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    yes you may do so but conditional that youstop when iqamah commences

  152. Aslamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    In Witar salah if any one after completing salah remember that he did not recite qunut in last rakat will his salat will be valid;or he have to do it again.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If there is time then the salah should be repeated. If one is still seated ithout having turned the face away from qiblah, then he/she can make sajdah shw which will validate the salaah.

  153. Aslamualakum Mufti Saheb

    In fazar fard prayer if anyone attend the Jamat before performing sunnah; can he pray the sunnah after praying fard in jamat; as for time shortage he could not complete the sunnah before jamat.

    some one told me he has to wait till sunrise and 23 minute after sunrise he has to pray the sunnah.But i saw many brother in our Masjid who could not pray the sunnah as jamat already has started they pray their sunnah as soon they finish the fard in jamat.

    wa alaykumus salaam
    Accrding tothe hanafi mathhab , recital of the missed sunnts after the fardh of fajr is not correct and should be done after sunrise as there is no fardh salaah after sunrise. This is substantiated by the hadeeth that there should be no salaah after the fardh. however the followers of the shafiee mathhab doread it after the fardh.

  154. assalam o alikum

    if only two persons are praying one imam and one muqtadee so if wazu of imam break how to complete the prayer

    what muqtadee do wait for imam to do wazu and join or he continue his prayer
    what imam do after doing wazu

    please reply shortly
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    the easiest method is to break the namaz andwhen the imaam returns to restart the namaz.

  155. Assalamu Alaikum

    Mufti Sahab Alhamdulillah my panj waqth namaji hu. Lekin mere walid sahab sirf juma ki namaj padhthe hi. my kis tarah se unko panj waqth namaji banao. yis ke liye koi quraani ayath or koi wajeefa bathayiye?

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Piyaar aur muhabbat se unko samjhaade. ALLAH se dua karte rahe bilkhusoos tahajjud ke waqt. Unke saheeh khidmat kare.

  156. Aslamualaikum mufti saheb

    doubting that he has missed a wazib in the salat if any one does “sohu sazda” will his salad be valid or he has to be confirm about the doubt; in that case do salat need to be repeat?

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If doubt prevents one from completing of salaah or causes one to pause then sajdah sahw will be compulsory. The duration of the pause should be for the period equivalent to three subhaanallahs.

  157. Assalam-o-Alaikum!

    Hazrat Mufti Sb, I am doing a job in a city almost 250 km away my hometown.
    After every 10-12 days i come back to home. Please tell me that at the place of my
    job, would i have to perform Qasr Namaz or the Complete manaz all the times…….?
    Walaykumus Salaam

    if the city you are working in is regarded as your watnul iqaamah where you return to for work and have established yourself there and have stayed initially more then 15 days without returning home then you will read full namaz if you come home for a few days only. If not then whenever you make intention of residing for fifteen or more days then only will you read full.

  158. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath meri ek saheli, uske aur uske shauhar ke beech jagdha huwa to shauhar ne 3 marthaba TALAK kehdiya to kya unki shaadi khatam hogi kya unhe phir se shaadi karni hogi. Meri saheli bahuth pareshaan hai, aap please mujhe iska hal bataiye.

    Khuda Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Tien martabha talaq dene se rishta khatam aur dubara shaadi naa mumkin jabtak biwi kisi aur shohr se shaadi karle aur woh ya marjaai ya talaaaq de.

  159. as salaam oailaika…………plz tell me if a girl is in her menstrual cycle,,,so can she read quran aayath without taking quran in hand…………plz reply
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Recital of quraan in the condition of haidh is not permissible.

  160. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath jab main napaak huan yani (mahawaari) aur agar koi mujhe choonle to kya unki paaki ya ghusl thoot jayega aur phirse unhe ghusl karna padega.

    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager hath par koi najaasat lagi huwi ho aur koi aur usse choonle tu na uska wuzu na ghusl toot ta he lekin is jagah ko dhona parega.
    Ager ap naapaaki ke haalat men ho aur hath ya kisi aur azwe par koi najaasat nahin lagi huwi ho tu choone se kucch nahin hota.

  161. assalamu alaikum mufti sahab aap mujhe koi dua meri ankho k lye btadiye .. bohot zyada power hai n nigahen kamzor hoti za rhi to aap koi surah wagaira btadijiye… allah hafiz

  162. Assalamu alaikum mufti saheb,

    i want to know can a women in menses recite ayatal kursi and 3 qul surahs at night before sleeping.
    and also can she recite duas to b read in morning and evening in menses?
    is doing wazu required in memses to recite durood sharif and any other wazifas
    pls answer

    thank u
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The recital of a complete verse whilst in menses is not permissible. Therefore try and refrin from doing so.
    Recital of any masnoon du’aas does not require wudhu. Therefore wudhu is not a condition

  163. Assalamu alaikum,

    can i pray tahajud namaz 5 -10 minutes before fajr time
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If it is 15 minutes prior to the setting in of Subh Saadiq*then it will be permissible.* commencing time of Fajr)

  164. SALAAM. my father and his friends have gathered together in his friend’s (who is a hafiz) house to pray taraaweeh salah this ramadhan. there is nothing that is stopping them from going to the local mosque is this allowed? jazakallah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If they are praying thr full quraan taraweeh then it will be permissible.

  165. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath kya Taravi ki namaz 8 rakat padsakte hai ya puri 20 rakat padhna zaroori hai. Pls. mujhe jaldi bataiye.

    Allah Hafiz
    Ta raaweeh bees rakaaat he 8 nahin.

  166. Assalamu alaikum,

    Hazrath when we use bathroom without water, is it necessary to make Ghusl or can we just take body bath and read namaz. Can u reply

    Khuda Hafiz.
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    Washing the parts polluted by najaasat is necessary and thereafter wudhu should be made.

  167. Assalam o Laikum Mufti Sahab!
    When doing the Salaam at the end of Salaat,is it correct to recite Assalam o Laikum Warahmatullah or is it correct to recite Assalam o Laikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatulaah is mentioned in hadeeth and the books of fiqh. Therefore stick to it.

  168. Assalamu alaikum,

    1) Hazrath during Ramadan month can I meet my wife and do Ghusl (bath) after having Sehri. Is it permissible to take bath (Janaabat) after Sehri. Kindly reply.
    2) One more thing, if a crow shits on hand, is it compulsory to do Ghusl (bath) or we can just wash our hands.

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yes it is permissible for one to have relatioship with his wife during the nights of ramadhaan before sehri ends.
    2. It will only ned washing ones hands if cow sun g falls on it.

  169. Assalamu alaikum,

    In Janabath condition is it permissible to have Sehri and later on do Ghusl (bath).

    Allah Hafiz
    wa alaykumus slaam

    yes it is permissible to do so.

  170. Assal o Laikum Mufti Sahab!
    Thank you for your answer.Now please answer my question regarding how to perform Salat-Ul-Tasbeeh.Please tell me all the details also.
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Here is the method-
    Ÿ Thana – 15 Times
    After the Surah and before Ruku – 10 Times
    In Ruku after the Tasbeeh – 10 Times
    In Qowmah (standing position after Ruku) – 10 Times
    In (first) Sajda after the Tasbeeh – 10 Times
    In Jalsa (sitting position between the two Sajdas) – 10 Times
    In (second) Sajda after the Tasbeeh – 10 Times
    The second, third and fourth Rakaats will be read in the same manner.
    1. In every Rakat, the Tasbeeh will be recited 75 times totaling 300 times in the entire Salah.
    2. There is also another method of Salatut Tasbeeh which is correct and acceptable.
    Salatut Tasbeeh is a special Salah that carries great rewards and blessings.
    Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas (RA) reports that Nabi (SAWS)) said to aBBAS (RA)
    “O Abbas! O my uncle! Should I present to you a gift? Should I bestow something to you? Should I
    inform you of something greatly beneficial? Should I show you such an act which, if you render
    it, Allah will forgive all your sins – old and new, those committed in error and those committed
    deliberately, sins committed publicly or privately? The act is to perform four Rakaats (Salatut
    Tasbeeh) … (After Nabi taught him the way of performing this Salah, he said):
    If possible, perform this Salah daily; if you are unable, then perform it once a week. If you are
    unable, then perform it once a month; if you are unable, then perform it once a year and if you
    are unable to do even this, then perform it at least once in a lifetime.”
    (Abu Dawood)
    The Tasbeeh to be recited in Salatut Tasbeeh:
    subhaanallahi wal hamdulillaahi wa laa ilaaha ilallaahu wal laahu akbar
    Wa laa howla wa laa qowata illaa billaahil aliyyil azeem.

  171. Assalamu alaikum,

    Hazrath, if dirty water comes on us while some vehicle is passing and if we walk on that dirty water do we have to re-perform Ghusl or just wash the legs. Can you please reply it immediately.

    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    All you need is wash the legs or the portion the water has touched.

  172. Assalmualikum, Mufti Sahab.
    I am Rubyiat Form Bangladesh. Last year My Father Died at the age of 67. The Matter is that he didnt take the salat ( Faraz Prayers ) regularly. As we are concern In our religion from 7 years onwars every muslim ummah have to take the 5 waqt Farz prayer regularly. So in this regard What will be the Kaffara of his Salat. I just want to pay the Kaffara of my fathers salat of his whole life so what will be the rate???? Please let me know. ANd where or whom should i pay it?? please let me know. I guess your answer will help my dad to realize from his GUnah as he earned in his whole life.

    Please help me. Waiting for your response. Allah Hafez.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The rate of kaffaarah for each salaat is equal to the amount of sadaqatul fitr..
    the amount should given out to the poor and needy.


    Yes you can perform salaat on a thick carpet.

  174. Assalamualaikum,

    Hazrath during fasting can we remove our unwanted hairs or is there any procedure to be followed.

    Allah Hafiz
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    It is permissible to remove unwanted hair during fasting. However if it could be done at night would be better.

  175. Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi wabarakathu Hazrath can you please let me know is this true?
    On the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan (known as Jumatul Wida) pray 4 rakats with one salam (i.e. as one prayer) to have the sins of lapsed prayers forgiven, Insha-Allah.

    Please note that the lapsed salat must be recited, since this salat will just absolve us of the sin. This salat is a 4 rakat salat (just like Salatul Dhuhr), to be recited as follows:

    In each rakat: Surah al Fatiha Once
    Surah al-Ikhlas 25 times
    Ayatul Kursi (2:255-257) Once
    Surah al-Kawther 15 times
    Wa alaykumusSalaam
    Sorry but this is the first time i am hearing of this. To wipe out sin a basic two rakaats of salaah suffices. This method is something i totally am ignorant about. Rather follow the simple matters in shariah.
    That is that if a person has so many qaza prayers that he doesn’t know how many or if it is impossible to make them up then on the last Juma he can recite a four rakat prayer, each rakat consisting of Sura Hamd, 25 times sura Ikhlaas, 1 time Ayatul Kursi, and 15 times sura Kauther. Is this true? Can you give some validity to this?

  176. This is regarding the nafl prayer salat ishraq. I know that you pray it after the sun has risen past the horizon, but im not sure what time that is. on the islamic calender there is ‘sunrise’ I know after this time you cant pray fajr anymore, but im wondering if this is the time to pray this nafl prayer, im asking as I know it is haram to pray when the sun is rising. So can you please clarify ‘sunrise’ does it mean the sun is rising or the sun has risen?
    Sunrise refers to the rising of the sun. A person has to wait a period of 15 minutes and thereafter perform the ishraaq salaah.

  177. Assalam alaikum,

    Hazrath, I have no children after 3 years of marriage due to some health problem. I want to ask whether it is permissible to have childrens by doing ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION. We tried all possible ways to have kids but could not succeed or it is prohibited in Islam to do ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION. Please reply to me as early as possible.

    Awaiting for an early reply.

    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If the sperm and ovum used are of husband and wife then it will be permisible

  178. Slmzz
    I am suffering from paak. And napaak ,could u kindly tell me if one is napaak with urine eg and he wants to have a shower what’s the correct process of washing the body do I jst wash the affected areas and perform wudhu ,could u respond urgently .

    1. wa alaykomos salaam
      If a person has polluted himself with urine then the affected part should be washed and wudhu to be repeated.

  179. Asalamualaykum
    Is it permissible to read fajr at a certain time if missed at fajr time? Say for example if I wake up at 7 am and fajr is at 5 and I have missed it can I then read at 7??

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Yes you may read it as long as it is not sunrise, zawaal and sunset. Remember eeadin after ssunrise it is regarded as qadhaa.

  180. Question: the following dua:- “U-eedhu nora basaree binuril lahi alladhi la
    yutfaa”, “I seek refuge for the light of my eyes by the light of Allah(SWT).
    Can you please tell me the name of this dua and also give me the arabic text
    for it? JazakAllah?

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      These are awraad given by mashaaikh . I can give you the Arabic text and sorry I do not know the name of this du’aa. The text is as follows:- .
      يعيد نور بصره بنور الله الذي ﻻ يطفأ

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