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  1. asalaamualaikum.does my zakaat have to be the exact amount that it works out to or can it exceed that amount?and will it be okay if it is distributed through the year bit by bit to cases as the need arises?jazakALLAH.
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    It is not necessary to pay more than what is worked out as Zakaat. Whatever extra is paid with the intention of Zakaat can be reduced from the amount of the Zakaat of next year. (Raddul Muhtaar Aladdurril Mukhtaar, Babu Zakaatilghanam)

    The amount which is kept separate with the intention of Zakaat can be distributed through out the year bit by bit. However, it must be borne in mind that giving Zakaat in lampsum and without making an intention is not valid as Zakaat will remain due in these cases. (Raddul Muhtaar Aladdurril Mukhtaar, Kitaabutz-Zakaat)
    والله اعلم

  2. If a person made a mannat that he will give some amount of money in mosque, madressah or some other place after a work gets done, can he give it in Swaat Relief Fund these days in Pakistan where millions of people are in need of help.
    Will it give more reward as he will give it to more needy people.
    Assalaamu laykum
    The Sadqa given after a mannat is made is a waajib sadaqa. It should be distributed to those who are recepients of zakaat. Therefore the poor and needy of swat can recieve it who are elegible for zakaat..

  3. I have heard that the Zakat cannot be given to Qureshi Family. I am a Qureshi and my wife is also from my family. What if I give the Zakat to my wife’s brother. And should I tell him that this money is from Zakat or otherwise, as telling him that it is from Zakat may hurt his feelings.
    Zakat cannot be given to the sayyid family who are from the banu hashim,etc. Noemal qureishi can be given zakaat. It is not necessary to inform the recepient that the amount is zakaat but to make niyyah when giving it is necessary.Niyyah ia an act of the heart.

  4. Assalam O Alaikum
    I want to feed my relatives and thought I should have them read Holy Quran too which will add blessing and is called Quran Khawani normally here in Pakistan. Is it ok to feed people after completing one Holy Quran. Or I should directly feed them. I am not doing it considering Wajib or Farz but just for Sawab. Will this be imitation of Ahle Biddat.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Feeding relatives is an act of reward andsawab.If that is your intention then you cannot order them to read quraan . However if you request them and they accept then it will not be a problem. However if they refuse then you cannot force them or delay them.If the invitation is for both then the invitation is for the quraan khwaani and not for the feeding.
    As for quraan khwaani if it is not on a stipulated date like people have habits of holding quran khwaanis on such as the third , seventh, the forthieth or after a year od demise has passed, then it will be permissible. However to have it in a manner that has become riwaaj and rusoom will be wrong.

  5. I would like to ask you one question that I want to give Zakat to my sister in law. I am Syed. My wife is not syed. But my mother in law is syed. My father in law was not syed. But I also want tell you details of my sali. She has two children. Her husband has one shop attached with his house. The house owner & shop owner is his mother. Mother is suppose to care of all expences.She also collect & spend all money which she got from shop. She also giving 3000/month as a school fees. Her husband not give money to wife for her medical. I want to give money as a zakat for her medical expences. Can I give her that money
    Assalaamu alaykum
    Zakaat can be given to your ssaali/ sisster in law but on the condition thqat she is capable to be a recipient of zakaat. She should not be in possession of gold and silver that exceeds the amount of nisaab. If she can receive zakaat then you are granted two rewards, one for looking after the poor and the second for looking after relations.

    1.Is zaakat is payable by the retired person on national saving certificates held while no other source of income?

    2.zaakat on Jullery held by unmaried daughter in small quantity in arranging jaheez for marrage?
    If a person is in possession of the amount on which zakat is waajib and a year had passed over that amount, then zakaat will be fardh on him.
    If the jewellery is gold or silver and equals nisaab, then zakaat is waajib conditional to the fact that the person has no debts which lessens the amount to less then nisaab.

  7. assalam o alikum
    i want to know the following
    1. is zakaat is liable on the jelwery held by the un marrued daughter if so who will pay that?
    2.national saving certificates held by the retired person having no other source of income
    special saving certificates, Defence saving certificates,Bebood saving certificate,in each case
    and if so then when it will be paid
    Wa alaykumus Salaam.
    the issue has been answered in the following question. If the unmarried girl possesses an amount of jewellery that makes zakaat compulsory the she has to pay for it. If her father wishes to do so he needs her permission, otherwise it will not relieve her of her duty to pay the zakaat.

  8. assal o alikum
    than you very much for replying
    Mufti sahib it is still not clear that zakaat will be payable on national saving certificate at the time of eashment or so on
    what do u mean by possession wheather possion of certificates or cash after encashment?
    kindly clearify as Govt deduct zakaat at the time of encashment and no zakaat is deductable on Bebood saving certificate/
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Cash or a cash certificate equates to money.If the amount of the certificate in ones possession exceeds the amount that makes zakaat waajib and zakaat amount is in ones possession for a year, whether it decreases or not in the middle, then zakat will be waajib. To understand that last year ramadhaan you possessed money or certificates above the value of the zakaatable amount and by this ramadhaan you still possess the zakatable amount, thenzakaat will be compulsory whether the amount remained steady or not in the year. Therefore t is on you to give out the zakaat. Yes zakat is given on assets of cash and gold and silver after deducting expenses and debts.

  9. Assalamualikum,
    mufti sahab, i just want to confirm that someone told me, on the day of judgment Allah will not ask for the hisab of that money which is earned through halal means and paid zakat on it. is it true or is there any related hadees or ayat about it so plz mention.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It comes clear in a hadeeth that a person will be questioned about his wealth, how he attained it and how he spent it. Giving zakaat will be a kaffarah for any shortfallings in ones dealing. It is not that you will not be answerable , but rather rather zakaat will benefit you byreleiving you of the burdens of short comings. We will be answerable for where we spent our wealth. It does not mean wealth is earned in a halaal way that we can spend it how we wish.

  10. Dear Scholar,
    Assalam o Alaykum
    My wife has 8 tola of gold & few tolas of Silver since 24th of August 2009 & today it is 4th Sept 2008. Is she eligible to pay Zakaat?
    If Yes.
    Can you please calculate it for me so I can pay it off in holy month of Ramadan. 1 Tola of Gold in Pakistan is equalent to Rs. 30,000/- approx
    Also, we don’t have enough money to give as Zakaat right away. can we give it out in installement. Lets say we have to give Rs. 10,000 as Zakat can we pay Rs. 800 every month and complete the whole Zakaat in a year.
    Thank you in advance & Best Regards
    wa alaykumus salaam
    A year has passed over the wealth and therefore zakaat is waajib.
    The method of calculation is 30 000 x 8= 240 000 to be divided by 40 which gives you 6000 rs.
    Yes you can pay it off if you do not have the cash on hand.One important factor is thqt if we have any debts then ot will be deducted before dividing by 40.

  11. assalamoalaikum,My question is that after my husband’s death my kids recieve monthly social sec checks,which i put in their accont for their future.should i pay zakat on that money.jazakallah khair
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    If the children are baaligh then you will have to pay zakaat from their wealth.

  12. Assalam o Alykum
    In my office there is a driver who has 2 wives and 11 children. His home is rented out for which he’s to pay Rs.3000/month and his total salary is Rs. 6000/month, he tells me it gets difficult for him to make his both ends meet in such low salary. He borrows money from different sources hence has loans due on him & he is selling out his home items like generator etc for livelihood.

    Is he eligible to receive Zakat / Fitrah and Can I pay him my Zakat?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yes he is eligible for zakat. You may give him zakaat but not as payment for work done.

  13. Assalam o Alykum Mufti Sahib,
    Can we give Sadaqa to mosque or is it necessary to give it to poor people.

    Which is more virtuous to give in mosque or to poor / needy people?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Sadaqah is of many types. If it is a waajibi sadaqah loke nazar and mannat then it will be given to the poor only.zakaah can only be given to the poor muslim. If it is a nafli sadaqah then you can give it to the masjid , the poor muslim and non muslim too. This type of sadaqah is normally called lillaah.

  14. Assalaamu Alaikum
    Respected Mufti Sahab
    Is it permissible to give Zakaat to the “adopted child” (that is a child that is being taken care of by a husband and wife but it is not theirs)?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The question is a bit vague.
    Who is giving the zakaat? Is it the ones who adopted the child?
    2. Is the money given to the chillld who is baligh or is it given to the guardian parents?
    3. Those who adopted the child, are they liable for zakaat or not? Please furnish these details so a proper answer be given. Jazaakumullaah

  15. Assalaamu Alaikum
    i want to know that is the money earned from banking profession halal for the sacrifice of bakra on eid.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If the wealth you own exceeds the amount of nisaab then qurbaani is waajib.It depends on which section in the bank do you work in.If involved directly in the loans section etc where you are a signee to haraam intrest deals then your income will be regarded as haraam.Strangely you ask me of qurbaani only and not whether using the mooney for normal daily needs too.

  16. Assalamu Alaikum
    My wife had 8 tolas of gold on which Zakaat is wajib.. we discussed that I will pay the Zakaat off. Now my wife is separated/divorced and some part of gold is with her and majority part of it is with my mother.
    Will I still have to pay the Zakaat on gold with my wife or with my mother.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If there is any outstanding amount to give which is linked to her still being in your nikaah , then it will be obligatory on you togive the zakaah on it.After the divorce it will not be obligatory.
    However there is something that is disturbing.How did some of the gold land up in your mother’s possession? Remember to forcefully that back a gift given is like a dog who licks its vomit(bukhaari).

  17. I have taken 12 Million Rupees as a borrowed amount from 2 men and they are demanding it impatiently. I have also lent 5 Million Rupees to a man who has no mind to pay it back to me because he is a fraudulent man and I have forgot this amount of 5 Million. I also do a business and about 5 Lac Rupees are circulating in the business.

    Should I pay Zakaat on 5 Lac Rupees?
    And can I receive Zakaat to pay out the borrowed amount?
    Waiting for your kind reply.
    If ones wealth is engulfed in debt then there is no zakaat on him. If he is unable to pay the debt, then he may recieve zakaat to pay it.

  18. ashlamualaikum mufti saheb

    i am working for state transit in Sydney; my quastion is regarding the zakat.Do i have to pay zakat for the superannuation money.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    All money in ones possession at the time of giving zakaat will be zakaatable after deduction of debt.

  19. Ashlamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    does filing the gap between the teeth is allowed in sharia as a treatment because whatever i eat it stuck in teeth which cause me bleeding.

    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Yes filling the gaps is allowed in Shariah.

  20. SALAM ………..saqqay ki kitnee aqsam hain aur aik rich man jo bank may million rupees rakhta hay aur zakat bhi dayta hay ,,,lakin SADQA ya extra money dayna pasand naih karta bcoz us ka khayal hay k zakat fard hay sadqa zaroore naih ,,,,,aur agar kabhi kisee gareeb ki help karna ho to boht hi mamooli raqam yani 50 rs day to kya haq ada hojai ga jab kay time to time koii na koii MALI nuqsan bhi hota rehta hya
    plz jawab zaroor dain
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Sadaqah ki kayi aqsaam he.
    1, Sadaqah waajibah jo nazar aam tor par kahaa jaataa he.
    2. Nafli sadaqah jo baais barkat aur hifaazat ke liye hote he.
    Yaad rakhiye ke dene se insha ALLAH maal men barkat hogi aur mahfooz bhi rahega.

  21. Assalamu Alaikum
    If Zakaat was made obligatory on me on 23rd Aug 2009, now I know that a year should pass on it in order to pay Zakaat off.

    On 23rd Aug 2010 I should calculate teh Zakaat & pay it off.

    Is it necessary to pay the Zakaat amount on 23rd Aug 2010 or I can pay it in installments as well till next year i.e. 23rd Aug-2011.
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Firstly the clculating of the zakaat as to be according to the lunar calender. The fear is that it is possible without realising that we have skipped a year.
    2. It is permissible to prolong the payment of zakaat but to do so is makruh.

  22. Assalamu Alaikum
    These days heavy floods have hit across Pakistan. Many people have deprived of their homes, property & food.
    Are they eligible for Zakaat? Also, please tell who exceed in preferance, relatives or flood affected people who have nothing to survive.
    Wa alaykumus Salam. If the victims have lost their wealth too then they are eligible for zakat. If they only lost their homes but still have cash then they may not accept zakaat.
    Share the amount between the two.Give the family members as well as the victims.

  23. Assalam o alaikum

    Is Zakaat applicable on Committee/Beesi?

    In our country we deposit a fix amount every month with a reliable person till it reaches a certain amount like Rs. 100,000 or above. When we calculate Zakaat will the amount deposited for Beesi be also calculated or not?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    if a committee is a non profitable organisatioon then there wil be no zakaat. If it is a partnership committe then in accordance to one share will one add on to his zakaatable items. Iff it is in trust then it will be zakaatable as you mentioned in the “beesi” agreement.

  24. Asallam o Aliekum Mufti Sahab,

    Me and my friends have been collecting donations (cash/food/shelter/clothes etc) for the flood victims these days and we want to travel to these areas to distribute our donations.

    I wanted to know do we need to keep the donations from Zakat and sadqa separate from the other donations as Zakat can not be given to Sayyeds and non Muslims. Do we need to distribute them seperately between Syeds and Non syeds Or in situations like this it is allowed to distribute all donations (including Zakat, Sadqa and Khairat) to the victims to them without segregation.

    Secondly, even if we try to keep Zakat and Sadqa donations separate from other donations the it will not always be possible to distribute them separately to people who are eligible for getting zakat and to other who are not as in case of panic situations where people start snatching things from a camp it will be impossible to ensure a segregated distribution.

    What can be done in such situations. Please reply in detail.

  25. As salam alaikum
    Kinldy give the answer to my question this is the third time i am writing.From past one year i have Rs2,50,000 in that i had taken a loan of Rs1,50,000, for that till now i have paid 12 installments of RS7,350 can u tell how much zakat i have to pay…
    YOU HAVE 2 50 000
    THE AMOUNT LEFT OWING IS 150 000 -57 350=92 650
    AMOUNT ON WHICH ZAKAAT IS PAYABLE 2500 000-92 650 =157 350
    AMOUNT PAYABLE =3 933.75

  26. Aslam O Alykum
    kia zakaat masjid ya madrsa main dena munaasib hai jab k us masjid ya madrsa k atraaf ase ehbaab rehte hon jo k us ka kharch utha sakte hain or kia masjid ya madrse k liye chanda maangna munaasib hai ya chande ki petee rakhna munaasib hai isee tarah aqeeqe ka bakra madrse main dena munaasib hai ya khud baantna munaasib hai ?
    jald jawab ka muntazir
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Madressah ager usmen tulabaa ho jo riaaishi ho tu zakaat wahaan dena baais sawaab he.

  27. Assalam o Alaikum,
    I have some some cash in current account. Its value is about 5 Tola(+50 grams) gold and more then 52 Tola silver. So according to silver standard Zakat is obligatory on me. But I don’t save money in form of silver. I don’t consider silver a good source of investment. Neither I intend to save my money in form of silver in future. Is zakat obligatory on me according to silver standard ?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The hisaab of zakaat is based on the amount that is beneficial to the poor an therefore the amount specified by Shariah which is the lesser amount automatically becomes the amount to base akaat on.

  28. my sister is very needy and all us sisters cannot help her except through zakat bt the problem is that we are syed and even her husband is syed.. so i wanted to ask that can we give them zakat in such a situation?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    A Syed is not allowed to accept Zakaat. If you have zakaat then definitely you have wealth in access. Give whatever little you can afford from your lillaah funds and inshaALLAH you will see great barakah in your wealth. Oe for helping your sister and one for helping the Family of Rasulullaah sallaaahu alayhi wa sallam.

  29. Assalaam alaikum,

    I have just graduated and have taken out student loans. My debt at the moment is £15,000. I dont have any savings but I have gold given to me by my family when i got married. Do i have to pay zakat on the gold while i am in debt or are these two seperate things?

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If the value of the gold exceeds the amount of debt then the excess amount will be zakaatabe if it is more then the nisaab. Zakaat is calculated by deducting debts from total capital.

    Walaikum aslaam

  30. I m a govt servant. Does the income Tax deducted from my pay comes under the zakat that i have to pay each year?

    Does the zakat is obligatory on the jewlery of woman which she is wearing in her normal use.
    No zakaat is not liable on the income tax amount paid out.
    According to the Jamhoor of the ulema zakaat is payable on gold and silver jewellery, even if used by women.

  31. Sir we are trying to arrange a imam masjid for masjid of our village in mianwali…can we use zakat and usher money to pay imam sb. ? should we disclose this to him
    It is haraam to pay salary with zakaat money. Zakat has tpo be given to the poor without any return, either by work or any other gift..

  32. Assalamu Alaikum!
    I did not fix the day for paying off Zakaah but I keep on giving some amount after a week or two intending it as Zakaah which is or may be due on me.
    But I do not calculate how much amount exactly due on me to pay off as Zakaah but I keep on giving some amount every week or after two weeks and I am 100% sure that I’m giving more than what is liable on me.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Zakaat is only compulsory yearly. However one may give it weekly or monthly but one has to calculate the yearly amount to make sur the correct amount is definitely given.

  33. Assalam O Aleikum;

    I am a Jeweller, and as a normal business nature I have gold in my possession. Do I need to pay zakat on this gold also by which I am doing business and earing my livings?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The gold in your possession for the purpose of trade is also zakaatable. All stock in hand should be calculated and zakaat paid on it , whether gold or any other commodity.

  34. Whats about zakat on Employee Provident And Gratuity Fund?

    Please reply in detail.

  35. Q: on what amount of money, Zakkat will be payable? (kinti raqqam hone per “CASH” zakat farz hojaati he?
    Evry country will calculate the amount in accordance to the gold/silver rate on the day the zakaat becomes waajib.Therefore it would be advisable to ask your local ulema of your country.


    Main aik private idaare main 4 saal se job kar raha hon yahan har saal Ramzan main jise pehle Ramzan Package kaha jata tha har aik ko milta tha jis main 2 1/2 kg Ghee, 1 Kg Daal, 2 Kg Sugar, aur aik suit, is saal humare idaare ne ye ilaan kiya hai ki is baar hum log ye cheeze zakat fund se day rahe hain jis ne leny ho le lay, ap ye bata dain ki kia ye cheeze hum kisi aur ko dene ke liye lay sakte hain, matlab apne naam pe zakat lay kar kisi ko di ja sakty hai?
    Wa alaykumu Salaam
    Ager aap zakaat ke mustahiq he tu le sakte ho warna nahin. Haan ager idare se ijaazat liya jaai ke ap ki mustahiq e zakaat ko de aur woh ijazat de tu saheeh hoga.

  37. As salaam wa alikum.
    Mera sawal yeh hai ke

    Kya pehnne ke niyat se liye gaye sone ke zewarat ya istamal hone wale Zewarat pe zakat farz hai
    Baraye meharbani is per roshni dale .book reference ke sath

    Jazakallah khair

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Sone aur chandi ager his a about ke baraber Ho tu zakaat waajib he khwaan istimaal men Ho ya nahin.
      Hadith shareef men mutlaqan dono par zakaat ka hukm beghair join quid.

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