Nikaah and consent.


I want to know what Shariat says on this Nikkah issue.
There is a girl, when she was about 20 years old she was forced by her parents to get marry to her kith and kin. But she refused to marry with him many times. His brothers and sisters were also not willing her to marry him. But they could not dare to ask their father to stop this. But the girl wept many times before her mother that she does not want to marry with him at all. But her parents did not accept her wish.
One day when she came back from college she saw her relatives present in her house but no one told her that your Nikkah is about to held today with that man.
After some time, when she was sitting with her friends, her brother-in-law came to her with her other relatives with a page of Nikkah nama rolled in a news paper and ask her to sign here on this page. When she asked what is this all, he replied that just do sign on it as it is a matter of your father respect. She suspected and began to cry and wept but no one care for her and then she signs on that paper. As she finishes sign her brother-in-law announced that Nikkah has been performed now. On hearing this she became unconscious and fall down.
That girl wanted to marry with some one else.
After about 1-year since from this event (Rukhsati was not took place so far), she ran away with that man whom she wanted to be marry and performed Nikkah in court.

Now question is, was that Nikkah valid, that was performed by her brother-in-law in the absence of any Nikkah Registerar (Molvi Sb.) or this Nikkah is valid that was took place in the presence of Nikkah Registerar and witnesses in the court.

Waiting for your valuable words.

Kindly reply me via e-mail me.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
On the statement being true, girl’s sign on the Nikaahnamah would be regarded her consent to perform the Nikaah with that boy Therefore, if he accepted that proposal verbally in the presence of two matured Muslim men or one man and two women then the Nikaah is valid and the second one is void. But if she ran away before the boy had accepted the proposal and got married to the one she wanted in the presence of the required witnesses in court and the man is of her match Islamicaly, then the second Nikaah is valid though the method was against the Sunnah and she would be sinful because of displeasing the parents especially if there was no Shar’ee reason to reject the decision they took.


Assalaamo alaikum,
Is it true for the girls to marry and have intercourse with the boys recently converted to islam but yet uncircumcised. Also after reaching the age of puberty if circumcision is not recommended than it shows that to live as a good muslim circumcision is not necessary or it is the matter of cleanliness only, than why restoration is regarded as bad activity or sinful act…..My reason behind asking the questions is to know more about islam and nothing more.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
The Nikaah is valid if all the conditions of a valid Nikaah are met. As regard to the circumcision for converted, it is more important and necessary for him than the one born a Muslim. Therefore, a reversed must get circumcised in all condition except the case when he is too old to get circumcised.
Circumcision after the age of puberty is not recommended according to some Ulamaa because the covering of Satr is Fardh and circumcision is Sunnah. Hence Fardh can not be overlooked due to Sunnah. But circumcision has an aspect of medication as well and disclosing Satr for the medication is permitted. Therefore, circumcision after the age of puberty is also recommended.
والله اعلم


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2 thoughts on “Nikaah and consent.”

  1. sir i lov a grl and she too
    but my father had done my engagemnt wid my coison without asking me..i cant refused thm as my fathr is too strick n im totally depended on him…plz giv me a wazifa that my fathr selfly break this promise

    1. Astaghfirullaah are you askibg me to make sihr on your father to change his mind . This is sihr.
      Beg from ALLAH to grant what is better for you.
      Otherwise become self independent.

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