Dreams and the usage of taweez

AS-SALAAM-O-ALAIKUM! respected scholar last week i saw a dream which gives worriness to me,, i saw that one pious men is came at our home i sat at one room along with my mummy and younger sister he said that always scared by ALMIGHTY ALLAH and obeyed ALLAH’S command forever i asked him that respected scholar is it true that in real life voodoo(black magic) is exist he said no doubt it is exist in this world but bandish can not be create by jinn it is through men ,i asked him that is it ok that one can recite “MANZIL” to protect itself ,he said to me that is it ok but it is more better and benficial to you that one wear “ISMA-E- HUSNA” (ALLAH 99 names )naqsh ,at that moment my mother wants to tell him that i was a victim of voodoo but i forbidden her by my finger then mufti sahab tell me that come and read quran i sit and then he open the quran the page which he opened was thumbed and said to me that read this: the word which i read is (MUHI-MEEN) ,( TA-TASA-RANE) , (KA-HA-YA-AIN-SUAD) but when i read this i feel lot of pressure on me then first mufti sahab read and then i read ( looh-e- qurani) in due course the scence would changed and i saw that my mummy said to me zainab thats mean you was not a victim of voodoo i simply refuse my mummy argument and said to her i never agree with your opinion because the treatment which i had done by AAMIL has gave lot to beneficial to me because by the mercy of ALLAH now i didn,t saw nightmare ,,or dreams of blood etc ,then again the scence would changed and i saw that i stand in the front of the wall and i clearly saw that the image of white foot steps enter into my body i-e my foot, then i hear the voice that its not a jinn he was a old men (buzrug) who live in at one tomb (dargah) and which enter by seeing the wall continously ,, what does that mean? kindly interprete it , i would be very oblige to you!
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
This is a good dream that indicates you are obeying the Shariah but be more stick to it, Allaah will make a way out from difficulties and take you from strength to strength.
NB. Wearing Ta’weez of Qur’aani Aayah, Isme Zaat or Siffaat or other permissible Naqshah is not recommended because of various reason and wrong concept. Nothing can be compared with the recitation of the Glorious and Du’aas narrated from the Nabee of Allaah for different occasions. Therefore, preference must not be given to the Ta’weez and Naqshah or Dargah.


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