Dream of ones boyfriend

dream of boyfriend


Assalamulaikum Muhatarma, I really like someone and recently I had adream about him and if you can please interpret the dream: He came to my grand mothers’s house wearing ablack leather jacket to get me. We had to walk towards the gate , but we had to make sure no one sees us as we got out of the gate there were two paths , one that was straight and towards the right and the right path side my father and my grand father were standing there so I let him go through the stright trail and then followed him and was talking to by sitting on his motorcycle. Then after that all I remember was , I was happy to wait for him and was riding on abus thinking about this.

That is the end of my dream and also if you can interpret this sentence for me recently istkhara was done for thi rishtaa and it came out “Rishta Dareeana Hai Karnay ka Ishara Hai” Can you explain what it means please. SHUKRIYA
وعليكم السلام
Dear Sister in Islaam, this is the dream of imagination that you think in twenty four hours that how to get the boy, meet him and runaway. Dear Sister, you might have known that communicating and getting alone with opposite sex is strictly prohibited in Islaam. Therefore, a Muslim must believe in and practise what Alllaah and His Rasool have commended and stay from all which Allaah and Rasool have forbidden in order to be prosperous in both lives.


One thought on “Dream of ones boyfriend

  1. Can Husband Watch Blue Movie With Wife?
    Asalam alaikum,I have a question, is this right in islam to put penis in wife’s mouth?Is man allowed to do so?Should man watch blue movies? can he watch it with wife?Please answer me clearly and try… . .
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Are you trying to get yourself and wife involved ion zina of thought, sight and fantasysing. Doing so isharaam anddispicable. Watching haraam filthy movies is sickening, leave watching with one’s wife. Pleaseabstain.

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