Istikhaaaraah and its method.

asalaam alikum wa rehmatullahi wabarkatahu…… really very thankful to u for tht answer…………in tht question u said tht there is no sipulation tht istakarah should b perfromed for amount of dayz then it wil b correct………….so can u please tel me wht does thiz sentence means cuz i hve heard it tht istakarh should b performed only for 7 days is it rite…………….
Wa alaykumus Salaam
It seems that many people are mistaken about the issue of istikharaa and its method. I hereby try and clarify the matter and hope it will be beneficial to all.
Istikhaaraah means seeking advice of choice on a matter that a person has doubt about.Remember to make istikhaaraah on matters that are fardh and commanded by ALLAH, is not permissible, eg should i perform my salaah or not? .
Whenever confronted by an issue of importance and one finds that he is doubtful whether to do it or not, then he/she should make istikhaaraah and seek ALLAH’S advice on the issue. If the issue needs immediate answer then isstikhaarah is done by making du’aa and reaading thiss du’aa ” ALLAAHUMMA  khKHIRLI WAKHTAR LI” and the follow whatever direction the heart inclines to. IIf it is a major matter then one should perform the istikhaaraah before sleepingby performing two rakaats of nafl salaah and thereafter read the prescribe du’aa and try to go to sleep without speaking to anyone. Whaatever inclination one has the next morning is ones answer. The is no necessity for a dream as an answer. If one sees a dream then it can be used as an answer. Once an answer is found the istikhaaraah stops.One should not continue reading the istikhaaraah. However if a person still suffers doubt, then the istikhaarah should continue till there is an answer but it should not exceed seven days. If before the seven day an answer is found one should stop the istikhaaraah immediately. If doubt still remains after seven days then stop and stay away from it.


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  1. please mera madat karo app assa kuje karo mein pass ho jo aur meri family ko kushi de allah tala sub kuch karta hai plz allah ko bhulo mera family ko kushi do
    Assalaamu alaykum(islaami aadaab)
    Mehnat karo tu kushi ,ilegi. Kiya samjha khana na khay aur khud ba khud bhuk bhi chale jaay?

  2. asallam Walykum,

    Mera sawal ye hai ki kay ager biwi hamila hai tow umra kara saktay hai kay.

    Nisar Ahmed
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Agar taaqat ho aur hamal ke liye koi khatra nahin ho tu bilkul karsakti ho.

  3. asaalm mo alikum … g mera ek kaam hia meri engament hone wali thi sub theek chal raha tha larka mujhe bht pyr krta hai lakin us k london jane k baad pareshanio ki waja se pata nhi kia ho gaya wo gusaa me rishta na rkhne ki baat karta hia plz kuch batayen k wo mera ho jaye bohat close hian hum meri engament ho jaye us k wadey k mutabiq december me uska gussa or nafrat khatam ho jaye sub theek ho jaye jesa wo tha plzzz ALLAAH K WASTE MADAD KREN
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Kisi par zor dena ya majboor karna kisi kam par sihr/jaadoo men daakhil he. Maaf karna men aisa kam nahin karsakta hoon.

  4. assalamu alaikum,

    i did a very big i am 24. i had a contact with one married man when i was 18.
    i dont have a contact from outsider except him.. after two years we both started to love. unfortunately his wife leave him for his family prob.. after that i had a sexual contact with him.
    he went to jail for 15days bcz of his wife. after somedays he told to me, ‘ nazeema i had a sexual contact with some more girls … after loving u i realized my mistake… sorry . I didnt get angry. I continued ..

    But Allah shows the reflection of my activities… I am d topper in my class but after this.. i had an arrier in one subject. i did thakajath and i passed

    Now i cant sleep i cant laugh i cant eat….. i loose all my happiness bcz of sex. i dont like to blame that man. i want to relieve from this..
    My parents started a proposal of marriage.
    i dont know what to do
    i am not a pure and good girl for marriage

    from this u can understand my suituation
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    make incere toubah for your sins. The one who sincerely repents from their sins are like those who nwever sinned. Turn to ALLAH and ask him for his mercy and guidance.

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