concern for the aakhirah

there was a king who used to test people in diffrent ways to see how they thought and how intelligent they were. Dear children it is very important and a very great quality to be able to keeps ones senses at the time of difficuilty,otherwise one will suffer from making the wrong decision at such a time. the king one day called his minister and gave him a goat.he then had the goat and told the minister to keep the goat for a week. he however made the condition that the goat has to weigh exactly the same after the week. it was not to weigh any more and any less than it was. the minister was then give a week of to care for the goat.the minister was extremly worried cause he had no idea how he was going to do as the king said, he creid all the time. he knew that if he did not feed the goat it would die and if he did feed it, it would get heavier. he therefore turned to allah and made dua for help.just then he rememberd there was a saint who gave people advice on all matters he therefore went to the saint and explained the situiotion at first the saint though that he should write to the king and say its not permissible to make such an impossible condition with someone but the minister pleaded with him to first solve the problem and then explain the matter to the king alright the saint said but i would still have to speak to the king sometime and give him some advice. the saint said this because he knew that the king was not reguraly with his salaahs and because he was so involved with the luxieries and pleasures of the world he did not care much for the aakhirah he felt that he would have to advise the king on this and try to get him to his the mean he told the minister to allow the to graze during the day and to sharpen a knife in front of it in during  the night although it is not permissible to slaughter an animal in front of the other or to sharpen a knive in front of it the saint explained that it was necessery to save the ministers life.the minister did ashe was told and after a week the king had the goat weighed to his suprise it weighed exactly the same he was very suprised to see this and gave the minister a big reward it is not me but the saint who desrves this reward the minister said the king then sent for the saint  when the saint arrived he explained to the king that although enjoyed eating during the day it forgot everything at night because of its fear been slaughterd and the worry made its weight remain the same the during the day there for kept the goat alive by the will of allah but the shirpening of the knife kept it restless.the king then said i understand everything you have said perhaps it is now time for me to become good you had been waiting a long time to give me some advise and you had used your opportuinity well you have advised me to keep remembering the aakhirah the grave jahannam and death in this way despite all the luxieries i enjoy i will still remain restless i shall now not leave the ways of the deen and will also bring others on to this path i am making a promise to you that i shall never leave out any salaah and shall stop all sins with the advise of the saint the king then got rid of all the evils in the palace and started to reguraly perform his salaah recite quraan and carry out the commands of the same time he made sure that all those under him also did the same he would always perform two rakkats of salaah to thank allah for changing his life and also recite some poems which means: listen dear friend! when the good days come the paths of our meetings will became apparent by themselves a course teaches only words while it takes a person to make a person of someone this is the only way to meet him make a path through those on the path” dear children we must also regard the aakhirah as the important life and then allah will make the world come to us we must always think that we will one day have to leave this world let us imagine that we have died and people have been informed of our death the time has been set for the funeral and we are being carried to the grave yard we are now leaving this world forever and will never be returning when we keep imagining this we will really gather plenty of good deeds we will think did i do enough to get the duas of my parents did i recite surah mulk mulk every day before sleeping so that it can be in my grave.

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