the blessings of bismillah

when ever we say bismillahir rahmanir rahim we regard it as some thing unimportant however this sentence that rasulullah (s.a.w) stressed so much really joins us closer to Allah.

dear children!when we recite bismillah we are saying that we are beginning the work with the name of ALLAH who is most merciful. if we recite it with this meaning in mind, we will receive many benefits. two of these benefits are:

1. by continuously taking the name of Allah we are admitting that every little thing in this universe is under Allah’s command and can therefore do nothing without Allah’s command.

2. the second benefit that we will realize tat anything we do is not of our own achievement but is from ALLAH. we will then develop humbleness because we will know that everything really really belongs to Allah and that nothing is my own. we will then be saved from pride, which is the root of all evil. it is because of this pride that people  oppress others think low of others and not fair towards them. when a person actively believes in Allah and he is convinced that ALLAH makes everything happen how can such a person do wrong when he starts doing something buy saying bismillahir rahmanir rahim.

a person is therefor asking allaahs help in the work he is starting and hoping for blessings in it.who can ask for allahs help when doing something sinful because it will be extremly sinful and disrespectful therefor by reciting bismillahir rahmanir rahim a person will be saved from sin and also recieve ALLAH’S help.

now carefully listen to the story about the blessings of bismillah

there was a kingdom ruled by a kaafir king. he had many servants doing varios tasks in the palace. amounst these servants, was an old lady who did many of the domestc chores. the old was habitualy of salaah and other good habit she had was that she alwas recited bismillahir ramanir rahim when ever she did ant thing. the king did not like this and asked her why it was unnecirily for her to recite bismillahir rahmanir rahim every time she did some thing. she did not give any reply but said i shall take the name of the one who created me when ever i do some thing. one day the king called he’s special servants to him, and said today i shall teach the old lady a lesson for reciting bismillahir rahmanir rahim and i shall not give up the lesson until she does not stop reciting it he then called for her in front of all the coutries and said i shall be going away for a few days i want you to look after this ring with special jewels for me i shall ask you for it when i return. the old lady said bismillahir rahmanir rahim and then took the ring from the kings hand she then went to her room where she again said bismillahir rahmanir rahim before placing the ring into her trunk where she kept her clothing the king however sent one of his men to see wher she kept the ring.the man secretly saw where she kept the ringn and inform the king about it’ by the kings order’ one of his men queitly got into her room when she was busy workin’ took th ring out from the trunk and threw it in the ocean’ because the old lady was so busy with her work’ she did not get a chance to check on the ring’ how could she ever have imagined that the king will give her a ring for safe keeping and then have it stolen from her? when the king returned from his journey’ he called for the old lady and asked’ what are we eating today? what ever you desire’ the lady replied’ the kig said’ while we were out on the journey’ i had planned to catch some fish but we never had the chance to do so’ why dont you get a fish to cook?the old lady recited bismillahir rahmanir rahim and went to the treausure to get the money for the fish when she took the money she again recited bismillahir rahmanir rahim and then recited it once more and then recited bismillahir rahmanir rahim again when she brought the fish. when she brought it to the palace and started to wash it she recited bismillahir rahmanir rahim once more and again recited it before cutting it’ when she cut the fish open she was suprised to find the kings ring in its belly tears came to her eyes when she has realised what has happend she picked up the ring and recited bismillahir rahmanir rahim and then recited it once more again before tucking it in her clothing’ after the king has eaten and sat down to rest he called many of the coutries and servants together he then called for the old lady and asked her for the ring when she went to her room the king and the coutries who knew what had happend started to laugh they all thought that today we will make a fool out of that old lady for always reciting bismillahir rahmanir rahim an annoucment was also made in the palace for all the other servants to come forward to see how she would be disgraced so that they would all stop reciting bismillahir rahmanir rahim each time they did something’ as they all waited the old lady went calmly to her room recited bismillahir rahmanir rahim and opend her trunk she then recited it again as she picked up the ring and went before the king when she gave the ring to the king his face changed from coulor to coulor in anger he exclaimed where did you get this from by saying this he got himself trapped because as far as most of the people knew the king himself has gave the ring over to the lady for safe keeping’ all the old lady said was dear king it was you who gave it to me for safe keeping the king could not control himself as he said but it was it was then that the old lady said let me complete the story for you’you had the ring thrown in the ocean but that merciful being whose name i take whenever i do something returned it to me through his mercy i had nothing to do with it’it was the same merciful being by who the fish was caught and it was he who placed into your heart  the desire to eat a fish the same fish that swallowed the ring was caught bought to us and brought to the palace it was also the same being who saved my hand from being cut of steailing o king do you still not understand the blessing of bismillah and the power and oneness of the being whose name is mentioned in it the king lowered his gaze and everyone heard him say loudly ashadu allailaha ilal allahu wa ashadu ana muhammedar rasullah i testify that there is none worty of worship besides ALLAH and i testify that muhammed is ALLAH’S servant and rasul

dear children the king had hardly completed reciting the shaahaadah when all his ministers and courtries also recited the kalima and entered the fold of islam.

dear children see how ALLAH solved the womens problem because of his pure name she was saved of embarrassment and because she has remained so stead fast upon reciting bismillahir rahmanir rahim despite all the criticism  ALLAH BLESSED the king and so many others with the gift of imaan we must also try to recite bismillahir rahmanir rahim and remember the act we are doing should be one that pleases the great being whose name we are taking let us now look back and and see how many actions we did today were done by starting bismillahir rahmanir rahim.


5 thoughts on “the blessings of bismillah

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  1. bismillahir rahmanir rahim, allahu subhanutala made all of us fortune to know this story,
    oh allah the most gracious, forrgive my sins, ameen

  2. Simply astounding msg.
    Felt like going more into
    The details of the system.
    A brahmim by birth but greatly
    Influenced by my rev.father who stood by
    the principles of Islam and later associated with my muslim brothers in the company where i work.

    Bowing down to the WILL OF ALLAH.

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