Still not Married


i am unmarried till now coz of spiritual problems from past 15 years, i have been going through this problem and had been treated by so many hazrath but till now i am stuck with the same spiritual probs….what shall i read to get my star to be strong and i should get married coz it is too late for me now…i am very sad from inside and not happy with my current situation.  Pls do help me in this.  tx
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Stay away from sins, comply with Shariah and be mindful of five daily Salaah, and after Ishaa Salaah, read Ya Latifu 11 hundred times with Durood Shareef 11 times before and after and then make Du’aa for the need, Allaah will help you out, Inshaa Allaah.
والله اعلم


4 thoughts on “Still not Married”

  1. Aslam o Alakum

    my parents are old , i have two young sisters both particing muslim good looking educated every thing is fine but still we fail to find any reasonable proposal for both of them . we have no demands at all just sharif people and person can take the responsibility of his wife .

    please dua for us and tell some surah or wazifa for my both sisters .
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    If no proposals are coming then we should send out a message or ask friends if they know of any good individuals intending marriage This is also sunnat and encouraged by Rasulullaaah salalaahu alayhio wasallam. Let us try and revive this sunnah and inshaALLAH there will be khair and barakah in it.
    Also request them to recite the following daily for forty days Rabbi laa tazharni fardaw wa anta khairul waaritheen, 100 times

  2. Assalam o Alaikum,
    My age is increasing day by day.I am educated and not bad looking but only few proposals come but they show no interest and no chances of marriage are there.Please suggest me dua or wazaif for reasonable proposal and to remove hurdles in marriage as some people have said that there are asraat on me.thanks
    Wa alaykumus aSalaam
    What is meant by reasonable proposal? what are the criterion for a ” reasonable proposal”?
    The secnd thing that we should understand that by reading a wazeefah for few days will not bring immediate results. Everything still lies in thge haands of ALLAH. According to HIS decision will things happen.It may take a day or a week or a month or upto six months for any results but it requires our perserverence. The wazeefahs mentioned will suffice inshaALLAH but it requires efort. Those who read and perservered , Alhamdulillaah , are happily married now.

  3. AOA.

    Main aik larkay sy pyar krti sy shadi krna chahti hn.per ami abu nai maan rhy k vo syed nai h isliay.plz koi vazeefa batayyn jis sy voo maan jayn.or meri shadi ho jay us k sath
    Maaf aise wazaaif jaadoo ka hisssa he. Men jaadooghar nahon hoon aur na jaadoo ko promote karta hoon.

  4. AOA..

    mufti g aisaa vazefa kasay jadoo ka hisaa ho skta h?agr koi apni shadi k liay yah kisi bhi kaam k liay vazeefa krta h to vo kia jadoo ka hisa hota h?main ny kafi books main perha h k agr itni dafa surat yaseen perhyn to ap ka flaan kaam ho jay ga.even shadi sy inkar krny ka bhi main ny vazeefa perha kia ap mujhy koi bhi surat prhny ka kehty to kia vo jadoo ka hisaa hota?jadoo to holy quran ka hisa nai hota na?jadoo to haram cheezo pr hota h na. ap plz mujhy thora sa clear kr dayn kyunk ap k jawab sy main confuse ho rhi hn.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    yaad rakhiye ke kisi ko apne tabiyat ke khilaaf kisi cheez par majboor karnakhwaan wazzaif ke zariya bhi , tu woh jaadoo men shumar he. masalan kisi larki ko shaadi par majbbor karna jab woh raazi na ho, jaadoo ka hissa he. Larka ya larki ke waalidain ko zabardasti haan kehne par majboor karna jaadoo bhi he. Mera sawaal he ke ager koi aapko shaadi ke peghaam qabool karne par majboor kare aur ap usse raazi na ho, tu kiya yeh jaaiz hoga.

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