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  1. Assalaam o alaikum Muhtaram Mufti Sb
    the Question is that my uncle dead 2 month before(may Allah bless upon his soul) and he had no son or daughters (beAulaad) and just left one widdow 2 brothers and 2 sisters alive, and no other relatives i.e father mother grand father grand mother (Nana or nani ) is alive. so plz it is hummbly requested that answer my question in the light of Quran o Sunnah in detail if the whole wealth value is 10000000 so how much is for widdow .each brother and each sister
    Jazak Allah
    I ll wait my answer on my e-mail adderess
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    The answer is very simple. The wife will get one fourth of the wealth. The remainder will be shared into six parts and the brothers given each two shares whereas the sistewrs will recieve one.Therefore the amounts will be as follows:-
    the wife will get 2 500 000
    The sisters each get 1 250 000
    the brothers each get 2 500 000
    This will be the division provided the deceased debts , funeral expenses and wasiyyat (if any) are settled. Otherwise it requires the settlement of those rights first and then the ratio explained can be used to divide the inheritance.

  2. Aslam-o-Alaikam

    Mufti sahib our mother and father have expired (Inalilahe-wa-inaalaiherajeoon). They have left inheritance of

    1-Bank Balance/share certificates.

    2- some acres of agriculture land.

    3- one house of 300 yards.

    We are two brothers and four sisters. As regard the property listed on S.No.1 & 2 ,there is no dispute/cofusion
    regarding its distribution as per shariaha law.
    As regard the property listed at No.3, this property/House was built as single story with the combined financing
    of both brothers and father with the understanding that this property is for both brothers. Aproximate ratio of financing
    between father and both sons is 30 : 70 including the cost of plot. Later on second story of House was built by me exlusively with my own financing for my seperate residence. All these facts are known to eatch family member.

    Further more my father declared his will at later stage of life in front of family members that this house is for both brothers and if they feel that there is any share for sisters in this house they can give it to them.

    please advise us how to decide about the distribution of this house/property keeping in view above given fact and as per shariah.

    Imtiaz Latif.
    wa Alaykumus salaam
    Since the house was built with a specific intention that it belong to the brothers, and they were given an option as per their view to grant the sister a share ornot i will advise that to keep peace , give the sister a certain amount of money as a share.
    as for the cash on hand, It will be divided into Eight shares, two for each brother and one for the sister.

  3. Mufti Sahab, Assalam-o-alaikum, my fathers has died. he had only one house we sold it. I have 5 brothers and 6 sisters and my mother is alive. please give me advice how can we share the house money. thanks

      It is very simple the mother is given 1/8 of the value and the rest shared between brothers andsisters by giving one portion for the sisters each and two for the brothers each. In simple words the brother gets double what the sister gets. Eg you are 6 brothers and 6 sisters. So the shares will be 18 giving each brother 2 and each sister 1.

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