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  1. assalamu alaikum
    we purchased land behind a small mosque which does not acomodate the desired number of people. therefore we want to construct a new mosque. however, as the purchased land is behind the current mosque if an economical paln of construction is folowed the current mosque becomes the lawn of the proposed mosque. some people say the it is necessary to include the old mosque in the proposed mosque. are there any ahadith regarding such assertions. please help with appropriate refrences.
    Sorry for the delay in answering
    Firstly i need certain thing to be clarified before answering your question.
    1. Was the area of the masjid fixed i,e, the boundry?The area that was the masjid and also the size of masjid?
    2. Was the land waqf on which the existing masjid was built.
    3.Was the previous area only a musallah(jamaatkhana) or a proper masjid?
    I hope you can furnish us with this information and then the shar’ii verdict with references as well as ahaadeeth will be presented insha ALLAH.

  2. i want to marry with my uncles daughter, we don’t have affair, should i pray to allah to give her in my nikah, is it allowed in islam to pray for someone with whom wewant to marry.
    In du’aa we should always ask ALLAH for that which is best as we do not know what the outcome will be.Som if you wish to ask ALLAH for her hand in marriage then add to it if it will be beneficial.

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