Ruling on Restoring Circumcision and Issue of Taharah

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  1. HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) Ki kahani parna or parne ke baad koi meethi cheez taqseem karna BID,AT hae ya nhi . PLEASE guide me
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    this question has been answered in detail please check the answer. but for your information.
    bid’ah us waqt hoga jab aap usko faraz samjhe. Aur zaroori samjhe. Han agar khooshi ke liye aap taqseem kar rahe hon tu jaaiz hoga.Taqseem ko baais sawab aur ibaadat samajhna ghalat he.

  2. if we read the story of HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (P.B.U.H) , after completing the story we give some sweet to 10 peoples . can we do like this
    Please begin with Assalaamu alaykum
    The reading, learning and practising on the seerah of Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wasallam is a good merituous issue. However the isue of giving sweets to ten people is something which is not a necessity nor is it advised. The stipulation of 10 and the feeding was not done by any of our salafus Saaliheen. Therefore abstain from it. The issue of stipulation is not allowed until a shar’ii proof is provided for it. Yes if a person on completing the seerah book wishes to feed someone out of his own without any stipulation and compulsion than it will be permissible if done out of happiness, similar to oe who passes and celebrates it with his friends out of happiness.
    And ALLAH knows best.

  3. Dear Mufti Sahib,
    Assalam O Alaikum
    In order to do gratitude after Allah has solved a problem can we cook rice or have them cooked by professional cook for 50 persons and have them eaten by poor people and also me and my relatives?

    Can me and my relatives eat from this rice along with poor people as I intended it for paying gratitude to Allah for his blessings on me?

    Please reply.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yes it will be permisible to partake of the food as long as if was not a mannat or nazar that was made.

  4. Asalam-o-alikom

    I wana know that wot Islam says abt Salat-e-tasbeeh.
    Is there any Sahi Hadis abt this or not.
    b/c i heard that its bidah ,can u plz give me the clear ans ant that .
    Tahnk you .

    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumusSalaam
    Salaatut tasbeeh has come in various ahaadeeth and also it is clear that many taabieen encouraged their students to perform it. The ahaadeeth narrated are in tirmidhi, ibn majah, abu dawood, musnad imaam ahmad. When a hadeeth is found narrated by various turuq it is sufficient proof of it being correct. also sayyidina abdullah bin mubarak rahimahullaah encouraged his students to perform it and would do so himself. When the great muhaditheen and taabieen accepted it to be part of deen then who claims it to be bidah is himself astray.

  5. Asalam_O_Alikom
    Wot Islam Said Abt the Trimming and Shaving of beard for men.
    Is shaving or trimning is a sin or not.
    how long a beard should be.
    thank you
    Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumussalaam.
    Keeping a beard for male is a waajib and is necessary. The beard should be kept a fist length. If longer then trimming till a fist length will be permissible. To trim it less than a fistlength is qrong and one will be sinfull.Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wasallam commanded us to lengthen our beards and trim our moutaches.When sayyidina umar radhiyallahu anhu was asked the length of Rasulullaah’s beard , he showed by gripping his fist under his chin.(muslim) Therefore keeping a beard a fistlength is waajib.

  6. Asalam_O_Alikom
    wot r the orders for men chest hairs in Islam.
    to keep it or shave it or trim it.

    Thank you

    Allah Hafiz
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Cutting or shaving of body hair for males is makhruh tahreemi. without any sharii reason it should not be cut or shaved.

  7. Aslam-o-Alaikum….please guide me on this issue.i want to give a specific example of women gathering for ibadat purpose. In chakwal area Tahreek-i-Alekhwan…..Moulana Akram Awan arranging a 40 days program for different types of ibadat and sufism.This program scheduled each year from 1st july to 10 of august.i want to know about women gathering for Ibadat. Is it allowed for women to go outside alone and participate in such type of gathering where they would stay for many days without their families. Is it allowed in sufism to arrange such kind of gathering and ibadat. What guidlines are available in Quran and Sunnah. Is sufi and male from his family mahram for all women? Moulana shaib please guide me. Thanks alot
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Firstly and foremostly mixed gatherings are forbidden. Although the azwaaj e mitahharaat were the mothers of the believers
    { ٱلنَّبِيُّ أَوْلَىٰ بِٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ مِنْ أَنْفُسِهِمْ وَأَزْوَاجُهُ أُمَّهَاتُهُمْ وَأُوْلُو ٱلأَرْحَامِ بَعْضُهُمْ أَوْلَىٰ بِبَعْضٍ فِي كِتَابِ ٱللَّهِ مِنَ ٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَٱلْمُهَاجِرِينَ إِلاَّ أَن تَفْعَلُوۤاْ إِلَىٰ أَوْلِيَآئِكُمْ مَّعْرُوفاً كَانَ ذَلِكَ فِي ٱلْكِتَابِ مَسْطُوراً }
    The Prophet is closer to the believers than their selves, and his wives are (as) their mothers. And the owners of kinship are closer one to another in the ordinance of Allah than (other) believers and the fugitives (who fled from Mecca), except that ye should do kindness to your friends. This is written in the Book (of nature).(surah ahzaab v6)
    yet we are ordered to ask from them behind a veil or curtain. Then how can the sheikh or the other murieds belong mahrams, allowing them to intermingle? Allah Ta aalaa mentions about it in the qur aan
    { يٰأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ لاَ تَدْخُلُواْ بُيُوتَ ٱلنَّبِيِّ إِلاَّ أَن يُؤْذَنَ لَكُمْ إِلَىٰ طَعَامٍ غَيْرَ نَاظِرِينَ إِنَاهُ وَلَـكِنْ إِذَا دُعِيتُمْ فَٱدْخُلُواْ فَإِذَا طَعِمْتُمْ فَٱنْتَشِرُواْ وَلاَ مُسْتَأْنِسِينَ لِحَدِيثٍ إِنَّ ذَٰلِكُمْ كَانَ يُؤْذِي ٱلنَّبِيَّ فَيَسْتَحْيِي مِنكُمْ وَٱللَّهُ لاَ يَسْتَحْيِي مِنَ ٱلْحَقِّ وَإِذَا سَأَلْتُمُوهُنَّ مَتَاعاً فَٱسْأَلُوهُنَّ مِن وَرَآءِ حِجَابٍ ذٰلِكُمْ أَطْهَرُ لِقُلُوبِكُمْ وَقُلُوبِهِنَّ وَمَا كَانَ لَكُمْ أَن تؤْذُواْ رَسُولَ ٱللَّهِ وَلاَ أَن تَنكِحُوۤاْ أَزْوَاجَهُ مِن بَعْدِهِ أَبَداً إِنَّ ذٰلِكُمْ كَانَ عِندَ ٱللَّهِ عَظِيماً }
    O Ye who believe! Enter not the dwellings of the Prophet for a meal without waiting for the proper time, unless permission be granted you. But if ye are invited, enter, and, when your meal is ended, then disperse. Linger not for conversation. Lo! that would cause annoyance to the Prophet, and he would be shy of (asking) you (to go); but Allah is not shy of the truth. And when ye ask of them (the wives of the Prophet) anything, ask it of them from behind a curtain. That is purer for your hearts and for their hearts. And it is not for you to cause annoyance to the messenger of Allah, nor that ye should ever marry his wives after him. Lo! that in Allah’s sight would be an enormity. ( surah ahzaab v 53)

    However if the gatherings are seperate and there is no intermingling and for learning purposes the females attend accompanied by their mehram then it will be permissible.It is mentioned in saheeh muslim that the women asked rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa Sallam to make a special day for them where they could come to him and learn deen.
    One important point i wish to inform you of is that this ruling is for Shar’ii gatherings and not specifically for the gathering or programme held by the so called moulana akram awan. I am not aware of his affiliation and his beliefs, therefore i clarify the point that this is a basic ruling and not linkef to this person.

  8. Assalamualaikum! Mufti Sahab plz enlighten me the correct way to take bath (gusul) for male and what dua’s we should read. here different books says different methods. Also please give me dua to protect ourselves and others from swine flu and also please tell me whether i can distribute copies of it to others. Jazak-Allah.
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    The method of ghusl for male and female are both the same.
    The sunnat method is as follows
    1. make intention of purification of body from both major and minor impurities
    2. wash hands
    3. make istinjaa(washing of the private part area)
    4. make a full wudhu
    5.pour water over your head
    6. pour over your right shoulder
    7. pour over your left shoulder
    8. rub your whole body with your wet hands.
    B> Swine flu is an epidemic that has broken oout andalso it is a form of reminder for the believers and a punishment to the kuffar.It is mentioned in a hadeeth of mishkaat that rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that when people openly start sinning and committing adultery then a punishment in a form of an epidemic is sent. on the other hand , for the believer it is a means of forgiveness and a blessing.”
    The reason for it being a blessing is that at times a person is weak in deedsand his sins are many, therefore when inflicted with such a break out of disease is a means of reward for him/her if they endure patience.
    Due to this the likes of the great scholar tajjud deen subki ra has mentioned to make du’aa for removal of the epidemic from any area is in itself not permissible. Remember the one who makes sabr and passes away in the process becomes a shaheed as mentioned in ahaadeeth.

  9. Oh fool learn to be respectful and choose your words correctly. You shamelessly claim to be the Leader of Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam. haider zaidi the sayed of rasool” You know sayed of my Nabi Dalallaahu alayhi wa sallam but rather the sayed of the fools. Give me you address and i will ses that someone in your country debates you on this issue . I would personally love to do it with you publicly and prove your ignorance to the world.Quote falsely and make big claims.I think you should give you address or meeting plaace and insha ALLAH if you in europe we will contact some of our ulema friends to give you a show of haq and make your baatil perish.

  10. As salaamu Alaikum
    Can you please give me the proof for the correct reply to As salaamu aliakum? Seems like everyone lve talk with either say wa alaikum salaam, wa alaikum ussalaam or wa alaikum as salaam! Which one is it?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The proper greeting is و عليكم السلام
    The first part is Wa 3alaykum and the Second part is al salaam
    In Arabic if al is added to certain alphabets then it is incorporated and read as As salaam
    In the reply it will be then read aswa alaykum As salaam
    There is another ruling that if the al is prceded by a saakin then the word before the saakin will be incorporated in the “al. Therefore the proper pronounciation of it will be Wa alaykumus Salaam. This is the correct manner.

  11. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir i am confused in one HADITH
    dunya me kis tarha rahe
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Reference to this hadeeth plz.

  12. Assalamu alikum janab mera sawal yeh hai ki main jamat (tabligh) main jana chahta hu per problem yeh hai ke in dino meri wife pregnent hai or delivery bhee 10 to 15 days main ho saqti hai wiase to main family kai saath rehta hu jismain ammi, abbu or bade bahi bhi hai kya mera jamat main jana sahi hi please mujhe batain in 22/4/2010 to jamat main ja raha hu 40 din ki
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Ager itna kam mudat kafasilaa ho, aur jamaat se ijaazat ho tu Wilaadat tak intizaar karke phir jamaat se miljaaiye. Haan ager ahliya ke khaandaan walon madad karne ke liye tayyar ho aur ijaazat derahaa ho tu aap bilkul jaaiye. Aise kaam na kare jis se is mubaarak kaam par daagh lagjaai.

    sir mene bachpan me ALLAH ki qasmey tori hae to kya me ab ALLAH se maafi maang lu
    ya me roza rakh lu
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager aam qasm ho tu maafi maangle.Wohi kaafi hoga.Ager qasm kha kar manat maani he aur usko pura nahin kiya tu roza rakhna parega.

  14. Assalaamu alaikum warahmatullah wa barakaatahu

    My problem is that i am 21 yrs of age n i wish to grow beard.Infact ive almost grown it.but my mother doesnt allow me to grow it .she says u can grw it in future.but not now..wat shud i do?.shud i shave off my beard. Sometimes i myself doubt my niyat of growing beard.but then my friends tell me its the whisperings of shaitan.if i dont obey my mother thats not right also
    i dont know wat to do
    plz suggest me asap.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Firstly to remove some misunderstanding concerning the beard, It is not a sunnah but a wajib act. Rasulullaah Salallaahu alayhi wa sallammentioned to the emissaries of the persian king that ALLAH has ordered the keeping of the berd and trimming of the moustache which shows that it is a command.
    In a hadeeth it is mentioned m ” there is no obeying of the creation in opposition of the command of ALLAH”. Therefore without being disrespectful, you should try and keep the beard and make du’aa that ALLAH changes the condition of your Mother’s hert and it softens inshaALLAH.

  15. Assalaamualaikum….
    thnk u 4 rplying….i will inshaAllah make dua….u also plz pray 4 me……….regarding ur answr ive alwz heard that beard is sunnah…..wat does wajib mean in urdu n english….does it mean compulsory…..plz quote hadeeth n Quran in this regard n dat the grwing brd is command….
    plz rply asap…
    JazaakAllah Khair….thnx agn fr rplyin
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Waajib is an act which is close to Fardh c(xompulsory). One has to carry it out or otherwise one will be labelled as a Fasiq*open Sinner).
    In my reply i explained the incident of the emissaries of the persian king who came to Rasulullaah Salalaahu ala6yhi wa sallam, who turned his face away due to their big moustaches and beardless faces.He saws Informed them that ALLAH has “ORDERED” me to keep the beard (lengthen) it and trim my moustache. The word ‘amr’ is used in the arabic text which is a command. Command shows that it is a compulsory act.

  16. Jazaak Allah Khair..
    thnk u for rplying n making it easy for me to understand……ur answers were quite helpful..
    May God bless u….WASSALAAM

  17. Salam
    Is it ok to eat Halwa Puri & Samosa on 15th of Sha’ban. One of our relatives & neighbors send Halwa Puri, Somosa, Chole for eating on 15th Sha’ban. I doubt if it is BID’AH to do so and HARAAM to eat from such food.
    Could you please explain me this? Jazakumullaho Khaira
    thanks & regards
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The habit of feeding special types of food on the 15 shaabaan night is a bidah and we should abstain from it.

  18. Assalam Walaykum ,

    please see this hadith from Sahih Bukhari

    Volume 3, Book 32, Number 227:

    Narrated Abu Huraira:

    Allah’s Apostle said, “Whoever prayed at night the whole month of Ramadan out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven.” Ibn Shihab (a sub-narrator) said, “Allah’s Apostle died and the people continued observing that (i.e. Nawafil offered individually, not in congregation), and it remained as it was during the Caliphate of Abu Bakr and in the early days of ‘Umar’s Caliphate.” ‘Abdur Rahman bin ‘Abdul Qari said, “I went out in the company of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab one night in Ramadan to the mosque and found the people praying in different groups. A man praying alone or a man praying with a little group behind him. So, ‘Umar said, ‘In my opinion I would better collect these (people) under the leadership of one Qari (Reciter) (i.e. let them pray in congregation!)’. So, he made up his mind to congregate them behind Ubai bin Ka’b. Then on another night I went again in his company and the people were praying behind their reciter. On that, ‘Umar remarked, ‘What an excellent Bid’a (i.e. innovation in religion) this is; but the prayer which they do not perform, but sleep at its time is better than the one they are offering.’ He meant the prayer in the last part of the night. (In those days) people used to pray in the early part of the night.”

    “”It says ‘Umar remarked, ‘What an excellent Bid’a (i.e. innovation in religion) this is”””
    Why didnt Umar (RA) stop them from doing so???

  19. SALAAM
    sir can you plz clear me one HADITH
    i have recently read it that PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH said
    then are we forbidden to remove our mistacheous , chin hairs ,beard ,and forehead hairs
    plz sir advise
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    I think there is a misunderstanding concerning the hadeeth. It refers to the thinning out of the eye-brows which is forbidden. removal of other hairs is permissible, i.e. facial male growth on females.

  20. sir and removing hairs of whole body is permissible also

  21. Ashlamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    Wearing trousers and shirt is against the sunnah;so if anyone do so by knowing it will he be judged as a sinner according to sharia?

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It will be contrary to sunnah to do so. however if one realise it to be contrary but does it out of habit without thought of belittling the sunnah, then it will be permissible.

  22. i want to know if before offering prayer we should recite the neet loudly
    niyat is the action of the heart and loud recital is not necessary.

  23. Aslamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    if any one keep sofa in his lounge for guest sitting is it against the sunnah? because i noticed it is very hard to keep tidy if i put foam on the floor for sitting; kids always play around with them and make mess every where. So far with my little knowledge i know that keeping house clean and tidy also part of sunnah. Also it is part of Dawah to non musim and other non practicing muslim brothers;they will notice in Islam every where cleanliness get priority whether it is individual or social life. So in intention of keeping house tidy if i put sofa in my lounge will it be against sunnsh any sin?

    wa alaykumus salaam
    Keeping of a sofa is permissible.Being seated on the floor is a mustahab act. The other sunnah we forget is simplicity. Try and be simple neat and clean.

  24. assalamu alaikum sir meri shadi k 7yrs ho gae mujhe koi bacche nai hue to me ye janna chahti hu k kya test tube baby islam me jayaz hai….. allah hafizWa alaykumus Salaam
    Adoption jaaiz he aur ager kissi baby ko adopt kiya jaai jo do saal se kam umer ke ho tu usse doodh pilaane ke baad woh rizaa’ie bete/beti banda he. Test tube aur surrogate mother wali masala kaafi peshida he aur usse bachna behter he.

  25. assalamu alaikum sir aapka rep aya k test tube baby se bachna chahye par anty ki shadi k 11yrs ho gae… adoption k lye koi razi nai… doc ne kaha test tube baby last option hai…isle anty n uncle aapse puchna chah rhe k kya test tube baby kar sakte hain k nai… allah hafiz….
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Adoption agencies dunya barhke moujood he. Ager waaqi adopt karna he tu dunya men mukhtalif mumaalik men musalman yateem bache he jo adoption ke liyeoffffer kiya huwa he.
    Yaad rakhiye ke test tube ke liye sharaait yehi he ke dono “sperm aur “ovum mian biwi ka ho aur sperm bank ka na ho. Ager aisahi hu tu kucch gunjaaish nikalta he, warna haraam aur saheeh nahin hoga.

  26. mufti saheb kiya ya rasoolallah kehna chahyie k nahi jaldi bataen

  27. Assalamualaikum,

    I have heard that you are supposed to read Durood Tanjeena when you are in any sort of calamity 1000 times. However I have not read any authenticity about this. Please Mufti Saab tell me if reading this Durood is right or wrong?

    JazakAllahu Khair
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This durood is from the mujarrabaat, i.e. tried and tested wirds. The recital is correct. As for the amount i am not sure.

    1. Wa alaykomos Salaam
      Khaalis tawheed can be put in a nutshell as being what is known as imaan mujmal.
      I hereby provide its translation.
      I believ in ALLAH as HE is withall HIS names and Atrributes and i accept all his rulings and Injunctions.

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