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  13. Sexual relationship between the spouses
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  16. Is it permissible for a non-Syed to marry a Syed?
  17. Walimah and Wisdom Behind it
  18. No Limitation for Enjoyment

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  1. aoa.mufi sahib m shoukat from question is abt question is that noe of my cousn said that he gives divorce to his wife in the presence of two witnesses.n after two years he produce one baby from that women whome he had given divorce.when that my cousn was asked tht u have give three divorce to ur wife with three sentences then how is that baby,so he replied that i have given divorse to her without intention.and he also sayy that i have signed wrongfully on stamp plz u tel me in the light of quran n hadith that what is the position of his relation to that women n what is the status of that baby wch was born after two years after giving divorce three sentences.i will b very thankful to u n will b waiting for ur answer.n thing plz tel me according to four school of thoughts.plz send me answer on my E mail address.
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Intention is not necessary for the validity of Talaaq when it is given with the word of Talaaq or the word which is used for Talaaq in society. (Extracted from Raddul Mukhtaar Alaad-Durrill Mukhtaar, Kitaabuttalaaq)

    It is the general consensus of the majority of Sahaabh and all the four Imaams of the four schools of thought that three Talaaq whether pronounced in one or different sittings is effective. (Extracted from Raddul Mukhtaar Alaad-Durrill Mukhtaar, Kitaabuttalaaq) The marital ties break completely and the couples become Ajnabi, stranger to each other after three Talaaq. But if they feel that they can live a splendid conjugal life and want to reunite, the wife after completing the Iddah should marry another man and have sexual intercourse with him. Thereafter, if the second husband dies or divorces her, she after completing the Iddah period can remarry her first husband. Allaah سبحانه وتعالى says, “And if he has divorced her (the third time), then she is not lawful unto him thereafter until she has married another husband. Then, if the other husband divorces her, it is no sin on both of them that they reunite, provided they feel that they can keep the limits ordained by Allah. These are the limits of Allah, which He makes plain for the people who have knowledge.” (Suratul Baqarah 02:230)

    Therefore, the three Talaaq given by the referred cousin in front of the witnesses by pronouncing words of Talaaq and singing with his free will on the stamp paper is effect and the marital ties between him and his wife have broken completely and they are Ajanbi to each other. It is Haraam for them to stay together without Shari’ee Halalah. The period they have been spending together and the relation they have with one another after the three Talaaq is illegal period and illicit relation and thus the child that is born during this period is illegitimate according the to the Islaamic law.
    والله اعلم

    1. Assalam Alaikum Mufti Sahab,

      I want to marry a girl, I informed my parents and her parents but her parents want her to marry other person who is a Hafiz e Quran and a relative from her family. the girl dont want to marry him. I know that person is more pious than me, more dearer to Allah taala and she will be in jannah by marrying him.

      before I used to pray sometimes mainly fridays not after meeting her i started praying 5 times most of the time. started praying tahajjud also but later i become some negligent because I was staying with all Hindus in a shared house.

      I dont want to lose her from my life, because she pious girl and she ask me to pray every five times a day. we thought of marrying alone in the mosque but later we realised we should ask our parents first and try to convince them, because they the one who feed us since our birth. My parents agreed, I’m a Hyderabadi but her praents are from Gujarat, they belong to Vahora Family.

      as per my My education is concerned I’m a post graduate in Computer Science and working for a pay of $50000 per annum.

      She says if she get married to him she will leave back to india and never come back to USA. what should we do now. we both left the decision on her parents but her parents don’t even saw me one time. they are just simply refusing when i try to take my aunt with me to her house.

      what should we do now, how can i approach her parents, i send my biodata and pictures everything i tried but they are refusing and dont want to speak to us.

      Jazakallah Khair
      Wa alaykummus salaam
      In such crcumstances it is very difficult. The cultural difference, language difference becomes a barrier and many feel that such marraiges do not last long. Therefore the hesitance from the partents. Its upto the girl todo her part and speak to her parents.

  2. Salam Mufti Sahib
    mojooda zamanay k mutabik Larki ka HAQ MEHER kitna hona chahye,baaz log kehtay hain k MEHER jaiz hi nahi aap QURAN_O_SUUNAT ki roshni me tafseel se batain k Recent years k mutabik MEHER ki moojooda aur kam se kam aur ziada se ziada kitni HAD honi chahye.KAM se kam kitni had ho aur ziada se ziada kitni ho?AGR iss sawal ka jawab tafseel se dain to aap ki meherbani ho gi?
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Allaah has commended to seek lawful women with the help of wealth and hence Meher is given as compensation for the enjoyment and benefit which has been derived from girls as Allaah says, “All others are lawful, provided you seek them (with a dowry) from your property, desiring chastity, not fornication. So with those among them whom you have enjoyed, give them their required due”. (Suratun-Nisaa 04:24)

    Therefore, Meher is the right of woman and it can not be less than 10 Dirhams which is around 2 Tulah 7.5 Mashah. There is no limit to the maximum amount. A woman can demand as much as she wishes. But it is not good to stipulate a very high figure. However if a person gives an amount less than 10 Dirhams or its equivalent, he will have to pay the balance as well because Meher cannot be less than 10 Dirhams, according to the Hanafi School of thought. It is narrated on the authority of Seyyidina Jabir رضى الله عنهthat the Nabee of Allaahﷺ said, “Meher should not be less than ten Dirhams”. (Nasbur-Raayah Li Ahadithil-Hidayah, Babul Meher) It has also been reported that Seyyidinaa Ali رضى الله عنهdisliked the Meher being less than ten Dirhams. (Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaibah)
    والله اعلم

  3. dear mufti sb ,ASSALAMO ALAIKUM
    a sunni muslim married with his wife’s brother’s daughter[niece]. His first wife is ailve and agree with the marriage to continue. The person also wants to continue the marrige.Please reply whether he can continue the marriage according to hanafi school of thought or any other imam permits such marriage.
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    As long as the marital bond is intact with wife or she is observing Iddaah, the husband is not permitted to get married to his wife’s niece. Imaam Muslim رحمه الله تعالىhas recorded in Saheeh Muslim on the authority of Sayyedinaa Abu Hurairahرضى الله تعالى عنه that the Nabee of Allaahﷺ forbade a person to combine in Nikaah a woman and her father’s sister and a woman and her mother’s sister…” (Muslim, Babu Tahreemil-Jam’ee Bainal-Mar’ah Wa ‘Ammatihaa)

    Therefore, it is Haraam for the referred person to get married to his wife’s niece as long as the martial ties with his wife are intact or she is in Iddah period, and hence he must immediately break the relation with his wife’s niece as this relation is illegal according to the Islaamic Shariah.
    والله اعلم

  4. sir what is the basic role of nikkah in ISLAM what is its orignal realituy!those 2 adult person who goes to court & get marry there i do not think so that there will be any molvi so how they get in nikkah they just registered themself lawfully married couple but what is ISLAMIC point of view& if a couple who love eachother they use to FUCK(ZANA)before there marrage & they both are extreamly serious witjh eachother in marring eachother but they commited that mistake so if they get marraied then this sin will be forbidden or not?
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    One of the conditions for the validity of Nikaah is the presence of two matured Muslim men or one man and two women, who can listen to the Ijaab (proposal) and Qubool (acceptance) of the couple. If this condition is met when getting married in court then the Nikaah will be valid, though it is against the Sunnah method of performing Nikaah. but if the above-mentioned condition is not met, the Nikaah will be invalid. (Raddul Muhtaar Aladdurril Mukhtaar, KitabunniKaah)

    The crime of Zinaa will not be wiped out by Nikaah without sincere repentance.
    والله اعلم

  5. Dear Respected Mufti Sahib,

    Assalam o Alaikum Warahmatullah

    My father is aging around 85 years with weak health and average mind. He often comes across different nightmares during sleep & sometimes starts shouting. One night he entered my wife’s room in my absence and touched her on one of her thighs, room lights were on at that time. With this touch my wife waked up in shock immediately and got separated from my father without any further contact or touch.
    When I asked my father he said he was called in room by a woman who was seen by him in the room with 2 other women with 1 child in their lap. One of them indicated my father to touch my wife while she was sleeping. My father set aside my wife’s bed and touched her on her one thigh. Father is saying he didn’t know if it was his daughter-in-law or my wife. Neither he touched my wife considering his wife. He entered in my wife room in curiosity about those women in room which were seen by him.
    At the time of touch, my wife was putting on cotton shalwar. She didn’t feel any Shahwat whereas I don’t know about my father Shahwat.
    Since father is very aged so he initially was saying that he didn’t have any bad intention while touching her but after 3 months he said he might have had bad intention. He is also saying that he slightly touched my wife and it was not a full touch whereas my wife is claiming of full hand touch. Father is also saying he didn’t feel any strong sexual feelings while touching; he merely touched to know who this lady might be.

    Please reply in the light of Shariah if this has proved the Hurmat-e-Musaharat??
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    The yardstick for Shahwah of an old and an impotent man is heart-beating with sexual desires or increment in it. “اما الشيخ والعنين فحدهما تحريك قلبه أو زيادته إن كان متحركا لا مجرد ميلان النفس فانه يوجد فيمن لا شهوة له أصلا كالشيخ الفاني” (در مختار, فصل فى المحرمات)

    Therefore, if your father admits that his heart was beating or it began beating more if it was already beating when touching his daughter-in-law and you believe him, then Hurmat-e-Musaharah is proved. “ذكر الصدر الشهيد أنه فى القبلة يفتى ما بحرمة مالم يتيقن أنه بلا شهوة و فى المس والنظر لا, إلا أن يتيقى أنه بشهوة لأن الأصل فى التقبيل الشهوة بخلاف المس و النظر”” (ايضا)

    Since Shahwah from one side is enough for the Hurmat-e-Musaharah to be proved. “وتكفى الشهوة من أحدهما” (” (ايضا)

    But if he denies of heartbeat with sexual feelings and there is no Shar’ee witness to prove Shahwah when touching then Hurmat-e-Musaharah will not take place. “ولا تثبت بالنظر إلى سائر الأعضاء بشهوة ولا بمس سائر الأعضاء إلا عن شهوة بلا خلاف” (بدائع الصنائع,كتاب النكاح, فصل, ومنها أن تكون المرأة محللة) “خلاف هذا فإنه قال لو مس أو قبل, و قال لم أشته صدق إلا إذا كان المس على الفرج والتقبيل فى الفم”. (رد المحتار على الدر المختار, فصل فى المحرمات)
    والله اعلم

  6. Mufti Sahab, I want to ask that my maternal uncle (mamoo) died in accident last year. He has 2 small children and no body to take care of the family. I want to take full responsibility of his family. I want to ask that is it permissible to take his wife in my Nikkah after period of Idat?
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    Mamani, maternal uncle’s wife is Ghair Mahramh and hence it is permitted for you take her in your Nikaah after the completion of Iddah period. “و أحل لكم ما وراء ذالكم” (سورة النساء)
    والله اعلم

  7. Dear Mufti sahib,
    This is in reference to question asked on April 8, 2009 at 11:33 pm about Hurmat-e-Musaharat.

    Last time when I asked my father about raise in his feelings while he touched his daughter in law (my wife), he said there was no raise in sexual feelings or beating.

    Should I need to double check with him on this or just one time is enough.

    Please reply.
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    You do not have to ask him again and again. Once he denies of heartbeating or an increment in it and there is no Shar’ee witnesses, Hurmate Musaharaat will not take place. Since his admission of Shahwah or Shar’ee witnesses is necessary for Hurmate Musaharaat to be proved in the case referred to in the earlier post. (Al-Bahrur-Raaiq, Faslun Fil-Muharramaat Fin-Nikaah)
    والله اعلم

  8. Salam-ualaikum Wa rahmatullahi Wabarakatehu

    What i wished to ask was, that does the nikkah b/w spouses break if the woman touches another man, intentionally or unintentionally? I would like to apply the question to my issue, which is that i recently had my nikkah done, and wish to pursue a degree in medicine. In medicine, i most obviously will be coming in touch with namehram men, during studying and even afterwards when i wish to work. Is that haram? Will that affect my nikkah in any way? Please do let me know

    Walaikum-us-salam warahmatullahi wabarakatahu
    Assalaamu alaykum and wa alaykumus salaam to your Salaam
    The touching of a na mahram whehter male touchig female and viseversa with lust are both haram and a major sin. However by doing so it will not break your nikaah. As far as working as a doctor and touching the opposite sex then it is only to be done under necessity.It would be better to specialise in fields that work with women only. Nikaah is only invalidated by talaaq and its likes.
    and ALLAH knows best.

  9. aslam u alikum
    mufti saab i want to know that a husband or wife can kiss parvites parts of there body is it haram or halal can u give a good fatwaa abt this masla
    Wa alaykumus salaam wa Rahmatullaah
    It seems that since the ummah has been exposed to th filth of the kuffar in their pornographic filth, these thought have crept in to the ummah. May Allah save us from such deeds and forgive us for our shortcomings.
    Oral sex , as it is called, is totally forbidden in shariah. How can it be possible that the tomgue be polluted by something najas and be regarded as Halaal. The very same tongue which brings us into islaam by recital of kalimah and brings us reward by tilaawat of qur’aan,Remeer all forms of ecretion from the private parts are najs and dirty, filthy. Therefore totally HARAAAAAM.

  10. assalam alaikum mufti sahab, mujhe bataiye ki kya bhabi ki behen se nikah kar sakte ya nahin? Kya islam mein yeh cheez jayaz hai ya nahi?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Ji janab karsakte he.
    koi mumaaniat nahin.
    do bhai do bhen se bilkul shaadi karsakte hein.
    Bhabi ki behen muharramaat men shaamil nahin.

  11. assalam alaikum mufti sahab, mujhe aur ek cheez poochna hai apko, mai meri bhabi ki behen ko bahut chahta hoon aur usse nikah karna chahta hoon, lekin uske family waale uska nikah bade ameer log se karna chah rahe hai filhaal to mai masters ki padhai karne ja raha hoon isiliye mujhe abhi koi job nahi hai aur main clearly pooch nahi sak raha hoon uske liye ab mai kya karoon? mujhe dar hai ke woh log uska nikah doosre se kardenge! aur main nahi chahta uska nikah koi doosre so ho kyun ki mai usse bahut mohabbat karta hoon. aap mujhe bataiye mai kya karron ab? mai bahut confused hoon isiliye mai padhai mein concentration nahi kar pa raha hoon.
    Wa alaykumus salaam warahmatullaah
    App jakaar unke waalidain s baat karle ya bhabhi se kehde ke woh apni taraf se baat kare.Larki ka bhi haq he is mamala men. agar woh intizaar karna chahti he tu theek. Mer khiyaal se mabaap ko etiraaz nahin hoga.Warna correspondence se course poora karle aur kaam shuroo karde

  12. asalam u alikum
    again mufti saab i want to know that if a person kiss his wife pravites parts or her kiss husband pravites parts of body is nikkah broken or not if a persons dont know about that please give answer in urdu in possible
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    No nikaah is not broken

  13. aslamulikum mufti sahib
    i have problem in my life of sarat anzal(means early discharge) i can not do more then 2 min my life is disturb so please tell me about this matter what ido or have to prevent early anzal please help me out of this matter i will very thankful to you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam

    Consult a physician (doctor)

  14. Assalaamu’Alaikum
    Motaram Mofti SahaB, meir naam NAHEED NAZAR hai aur meri umer 40 yrs hai meri walda ka naam ZAIWA JAN hai kindly aap istahara kar k bataye k kya meri shadi hona possible ha aur kya ye BADAR UL ZAMAN walda;ZABAIDA say ho sakti ha
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Janab ham doosron ke liye istikhaara nahin karte he aur men khud qaail nahin hoon ke kissi aur ke liye idtikhaara jaaiz he. Jab aapka hi masala he tu aapko khudhi istikhaara karne chahiye.

  15. Assaalmu’ Alaikum,
    Motaram Mofti Sahad,main aik shaks ko pasand karit ho us ka naam BADAR UL ZAMAN ,us ki walda ka naam ZABAIDA ha aur meri naam NAHEED NAZAR mother’s name ZAIWA JAAN ha.
    main nay Istahara keya k kya un ka haan say mere kie rishta aaye ga k nhi
    Istahara k 1rst din main nay dream may daykha k main apne pet dog ko chain k sath lay kar ja rahe ho aur aik saaf road say main gozarti ho jo k aik way ha aur wo aik barhe say Govt bailding k gate ki taraf turn kar raha ha aur aaage aik aur wasa hi gate aur rasta ha aur ye dono rastay beautiful and greenry ha(actual mai mere ghar k samnay army complex ka aik gate ha aur us shaks ki street k samnay complex ka dosra gate ha)
    2ND day main nay daikha ka paani ka pipe sahi tarikat se connect ho gaya ha aur paani tazi say flow kar raha ha.(Hakikat may b main dream walay din water k liye pipe laga rahi thi jo abhi mokammal nahi hoa tha aur raat ko main ne dream daikha
    3rd day main ne daikha kmain aur meri mother dono aik Hospital type jagha hain aur waha aik adami mujhe aik blue colour taransparant band lafafa dayta ha jis k andar kuch document uar aik khaki lafafa nazar aa raha ha zur wo mujhe kehta ha aik aap shayad 11 baje ya 10 mint kam 11 bage aa kar aik lakhrhi ki aalmari k samnay ye file karna aur waha aik key chabi lay layna.main walda se kehti ho k abhi 11 honay may time ha ghar chaltay hain aut hum aik anjaan rastay per chaltay hai aur thak k ghar pohachtay ha k main waqt daikhti ho to khahti ho ye to time honay laga ha acha tha k hum hohi wait kar laytay aur hum jaldi wapis wotay ha aur wapis pohanch k may file aagay kar k aalmari kholti ho to key nahi hoti .pher main counter pe ja k kehti ho k may 11 am pe aaye ho aur waha key nhi to waha batha hoya shaks k face say u zahar hota ha k may hi late ho aur wo wall clock ki taraf daikhta ha waha 11 baj k 5 mint ha aur hans k mujh say file lay k key data ha.(meri walda ko lakwa hoa ha aur main 2 month kah un ka saath hospital phisio tharapi ka liye jaati thi)
    Kindly is istahara ki Tabeer bata day aur main nay yeh istahara aap ki advise per kia hai
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    istikhaara ke jawab sirf khwaab se nahin hoti he lekin dil ki kayfiyat hoti he ke dil us rishte se khoosh ya naaraaz he.
    In tamaam khwabon bas din ki masroofiyat par dalaalat karte he.Aksar khwaab qabil e taabeer nahin.

  16. i begin with Salam
    If I feel more sexual desire then can I do second marriage for this purpose as my wife can’t always allow me to have intercourse with her
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Allah has allowed four wives in marraige as long as one can be just and equal to them. Each wife has to be treated justfully and given proper nafaqah.ALLAh mentions in the holy Qur’aan
    And if ye fear that ye will not deal fairly by the orphans, marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if ye fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess. Thus it is more likely that ye will not do injustice

  17. Assalam-o-Alikum ,

    I want to ask what is the preferred method of doing Nikah in Masjid .
    What I heard is

    “First of all 2 gawah and 1 wakeel from bridal side will accompany the groom and his 2 gawah in the mosque ,and before departing home the signature will be taken from girl by her wakeel .

    and Nikah will be announced by Qazi in the mosque .
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The normalmethod of the nikah ceremony in the masjid is as follows:-
    1. The wali and twp witnesses(gawaah) will ask permission from the brise to perform her nikah dor an agreed amount for mehr.
    2.When permission is granted on the specific day of the nikaah. both parties proceed to the masjid to have the nikaah khuttbah read.
    3. Normally the qaadhi before performing the nikaah will seek the permission from the girl’s wali to perform it.
    4. Khutbah is read and then the groom is asked whether he accepts the girl in his nikaah for the specified mahr.He accepts and the nikaah is completed after the mahr ishanded over to the wali, if it is to be paid immediately.
    5. Normally the signature is done after completion of ceremony.
    Another thing I heard that there is a requiremment that Qazi will send the wakeel and 2 Gawah (from bride side) giving them permission to go and ask girl and have signature .
    After they come back to Qazi with Signature ,Groom will sign and khutba-e-nikah will be recited.

    Please tell me the prescribed way as per Hanafi maslaq.


  18. assalam alaikum mufti sahab, kindly let me know:
    According to islam what qualities in a girl we must see for marrying her.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wasallam mentioned in a hadeeth that ” women are normally married for four reasons.
    1. Her beauty
    2. her wealth
    3. her lineage
    4. her deen (piety.
    Rasulullaah saaws then said choose her deen…”(muslim)
    Therefore one should firstly see if a girl will benefit his deen and be a means of aiding him towards piety and obidience to ALLAH. Thereafter if you find the other qualities it is a bonus.

  19. Assalam o Alikum, can a man marry such women whose calimed Banjh before marriage due to some medical disorder. if not then how such women can spend life alone in society. I asked this bcz i heard that concept behind marriage is only race increasing if u have other thing in ur mind then shadi haram. So in this case no baby birth possible and man and all public know before marriage. I know some prety girls and their parents already decided they should not marry them
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    Marriage is to prevent one from falling into haraam and also to enhance the existance of mankind(insaan). If a person knows that the woman is barren (baanj) and is willing to marry her then shariah does not forbid it. If they have desire for children they may always adopt. Therefore to say if the lady is barren and cannot have children makes nikaah haraam is wrong and erroneous. Having offspring is the matter off taqdeer and therefore we are not even sure that a fertile woman will definitely have children. Therefore to judge on that reason is wrong.

  20. AOA mufti saab main 2 saal phelay pakistan aya england say apnay ame abbu kay israar par.mayray aatay hi aunhoon nay mayri shaadi ki,shadi say phelay main apni mangaytar say milabhi baat bi ki.sab bazurgon ki marzi say sirf is kiyal say kay woow muj ko jan lay aur mujko wow samaj aajahay.mayri shadi ko abb 6 months hoo gay hain.shadi kay 2sray month hi mayri bewi nay mayray par do shartain rakeen kay ya tu mayra bacha hoo jahay ya main job karoon ge.mayri saas bhi job karti hai woowhi sab aus ko samjati hain.main aus ko is baat par samjaya kay jab tumko ghar main har zaroorat poori hai tu job kion karni hai kehti hai mayra tumharay ghar waloon say guzara nahee.baat rafa dafa hoo gaee.phir allah ki marzi say mayri bewi pregnet howi.main kisi ko nahee bataya kay main sab ki dawat karoon ga aur khush khabri doon ga…dawat say do din phelay mayri bewi nay yani jab woow 6 week pregnet thee ..aus din lens laynay ko keh rahee thee nazar kay tu main bola raat hai suba lay lain gay aus nay is baat par apnay pait par mukay maray aur bola lens lay kar do warna main bacha maar doon gee tooba tooba…main har tareeqay say samjaya aus ka kia kasoor yay zulm na karoo main lay doon ga suba par woow na samjee marti gaee phir main aus ko 2 tapar maray main zindagi main pheli dafa kisi par hath autaya…tu rook gaee aur boli mujko talaq doo ya muj ko qatal kar doo…main khamoshi iktayar ki aur jab dawat ki sab ko khush khabri dee aur baad main aus kay walid saab aur aus kay bhai ko bahir lay gaya aur itminan say sari baat bata dee aur yay bhi bataya kay main aus ko tapar bhi maray hain….
    next day woow auski walida ko lay kar ahay aur bari mushkil say larki mintain kar kay aus ko samja kar chalay gay..mayri bewi nay muj say maafi mangee aur wada kia kabhi istara doobara nahee karay gee….maghar allah ko kuch aur manzoor tha..allah nay aus ki bad dua ausi ko laga dee aur pooray doo haftay baad mayri bewi ko pait main dard howi doctor kay pass gay tu woow bolay bacha doo haftay say barh nahee raha aus ka size 6 weeks ka hai….allah nay ausi din aus ka bacha barhana rook dia tha…..aur misscarriage hoo gaee in sab mamlat main mayray walid nay mujko toofa di kay main tum doonon ko umra par baij raha hoon taakay tumhara bacha sehat mand hoo allah tumhari roozi aur life main barakat bhar day….par jab bacha zaya howa mayri bewi aur karab hoo gaee…aik din main bazar gaya wapsi par main taqreeban 9 bajay aya late hoo gaya tha..tu aus nay mayri behan ko bola aghar main akili rehti tu main kabhi isko ghar main na gussnay dayti sari raat bahir sarta aur roota….kon biwi aisa kehti hai..phir aus nay raat ko muj say kaha tum apnay walid kay nookar hoo tumhari apni koi ehsiyat nahee tum apni abbu ki aungli pakar kar chaltay hoo…phir aus nay muj par larki ka ilzam lagaya jo mayri behan ki nand hai……main jab yay sab daika tu main ausko aus kay ghar chor aya aur aus ki walida ko sab bataya tu has kar kehti hain koi baat nahee kal ana main tumhari sula karwa doon gee….mainaus ky baad aus kay ghar nahee gaya na aunhoon nay ph kia abb taqreeban 20 din say woow waheen rehti hai.aik dafa na ph na msg aya itni bayrooki mayri biwi ki tarf say hai..phirmain kab say aus say naraz hoon woow aik dafa bhi yay nahe soochti mayra husband muj say naraz hai main kia kar sakti hoo kay aus ka gila door hoo aur han aik aur baat aus nay muj ko bohat galian bhi deen jab main kaheen gaya howa tha aus nay muj ko ullo ka paata ,suwar ki ulad aur pata nahee kia kia jab mayri behan nay suna tu aus ko rookh dia…yay baat mujko baad main pata lagee…phir jab taqreeban 15 din baad mayray walid aus kay walid say milay tu woow kehtay hain in ka aapas ka masla hai khud hal karain aur app loogon ko financial masla hai is waja say woow kehti hai kay larai howi…tu main bola kay baita tum job kar loo….jab main aunko haqeeqat batai tu kehtay hain muj ko 2 din doo main kuch karta hoon aun maa baiti nay mujko andayray main raka hai aur bohat bewaqoof hai auski maa… bhi koi jawab nahee aya aur mayri bewi bewaqoofiyon par bewaqoofiyan kar rahee hai apni amme ki support say….mayray walid kehtay hain kay aus kay mamoo say milain gay aunko sab batain gay woow shahid kuch karhain…….mufti saab koi dua bataain aur aisa fatwa dain jo main sab nafarman bewiyon ko suna sakoon aur apni bewi ko bhi aur sari hadith aur quran ki rooshni main tafseel say kisi aur sawal ka hawala na dijiyay ga main appka bohat mashkoor hoon..par main bohat udas bhi hoon kay pata nahee mayra ghar kaisay basay ga….main 29 saal ka hoon mayri biwi 25 ki achi paree liki hai par akal kareeb say bhi nahee guzri..kay husband ki kaisay izat kartay hain auski amme bhi apnay husband ko bara sakht tareeqay say jawab dayti hain woowhi bayti bhi kar rahee hai par humary ghar main aisa nahee hoota.hum nay humesha apni amme ko abbu ki izzat kartay daika hai aur main bhi apni bewi ko bari izzat say raka…mujhay 20hazar ka nuksan howa umra kay visa aur ticket main…mayri bewi bari badqismat hai jo umra choor kar ghar baiti hai aur mayra bhi umra zaya karwaya main tu umra ki duas yaad karta raha baal bhi katwa diyay main apnay allah kay aagay bara sharminda hoon kay aus kay ghar nahee ja saka aur mayri bewi aus ki zimaydar hai aur mayra bacha bhi maar dia main kiss say gila kaaroon aur bewi ko bad dua bhi nahee daay sakhta…bayshak sab allah kay hath main hai main allah say rooz dua go hoota hoon kay allah main is sab kay laiq nahee tha tu mujay kion itni saza mili aur aghar saza day bhi dii hai tu abb is ko khatam kar day main itna mazboot nahee is sab ko bardasht karnay ka
    khuda hafiz mufti saab ummed hai app jaldi jawab dain gay
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    ALLAH aap ka masala hal karde aur sanr karne ka ajar de.
    masala kaafi mushkil he lekin agar hosake dono family wale kisi tu haakim tay karle aur sulah ki khoshish hojaaiye. Aggar sulah mumkin na ho tu aakhiri marhala intiyaar karna parta he. Talaaq abghadul mubaahaat mense he. Agar sulah na mumkin tu behter yehi he ke talaaq de. Sunnat ke muttaabiq aik hi talaaq de aur biwi ko aazaad karde.

  21. i am a sunni hanafi muslim. i want to marry an ismaili sect girl. she believes all the fundamentals of islam. Are they muslim. can i marry her. is it necessary convert her to sunni. please give answer with references as soon as possible. please email me answer to my email address. T

  22. Asalamu Alaikum,
    I had a question about istikhara’s and marriage. I wanted to know if an Istikhara comes okay for a potential future partner, does that mean that the person will be good for your future? But it doesn’t necessarily mean you get married to them right? Because my sister has had many proposals, and a lot of the Istikhara’s turned out good, but she never ended up getting married to them.

    So does a good Istikhara just mean that the person will be good for you? And, doesn’t actually mean you have to get married to them right?

    Also, if an Istikhara comes out bad, does it mean that the potential partner is a bad person? A bad istikhara can mean anything right? It doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is bad, does it? Because I know of someone who is a good person, and the istikhara came out negative for her, and now the other party thinks the girl is bad, and have a bad opinion of her? Whereas in reality she is a good girl. Isn’t it wrong to think that a person is bad, just because an istikhara was negative?

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Istikhaaraa is normally done when one has doubt over any matter of importance. The meaning of istikhaaraa actually refers to seeking aid to choose the better of the two.Normally in marriage it is a choice wether the partner is suitable or not. Not wether he is a good person or not.Therefore those who think in that manner are wrong and also will be responsible for tarnishing the homour of an innocent person.May ALLAH grant us understanding of right and wrong.
    Also an important issue to recognise is the fact that a person might be suitable for one and not for another. Therefore istikhaaraa of two different people for the same person will differ from each other.

  23. salam alaykum

    If one did istikharah for a girl he wanted to marry, and after his istikharah things started to go bad with her. Does this hint about the istikharah is bad?

    What if the person likes the girl, but doesn’t love her and she needs the guy to be emotionally fit with her. But the situation between them is getting tough. Is this a result of istikharah?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam. Istikhaaraa means to seek advise when confused over an issue whether it is feasible or not.The answer to istikhaaraa is not basedon dreams but rather on ones feeling and inclination . If it feels bad the abstain from it and if good go for it. In your question it seems you are not happy with the situation. So do that which you feel it would be the best.

    What if the person keeps seeing the girl in the dream, once it was her seeing you and she went down the stairs. Other was when you see her in a crowded place in your dreams, and you just kept walking by her and didn’t stop to talk.

    Could all this be a result of istikharah? Should the person still try to pursue the girl?

  24. Aslamalakum
    i wana asak u some questions plz let me know if a husdand does not pay his wife any monthly kharcha since 10 years he does nt earn any thing now wen the girl is having a son who is three and half years us ka sara kharcha that girl iz doing as she iz doing job since he iz born father doesnt ive any money what to do can this relation go on between husband and wife moreover husband iz not caring not calling or talking only once in six months plz reply what can i do can answer on my id given
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    I dvise you to go to the local ulema and see what could be done in this matter. The would guide you to the necessary steps.

  25. aslamalakuma mufti sahab
    plz ans my question and wana tell u som more i live in my parents house since 3 and half years and now my husband iz working in dubai but dosent send us even a single penny as my father asked him he said ka the money i earn r not iz not enough for me how can i send her his parents also never call me though they r my mami mamu plz reply me i hate my husband now and my parent dont want me to take divorce from him an waiting jaldi plz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Make istikhaaraa about the matter and then discuss it with your family. That will be the best.

  26. assalamualikum mufti saheb… i m a married woman nd my question is dat i and my husband had intimate relations before marriage though we did not have intercourse whenever we met….. now after getting married we really feel bad and guilty for whatever we did and also ask Allah for forgiveness… but is there something else with which Allah will forgive us and not punish for our sin… could you please provide us with some good Dua or some other things which we should do which we are not aware of… your answer will really mean a lot.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam.
    Never ever become dispondaent of the mercy of ALLAH. HE forgives all sins. It is but our duty to beg him for forgiveness and sincerely make intention not to do the same sa
    in.If the sin re occurs repeat you toubah and istighfaar. Make a habit of reading astaghfirullaah daily at least a 100 times.Also try and read the fadhaail sadaaat at meals so that all can hear the stories and take heed. Also try and read from the fadhaail amal and also the beheshti zewar.

  27. Asalaam laikum mufti shahab kaise hu aap…
    main phupu ke beti se mohabbat kartahun aur ussey shaadi karna chahatoun, per mere parents raazi nahi hai phupu ke beti ke liye mujhe. mujhe DUWA chahiye aur RAASTA jissey my apne parents ku raazi kara sakun…
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    AAp do takaat namaz parhe aur du’aa e haajat parhhhle aur ALLAH se apne chahat sawaaal kare.

  28. Asalaam laikum mufti shahab kaise hu aap…
    main phupu ke beti se mohabbat kartahun aur ussey shaadi karna chahatoun, per mere parents raazi nahi hai phupu ke beti ke liye mujhe. mujhe DUWA chahiye aur RAASTA jissey my apne parents ku raazi kara sakun…
    mujhe duwa ki zarrurat hai mufti shab bhut hi…………..
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Maaf karna ke mujhe koi khaas du a us ke liye nahin jaantaa hoon.Tahajjud ke waqt uthkar ALLAH SE DUAA KIYA KARE , INSHA ALLAH ZAROOR US SE KHUCCH BEHTARI HOGI.

  29. assalamalaikum
    if a married men is to do anther marrige is it important for him to take permmisoin form his first wife or to inform her before marrige.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    It is not necessary to take permission from the first wife but he should inform her of the second marraige.

  30. assalaamalykum
    Main ek ladki se mohabbat karta hoon lekin uske maa baap aur mere maa baap issa razi nahi hai:aur mere pparents ne meri mangni kissi aur ke saath kardi aur us ladki ke parents ne bhi us ki mangni kahi aur kardi.toh mera usse abhi bhi mohabbat karna thik hai ya nahi.
    Kya shaadi se phle ladke aur ladki ek dosre se mohabatki baatein karsakte hai ya aisa karne se gunah hoga
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Kisi na mahram larki se baat karna beghair kisi zaroorat ke haraam he aur muhabbat ki baaten bilkul ghalat aur baais e ghunna.aap us larki se ta alluq khatam karde.

  31. Assalam-o-aliukum
    mera swal hai agar biwi hais se hai aur mujhe mubashrat ki hajat ho to kya biwi apne hath se mera anzal kar sakti hai kya jaiz hai ya nahi
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Jihaan jaaiz he.

  32. Aslam-o-Alakum,
    I have got married 5 years back and currently doing PhD in Computer Science from UET Lahore Pakistan. I am also doing a job over here. I am going through some domestic problems and wanna clear those in the light of Islam. Questions are:
    1. My wife want to stay with me (including my little child) here at Lahore but my family including my parents and a elder brother and his family are living 500 Kms away from Lahore. My family is not in the favour of this due to some financial issues because I am the only one who has to fulfill their financial needs. If my family shifts here then I will be able to give them little amount or half of that I am giving them currently. Secondly, I am also not able to give due attention to my studies when the family will be here because at day time I will be doing job and after that I have to give time to the family. Let me guide according to the teaching of Islam as I have mentioned that my parents especially my father is not in the favour of shifting my own family to Lahore.
    2. My wife normally visits her parents once in a week and stay there for 2 days in a week. Her parents live nearby our home (5 min walk). My parents do not like that and want that I should restrict her from this attitude but I do not wanna do that because how can I forbid her from her parents. This scenario is creating problem for me and my parents used to use harsh words with my wife but she remained shut because I have told her not to open her mouth in front of my parents. I am feeling guilty that whether I am doing wrong. Please guide me.
    My wife is also my cousin and my parents also talk in bad tone about my in-laws as well in front of me and my wife.
    I am suffering from intense mental pressure. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    May ALLAH make things easy for you and remove all worries.(Amen_
    1. In Islam it is the duty of the husband to provide shelter , food and clothing for his wife and family. The need of having her privacy is a requisite in Islaam Therefore you are duty bound to give her her own quarters. not necessarily a own house but rather a section which she has in her control. Another important factor in Shariah that we all are very laxed about is the fact that you are leaving her alone in a house where your brother also resides. Islaamically this is nor allowed.Another issue is that she has her parents nearby and being alone will definitely cause her to go and visit her family.The way you are suffering mental stress i think she is in a greater difficulty than you. I would rather advise you for more peace that you do bring her to lahore and also provide for your family within your limitations.Your fear of interference in studies is a myth. I know of it as i was married while studying and truthfully i found easier to study with them being around. As for going against your father’s wishes , i think it is necessary to prevent fricyion between your family and your in-laws.
    wallaahu a’lam bith thawaab.

  33. assalam alaikum mufti sahab, i am 24 years old and i want to get married as soon as possible, currently i am studying i have one more year to end my studies. please advice me some dua so that i can get married as soon as i finish my studies.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Rather spend your last few months on concentrating on your studies and ask for wazeefah thereafter.

  34. aoa,
    i am hell depressed these days as the person whom i wanted to marry … send his proposal but my parents rejected before meeting the guy saying they arent off our standard they are dark complexioned ….. also this guy is very much into religion i only chose him becoz of his good character n religious aspect….but no one considering this thing…. my parents wont marry me their n i dun wana maarry any one else…

    please tell me what should i do….and help me … also i did istakhara n my heart is satisfied with the person i chose…

    Wa alatkymys salaam
    Try and discuss the issue with your parents and show them your determination of getting married to this individual. Of they do not listen try and get an elder of your family to speak on your behalf

  35. AOA
    Mufti sb I want to know whether the following procedure of halala is correct;
    A man marries a woman knowing that this marriage is for halala but at the time of nikah halala was not mentioned and after intercourse the woman demands talaaq and the man gives her 3 talaaqs..
    Can woman hide her real name and use her nick name or it can be said that daughter of Mr. Asad agrees to this marriage..?
    I also want to know that during intercourse if both man and woman agree, can woman wear nikab or hide her identity and whether man can use condom during intercourse..?
    I know these are very shameful questions but I cant ask these questions to any aalim face 2 face because of embarrassment.. plz do reply me as early as possible… Regards
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Know well that to pre-plan a halaalah is sinful and wrong.This is a greart sin like prostituting oneself. If any such intention is there then abstain from it.

  36. AOA
    Mufti Sb thanx 4 ur reply… Actually Because of some misunderstanding divorce take place between us.. We cant live without each other.. Plz do reply all my questions.. If not possible to publish here then plz send me via e-mail… I will be very thankful to you for this kindness..
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    halaalaa is not permissible if pre arranged. If someone pre arranges it then they fall under the curse of ALLAH and HIS Rasool. Yes by doing it marriage will be permissible to first husband but one will have committed a sin. Furthermore it lies on your conscience whether you are willing to be cursed by ALLAH or not.

  37. Asslam o Alaikum Warahmatullah
    If a person has given talaaq e bain to his wife and now he wants to reconcile via performing new Nikah. If he takes his father of age 85 & mother of age 65 & sister-in-law of age 35 as witnesses and he says Mai ne tumse nikah kia and my ex-wife says mai ne qabool kia.
    Will Nikah be valid under such circumstances??
    Thanks & Best Regards
    wa Alaykumus Salaam
    Since the wife has become an ajnabiyya to him after given talaaq baain, the need of two witnesses requires someone from her family as well.

  38. asalamalaykum, i wanted to know the most proper method for salatul istikhara in getting married. i’ve heard many views on istikhara, some say dream is necessary, but i’ve heard that one gets guided to the decision. what exactly is involved in reaching to the final decision? is there only an istikhara dua and that’s it? i’m sort of a newcomer to islam, so i need some assistance in how to perform a correct istikhara, and how to decide for sure. jazakAllah khairun.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The du’aa of istikhaaraa is one only and the method is th same.Istikhaaraa is made when one has dpubt about matters. If immediate istikhaaraa is required then
    by reading
    AND THE INCLINATION OF THE HEART IS ALL THAT IS REQUIRED.Such is the condition of all istikhaaraa . There is no need od any dreams.

  39. aoa i sir mara sawaal ya ha ka kia saali sa zina karna par bivi haram ho jati ha aur kia choomna aur choona bhi zina ha plz meri email pr jawab da
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Kisi shaadi shud shaks agar zina kare tu islaamy mulk men islamy qaanoon ke mutaabiq rajm kiya jaaega. Matlab pathar penk kaer mara jaataa he.
    rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa salaam ne hamme sakht waeed sunaahi biwi ki behn aur shohar ke baarie men Haaan usse nikaah nahin tithta lekin irtiqaab e ghunna he. Haath se choona ya choomna bhi zina he lekin uspar had nahin. Rasulullaah saaws ka irshaad hhe ” anhon ke zina nazar he.”

  40. asalam alaikum, what is your opinion on women who wait for the perfect man to come along, becasue in reailty there is no such thing. a lot of women feel scared and do not just want to choose just anyone, and sometimes feel some of the marriage proposals from the brothers, are not good enough. Should women lower their standards a little? some people think that if we keep waitng, we’ll get the perfect man, but then women start getting old. shouldn’t women just trust in Allah, because Allah is the one who puts love and mercy between the spouses, so shoulnd’t we just leave that part to Allah? what is your advice?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Unfortunately the cinema and movies have corrupted our thoughts and have caused us to desire the happy ending which is a myth. Wishful thinking has become our measuring instrument in our lives which one should realize that for it to materialise is impossible. Reality is what we have to come in grips with and try to look at things in a proper manner. The most important factor that we need in marriage is compatibility, both paries should see if their likes and dislikes are similar and also realise that marriage is a give and take situation. One cannot expect to get things happening in accordance to one party’s will. Yes look at character and the person’s religious ferver.

  41. mufti sahib salaam arz ha.mera sawal ka jawab da pease sawal ya ha ka kia saali k sath zina karnay sa bivi haram ho jati ha ya nikkah toot jata ha kia

  42. AOA muftisab this question is in regard to my friend who got married recently without his parenst knowledge in a proper islamic way (he had 1 male n 2 female witnesses n a maulana who performed the nikah) then he registered his marraige in the court of law. There were some genuine problems n he had to take this steps…… After a few days his n the girls parents were made aware of the situatoin n they agreed for their relationship….. but since they didnt want anyone to know about it (they r very society concious) they got the guy n the gal to do nikkah in the mosque again in front of everybody (society in short). now my friend heard from someone that if u marry the same gal twice then there is no nikkah…. my friend has asked me to ask u that what is the islamic ruling about this n is the marriage valid……..
    When nikaah is made then how can nikaah break nikah. The second nikah is null and void but has no effect on the first nikaah.

  43. mashallah! i saw all of the questions are answered here. I also have a i just ask here or is there any other procedure??
    Yes you may ask here

  44. s vedio chating with wife is allowed as chat with each other face to face like to see parts of the body of each other.

  45. What should be the maximum time frame between Nikkah and marraige i.e., can the bride stay with her parents after Nikkah and for what time period, does the Nikkah stand void or not if there is no intercourse between the spouses?
    It is permissible for a a wife to spend time at her parents residence. The period is based on agreement between the spouses.The nikaah does not become void due to the lapsing of time.

  46. Assalamu Alaikum,

    i want to marry with one of my cousin, should i pray from allah to get married with it allowed in islam to pray for someone to whom we want to marry.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It is permissible to request from ALLAH to get you married to someone , however it be understood that we may wish something that is not good for us. The best way is to request if he or she is good for me then grant us marriage to each other.

  47. Assalam o Alaikum
    Is brother of father-in-law (susar) Mahram or Ghair Mahram? Please state.
    Wa alaykumusSalam
    He is ghair mahram

  48. I am living in US and since I got married four years ago, I never lived wihout my wife but this time I allowed her to visit her parents after we have a newborn baby so she is gone for few months but now I realize that I cannot resist my love with her and trying to get her back soon which is not possible for atleaat next 2 months so we do phone calls everyday and she offers me to masturbate while she is on phone but I was reading Fatwa on one the website and found that I cannot use my hands, I tried but never succeed. I have the same feeling all the time and she keeps in my mind.
    i need your adivse please how can I ejaculate because without it, otherwise I have desire all the time which scared me a lot.
    radulullaah salalaahu alayji wa sallam jas given us a solution for such occurances. Fast and eat less. So for these two monhts or so try and fast at least the two masnoon fasts of Monday and thursday.Try and eat a lot of yogurt as wellas cucumber.

  49. Assalamu Alai Kum, I am a 36 Yrs Divorced man, I had troubled married life, in compatability with wife and eventually I divorced my Ex Wife. After Divorce, I had to endure lot of trouble from my Ex Wife and her parents. Allah’s grace, I could over come all hurdles with Allah’s belssing, patience and Dua of my mother and family. Now I am planning to get married again. I saw a Divorcee through a marriage broker, every one at home liked and so as me. Before taking any decision, I wanted take the consent of Allah by reading istiqara Salat, I could not get answer in first two days, but on third night I saw a dream in which I saw Storm coming strongly, I went inside a room and my uncle is asking me to hold the some rod/pipe tightly(My Uncle(Mamu) helps us a lot), then the storm passed. When I came out I could see open ground, then I was holding big cow in my hand flying in skies, then came down. A person came a asked me that cow belongs to me and I said it is mine and you can check with my friend Etc. I got up but was releived and calm. It was 3:15AM, I read Tahajjud Salat and requested allah to show me simple dream to make my decision easy. I plan to read again. But i want to know the intrepetation of my dream. I liked the girl, so as my family members. But I am just cautiious to make decision due to previous bad experience. Kindly help with this dream intrepetation. Allah Hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The dream refes to being blessed and recievinggreat benefit in this year. It seems to refer to the maariage being a source of benefit. the storm was the turmoil of the divorce, which has subsided.

  50. asalaam alaykum

    If a brother intends to go feesebilillaah and is planning on marrying soon. Should he tell the girl of his intentions? What if she does not want him to go for the fear of being a widow?

    Is not death written for us and life will not extend or shorten whether we are in a battlefield or at home?
    if you are not married then unnecessary contact is also forbidden. How is the person going to tell her?

  51. question??

    if a husband stay abroad for long time(3-4 years) will it breaks the nikaah?
    Assalaamu alaykum
    please begin all correspondence with Salaam.
    No it will not break nikaah but he will be breaking the rights of his spouse.

  52. asalmu alaikum
    sir plz ap sy dua ke iltamas ha k mere aur mere family ke tmam azmaishen hatm ho jaen,aur ALHAMDOLILAH ME 5 TIMES NAMAZ perti hun aur QURAN PAK aur AUWRAD b. sir plz kya ap muj wird btaen jisy per k me ALLAH PAK sy dua kron aur jald ALLAH PAK ke marzi aur karam sy mera nikah ho jaye. muj mery email address pe ans send kijy ga. JAZAKALLAH.FE AMAN ALLH.
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Aap yeh wird pathe
    Rabbi laa tazharni fardow wa anta khairul waaritheen 11 martabha ar namaz ke baad. Insha ALLAH masala ka hal khud ba khud ALLAH ke marzi se hoga.

  53. Asalaam-U-Alaikum
    Sorry for not starting with a salaam…

    Do married couples go to Jannah together and what if one of the partners has his second marraige?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yes if both are on deen and practising then they will be a couple in the aakhirah as well.If the man tooka second wife then she will also be with him. Remember jannah is from from worldly feelings like jealousy, etc.

  54. Salam,

    I have a question regarding Janabah.

    After doing Ghusl from intercourse, the sperms of husband still emerges from the vagina of the wife and continues to come out for days. According to sciences, sperms stay in vagina from 3 to 5 days in a body. In this situation, can the wife say her prayers? What should the wife do, should she wait and perform Ghusl after 5 days? Is she still impure during those 3 to 5 days?

    I would very much appreciate if someone could answer my question

    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The woman and man should take a bathe as soon as possible. It is not the semen that necessitates ghusl but rather the act of intercourse. Therefore if after ghusl and seman flows from the woman she will wash it off and make wudhu.

  55. I am involved with a man that is strongly hindu,knowing this is zina/haraam etc,i am constantly troubled in fear of Allah swt wrath.I made lots of duaa and alhumduliilah he agreed to accept Islam and make Nikah a.s.a.p.Problem is I know that he is only doing it to please me and not because he believes in Islam.I think he will still go his mum and be involved when they have their hindu prayers. Should i make nikah,make duaa and be a good example and leave it to Allah swt to put Imaan in his heart? or is that nikah not valid
    When someone declares that he is willing to accept Islam and become a practising muslim then let him accept and start learning of Islam. Also to kep him in islam we need to set an example by becoming more practising in islam. He needs to pub;ically anounce his islam.Once these acts are carried out then we place our trust in ALLAH and hope for the best. When all requirements met by accepting islam then nikaah with him will be permissible. No nikaah before acceptance will be permissible.

    1. Shukran for that prompt response! How does a person publicly announce his Islam? nikah will be made in musjid Insha Allah,does the imaam announce it? and is that all?
      The nikaah being in the masjid is sufficient for announcement of his Islaam.

  56. Assalam-o-Alaikum !

    Janab-e-Mohtaram, apney iss sawal sey mutalliq iss page per kafi jawabaat dekhnay k baad iss umeed k sath likh raha hon k jawab aur madad zaroor milay gi.

    Main aik larki ko pasand karta hon, aur ba-khuda sachey dil sey uss ko apnaana chah raha hon, bajaaye iss k k uss k sath affairs chalaon ya phone per baatein karon aur time pass karon ya shadi sey pehlay koi mail jol bhi rakhon.
    Main koi khilaaf-e-shariah kaam nahi chah raha, bus itna chahta hon k woh bhi mujhay pasand karney lagey koi aysa wazifa bataaiye.

    Kiyon k main yeh jaanta hon aur mera pakka eraada hai k main usko hamesha har haal mein khush rakhon ga,
    lekin bus woh dil sey mujhay pasand karney lagey kisi majboori k tehet nahi.

    main kafi sharm-o-haya ki waja sey kisi sey yeh baat face-to-face nahi kar saka, iss liye yahan aap sey guzarish kar raha hon.

    Janab ! bari meherbani hogi aapki, main naik niyat ley kar yeh karna chah raha hon iss liye zaroor madad farmaaiye.
    main aapko dil sey duaayen don ga.

    Saayl : Muhammad Salman (Male/27years/Karachi)

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Janab aap Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam ki sunnat ko apnaaiy.Khaandaan walon ko bataao ke ap us larki ko pasand karte ho aur payghaam lejaane ki ijaazat mango. Ussi men khair aur barkat hogi. Haan aap du’aa kare ke khair ka moaamala hojaai.Aik baat yaad rakhna ke wazeefah parh ke kisi ko apne taraf maail karna shar’an jaaiz nahin.

  57. as salaam u alaikum

    when does a person become muslim? is it when they recite Shahaadah
    Wa alaykumusm Salaam
    Shahaadah is necessary for the declaration of one’s imaan.On recital of Shahadah one will be regarded as muslim.

  58. assalam u alakum

    i am a muslim from pakistan and want to know that my cousin got married in the presence of two witness and mehr was decided and was written (registered) with the nikkah registerer. acceptnace and offer was also their but it was a secret marriage. due to the reason girl family was not agreeing.

    they both started meeting as husband and wife and spents night together so many times. after six months his wife got married to another person due to family pressure and living with her second husband. and the previous husband didn’t divorced her nor she ask for it.

    both my cousin and her wife are in contact and meet with each other but is hidden.

    my cousin and her wife plannned that she will ask for divorce after some time from her second husband as if to show that she is the wife of second husband.

    my question is my cousin and her wife are still husband and wife or not? and what is the status of her with second husband keeping in view that she is not divorced from the first husband. and if she had an intercourse or give birth to children from second husband what will be the status of the kids?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The nikaah is valid according to the hanafi math hab but still it needsthe Wali’s permission.Another thing is that the proper procedure was not followed, therefore all these complications. Nikaah needs to be announced. No announcement took place.Secondly How did they allow the second nikaah? Did the girl give her consent or not? Did she deny the first nikaah or not? Was fasakh made by a qaadhi or not?
    Remember a woman cannot have two husbands!!! If she thinks she can live and have relationsip on both sides then remember she is involved in zina and if it was an islamic country she would be stoned to death.
    All details are required to give a full verdict.

  59. AoA,Mein buht uljhan or pareshani ka shikar hon,im not a virgin due to sum medical problm,ye baat sirf mujhe ya mere ALLAH ko maloom hy or kisi ko nahi pata,mein akili hon,kuch bazurgo ne mil ker mera rishta teh ker dia hy,mein ye baat kisi se discuss nahi ker sakti,mein ALLAH se Dua kerti hon meri shadi khair o afiat ke sath ho jae,but i dont want ke ye baat shadi se pehle ya shadi ke baad mere husband ko pata chalay,plzzz guide me and help me regarding this problem.i’ll be thankful to u.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Your problem is not a big one. In shariah when we speak of a virgin we refer to one who has not had pre-marital sex. In your case you still fall in the category of being a virgin as the virginity was broken due to medical reasons. Therefore there should be no fear and you could proudly say,”i am a virgin”.

  60. Assalamu Alaikum. I have a female friend of mine who was given a divorce over the phone from her husband. He told her she was divorced via phone call. Their marriage wasn’t registered in the American Courts. She never signed a marriage contract. Shiek did come in and asked her if she accepted the guy and she said yes but never signed anything. Since he didn’t mention talaq three times is she still married?? He physically and emotionally abused her and talked nasty about her to his friends and family. She hasn’t received any divorce papers and she does not know where he is. It’s been well over a year and she has not received anything. Can she force the divorce to get divorce papers so she can someday re-marry? She is 22 years old and still looks forward to marriage someday. Thank you very much.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    One Salaam is sufficient for seperation and it takes place once the iddat(waiting period of three menses after the declaration of talaaq) has passed. There is no need od signing for the validity of nikaah. Also if the divorce was announced by the husband and the iddat has passed she can remarry.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yeh aap kisi aamil se jaakar pucchle. Ajeeb doctor hote huwe aisi baat ke men mareez hoonlekin zuyaadaa dawaahi nahin chahiye.

  62. As Salaam u alaikum

    I am having a relationship with a non muslim married man.He is acepting Islam and I will be his 2nd wife. Is the first marriage still valid? Does she have to be told? I wish to put my life back on the “straight Path” Insha Allah so tell me should I leave this relationship or make Nikaah? I cannot live with this guilt anymore and I wish to gain forgiveness from Allah SWT
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Firstly my duty is to inform you that this relationship is a grave sin in islam. Secondly it will only be permissible for marriage with him when he accepts islam.If he accepts islam then dawah will have to be given to his first wife who is not a muslim. She will be gven a period of pondering but if she refuses islam know that thye marriage between them then ceases to exist. As for the anouncement of your marriage it will be better to inform the spouse of it. Marriage in secret is discouraged in islam.

  63. Assalam o Alaikum,
    Sir, I want to get my nikah done in Khana Ka’aba by Imam e Ka’aba as I wish to do umrah right after my nikah with my husband and offer nafl there. I didn’t know whom to take guidance on this matter that is why i am asking you for help. kindly tell me how am i supposed to contact Imam e ka’aba on this regard? and what is the procedure? and can nikah be done in Khana Ka’aba? Kindly reply me soon. I really need help in this matter. JazakAllah
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    Try and contact the saudi government or embassy to find out ifthey perform nikaah in the haram which i highly doubt.

  64. Assalam o Alaikum
    i happen to practice shia ismaili muslim sect but for the last 3 years I am not following that sect anymore and practicing sunnah. Now I want to marry a girl from sunni sect but her father refusing to let us get married and making the excuse that I don’t belong to a sunni parents. Kindly guide me in this regards

    thank you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    As you are a muslim there is no real major issue that could be brought up as an excuse. The excuse they bring forward is based on the fact that they fear influence from your parents on future children. Try an give them assurance about the matter.

  65. assalam u alaikum:
    i got married to a girl according to hanfi fiqa. there were few of my 7 friends and qari sabah. we performed nikkah secretly and registered it with nikkah registerar. nikkah registerar told me father concent is not reqiruired according to hanfi and paksitani law if girl is willing, she was 26 old when we officiated nikkah all the fromalities were completed according to the requirement. but we didn’t decalared it and was waiting for appropriate time. there was no forced nikkah from my side she her self asked me to do so.

    Few days after she got maried without asking me or informing me nor taking divorce from me to another person according to her father wish.

    now i asked her about this she replied when did you and me got married. although i had all my proofs but can u tell me. according to islam whose wife she is and what is my status am i still her husband. she is living with her second husband and on the same side she havn’t asked for divorce. she is just ignoring / lieing that we are not husband and wife. kindly guide
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    This all stems from the fact that sunnah method was disregarded in nikaah.Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam ordered us to announce the nikaah so that everyone os aware of it. You say you have proof? Is she a co signee to the documents in your hands? Since she denies it and you claim it you will have to proove her consent to the nikaah.It is very strange that a few days after the incident she would go and get married to another with full knowledge of her first marriage.It seems she took the mikaah as a joke .This requires arbitration from someone in pakistan.

  66. aoa. my problem is that i want to marry a boy. he is also willing to marry me. but his parents are not agree. he is tryin hard to make them agree. but still they are not willing. what should i do? if there is any dua or wazefa plz tell me
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    In such an instance make istikhaarah and ask from ALLAH to grant you what is best.

  67. i wanted to find out if it is possible to perform 2 nikkah ceremonies with 2 different maulanas. I am a sunni & i want to get married to a shia. My parents want to perform the nikkah with a sunni molvi and are not agreeing otherwise and his with a shia. Is it okay to make both sides happy and perform the nikka ceremony in front of a sunni molvi first and then in front of a shia molvi or vice versa.

    The papers will be signed only once
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Marriage to a shia is not permisible islamically as they are not regarded to be from islam.Whether you read it once or twice your nikaah will not be valid.

  68. Asslam o alikum,me ne aap se apney aik masley k barey me poochna he.meri mangni ko 2 yrs hone waley hain,mere fiancy europe me hain,un k documents baney me hamesha koi na koi rukawat ho jati he.aap aisa wazeefa bataiye k un k kam jald ho jaey.or hamari shadi ho jaey.wo tablighi jamat se taluq rakhtey hain.thanks.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Rozana surah waaqi ah raat ko aur surah yaaseen subah ko parhne ki aadat daale. Insha ALLAH Mas ala theek hoga.

  69. Assalaamu’alikum wa rahmatULLAHe wabarakatuhu

    i am a 19 year old muslim brother n doing ca in pakistan.
    my problem is the same as of most of the youngsters now a days,i.e.,
    my parents want me to earn a good worldly life,whereas, i may not be able to breath in the very next second!…
    sir the problem is that shatan always try to detract me in a way that he induces me towards sex,i have never made zina ALHAMDULILLAH, and neither made any girlfriend or such kind of stuff. i stay away from girls,but i see a threat to my emaan in future if such circimstances continue to prevail without any solution to it. My parents are in u.a.e.,i live here with my uncle and aunt,both of them r above 65.I consulted the matter with my mother and asked her to get me engaged or married somewhere, i have no likings yet and the girl was to be decided by the parents. But,my mother totally refused to entertain my problem and said that it is ok with her but my father won’t agree to it till my studies r over.
    it will take me approximately 3-4yrs to complete my education. i am afraid that it would be too late
    by then…………..

    parents worry that their child shall get a good career n good job,but they don’t care for the child to go from this world with the loss of emaan, which is indeed the loss of everything

    please guide me what shall i do?
    please do not disclose my name if possible
    thank u very much indeed
    Wa alaykumus salam
    If the child has the means of providing for his future wife then he should get married.If not then start fasting.That will be protection for him as Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned in a hadeeth.

    1. why r u not answering?

      it was written that solution will be given in three working days and now it is the 7th day what is the matter?
      SAAD Firstly i was away and since you are in a hurry i request you take your question elsewhere for a more speedy reply.

  70. Asslam o alikum, mere ek masla hai meherbani kar k es ka jawab dey dey plz mai ek ladki se nikha kar chuka hoon is bare mai ladki k parents ko pata nai tha baad mai maloom hogaya ladki ne batadiye onu ne mere se baat bhi kare aur bole ki mai istekhara dek k fir agay kya karna hai sochenge kaha.ab proplem ye hai unhe istekhara acha nahi nikal raha hai,muje bole ki istekhara acha nai nikala wo kahe rahe haii ki muje ladki ko bhool jana hoga,kise aur se bhi istekhara dekne lagane par bhi acha nai nikla bolrahe hai aur ladki ko maine kaha ki ap deko to ladki ne dekha to kuch nahi nikla hum log ye sab nikha k baad dek rahe hai fir maine ladki k mom ko kaha ki aap ladki ku bejdo mere ghar pai wo ab mere bewi hai to wo bole ki nahi hum nai bejte kyu ki bejne per bhi hum istekhara kare to bhi acha nahi nikla bol rahe hai ab muje islam ki roshni mai bataye kya karoo muje kuch samje nahi ara ladki kahe rahe hai ki mere ghare ajte but us k mom mane ko tayar he nai hai aap zara maherbani kar k bataiye muje kya karna ka jawab zara jaldi dey to maherbani
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    AAp mujhe zara bataade ke nikaah kaise hiwa aur aapne nikaah kahaan se karwaya?Nikaah ke sharaait tammam mukammal the ya nahin?Doosri baat yeh bhi he ke beghair wali ki nikaah makruh he.

  71. fasting ?

    what does it implies here?
    i do fast on every mondays and thursdays alhamdulILLAH.
    shall i start fasting for the whole week?
    Fast the ayyam beedh and if you have strength then fast every alternate day. Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wasallam mentioned ina hadeeth in Saheeh muslim , ” if you do not have th (financial) strength for nikaah , he should fast. For verily it is a protection for him.”

  72. Salamualaikum
    My husband in a fight with me trying to divorce me but at the same time he was trying to avoid it. During such circumstances he uttered following intentionally;
    “mai tumhe talaaq deta hon….nahi”
    he paused for 2 seconds and said nahi at the end. please state if talaaq has taken place or not with 2 seconds pause. when asked he is saying he negated the sentence at the end to avoid the talaq take place.
    Jazakallahu Khaira
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If he intended to nullify his statement by adding ‘bahin” afterwards then talaaq has taken place. I.E. one talaaq raj’ee. His nahin can be taken as an act of ruju’. So you are still in nikaah but one talaaq has fallen.

  73. assalamu alaikum
    its in reference to above sentence of my husband
    “Mai tumhe talaq deta hon nahi”
    i mean to say he said the sentence in negative form. In English
    “I don’t divorce you”
    Will it still be a valid talaq if said in negative form.
    Does it really matter to say word “Nahi” in between the sentence instead of saying it at the end of sentence to avoid talaaq to take place.
    Wa alaykumus salam
    If the sentence is said in one breathe without any break in between then no talaaq takes place. If there is a break it is no more one sentence but rather two.The verdict then changes.

  74. if a wife has no sexual feelings for her husband and she is unable to satisfy his needs and refuses intercourse most of the times is she a sinner because the prophets pbuh said the angels curse such women but what if she naturally has never felt any attraction for him but got married at her parents wish. if she fulfills all her duties and responsibilities towards him besides the physical one because she is unable to what is the islamic ruling on such situations
    The main right of the husband over the wife is conjugal rights and by refusing those rights the wife is a sinner and erring greatly.She should respond to the call of her husband if he calls her.

  75. Assalamu Alaikum!!!
    If i have my two brothers as witness and i say to my ex-wife ” mai ne tumse nikah kia” and my ex-wife says
    “mujhe qabool hai”
    Please tell if Nikah has taken place or not.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yes nikaah will be valid as the conditions have taken place.

  76. Slm Hon Mufti, a man had sexual relations with a women out of wedlock and now decided to marry the mother. Is this allowed and in particular according to Im. Shafi i
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Hurmat is not establisheb by sin according to imaam shaafi’ee However the nikaah will be regarded as being makruh.

  77. Asalm-O-Alikum
    Mufti sb there is my non muslim frnd who turned muslim but then after not being satisfied she turned Hindu, one of her basic question which she dont understand is tht why we have to offer our prayers 5 times where we can just do it once or twice or anytime we want wht is the logic behinde 5 faraz prayers plzz answer so i can make her doubts go with logical reasoning as my knowledge is not as your’s. thank you !
    Jazak Allah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Firstly we pray five times a day as it is the command of our CREATOR AND SUSTAINER.It is the belief of the Muslim that he is duty bound to his LORD. Since we have no control over our own lives as we do not control our income nor our life nor our death All these occur as per wish of the ALMIGHTY ALLAH, then why not follow his command on the issue of salaah. Also we are blessed with numerous blessings then why not pray in form of appreciation and thanks.

  78. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I live in Australia and my fiance is in Afghanistan. I have applied for a visa for him to come to australia so that we can marry inshallah. we have been waiting for over a year now for him to be issued with a visa. can you please guide me as what surat i should recite from quran so that he will be issued with the visa soon.
    Wa laykumus salaam
    All i advise you is to give sadaqah yourself and him as well and thereafter make sincere du’aa to ALLAH to make the issue of theissueing of the visa easy.

  79. my wife took khula from me through court and the court granted her khula even when i was not willing to give her talaq…as per the court she is free now but in the light of quran and shirah is she still in my nikkah or ? should i give her talaq on the ph or just send her a letter with talaq written on it as im confused and i am not sure as if the talaq is valid…because the court is not a Islamic court…please explain what is the appropriate way to deal with this issue..
    Khul’aa is given by monetary returns for talaaq. If you have accepted the money then one talaaq baain takes place immediately.

    1. please explain Khul’aa is given by monetary returns for talaaq. If you have accepted the money….i don’t understand please explain in easy words..i will be very grateful to u
      Khul’aah is a talaaq wherein the wife agrees to pay the husband a certain amount to issue her the talaaq. Normally the returning of the mehr, etc. When this is given talaaq takes place when the husband accepts.

  80. Asalam-o-alikum

    mufti sahab .. meri dost hai… woh aur uss ki husband ki nahi banti thi… n dono ne zehan main soch liya tha k they want to get divorced… and they dint get physical also for 4 months ,… to un ka talaq ho gaya ???
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Shohr talaaq dene se hojate he. Agar woh kahe ke nahin bante aur men talaaq deta hoon tu talaaq waaqi hoga.

    1. Thanks For ur reply… but wot i exactly mean to ask is.. that they both dint say it but they both decided it in there mind… but dint said that they want to divorce
      Wa alaykumus Salaam!!!
      Talaaq requires utterance for it to take place.

  81. A O A Mufti Sahib
    Mein yeh janana chahta hun ki kya choti eid aur badi eid ke beech mein ghar key badey ladkay ka nikah ho sakta hai ya nahi
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Niikah har mahina aur har haalat men jaaiz he.

  82. assalaamu alaekum
    i was sitting in a restaurant with two of my muslim male friends, a muslim female friend and my present wife(maryam); when one of my male friend askedme- do you accept maryam in your nikah?? and a similar question asked to maryam as well. We both said clear YES.

    Is this nikah valid???????
    What will be the amount meher than???
    Is there any problem if we do nikah again at thr front of our family??
    Is there any problem in doing nikah again and again?????
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    Although such nikah is valid but the method is totally against the sunnah taught to us by our beloved Nabi Salallaahu alayhi wasallam.. It would be recommended to do the proper nikaah method and announce it which is sunnah. Mehr is to be decided by the woman as it is her right. Doing it again will be aloweed a s the first method was a method disliked.

  83. I’m in love, I really love her truly. We were in relationship for more than 2 n half years. We even had some sort of physical relationship too (about 30% to 40%). And since 2years we did not meet each other so that we can lower our relationship, as it is haram in Islam. But, we use to make love over phone almost everyday.

    Unfortunately, before 6months, we broke up :-( All of a sudden she asked me to forget love n all such things between us. Actually some marriage proposals came to her home, but her parents and relatives rejected them by pointing out some lacks in the grooms. And now she is quite sure that her parents will not agree with me as they have been looking for a prince kind of groom for her. She told me that her parents will surely reject me

    1. For being short (I’m 5.6 feet n she is 5.4 feet)
    2. For coming from a small town (I’m from Bhadravati, Karnataka and she is from Mysore, Karnataka)
    3. For getting paid less (I’m an Engineer and I work for iGATE, my salary is around Rs.26000pm. But her parents are expecting more than Rs.60000 pm)
    4. For being younger to her (she is just 9days elder to me) and
    5. For coming from a middle class family (even she comes from the same class, may be little higher when compared to my family. But her paternal relatives are quite rich and they all are involved in this matter. They all want her groom to be more or equally rich)

    Even after our break up, we speak at least once in 4 days. She wants me to be her good friend. But I’m very emotional & weak by heart, its very hard for me to take all these things. Since 6months I have been crying a lot. I can’t imagine her with any other guy. So I have been praying Allah to forgive all the sins we have committed, and some how make her to marry me, with our parents n relatives consent.

    Recently I spoke to her about convincing her parents. But she told me that it’s not useful and her parents will surely kick me out. Later I argued with her saying I’ll at least try once to convince her parents. But in response, she got really angry and yelled at me badly :-( She asked me not to ruin her small world. She doesn’t want to hurt her parents by saying that she was in relationship with a guy. Also, she told me that it’s impossible to convince, because along with her parents, I have to convince all her maternal and paternal relatives too.

    I have thought to convince her maternal aunt first. But I’m scared that things might get worse at her home. Her parents are very strict and they will start to hate & taunt her. But I want her to be happy. I’m really confused. I may end up and commit suicide it seems. Should I contact & convince her family or be her good friend or just leave her alone? Please help!
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    My personal advise is to forge her an carry on your life. Marriage requires more than lust and want. It requires commitment and mutual respect which this relation lacks. also my personal feeling is that no good can come from haraam until there is total repentence and seekiong of ALLAH’S forgiveness.

  84. assalamu alaikum brother…my sister in law married a non muslim and converted to hinduism…after 4 years of marriage the husband and wife decided to revert to islam..but the circumcision and nikaah was still pending…the girl became pregnant after reverting to islam but before the nikaah…i would like to ask u whether nikaah in pregnancy is allowed ?…and whether the family of the girl should accept her and the child?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Nikah in pregnancy is permissible if the pregnancy is from the same individual and also if both were following one religion and both accept islam together then a new nikaah is not required.

  85. asalam-0-alaykum mufti sahab i want to know some thing about why white dress
    weared in nikah time?? im engajed and i getting marride after some mionth my fiancee said to me and he want im wear white dress at nikah time he said to me white dress in our islam but i have not any idea about white dress in islam at nikkah time. so u tell me please
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The idea of a “white wedding” has nothing to do with islaamic custom. This is a total western ideology , just like wearing red is an eastern custom.All this show and display is something disliked in islaam , so how can an issue like a white wedding gown be regarded as islaamic?

  86. Is it necessaary to get the permission for 2nd marriage from the 1st wife? Or one can just marry without her permission? And what is meant by “If one can justify the huqooq of all wives, only then one should marry more than one wife
    Although it is not necessary to take permission but it is a requisite that you inform the first wife about the second marriage.
    The meaning of the verse which makes condition of eqial treatment refers to granting equal expenses and having equality in sharing of time.

  87. asalam v lakium sir
    ek admi ne apni biwi ko 5march2010 ko ek paper sada dya jisme likha tha k usne azad ka word 3times or nikah ka word 1time use kya hy (me tumhe nikkah se azad karta hu,azad karta hu,azad karta hu.) to kya urat ko 3talaaq hogai ya nai hui kya halala karna hoga ya nikah sirf fasiq hogya hy or ye dono kazi k samne dubara nikah kark ek hosakty hy?
    larki k walid ne ek jaga malum kya to halala ka jawab aya or dusri jaga malum kya to jawab aya k nikah sirf faseek hua hy agar larka larki chahey to qazi k samne dubara nikah kark rah sakty hy.
    ap btaey plz k nikah fasik hua hy ya ye dono ek dusrey pr haram ho gaehy or bager halala ab ek nai hosakty hy
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Talaaq ke donaqsaam he. 1. Sareeh jis men lafz e talaaq saaf istimaal kiya jaataa he.
    2. Kinaayah jis men lafz e talaq saaf na ho.
    Kinaayah men niyyat ki zaroorat he. Yahan kinaayah wali talaq he. Jab niyyat talaaq thi ytu talaaq e baain waaqi hojaati he. Yahaan us men tien dafaa kahaan he tu tien talaaq hojaati he. Beghair nikah e saani miya biwi aik doosre se nahin jhoesakte hein.

    agar ek talaaq di jae wife ko sadey paper pr then dusri talaaq na dy or na hi us urat k sath rahey or sath hi kisi b kism ka phicly relation na bnae to esey me rishta in dono ka rahey ga ya khatam hojae ga mera kehne ka matleb ye hy k admi ne urat ka gar chor dyahy ab vo apni ma k gar pr rehta hy or urat apne parents k sath idat me hy admi ne gar chorty time ek talaaq di thi or ab vo us se har tarha k taluk ko khatam kar k apni ma k gar pr hy esey me agar vo dubara ruju na karey to dusri talaaq automatcly hojae gi?? agar hojae gi to kitne month k bad hogi ??or phr tisri talaaq kb hogi kya vo b automaticly hojaegi ya written dena zaruri hy ya phr se admi ko paper pr dusri ,tisri talaq likh kar dena hogi?ek talaaq k bd kitne month tk ruju ki ijazat hoti hy or agar ruju admi na karey to kya urat nikah me hy ya nai or dusri,tisri talaq ka kya methord hy plz urjent rply me
    Talaaq ke liye aik hi kaafi he. Jab aik talaaq diya he tu ta alluq idat ke guzaarne ke baad khatam. Ab beghair tajdeed e nikah ruju nahin hosakte he. Haan aik talaq sirf huwi aur agar dono chahiye tuaik doosre se phir nikaah karsakte he.
    is admi or urat ka taluk fiqa hanafi se hy

  88. Jnb Mufti sb Aslam alaikum warhmatullah wabrakathoo,

    Mashaallah aap kai jawab sun kar khusi huie. aap yeh batieyaega ki husband namaz parhejgaar hai lekin apni ahliya ko keh keh kar thak sa gaya hai or woh bilkul sunti nahi hai aksar husband ki chaar aadmi ke beech mai insult bhi kar deti hi chakkar mai gussai mai aakar ek din usnai talaq alfaz muh mai aa gaya ki mai tumhai talaq deta hoo or do baar bare hi gussai mai keh diya. please jnb is kai liye us insaan ko kya karna chahiye usai muqmal talaq de deni chahiye ya koie or advice bataiyee ki kouie or tareeqa ho to batayee,
    Allah hafiz
    ziza kumullah kher
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager biwi ko wapas bulaana chahte ho tu iddat men bulaasakte ho. Unko waapas aanaa paregi. ager alak hona cahte ho tu unko aisa chorde aur jab iddat khatam ho tu woh alak hojaati he aapse. Haan ager donon phir milna chate hotuphir senikah karna parega.

  89. Assalam Alaikum Mufti Sahab,

    I want to marry a girl, I informed my parents and her parents but her parents want her to marry other person who is a Hafiz e Quran and a relative from her family. the girl dont want to marry him. I know that person is more pious than me, more dearer to Allah taala and she will be in jannah by marrying him.

    before I used to pray sometimes mainly fridays not after meeting her i started praying 5 times most of the time. started praying tahajjud also but later i become some negligent because I was staying with all Hindus in a shared house.

    I dont want to lose her from my life, because she pious girl and she ask me to pray every five times a day. we thought of marrying alone in the mosque but later we realised we should ask our parents first and try to convince them, because they the one who feed us since our birth. My parents agreed, I’m a Hyderabadi but her praents are from Gujarat, they belong to Vahora Family.

    as per my My education is concerned I’m a post graduate in Computer Science and working for a pay of $50000 per annum.

    She says if she get married to him she will leave back to india and never come back to USA. what should we do now. we both left the decision on her parents but her parents don’t even saw me one time. they are just simply refusing when i try to take my aunt with me to her house.

    what should we do now, how can i approach her parents, i send my biodata and pictures everything i tried but they are refusing and dont want to speak to us.

    Jazakallah Khair
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    To advise in such issues is very difficult.All that i can say is that you make special du’aa to ALLAH to fulfill your needs and make things easy for you.
    The real issue is the cultural and language difference which plays a big part with gujeratis.Make du’a they understand.

  90. i wana marriage a girl Me & she was happy but now i dont now what happend with she when i tray to call she recived my call she was redy to fight with me i dont now why she name is syed noureen jawed & mother name is Syed Musarat jawed
    MY name is Nazim zafir abbasi & mother name is safoora zafir abbasi

  91. Salam Mufti sahab

    I need to ask you that Is it necessary for Nikah to be valid that it be Accepted with the word “Qabool”
    For example
    If wakeel goes to a girl and says “I have done your Nikah with XYZ”
    My question:::
    Is it necessary for that girl to say word “Qabool hai” as a form of acceptance or she can also say “Mujhe manzoor hai” Or “Mujhe koi aitraaz nahi” Or “Mujhe Nikah qabool hai”
    Wa alaykumus salaam.
    Acceptance and qabooliyat is normaly done before nikah. The performance of the nikaah without the girls consent is not appropriate.In such circumstance the nikaah will only be valid once she gives her permission or if she rejects it then it will be null and void.
    Yes to use any other word with the same meaning is permissible.

  92. asalam va laikum
    sir kuch din phle mene apni dost ka masla apk yaha post kya tha but apki tarf se rply nai mila hy mene usme apni friend jo k fika hanifya se taluk rakhti hy uska pucha tha larka b isi fiqa se hy mene apse pucha tha k larka larki nikah ppr pr sign karly haq mehar b likhly even pura nikah ppr fill karlya hy jisk ki knowlege dono family k logo ko hy jisme 3mard or 4uraty hy bt larkey k father ki kuch sharait hy jiski vaja se nikahnama abi tk jama nai hua hy.or ppr pr witness sign nai hy but baki ki family ready and knws about nikah nama and agreed for this marry kya shariat k lihaz se nikah hogya hy ya nai qk ppr pr sign to nai witness k bt ye ppr 4uratu or teen mardu ne dekha hy or uney is nikah pr objection bhi nai hy agar nikah hogya hy to as a formality vo larka ppr jama karady or larki ko lejae to kya kya jae ya larki ka kai or se rishta ae to kai or karsakti hy ye larka or larki ek dusrey ko pasand b karty bt agar larky ka nikah hogya hy to larki usk sath janey ko ready hy bt agar nai hua to vo family se agly rishty pr jagra nai chati qk is ppr k behalf pr to larki strong hy varna koi or rishta ata hy to mazid rukna b mushkil hy uskliye

    wa alaykumus salaam
    nikaah ke saharaait men se ijaab aur qabool he aur do gawaahon hona he. Kaghaz par likhne se khucch nahin hota he jab tak ijaab (proposal) aur qabool )acceptance) do dawaah ke saamne hojaai.

    Kya farmate hai Ulema e Deen is Masley ke bare me:

    Zaid 10 saal se shaadi shuda hai aur 2 ladkiyo ka baap bhi hai. sharik e hayat Mahsha ALLAH behad acchi hai. Zaid 15 saal se Dubai me job karta hai. aur Dubai me akela rahta hai, begum aur bacche hindustan me rehte hai. saal me 2 baar watan jata hai.
    Zaid ki ek rishtedar kuwari ladki bhi job ke liye Dubai aati hai. chuki dono ka Dubai me koi nahi is liye dono aapas me bahad karib ho jate hai.

    Iblis mardood apna kaam karta hai. pehle zaid aur hinda me bad nazri hoti hai, phir mohabbat ho jati hai. jo ke bistar tak ja pahunchti hai.
    zaid aur hinda ne sirf ZINA ke siwa har bura kaam kar liya hai, ek doje ko bilkul Barhana dekh chuke hai aur har woh najayaz kaam jis ki deen e islam me manahi hai, sab ho chuka hai. sirf sharam gah ka zina baaki hai.

    ab hinda, zaid pe zoor dalti hai ke hum ek dosre ke samne barhana ho chuke hai is liye bahtar hoga ke hum aapas me nikah kar ley taki ALLAH ke azab se bach jaye.
    Hinda ke ghar wale is baat pe fauran razi ho jate hai ke hinda zaid ki dosri begum ban jaye.

    magar zaid ki walida aur pahli begum jin ko is baat ki khabar nahi ke zaid aur hinda ke beech kya kya ho chuka hai, woh log dosri shaadi se saaf inkaar kar rahe hai.
    zaid ke ghar me koi bhi dosri shaadi ke haq me nahi, magar un logo ko haqiqat nahi malum hai.

    Waalaykumus Salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh
    Doosre dhaadi shar’an jaaiz he. Apne pehle biwi se ijaazat zaroorat nahin lekin ittilaa zarori he. Haandonomen insaaf hone chahiye.Phli wali biwi ki huquq men hoi kami nahin aani chahiye.
    Dar asl doosre shadi ki riwaaj indo/pak men nahin is wajah se walidain ka ittiraaz.Shariat ne ijaazat di ho tu usmen waalidain ki naafarmaani nahin.

  94. assalam elekum hazrat mufti sahab aap se ilteja hai ke sayyed nusrat ali ka sawal net pe se hata dijiye. ittefaq se mera naam bhi sayyed nusrat ali aur mai bhi dubai me hi kaam karta hou, farq sirf itna hai ke mai pehle saudi me tha. aisa na ho ke mere ghar wale yeh sawal padh ley aur mera ghar me na ittefaqi ho jaye.
    Wa alaykumusSalaam
    Aap ka masala hal hogiya he.

  95. Assalamu Alaikum
    I need to ask you that is it MUST to accept Nikah orally.
    I read in Behshti Zewer & from other sources that if news of Nikah reaches a boy, he can accept it from different ways like as follows;

    1. He can accept it from tongue by saying “I accept the Nikah with XYZ with specified Mahr”

    2. He can write on a paper that “I have accepted the Nikah with XYZ with specified Mahr”

    3. He can send some part of Mahr to woman with whome his Nikah was conducted as a form of acceptance of Nikah.

    My concern / question from you is this that Is it really MUST/ Compulsory to accept Nikah from tongue or a person can also accept it from options I mentioned above.

    Thanks a lot
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    The presence of two witnesses is required at the time of proposal and atthe time of acceptance.For the validity of nikaah these are the conditions.

  96. Janab Mufti Sahb,


    Mein ek married admi hoon. Mein ek ladki ko janta hoon jo talaaqshuda hai aur ek bachcha bhi hai apne pehle shohar se. Woh meri society mein rahti hai aur mere ghar par uska ana-jana rehta hai. Mere bachchon ko tuitions deti hai. Hum dono ne kabhi akele mein baat nahi kii aur nahi koi ishq mohobbat wala muamla hai. Uske ghar mein aur koi kamane wala nahi hai. Bhai hai nahi aur valid umr-daraz hai. Woh ek company mein kaam karti thi lekin kisi vajah se use naukri chhorni pari. Aaj-kal bas mere bachhon ko tuition dekar Rs. 2000 monthly amdani kar leti hai jisse beshaque guzara nahi ho sakta. Pata chala hai ki woh kafi karzon mein doobi hui hai. Yahan wahan se karz lekar apna, bete ka aur maa-baap ka guzara kar rahi hai. Mein use financially help karna chahta hoon lekin mujh se help nahi leti. Ho sakta hai ki woh yeh sochti ho ki financial help karke mein uss se najayaz talluq banane ke liye kahoon. Lekin mein bhi Allah se darne wala banda hoon mere dimagh mein aise khayal katai nahi aya. Halanki society mein kuchh log hai jo uss se aise najayaz talluqat banana ki khwahish rakhte hain. Mujhe uski badi fikr rehti hai. Mujhe dar hai ki halat se tang akar who kahin koi ghalat kadam na utha le isliye mein usse nikah kar ke uska sahara banna chahta hoon. Meri amdani Alhamdulillah itni hai ki mein dono families ke hukook ko ada kar sakoonga.

    Lihaza aap pehle to yeh bataiyye ki kya meri jo soch hai uss se nikah karke uska sahara banne ki, woh ghalat hai?
    Kya aisa sochne se mein Allah SWT ki nazron mein gunahgaar kehlaoonga? Agar mein koi ghalat nahi soch raha toh kya aap mere liye istikhara kar sakte hain?

    App ke jawab ka intezaar rahega.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    1. Aapka soch is baari men sunnat ke mutabiq he.Kasrat e ziwaaj is wajah se jaaiz he taake koi aurat aamdni ki tangi ki wajah se mushkilaat men mubtalaa na hojaai..
    2.Dar asl mer nazkeed doosrn ke liye istikhaarah durust nahin. Haan mashurah de sakta hoon.Isti,kkhaarah aap hi khud karle.

    Jazakumullaho khair

    Mohommad. S

  97. Assalam…
    well im a father and i have a serious question about the marriage of my daughter that she’s grown up well but still she didnt get any proposal about marriage and this is a serious issue for me,
    Mufti sahab tell me a strong dua for this i get a reply soon and get proposals for my daughter…tell me the best and strong dua which will give me a response soon,inshallah…
    thank u and im waiting for ur e-mail…
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    The guarantee of sooner or later is only in the “hands” of ALLAH. None can give such a guarantee. The best is to read “Rabbi laa tazrni Fardow wanta Khairul waaritheen.” Read it daily after asar salaah 41 times.

  98. Salam Mufti sahab

    we r living in italy…. i want to ask you if it is allowed Nikah on telefone?????

    thank u
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Nikaah by phone is not permissible, It is necessary to make someone your representative to give proposal on your behalf or accept on your behalf with the presence of two witnesses.

  99. Asslamu Alaikum Warahmatullah

    If first marriage is not working out by all means and there are a lot of problems occurring.
    Is divorce the ultimate solution. After divorce can he or she do second marriage if there comes a suitable proposal or they should never marry due to bad experience with the first marriage.
    wa alaykumus salaam
    If a person is divorced ,he/she may marry if a suitable proposal comes forward. Remember all are not the same so to judge and equate all in the same category is not right.



    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Nikah beghair gawaaon nahin hotim h. Jab nikah nahn howa tu talaaq nnahin huwa. Han aap donon ghunna men mubtalaa the aurALLAH se maafi maangle.
    Haan doosre larke seshaadi hosakte he.

  101. Assalam-wa-alykum,

    i was in luv with a guy since 8 yrs and he promised me to marry me as soon as he get the job.but now he is married to hindu girl without informing me and he was also under live in relationship wth her before marrying her.i m really unable to live wthout there any wazeefa so that he may give divorce to her n marry me?plz help me.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Sorry i think you got the wrong website. Here we destroy sihr/jaadoo/blackmagic, not do on others.Such shameless deeds of harming others for personal benefit is haraam/forbidden and a dark evil.

  102. Assalam-alykum, i m really sorry.dnt take me wrong.i dnt wnt to do black magic or sort of plz tell me what should i do.i really love him..and he is making fun of i truly luv him…plz suggest me what shd i do?plz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    I already mentioned that you read your salaah regularly and make du’aa that ALLAH guide you and him to that which is beneficial for both in this world and the hereafter.

    1. This is not the right way to get your love. just pray and make hope from ALLAH. if he will not be your that means he is not good for you enough because ALLAH knows every thing. But the Magic is very very wrong and doing this you will be kafir….
      Best Regards for you

  103. Aslam Alikum,
    Please tell me this can father and son marry with two sisters..
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yes it is permissible. however the sister marrying the father will become his mahram.

  104. menay aik chinese call girl ko fuck kya hai me tauba karchuka hon ab mein yeh jana chahta hon k mein muslim hoon aur shadi bhi ho chuki hai mein yeh pata karna chahta hoon k is gandai y kaam ki waja say meray nikah par tu koi fariq nai parana aur mein islam sai bahar tu nai hogaya
    Zina ke dauran imaan jism se baahir hojata he aur jab tak sachi touba na kare tu wo be imaan ki haalat men hoga. Toubh karke imaan lothaata hai.Zina se nikaah aur imaan faraq nahin aataa lekin ghunah kabeerah ka murtaqib hoga aur . ALLAH se sachi toubah maangle aur is ghunah ki taraf lothne se mukammal tor pr iraz kare.

  105. Salam Mufti Sahab,
    I am going through depressive period of my life as I don’t see any hopes. I am quite educated, average looking girl from a middle class family in my thirtees. My parents have been trying for a long long time to find a suitable match for me but no success. Since they were unsuccessful and I have been desperate for marriage since all girls in my circle are married, I started trying myself and got myself involved with an insincere guy. I’ve a broken heart and no hopes for the future. I am willing to compromise on few things and just want to find someone who is somewhat compatible to me. Someone suggested to recite Surah Duha before sleeping and praying to Allah to show indication of what will happen but I did not get any signs in my dream. I lost my job due to lack of interest as a result of my situation. My parents and I now have a pessimistic feeling that marriage is not meant for me and (God forbids) I may never get married. Girls who are like me in looks and education etc. are happily married so I beg Allah and ask Him, why not me? If you have any suggestion, I will inshAllah follow from my heart, and will inshaAllah be praying for you to answer my question in this tough times. May Allah showers His blessings on you, everyone who works for this website, and hopefully on myself too. Ameen. (please email me your reply if you can). JazakAllah
    Wa alayumus Salaam
    What should be understood is that all such affairs lies within the control of ALLAH SUBHAANAHU WA TA’AALAA. We should turn to HIM only. Also try and seek forgiveness for all wrongdoings. Thereafter when you do read anything , dont expect miracles to happen. You read for a few days and everything should just fall into place. At least do it for 40 days to see its effect. If it does not work then tere is nothing wrong with the aayah but rather it is not yet the correct time. I hereby give you a verse of the qur’aan to read daily after asr salaah (except during menses)
    { وَٱللَّهُ جَعَلَ لَكُمْ مِّنْ أَنْفُسِكُمْ أَزْوَاجاً وَجَعَلَ لَكُمْ مِّنْ أَزْوَاجِكُم بَنِينَ وَحَفَدَةً وَرَزَقَكُم مِّنَ ٱلطَّيِّبَاتِ أَفَبِٱلْبَاطِلِ يُؤْمِنُونَ وَبِنِعْمَتِ ٱللَّهِ هُمْ يَكْفُرُونَ }

    And God made for you mates from your own selves, thus He created Eve from Adam’s rib and [created] all mankind from the seminal fluids of men and women, and made for you, from your mates, children and grandchildren, and He provided you with the good things, of [all] kinds of fruits, seeds and animals. Is it then in falsehood, [in] the idol, that they believe and in the grace of God that they disbelieve?, when they associate others [with God]? {surah Nahl verse 72}

    1. Salam, May God bless you for suggesting me the verse from Surah Nahl. Please specify how many times should I recite this everyday.
      Wa alaykumus Salaam
      recite 11 times in the morning after fajr and 11 times in the evening after maghrib. inshaALLAH it will be beneficial.

  106. Assalamu’alaikum
    My son age 19 wants to get engaged, however my husband does not want to agree & says only after 25 years he should decide to get married.My son feels he is ready to get married now & being engaged is the 1st step. What should I do in this case as even without our consent my son intends to proceed with the engagement. Please advise.
    wa Alaykumus Salaam
    Firstly we need to understand that Engagements is a totally unislamic concept.It is nothing but giving consent to the couple to do wrong (as per shariah). If the youngster wants then get him married. Rasulullaah Salallaahu alayhi wasallam had instructed us to marry of our children when they come of age. otherwise there will be chaos on the face of the earth. That is exactly what we see. I find it strange the father will allow him to gallivant around but not allow him to marry.

  107. please kuch aisa bataye k mere husband mujh se shadeed muhabbat krne lagge…mere nadaniyo ko muhaf kar dain…hum dono aik doosre ki zaroorat bnn jayain..aik dosre k bagair reh na payain…mujhe izzat o pyaar se wo wapas apne ghar le jayain…aur hm khushgawaar tareen izdwaji zindagi guzar sakain…mare husband sirf mere bn kar rahain…pllzzz. i ve no bad intention…..
    Please aap khoshish kare ke apni naadaaniyon se baaz aaye, au unko apni zimidaari se na rukhiye aur aap khud piyaar dikhaaiye, insha ALLAH masala theek hoga.

  108. I performed an istikhara for marriage; and first day saw a hint of black dog with white patches on it, for other 4 days, I didnt see anything. Please indicate its meaning.
    assalaamu alaykum!!!!!!
    Dreams are nota condition for answer in istikhaarah It depends on your hearts inclination. I do not know how to interprete dreams based on istikhaarah.

  109. plz mujhe bata dain k ye ayat kiss surat aur kis sapaare main hy……“وننزل من القران ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين”.
    والله اعلم
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Iss ayat surah isra/ bani israaeel (15 para) men he.

  110. Aslam Alikum
    without parents approval nikkah will be Jaiz(acceptable in islam) or not??

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If the nikah is in kufwu then it will be acceptavle otherwise makruh.

  111. are ismailis muslims, can i marry an ismaili girl and have ismaili child?? she beleives in last prophethood and tawheed
    The Ismailis are not muslim and they definitely dont believe in touheed. They believe their leaders are the Vicegerents of ALLAH on earth that has rights to change rules.

  112. aslam alikum
    what do you mean by kufwu nikah and makruh.
    please explain it little more.
    Wa alaykumusSalaam
    Kufwu refers to compatibility in marriage. In other ords have to be of a similar status or doing similar jobs etc.
    Makruh means something that is disliked by shariah and close to being haraam forbidden.

  113. Question:


    I have a question regarding my rights under Shariah as a husband. I recently asked my wife to provide me with her telephone records as well as her bank statements for the past five years. I also offered her the same from my end for a longer duration of time. 10 years worth of bank statements and as far back as I have records for where the telepone bills are concerned.

    We got married on a certain date. She said that she would provide me with phone records from that date onwards and records before that date were none of my business!

    From my point of view I did get married to her on that particular date. But I interacted with her for a a couple of months prior to that. I have found her statements to be untrue on at least three ocassions where she has accepted them as being false. Thus my decision to marry her was based on what she told me during this period. I would just like to satisfy myself by going through these records and reconcile her statements made to me with the facts.

    Do I have the right to seek these records? And is she obliged under Shariah to make the records available to me?

    Thanks for your help.

    May Allah bless you for helping me.

    wa alaykumus salaam
    Firstly you do not have any right to ask for anything prior to your marriage.
    as for asking for the statements and bills, if it is being paid and provided by you thenyou have a right. If it is her personal wealth then you cannot force her to disclose what she does with it as it is HERS.

  114. Aslaam o Alaikum…please shohar ki muhabbat aur tawajja hasil karne k liye kuch bata dain…..
    Wa laykumus Salaam
    App shohr ke farmanbardar ban jaaiye aur ALLAH ke khooshnoodi haasil kare.Huzur aqdas salalaahu alayhi wasallam ka farmaan he ke koi aurt shohar ka farmanbardar ban jaaiye aur intiqaal kare us haalat men ke shohar un se khoosh he tu jannat unke liye waajib he.

  115. Assalamualiakum,
    I came close to one guy after he made me believe that he was seeing me for marriage purpose. We kept talking and seeing each other for one year (i’ve totally realize now that it was wrong). In the beginning he mentioned that his parents were against it, but still he kept a relationship with me. Whenever, I brought up marriage he had hesitations, but he ended up making a promise to me that he will marry me no matter what. After one year, he dumped me and forced the relationship to end. One of his excuse was that he can’t go against his parents, and to disobey parents is forbidden in islam. He said that if he has to break heart and had to choose between parents or myself, than its less of a gunnah to break my heart then to disobey parents. I begged him to not ruin my life and convince his parents. I also said, if he wants I can talk to his parents and convince them and will do everything to please him and his parents after marriage. I am a Muslim as well, and had told him that I have every intention to improve in practicising islam, and obey him and love him after marriage. My question is that is it okay for him to make false promises to me and keep me in a relationship for one year, and then end the relationship by using parents excuse? Lets say if his parents were really against the marriage, does islam not allow an adult to decide for himself to marry a muslim girl. The only difference we had was that he was 4.5 years younger than I am and we were from different cities. He told me he has no problem with age or city but his parents does. Please specify in the light of sunnah and islam that what should be done if the parents are against marriage and in situation as described above. JazakAllah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Actually having any relationship with the opposite sex prior to marriage is totally forbidden in Islam. Since the foundation is haraam all that follows will fall in the same category.

  116. Assalamu alaykum. I recently got married but have been having severe doubts about wether my Nikah with my wife is still valid because of the following incident: In a family gathering, a cousin of ours remarked that a certain auntie talks so much that even Allah gets exhausted and excuses Himself from her prattle. Hearing this, my wife and other family members laughed out loud. It horrified me as I’ve heard that such a statement is to be regarded as kufr and a nullifier of iman even if those involved didn’t believe that Allah can actually feel exhaustion. Similarly, my wife has opposed me for growing a beard and I’ve read in certain books that this could be regarded as opposition to the Sunnah and thus kufr or apostasy according to the Hanafi madhhab. Please advise…
    The statement of your cousin is a dangerous one and requires repentence for his utterance.If he holds sucha belief then he will be out of the fold of islaam but since he used it as a form of exaggeration, He will not be out of the fold of islaam but rather a Sinner.
    The wife denying you to keep the sunnah beard is a major sin. A person will be out of the fold of islaam is she denies and ridicules the sunnah, I donot think she intended that.

  117. I am very disappointed that my question was deleted. It was a legit question. I took time to write a concise and specific question. Please let me know why was it deleted. I was trying to ask what should one do if one promise’s a marriage to someone but parents are against the marriage. Do you still have my detailed question or should I rewrite it?

  118. Assalam-o-alikum

    Hope you are doing good by the grace of Allah.

    I need to know 3 questions

    1.I am going on umrah with my husaband after nikkah without rukhsati is it permissible in islam?

    2.What are the limitations of sexuality for husband and wife during umrah cuz i have a doubt my huby would ask for certain things and how obedient a wife should be to her husband and upto what limitations .

    3.My husband is bearing all my expenses for umrah whereas i have to pay some debts and credit card bills which are pending,In this case does my umrah will be acceptable.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    1. Since your nikaah has taken place, then to travel with him is totally permissible.
    2. Yes your umrah will be accepted. Yes he will also get all the reward you get for sponsoring you.
    3. Sexual relationship is forbidden during ihraam and thereafter it is permissible.

  119. what is the definition of shahwat – from a physiological/psychological perspective
    Shahwat refers to one’s sexual desires.

  120. Assalamalaikom. It’s not really a question, but I have a huge request. I am in depression. I have been praying to my lord Allah SWT day and night. It was crucial that I marry this one specific person. Allah knows why. I read Namaz regularly alhumdullilah. My request is can u please make dua for me and this person “a*****” to get married to eachother jalt se jalt. Please make dua that he comes to me himself for our marriage to eachother. I can’t explain the whole thing but wallahi I need your duas. I have tried many wazifas as well. Allah is the most giving the most loving. I just really really need your duas right now mufti sahib, I feel desperate. Please email response. Jazakallah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    One word of advise is that you ask of ALLAH that which will benefit you in the long run and not only grant you your desire. At ntimes we think something is beneficial for us but it turns out to be harmful. in surah baqarah it is mentioned-
    Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not.

    1. Dear Sister Ambreen,
      I pray that whatever is best for you happens. God knows best, and ishaAllah what ever is good for you and your future may happen by the kindness of Allah.

      Sister in Islam.

  121. Assalamu Alaikum
    If there is girl who is less educated but Quran Hafiza and there is another girl who is much educated and not Hafiza and less pious, with whom person should opt to marry?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Without a shadow of doubt , the individual with the knowledge of qur’aan is much higher then the worldly educated as mentioned in ahaadeeth by none other then Rasulullaah Salalaahu alayhi wasallam. As for marriage it is necessary to see if there is compatibility between the two. We all look for piety but is our own lives steered by piety and shariah? Let it not be that that causes dispute in the marriage. My personal advise is to see who of the two is more compatible to your temperament.

  122. Asalamualaikum,
    Please forgive me if the question is inappropriate and please reply.

    I’m single female and have been trying for a long-time but don’t find anyone suitable for marriage. Wazeefas, duas, taveez, everything tried, but no luck. I had given up and one day saw a program on tv where people were asking questions from an apparent spiritual person, who suggested remedies such as gems, wazeefas, based on birth date/time and astrological aspects. The program was presented as a islamic program. I later contacted this person, who suggested that my marriage is delayed due to malefic effects of planets, and suggested me to wear yellow sapphire. On one hand, I am not sure if this is allowed under islam to believe in what he said, and perform a remedy by wearing a gem. On the other hand, my thought is that if we get sick, we do believe that it is from Allah, but at the same time we attach our sickness to factors such as bad weather, bad food etc. Then, we perform a remedy by taking medication. I do believe that my marriage delay is from Allah, but is it inappropriate to believe that planetary factors are playing a role which is also by Hukum of Allah, and then, just like its okay to take medicine for health problems, is it okay to wear gems to overcome the personal problems? Again, the foremost believe is that everything is happening or will happen by Allah. If this is wrong thinking, then please let me know, so I can correct my thought process. May Allah provide me with the Islamic guidance. Thank you in advance!
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    To believe any other thing has the capability to change ones destination is tantamount to making shirk with ALLAH. To claim its effect takes place with the will of ALLAH is a lame way of trying to jstify a wrong. Many kuffar mention i am a kaafir through the will of ALLAH(ma aathallah). The act is wrong and therefore it can never be justified in that manner.Rasulullaah Salalaahu alayhi wasallam has forbidden us from visiting theAstrologers and their likes.

  123. AOA
    why suni syeda can’t marry with non Syed ???
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    SSays who?
    It is permissible for a syeda to marry a non syed. Yes the family have right to object .


    Is it permissible to get the Nikah done at Masjide Nabawi (saw) ?
    If it is possible then how to start the process (whom to contact) ?

    Please do reply on this….

    wa alaykumus Salam
    Sorry i dont there. ask someone from ?Madina ayyibah to help you.

  125. Assalamu Alaikum
    In a marriage if one receives a proposal or sends a proposal to girl family now person is very happy with this marriage and there is nothing wrong he finds in it. Still person must do the Istikhara?

    I heard person should do Istikhara only when he is doubtful.
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    If one has no doubt then there is no need for istikhara.. Istikhara means seeking advise between two conflicting matters. If there is no doubt then there can be no istikhara.

  126. Salamo alaikum
    Can a person marry her daughter off to a person who already had wife and divorced with a son.
    for example there is one person who is never marries and less pious & less educated & another person who is divorced with one son but with good understanding of religion and knows many deeni masa’il. I heard woman wants to marry a person who is never married.
    2) is it ok for a man to marry a girl whose family is having Barelvi aqaids thinking that he may change her mind after marriage.
    Wa aloaykumus Salaam
    1. Yes it is perissible to marry someone who was previously married and is divorced or whose spouse is deceased.
    2.It is permissible to get married to a barielwi girl but the fear is that she may influence you instead. Another issue is that they may not allow her to marry youif you are not of theiir aqaaid.

  127. Asslamu Alaikum
    Mufti sahib
    In our country’s custom we prepare gold for to be wife in advance before marriage. Now girl’s family also demands Mahr in currency on Nikah day, I know it’s bride right and nobody can challenge it since it is in Shariat.
    Alternatively, can we put some part of Gold as Mahr like 2 Tolas of gold or gold equivalent to Rs. 25,000/- just to avoid giving Rs. 25,000 in cash.
    Because you know person already spent huge amount in purchasing gold.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Yes it will be permissible to give gold as mehr if agreed ypon. Mention it to the girls family at the time of proposals.

  128. AOA,
    Mufti sahab ,
    I asked you few questions,they were removed from this site can you please answer those question.kindly mail me on my given email address.Thanks
    waalaykumus salaam
    repeat your questions please.

  129. AOA,
    Mufti sahab ,i was sexually abused when i was a child by some 1 close in family .I didnt even know what it was till the age of 9 I was continuously abused.This thing shettered my mind I use to stay isolated till the age of 17 when I found a boy friend ,I jest told my past story to him no 1 else ,we became very close to each other and had physical relation.(ALLAH maf karai).I dont know why I had but I had may be for the first time I found some 1 who loved me.but when i realised what I have done I prayed a lot TO ALLAH pak to forgive me for my sins .But mufti sahab shatan disturbs me a lot ,shatan pushes me to do wrong things again i PRAY A LOT i KNOW I AM NOT PAK any more but it was not my fault since child .I pray a lot.I want to get married so that I can come out of this but I am afraid that my spouce will come to know about my past he will give me divorce on first day.I am mentally very depressed plz tell me what should I do.I keep all fast Pray to ALLAH but I dont know weather ALLAH will forgive me or not ……Plz tell me about marriage to,what ever proposal comes ,some thing goes wrong and I dont get married ….Plz reply me and pray for me that ALLAH forgive me and my life become peaceful .I see flash back of my past it was not my fault 5 years old child Plz reply .May ALLAH bless you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    We have been instructed by ALLAH not to become dispondent of his mercy. He forgivess all sins. Make sincere toubah ad the thought of this sin will be wiped out of yours and peoples mind inshaALLAH.

  130. Aoa, sir am very confused on a masala. Please help me as am very confused and depressed. Meri sister ka nikah hota hai aur nikah kei baad mera baap apni beti kei saath sub kuch kertei hein seewaye zina kei nikah kei baad bhi. Meri sister bhi dar kei maare chup chaap karti rehti hai. Ab jab mujhe pata chala to kia yeh nikah continue rakna chahiye ya divorce ho jani chahiye. Sister kei liye kiya saza muqarrar hai. Kia is mein gawahoon ka hona zaroori hai. Wassalam
    Waa alaykumus Salaam
    Why the change of name and posting the same question?
    Her nikaah is intact but both father and daughter are involved in a heneous sin. They should be advised to ask ALLAH fo forgiveness.

  131. Salaam,

    I’ve turned to this site in frustration with a few questions.

    What does Islam say about marrying a non-muslim? Does the answer change if the boy accept Islam?

    My problem is that I want to marry a man who is a non-muslim. After several conversations about how I/we want our lives to be together, we have comed to a solution which is him accepting Islam.
    I have told this to my mother, who is trying to find a spouse to me, but she has this horrible imagination/opinion about this. First of all; she doesn’t accept it. Second of all she believes that my future kids will be less worth than dogs just because they are going to be half pakistani and half norwegian.
    I’m getting tired of pretending that everything will be fine for the guy. I’ve tried to break up with him at least two times, but every time he gets shocked and really very hurt – which hurts me even more because he truly loves me and want to spend the rest of his life with me.

    I really need help. I cannot tell this to people in my life until I have found a solution on wether to keep this relationship going on, or to accept my mothers answer.

    If more details are required, then please let me know and I will provide you more information.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam

    Firstly marriage between Muslim and Non Muslim is not acceptable in Islam. For a Muslim Female to marry a Non muslim male is totally forbidden as one is putting their offspring in danger of Kufr.The child will be more confused then anything. Therefore Islam has forbiden marriage between muslim female and non Muslim Males. Yes if he is willing to accept islm and revert to the truth then nikah will be permissible after revertion.I important factor is that he should enter islam wholeheartedly and not for marriage convinience only.In other words he should be willing to forsake his religion totally and become a practising muslim. If that i done then i do not see any problem in the marriage.

  132. Assalamu Alaikum
    It is permissible to make Mehr big in amount? My to be in-laws are demanding Rs. 2 Lacs as Mehr for marrying their daughter off to me. Alternatively, I have 6 tolas of gold which was from my previous marriage, I asked my to be in-laws to take all gold as form of Mahr as I can not give Rs. 2 Lacs in cash. They agreed to it. I just need to check with you is it ok?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Yes it is permissible to keep the mehr big. In the qur’aan the word “qintaaran” is used to depict ahuge amount given in mehr. Therefore jaaiz.

  133. asalam walikum mufti sb , i know a girl for 4 years now , we both think that we can be happy we each other but her parents do not think the same , she lives in canada and i m in pakistan . can u guide me with some verses from the Holy Quran , so that i may be able to convince her parents with the help of Allah . A proposal was sent to her parents but they refused . plz guide me . jazakAllah
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Sorry the qur’aan is not to be used to influence the thoughts of others against their will and desire. This is totally forbidden.

    you have termed oral sex as haram i want to know that if any muslim only kisses his wifes vagaina and he doesnot sucks it then it is permitted or not
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Only kissing the vagina when there is no excretion of fluid on it has been deemed as permissible by some ulema. However many declare this act as being makruh.

  135. i want to know that if a man have anal intercourse with his wife then his nikah is any more valid or not
    Please commence with-
    His nikaah will be intact but the act is not allowed. He will be sinful.

  136. assalam alaikum
    maulana i want to know that a wife can kiss her husband’s pennis or not and can she take it in her mouth if there is no excretion
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Why the questions about the filthy ways of the kuffar? Do you want to legaliae the filth that is portrayed by them in their filthy media? Please ponser for yourself can such acts be regarded as humane? understand the legality of sex. It is for procreation not mere recreation.

  137. Assalam alaikum
    maulana i want to know that a wife and husband can see each other fully naked at the time of intercourse or not and can the wife kiss her husband pennis and can she take it in her mouth when there is no excretion and which activites during sex are haram
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It is makruh to look at each other while nude. (Disliked).
    Oral sex forbidden and filthy.Therefore it will not be allowed.

  138. Assalamu Alaikum
    I divorced my wife a year ago and have a son from her which is now with her. I know I am responsible for the livelihood of child after separation. I sent the money order to my wife for child’s expenses but she refused to take it.
    I tried to talk to her brother and did utmost to convince him to accept the money for the expenses of my child but he too is showing aggression.
    I checked with the lawyer, he insisted me that child will only be given to me provided I take care of all his monthly expenses. If she marries or after child completes the seven years then he’ll legally be handed over to me.
    Now under such circumstances will I still be sinful by not providing money for the expenses of my child. I am ready to pay but they are not ready to accept.

  139. AOA.I belong to syed family but i want to get marry with non syed.plzz help can i marry with non syed.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Marraige with non syed requires parents approval as the masala of kufwu is part of our deen.

  140. AOA.

    mufti g .yh kafuu ka kai matlab h??or hum kafuu hona kis ko kahtay hain?kia maa baap ki permision k khalaaf syed larki ka nikkah non syed sy nai ho skta??
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Kufwu kaa matlab haysiyat men baraabari. Ager larka syed na ho aur usmen khucch deeni khraabi ho tu maa baap ko itiraaz karne ka haqq he.

  141. Assalamualaykum rahamatullahi wabarakatuhu,
    Mufti sahaab umeed karthi hun aap khairiat se hain,aapki yeh deeni behan aapka thoda zyada waqt chahegi iske liye main maazrath chahti hun.lekin umeed hai meri problem ka insha allah ek sahi solution provide karenge.
    Meri daastan hai,main ek professional graduate hone bawajood ek aalim o hafiz se nikah karne ki khwahish rakhti thi,allah ta’ala se chup chupkar duwa karti thi, lekin mere maabaap ne meri shadi ek doctor se karwayi,allah ka karna aisa hua k nikaah ki raat me mujhe pata chala ki mere shohar ne doctor bohat pehle choddi thi haqeeqat me wo aalim o hafiz hain,maine apne khudaka shukr ada kiya aur apne shohar ko dilse apnaliya,apne mijazi khuda ke har huqooq ko ada karti aarahi hun.Shaadi ke dedh saal hone ko aaraha hai.
    Lekin mere shohar ki kahani hi kuch aur hai,main inki 6th dulhan hun,1st biwi ko inhone talaaq dediya jiske 2ladke jo 14,15saal ki umar ke hain,2nd wife ki 2 aulaad hai,3rd ko inhone talaaq dediya aur 4th ne inse khula karliya,5th jo bewa hain mahwari rukjaane ki wajesh unke ghar aana jaan bohat kam hai,6th to main hun,
    Mufti sahaab main ek kunwari ladki thi aur mujhe nahi pata tha k main inki 6th wife hun,
    Mere parents se bhi inhone jhoot kaha k inka koi nahi hain na parents na bhai behan,jab ke sab hain.mere parents ko inhone kaha k inki sirf ek aur biwi hain jiske 2 aulad hain,us biwi ko 5 operations hone ki wajeh se hambistari nahi karthe hain isliye mujhse nikaah karna chahte hain mere parents ko yeh assurance diya k yeh mere saath hi rahenge aur us biwi ko kabhi kabhar kharcha paani deneke liye ek mahine me ek bar jayenge.lekin inka kehna sarasar galat tha,yeh hamesha usi biwi ke ghar rehte hain,kabhi hafte me ek baar agaye to bohat hain warna ek mahina bhi nikal jaata hai.
    Meri umar 26yrs hai.aur inki 51yrs,mujhe yeh na ek waqt ki roti dete hain na kapda,na meri liye chath ka inetazaam,main naukri karti hun,apne khane peeneka intezam karthi hun aur inke liye bhi majhe hi daud dhoop karni padhti hai,
    Haal hi me inki spinal cord surgery bhi karwayi jiska 1lakh ka kharch mere sar tha,main hospital me inki dekhbhaal k liye rahi,jab discharge hogaye to seedhe apni us biwi (jo 2nd hai)ke ghar chale gaye,phir ek mahine tak mujhse mulaqat bhi nahi,
    Yeh mujhse physical relation shadi ki shuruwat me rakhte the magar aulad na karne keliye kehte rahe,yeh soch kar ke main auklad karun to mujhe kharch dena padhega,aulad ki khwahish izhar karti hun to mooh tod jawaab dete hain k maine sirf tumhare sir per haath rakhne k liye tumse nikaah kiya hai,koi huqooq ada karunga aisa koi agreement maine sign ni kiya hai,agar main koi bewa ya talaaq shuda aurat hoti to sirf mere liye naam ki zarurat hoti lekin main ek kunwari ladki thi,meri bhi hazaar khwahishen hain hazaar tamannayen hain,
    Maine kabhi inse kharch ki talab nahi ki,na maal o daulat ki,bus main itna hi chahti hun k jitna waqt yeh apni us biwi ko dete hain utna mujhe bhi den mere saath bhi rahen(shariat ne bhi yehi ijazat di hai k barabar ka waqt dena chahiye apni biwiyon ko)
    Magar yeh hamesha us biwi ki hi taraf dhayaan dete hain sirf us biwi bachon ka khayal rakhte hain.main aulad ki khwahish karthi hun to kehte hain k mere 4 bacche hain mujhe tujh se aulad nahi chahiye.
    Mere saath rehne ke liye kehti hun to kehte hain jab 65 saal ki umar ka hojaunga to tere paas hamesha k liye rehne k liye aajaunga,tu meri khidmat karna,tab tak hamare liye ek ghar waqt tak main tere ghar kabhi kabhar hi aaunga,
    Inki wo waali biwi hamesha mujhper barasti hai aur mere shohar ko hamesha insist karti hai kl mujhe divorce dede,aur kabhi yeh bhi behas per utar aate hain to yehi kehte hain tu khula karle.
    Mufti sahaab ek hafiz o aalim ki chahat mere dil me basne ki wajeh se main apne shohar se alag nahi hona chahti hun,lekin mere shohar ki judai bhi bardasht ni hoti,tanha gharpe rehti hun,jawaan honeki wajeh se auron ki baddnazar se bhi bachna padhta hai,log taane dete hain ke 1 ½ yr hone k baad bhi aulad nahi kiya,kahin main baanjh to nahi,lekin main kisi ko haqeeqat nahi bata pathi hun k mere shohar mere saath hambistari nahi karte sirf us waali biwi ko jismani khushi dete hain,
    Aakhir main kya karun,kya mujhe inse talluq tod dene chahiye ya phir ek aalim o hafiz k naam per apni zindagi isi tanhayi me guzarleni chahiye,mujhe is baat ki bhi fikr hai k inki to uamr chali budhape ki oar,aur inka khayaal rakhne wala koi nahi,agar main bhi inka saath choddun to inke budhape me sahara kaun banega,main to abhi jawaan hun,mujhe inke budhape ki laathi banni chahiye.
    Kya mere rabse mera hafiz o aalim maangna galat tha yeh meri duawon me kami rehgayi,
    Hafiz o aalim ki aqeedat me main apni tamannaon ko maangna bhool gayi,bohat dukhi zindagi jeerahi hun main,inke saath kahin aana jaana bhi mana hai,
    Ek aalim o hafiz honeke bawajood yeh bohat gaali gulooch karte hain,mujhper haath uthate hain,
    Ek biwi hokar apne shohar ki saari zaruriat ko poora karna hai,aur muje yeh ek pal ki khushi ni dena chahte.
    Meri koi zimmahdari nahi lena chahte,meri tamanna thi meri shadi ek hafiq o aalim se hogi to mujhe deeni taleem hasil hogi,meri aulad bhi hafiz o aalim hogi,lekin mere saare armaan bus armaan banker rehgaye,jis din se shadi hui aisa din nahi gaya k ankhon me ansu na bahe hon,bus is dard ki zindagi se maut behtar samajhti hun.
    Na mere shohar k saath na meri koi aulad,na meri koi khushi bus ek robot ki tarah subah sham kaam karthi hun
    Bus aapke jawaab ki muntazar hunk e mujhe ek aalim o hafiz ke naam per zindagi jeeleni chahiye ya dusra ghar basalena chahiye.meri khwahish hai ke meri nasal sirf hafiz o aalim bane,mera moqsad hai k main apne deen k liye ek chota sa asthana banun jisme bacche deeni taleem hasil kare,lekin main apne shohar se bilkul na khush hone ki wajeh se kuch ni karparahi hun.
    Allah hafiz.
    Waiting for your valuable suggestion as soon as possible.
    waa alaykumus Salaam
    My advise to you is make istikhara and decide what will be the best path for you.It is very difficult to give decisions with a one sided story only. The best definitely will be salatul istikhaara. made by yourself.

  142. Assalaam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh,dear imam,am 23 and am newly divorced its almost ayear,and I have a10 months boy,i recentaly been aproached by 3 guys asking my hand 4 marriage,am in love with one of them,but my parent dont approve him,the made me meet one of the other guys n they got everything planned,all of the guys are good mannered and religious too,the guy I love thinks he is approved and that he will marry me,and I cnt go against my parents,if I do so they will cut me off their lives forever.what shalla I do?i dont want 2 lose my family and the man I there any prayer or anything I should do.jazakum allah kher.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Sorry you cant have your bread buttered on both sides and expect your hands not to be dirtied. Make du’aa to ALLAH and make istikhaaraah in the matter. Istikhaarah does not mean to ask someone your need and he spins a coin and giv3es you a answer. You ask from ALLAH in the methos taught to us by our Beloved Rasulullaah salalahu alayhi wa sallam.

  143. assalamo alaikum. mufti sahab mera ye question he k shadi ki phli raat agar shohar ghalti aur anjane,nasamji me bivi k bari pishab wali jaga ko apne aazaa a makhsusa se touch kare aur ye clear na ho k entrance hui he ya nahi to ic se nikah tooth jata he? plz zara tafseel se explain kr den…JAZAKALLAH
    Wa alaykumus saklaam
    Nikaah sirf aur sirf talaaq, maut aurfasakh se tutjata he. Yeh amal saheeh nahin. nikah barqaraar he.

  144. Assalam alaikum

    Respected mufti saheb there is a proposal for my younger sister (24 years old) that proposal is very good and they wants to see my sister,in next two days,i want to do wazifa for this that those people (boy’s family) and my family(including my sister) fix this nicely and there should not be any barrier..first thing she is not so beautiful thats why i am worried, and second thing my father is not interested in anything since my mother expired, as he is very old now to look for things like this,he just says no for everything. so please help me and show me a path.


    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The best advice i can give you is to get up at tahajjud prayer time and perform two rakaats of salaah with the intention of salaatul haajaat. thereafter make duaa asking from ALLAH to fulfill your intentions you desire for your sister.

  145. my father made my nikkah in 5 year age in childhood.when i was 25 . i refused to marry with that girl.i convinced the parents and divorced before rukhsati mean marriege.after the divorced i went gone under a chronic and longlife i couldnot marry for ever due to disease. there was no right me to marry by choice.if that was the guilty of my parents then why i am under disease.have the parents right to made nikkah of children in i have a lot of hate with my father have been being hate with his mother in pervious this result of my father hate with his mom.please reply soon.

    1. Asalam-u-alikum warahmatullah wbrakatu
      Muhtam mufti sahib!
      mari shadi 2sal hogye hai 1 bacha hai or mai ne shadi fifth din bewi ki sat back site say kya hai
      islam ki niga si mara nika ko kuch hoga tu nahi
      please answare me soon
      Wa alaykumus Salaam
      Nikaah baqaraar he lekin aise karna saheeh nahin.

    Wa alaykumus Salam
    If someone is willing to marry you with your deficiencies then why not marry. All that is needed to inform the opposite party of your handicap and if they still show interest , make istikharah. Its true many marriages end in failure but on the other many are total success. So place your hope in the mercy of ALLAH and allow them to come forward. The final decision is still yours and your can accept and reject as shariah has given you the choice.

  147. aoa….
    according to Nikah (Marriage) In Islam Written By Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi Rahmatullah Alaihi point no 9.
    my friend Ali did his nikkah with a girl.both are mature and muslim.he took the verbal and written concent(acceptance) on a plan paper.then he went to his friend with that paper on which written offer for nikkah(from boy) and acceptace(by girl) were mentioned with their names and signatures.and asked his friend for witness on that paper after acceptance of nikkah.the friend signed on that paper as a witness after reaging the statements of both groom and bride……now my questions are
    1.can boy and girl live as husband and wife? one witness is enough?as that friend knows both girl and boy
    Wa alaykumussalaam

    N0 the boy and girl cannot be husband and wife as the conditions of nikaah have not taken place.
    2.Condition for a witness is that the verbally personally hear the consent themselves from the bride. They have to be two or if wali of the girl then he is sufficient. (father)
    Therefore your anwer is clear that nikaah is not correct in the manner you explain.

  148. aslk mufti sahab,
    i am 28 yrs old lady and i am not getting married .pls tell me some wazifa as my parents are very worried .the grooms family shows interest first then decline. i pray 5 times and also has done haj last yr and did cried a lot and prayed for good partner soon.i read sureh toha every day once since 2 yrs and do dua.pls suggest me what else should i do .i have patience and trust on ALLAH that he will listen to my dua one day .but my age is increasing day by day and i m worried abt it and my parents are telling false age to grooms family i.e 23 yrs and i m feeling guilty abt it .is it permissible do hide age and get married or shld i object it and tell my real age to people who come to see me going against my parents.pls advice me on this matter too.
    thank u
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Speak the truth about your age otherwise the marriage will start off with lies and will cause problems later on.

  149. im married to divorce lady.. and married her for money, and want to leave right before the marrige. im from poor family so her father tempted me to marry his daughter and she is 8yrs older to life since then has become hell and she forces me to indulge with sex and forcely we have a child,and my son cant speak since birth. i dont live my love and never had any feeling towards her as a wife,. she treats me like dog and tell all possible bad words to my father and mother and they r no more. im madly in love with my girlfriend and she suooprts me and she the only one close to my heart and loves me for what i am and she quite rich and educated and loves me life crazy beacuse he undrestand me and for gives me for my mistakes. sometime im scared if she leaves in affair with a girl and we love each other and she never allows me to have sex with her and she say its a sin,.if its a sin then why is she okay to make out with me? im looking forward to get divorced and marry her. but my girlfriend nevers allows me to have sex with her she say is bad but how to i get trust over her and she says after marriage,till now wherever i have seen everyone ha ssex with their girlfriends, then why cant she, and if feel like having only with her,as i have interest in othere woman.. i too love her.. i have give her alto of pain. its 8 and half years since we r in love due to my financial situation im not able to get divorced as my wife is demanding more.. my firends r married and they have sex outside behind thier wifes.. they have brainwashed me against my girlfriend and they fell that she has too much attitude and told me never go behind girl.. plz tell me what should i do and who is right..
    To have anextra maritial affair is called zinaZina is such a grave sin that a person loses his imaan when he commits zina. For a married person to do so is totally haraam. Those involved in zina are evil and sinful. Having relationship with another woman is also forbidden in islam. Stop the relationship immediately.

  150. Assalamu Alaikum
    Is my Nikah valid under following circumstances.

    Girl brother in law [behnoi] went to her together with two male muslim witnesses and told her that can I do your Niakh with so and so with 50k Mahr. She said “I accept it” and signed the Nikah nama. then her brother in law came to me and conducted her Nikah with me in presence of 2 male muslim adult persons.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The conditions of nikaah are fulfilled but the permission of the Wali *father, etc) would make the nikah fully acceptable and complete. In other words announcing the marriage.

  151. Assalamoalaikum Sahab,kya ek larki ke saath uski bare khala ki beti ki beta se Nikah ho sakti hain?
    Kya yeh jayez hai?
    kya yeh rista kuch vi karke ho sakti hai?Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Kiya aap yeh sawaal kar rahi ho ke apne khaalaa zaat behen ke bete se shaadi hosakte he> Ager yeh sawaal ho tu jaaiz he. Sayyidina ali radhiyallahu anhu ne apne chachazaat bhai ki beti se shaadi ki ho, matalb sayyidatina Fatima radhiyallahu anha se.

  152. kia main asi larki say shadi kr sakta hun jis k sath zana bil habr howa ho?


  153. Salama alaikum , my parents said I can get married but they are saying that I cant and that I have to wait because of the two eids and that a girl can’t get married between the two eids so I have to wait but I told them that this has nothing to do with Islam and not the pteachings of the prophet s.a.w but they Said they don’t care and thats what they believe so I have to wait can you plz tell me what I should do .

  154. I got married for the sake of my parents happiness and dignity,however I am in love with another man and this began before my marraige and we are both very much in love. I want to divorce my husband and marry the man I love,however I feel I will be letting my family down. What should I do? I am only cheating my husband by loving another. Please could you suggest me something. Thank you I am looking forward to hearing from you

    Kind regards
    assalaamu alaykum!!!!?
    Why did you agree to marry ib the first place. Do you think it is right to play with peoples feelings like that? If you were so concerned for their dignity, what has happened now??? The decision is yours but remember that ,” what you sow so shall you reap.”.

  155. Assalam alikum,Its been almost 1 year i got engaged.We even talks somtimes.Everything is perfect Mashallah .My better half is really a nice person.The problem is sometime i feels kay mujha us say shaid nahin karni.May be i dont have tht feeling. Jab kay he really take cares of me and loves me. but i think dunt. please koi aisa waseefa batayee kay mujha un sa thodi si attachment ho ,Waiting for reply

  156. Dear Mufti sab, Salam. I have been told that there has been a bandish on me, please tell me how can i get rid of the bandish. I try to pray five times but i usually miss fajr prayer. Secondly i want to marry this guy but my father wouldn’t approve, please tell me something to recite so that my father happily agrees.Please do reply soon. Thanks
    Assalaamu Alaykum???!!!!
    sorry i believe using any wazeefah to forcefully change a person’s thoughts is tentamount to sihr/jaadoo. Maaf i cannot help you in this matter.

  157. Assalam-o-Alaikum,
    I am Sameer Khan from Pakistan but living in UAE on resident visa. I want to marry someone from Russia who was a net friend of mine and she already have converted to Islam by heart and will convert to islam officially too.
    In UAE normally marriages are performed in the court and it take a little time.
    Sine she will come and stay with me and we will be processing everything for converting her officially to Islam and then to marry which will be in the court and I wanted to have Nikah with her as she reaches here so that if we get physical then it should be hallal for both of us as we already agreed that we will control if the marriage will take time but I wanted to have nikah to avoid any risk of Gunaah.

    Is is possible to let me know if there is anyone who can do nikaah between us in UAE as I already asked the Imam at the Masjid but he refused because they are not allowed from the government to do that.
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Sorry i am not resident in UAE and therefore cannot direct you to anyone. However i can advise you to go to the tableeghi markaz and request them to do this privately. Insha ALLAH you will find a solution there.

  158. Dear molvi saab i am a woman married for five years to my husband and during this time allah tala gave me two beautiful kids a boy and a girl. But the thing is my marriage is not so successful throughout these five years my husband has beaten me very badly. Hes a very bad tempered guy he hit me very badly with a belt and would not stop untill the neoghbours knocked on the door. I love my husband very much we are still together just separate at the moment as hes abroad and ive come to live in uk with my children as my life was in danger. My question to you is that is it okay in islam for a man to beat his wife? And do you think there maybe some jadu on my husband plz help me
    Beating of the wife is not acceptable in Shariah under normal circumstances. However if the wife is Naashizha and openly transgresses the commands of ALLAH and becomes lewd in their behaviour, then slightly rapping her with a miswaak has been made permissible to bring her back on the right path and to help her change her bad ways.
    As for the issue of jadu, firstly we should see if we are causing this temper flares with our attitude as well.

  159. Asalam-oaliokm (wwb) Dear and respectable Mufti Sahab!
    I am a professional advocate ( and qari) here in Pakistan. I am neither so experienced as i just starting practice from last 2 years. My Question is that, that one of my 50 years old client has some suspicious thoughts. In his younger age he did sex with his near relative women ( at that time she was pregnant from her own husband, my client told that she was pregnant that time), now the son of my client want to marry her( woman with whom his father did sex) daughter in each and every condition. As i am not mufti and neither i have the power to ask a local mufti because it can harm my as well my client reputation. Is he can marry that girl? may ALLAH reward you. Thanks
    Wa alaykumusSalam
    Although the sin committed by the individual is grave, the son will be able to marry the girl as there is no real blood relations with her.. Marriage will be regarded as permissible.

  160. Assalam-o-Alaikum,
    I am in a very big problem.The problem is recently i got married with my brother-in-law 3months before.I hate him very much,i dont want to marry him.I never had the intention of marrying him.But my parents told that if i didnt agree then they will die.I told the same to Brother-in-law about my opinion on him.He gave promise that you marry then i will give you talaq.I tried my best to stop the marriage,but my parents kept me hungry,bet me and forcefully done my marriage.It is a position like keeping the Gun at point and making me accepted because if i dont agree my parents will die and my brothers will kill me.
    Now i asked my husband(brother-in-law) to give talaq.But he refused to give me.he said that he lied.I cant live with him.He has done sex by giiving Behoshi ki dawa because i never agree for that.He is drinking and beating me to accept for that.I cant accept him as i hate him from beginning.I asked him for talaq but he is refusing to give.from 2 months im tasting the hell.I want to seperate from him.
    1.Is my Marriage Valid?
    2.If Valid then hw can i get talaq,i cant live with him anymore?

    please help me……….

  161. assalamualikum
    I have a conflict with my husband ,he beats me and his family (father n mother ) tell this is permissible in islam.i took fatwa from darullom karachi(mufti taqi usmani)abt those matters .in short his behavior is not up to islam teachings according to muftis n aalims .My family is supporting me and my one year daughter.but now i want to go back means .my father asked my husband n family to arrange separate home (bcz most of the fights happend bcz of his family disturbance).his father said ok i agreed you but now they are not doing any contact (they are very clever ppl)pls tell me any wazeefa or dua to save my marriage and going back with respect .
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The greatest wazeefah is to make 2 rakaats of namaz and ask directly from ALLAH our needs. May ALLAH make it easy for you inshaALLAHG.

  162. Assalam-o-alekum Mufti sahib,

    I am Ali from Pakistan living in europe. Mere shadi Pakistan mei 2005 mei howe thi. Larki ka brought up Europe mei howe tha lakin us ke parents Pakistani the. Us ke baad 2007 mei mein Europe aa geya apni bewi ke saath or is country mei hamare marriage register ho gaye. 2008 mei hamare ghar ek bache peda howe or 2009 mei ek larka. 2009 ke akher mei hum dono husband wife ki larii ho gaye or police bhi beej mei involve howe. Us larii mei mere bewi ne divorce ke leye apply kar deya . Yeh 2009 ki baat hai, yeh sub batein mere information mei nahin thi. Us ke ek month baad hamare phir se sula ho gaye or hum phir saath rehne lage lakin mere wife ne divorce ka case wapis nahin leya or na hi muje is bare mei bataya, 2010 mei Holland mei hamare divorce register ho gaye. Muje is bare mei phir bhi pata nahin laga. Registration office ne ek letter ghar beeja jo muje mere wife ne nahin deya or mere mind mei bhi nahin tha ke aasa ho sakta hai. 2011 mei hamare phir larii howe or phir police involve howe beech mei or tab muje pata laga ke hum log yaha ki books mei already divorced hai. Yeh mere leye shocking news thi. Tab mei ne sooch leya ke hum ek saath nahin rahe ge lakin mere wife Pakistan chale jaye or us ne mere parents se ja kar maafi mangi or muje se bhi maafi maangi or us ne kaha se muj se galti ho gaye ke jab hum aapas mein thik rehne lage the, muje case wapis lena chaye tha jo mei ne nahin leya.

    Ab us se mere baat hote hai or woh wapis Europe aa rahe hai or chahte hai ke hum phir se ek saath rahe kyon ke hamare Islamic divorce nahin howe or Europe ki registered divorce howe hai. Mei ne apne doosto se mashwara kiya, uno ne muje kaha ke jis country mei aap reh rahe ho us countries ke law aap per apply hote hai or aap logo ki divorce ho chuke hai. Ab mei us ke saath rehna chata ho lakin muje pata nahin hai ke wakhe hi mera rishta us ke saath khatam ho geya hai ya nahin howa or hume doobra ek saath rehna chaye ya nahin. Please muje aap ki advise chaye is masle mei.

    Mei us ke saath rehna chahta ho lakin halal tarekee se. Please is masle ka koi solution bataye.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Aurat ko haqq w talaaq nahin he shariat men. Haan ager zaroorat ho tu khul3a ya fasakh karaa sakti he. Aap ke mas ale men talaaq he nahin tu bas woh wapis aajaae aur dobara apne zindage jaari rakhiye.

  163. Assalam WaleKum Janab,
    meri 15 din baad nikah hone wala hai mager mujeh ksi aur se mohabbat hain,gher wale tayar nahi hain kuch bhi nahi ho sakta, mujhe jinse mohabbat hain wo bhi bahut pareshan hain ,ap kuch duwa bataye bataye taki humein zehani sukun mile aur Allah tala humein sabar ata farmaye…..varna lagta hain main pagal ho jaogi.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    “laa ilaaha ilaa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minazh zhaalimeen” rozana kam az kam 100 bar parhle.

  164. asalam o aliqum
    mufti sb i want to know that ke agar ek shaks(mard) shadi na karna chahta ho tu us ke liye deen e islam mien kiya hukam hey

    1. wa alaykomos Salaam
      ager koi shaks beghair shaadi rehsakta he aur zina men mubtalaa hone ka andaisha na ho tu jaaiz he lekin nikah karna awla aur afzal he.

  165. assalamualikum…. mufti sahb plz guide me in my problem… i was less than two years old when one day,in absence of my mother, my grandmother put her nipple into my mouth to stop me from crying… she tried this attempt 3 to 4 times in one day because i was continuously crying even after taking nipples in mouth and atlast i slept… and at that time my grandmother’s own youngest child was 17 or 18 years old and her husband had also died 6 years before this event…. my question is that is it possible in this situation that “milk” had gone into my stomach when she had not been feeding for 15 years…..?? moreover my grandmother used to say that she is not sure of anything that whether milk has gone into baby’s stomach or not….but now she is mentally unfit and can not recall aything from past.. and i want to marry my cousin..plz tell me that in this situation am i allowed to marry him or not???… please give me fatwa according to hanafi school…thanks alot…

    1. wa alaykomos salaam
      Medically it is imposible for milk to be emmitted in such a case. Therefore there will be no harm in marrying him.

  166. Dear Sir,

    Please , please , please , please , guide me on the subject. I have posted my question several times but in vain. Is there no any reference in Islamic Books regarding this issue. Please guide me in the light of Quran & Sunnah.

  167. AOA Mufti sahab,
    I have a question about Hurmat-e- musaharah that my family is dealing with right now and is causing alot of stress and questions.This pertains to my father and my sister in law that is his daughter in law.My father at the time of incident was 71 and suffering from Diabetes,Hypertension,memory issues,forgetfulness.He has symptoms related to Alzheimer’s/Dementia not normal age related memory issues.During this incident he was alone with my sister in law and my father has been living in the house with them for the last 12-13 yrs prior to this incident.He went for breakfast he sat down next to her,put his hand on her shoulder and kissed the side of her cheek,my sister in law shocked left the scene immediate.According to my father who is a practicing muslim does not recall exactly what happened but knew something out of the ordinary he ate his breakfast asked my sister in law for some routine stuff to get from outside. I understand by the book on this subject by Shkyah Mufti Mohammad Farooq that they main thing to establish is whether there was lust in his heart as he is old and not capable of having any physical signs of lust and does not recall exactly everything.Other things that are happening to him is losing his way,repeating things over and over and is under the treatment of a physician for this disease.
    He is otherwise an honest man and apologized to my sister in law.One other incident was with another female not a relative but a friend that he thought was someone else and shook hand with her very warmly and he does not do that,he later realized what he did and again apologized as this is not allowed or permitted in our religion.
    Mufti shaab I am a physicain myself and these type of incidences are not uncommon in people with dementia/Alzheimer’s as the person suffering from this can have confusion/hallucinations etc.
    I would be very grateful for your guidence as it is an ordeal that my family is going through.

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      It is narrated in hadeeth that rasululllaah saws said,” my ummah has been relieved from the responsibility to two things. 1. Mistake 2. Forgetfulness.”
      In the scenario explained the issue of hurmat must harsh is not applicable as it was done in mistake and forgetfulness

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    layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you customize
    it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it’s rare to see
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  169. aoa.wr.wb i want to ask is it allowed for muslim girl to commit to a person for marriage and to promise him that i wouldn’t marry anyone else if u get me from my parents and after committing is it allowed to communicate with him through sms chat only and if chat consists of only moral talks means just for the purpose to know each other and on any religious topic and nothing on love and affection. if it is sin then now what is the kaffara for boy and girl? jazakallah

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Remember sharia allows chat to the degree of necessity. On the other hand regular chat will end up in inappropriate talk and therefore not allowed. However if one is involved in such chat then know it is wrong and seek forgiveness from ALLAH

  170. As Salam u Alaikum
    I wanted to know is it permissible for a boy and girl to chat on sms only, if it is decided by their parents that they are going to be married, after completion of education ?

  171. Assalamoalaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatahu Moulana Sahb, I am a 29 year old married businessman. I have come to know of and proposed to a widow with two daughters living in desperate poverty. I can afford to maintain both wives and i can financially and physically cater to both families. However my first wife’s brother has threatened to divorce my sister who is married to him in case I go through this marriage. He says he accepts that second marriage is jaiz but he says it is not compulsory for him to keep my sister in his nikah either. Also my mother has told me not to remarry since she does not want her daughter to be divorced and also because my first wife is her niece. So my questions are: 1) If my sister’s husband divorces her, will he be considered sinful? He says that men are not sinful for divorcing their wives without a reason as Hassan (ra) divorced 200 times. 2) Do I have to obey my my mother’s instruction if she tells me not to marry a second wife even though I am capable. She says that obedience to mother is obligatory and that second marriage is not obligatory. 3)Also is it true that Shafi and Hanbali scholars say that having only one wife is sunnah/recommended? Please send me an answer. Jazakallahu Khayran.

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و
      It seems you facing the firing squad and now putting me in the line of fire.
      Anyway your brother in law is threatening to divorce your sister because of your plan to marry a second time. Does he realise by doing so he will be making zhulm /oppressing your sister and will be punished for it. There is no way to justify his intent. It is a sin.
      To marry for the second time is permissible and within your right if you are capable of being just and equal. Therefore it is your perogative to do so. No one should stop you.

  172. Assalamu alaikum mufti sahab! I had an affair with a girl for five years, our parents were against it, rightly so, however both the parties mutually agreed later and they are satisfied with us now. We also conducted the nikkah in a simple manner involving just the two families; since both of us had our degrees going on we were reluctant to inform our relatives.

    1) My problem is, we were in an affair for five years and during that time we had a lot of contacts and we involved in sinful acts I.e: we didn’t have sexual intercourse but other; however we realized everything and now have repented for it; due to this sinful acts in the past will this affect our married life?

    2) My next question is when we did the nikkah we only proposed the mahr and the girls father agreed on it, but we didn’t give the mahr physically yet but we will give it in future in sha Allah. So after that nikkah me and my fiancé met lots of times and we also spent a lot of time privately we even had sex but not sexual intercourse, is this a sinful act?

    3) My next question is; me and my fiancé were confused over this mahr issue whether or not we can be together, have sexual relationship without physically giving the mahr and al that so both of us among us agreed on a amount and I myself gave it to her just to be sure that we are not commuting a sin, but the amount me and her father agreed during the nikkah is different. This I did just to be sure that I’m not commiting a sin. What have I done? I’m confused mufti sahab please give a solution for this please.

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      1. What was done before nikaah is sinful but toubah wipes out the sin. Rasulullaah saaws said,” the who who repents is as if he did not commit any sin.”
      2. Mahr is wa a jib in nikaah but can be given later (delayed payment) if agreed upon. All marital rights will be permitted between husband and wife.

  173. can a sunni girl marry to a ahle tasheeh? and what complications could took place after marrriege kindly help me out i am realy confused and so wanna know wether it will be good or not???!!

    1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
      Marriage to Ahlul tasbeehs is not permissible as they are declared kaafir by the ulema due to their wrong beliefs. Therefore abstain from such a nikaah.

  174. Salam. Me and my class fellow wants to get married. We dont involve
    in any sinfull activity. We are becoming doctors and have very good
    compatbility. We like eachothers thinking morals charchters and mentality. Ma
    sha Allah we have a lot of things common between us and respect eachother.
    Want to have a pure relation a married one. But his parents specialy his
    mother force him alooot to marry her brothers daughter (his cousin) which he
    dont want to. He dont like her and is not at all willing. He tried alot to
    convince his mother. His mother frcfully tried to engage him with her but he
    dont like her so he broke dat..n said his mother that i dont want to marry
    her at all. He loves his family and i want his parents to get agree bcz i
    want him happy and i m sure if we will get married i will make hia mother
    happy by time n respect. She is atill forcing him but he ia not ready plz
    help. Wo maan jayen gy na? Baray betay ko aak to nai kar skty na?


    1. Wsalam
      Perform two Rakaats of salaatul hajaat and ask ALLAH for betterment of your situation. Also make constant du’aa and beg from ALLAH.

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