1. asalm-o-elikum.
    janab mufti saheb mera aap se sawal ye hai ke baal (HAIR) ko Color karna jaiz hai ke nahi.
    mein ak 22 Salaa (YEARS) ka howoon or mere baal (HEAR) Brown Hai or mein un ko Kala (BLACK) Color karna chahta hoon.
    agar Baalon ko Color Karna jaiz nahi to us ko wajuhat Tafseel se Batain Shukriya .

    Chaudhry Akhlaq From Spain
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Dear Chaudhry Saheb, Dyeing hair with pure black colour which resembles the original blackness of the hair and gives the impression of being young is forbidden for both man and woman beside the Mujahideen because of the prohibition and severe warning narrated from the beloved Nabee of Allaahﷺ.

    Imaam Muslimرحمه الله تعالى has recorded in his Saheeh Muslim on the authority of Sayyedinaa Jaabirرضى الله عنه that when Sayyedianaa Abu-Quhafahرضى الله عنه embraced Islaam at the conquest of Makkah and was taken to the Nabee of Allaahﷺ, he ﷺasked him to dye his white hair but at the same time prohibited him from using black dye. Imaam Abu Dawood and Nasaiرحمها الله تعالى have recorded that the Nabee of Allaahﷺ said, “There will be people at the end of time who will dye their hair black like the crops of pigeons; they will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise.”

    However, dyeing hair with read and yellow colour is permitted for both genders rather recommend. Imaam Ahmad رحمه الله تعالىhas recorded in Musnad Ahmad on the authority of Sayyedianaa Abu Umamah رضى الله تعال عنهthat the Nabee of Allaahﷺ passed by a group of white-bearded Ansaries. He said: – “Dye your beards with red or yellow dye. Expose your disparateness with the people of the book, Jews and Christians as they are not inclined to apply hair dye.”

    Therefore, dyeing hair with any other colour beside pure black is permissible. Using back dye is forbidden for both sexes.
    والله اعلم

  2. assalam o alaikum
    We live in USA.
    I have a question about Easter.As easter is comming so in schools they have different things for kids to do.
    they arrange the egg hunts and games taking picture with the easter bunny Etc.

    Can u plz help us that wot does islam says in this matter.
    Thank you.

    Allah Hafiz
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Easter festival is based on the propagation of false belief that Isaa was killed and crucified, placed in the grave and then rose from it while the truth is that he was neither killed nor crucified rather he was taken up to heaven alive. The Glorious Qur’aan says, “And because of their saying, “We killed Al-Masih `Isaa, son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allaah,” but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but it appeared as that to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no (certain) knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely; they killed him not. But Allaah raised him up unto Himself. And Allaah is Ever All-Powerful, All-Wise.” (Suratun-Nisaa 04: 157-158)

    The Glorious Qur’aan has prohibited Muslims to help one another in wrong and evil. “Help you one another in Al-Birr and At-Taqwa; but do not help one another in sin and transgression.” (Suratul Maidah5:2)

    It is narrated on the authority of Ibn Masu’d that he heard the Nabee of Allaah said, “He who increases the number of a nation will be regarded one of them and he who is pleased with the practice of any nation will be regarded as a participant in the practice of that nation.” (Nasbur-Rayah Li-Ahadithil-Hidayah Vol. 4)

    Therefore, it is not permitted for a Muslim to allow his/her children participate in Easter and other religious festivals of non-Muslims.
    والله اعلم

  3. Asalam-O-Alykom
    Wot Islam,quran and Hadees says abt doing different Wazaf.Like Reciting a word or Aayat specific number of times.
    Can u plz explain in the light of all above.

    Thank you.

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    The specific number of some Wazifah and Du’aa has been mentioned in the Ahadith whereas some are based on the experience. Imaam Bukhari has recored on the auhtoirty of Sayyedinaa Ayeshaa that whenever the Nabee of Allaah went to bed every night, he used to cup his hands together and blow over it after reciting Surat Al-Ikhlaas, Al-Falaq and An-Naas, and then rub his hands over whichever parts of his body he was able to rub, starting with his head, face and front of his body. He used to do that three times.
    والله اعلم

  4. Asalam-O-Alykom

    When u live in USA ,if u dont have a job,or any other source of income.The State monthly pays u a specific amount.

    If a person have only that source of income can he pay Zakat and do sadaqa from this amount or not.

    Thank you.

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Zakaat is obligatory for every sane, adult and free Muslim/Muslimah who possesses the Nisaab, free from his/her initial needs and debts, for a whole lunar year whether one possesses the same by one’s own earning, gifts or any other lawful sources. Therefore, the referred person must pay the Zakaat if all the conditions are met.
    والله اعلم

  5. Dear Mohtaram Mufti Sahib,
    Assalam o Alaikum

    My mother listens mine and my wife discussion from outside our room. My mother this habit disturbs me a lot. She doesn’t really respect my wife and disgraces her and her family sometimes.

    I get angry at mom and misbehaves with her for which I feel guilty later on.

    Could you please suggest what should I do in present circumstances? Is it becoming difficult for me to stay with my parents.
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Eavesdropping which is termed as Tahassus is forbidden but is not worse than the crime of inviting someone to Kufr and Shirk whereas Allaah has commended to be kind and helpful to parents in terms of finance and service even if they are disbelievers and ask to commit Kufr and Shirk. The Glorious Qur’an says, “But if they strive with you to make you ascribe unto Me as partner that of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not. Consort with them in the world kindly, and follow the path of him who repented to Me. Then to Me will be your return, and I shall tell you what you used to do”. (Suratu Luqmaan: 31/15)

    Therefore, ask your mother for forgiveness, make sincere Taubah and arrange a separate house, if possible. But never show disrespect to the parents, serve and support them financially whenever they are in need of it as Islaam has put great emphasizes on the obedience to parents and enjoined on man to be good towards them. The obedience to parents has been stated along with the obedience to Allaah in numerous verses of the Glorious Qur’aan and in the Ahadith of the Beloved Nabeeﷺ. The Glorious Qur’an says, “And We have enjoined upon man concerning his parents. His mother bore him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Give thanks to Me and to your parents. To Me is the journeying”. (Suratu Luqmaan: 31/14)
    والله اعلم

  6. asslam o alikum, plz interpret the dream—i got dreams which were a little
    > scary. i saw myself in a compartment . where i saw myself lying on bed of
    > compartment and on opposite side i saw a girl same like me talking with
    > another women. i tried to talk but it seems i was invisible to her. i got
    > scared seeing my own figure. and woke up. plz interpret it. allahhafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This seems to be what is termed an out of body experience. Suuch dreams normally shows conditions that are prvailing which in normal life we do not pick up, like a person advising you or trying to benefit or harm you etc. One should not feel afraid, rather take leson from what is seen o heard.

  7. asslam o alaikum, plz help me by clarifying it i didnt understand what the reply mean mean?, sorry plz interpret the dream—i got dreams which were a little
    > scary. i saw myself in a compartment . where i saw myself lying on bed of
    > compartment and on opposite side i saw a girl same like me talking with
    > another women. i tried to talk but it seems i was invisible to her. i got
    > scared seeing my own figure. and woke up. plz interpret it. allahhafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This seems to be what is termed an out of body experience. Suuch dreams normally shows conditions that are prvailing which in normal life we do not pick up, like a person advising you or trying to benefit or harm you etc. One should not feel afraid, rather take leson from what is seen o heard.
    In simple words it refers to not concerning your self of th happening rather you have to see what happens or listen to what is spoken. Maybe in it is a great lesson for you or a warning for you.

  8. asslam o alaikum, i am sorry but i didnt understand the meaning of ur reply. plz help by clarifying it. does it mean that i am under sihir.
    Wa alaykumus salaam warahmatullaah. I mentioned that here was jinn interference as dipicted by your dream.Jinn interference does not mean sihr!!!


    Assalaam mu alaikum

    Respected Ulema

    I have a few questions and hope you could assist .

    Our local madressa does not have Hifz classes . The are private Alims teaching from home and other places .
    8 youngsters parents have hired a Qari at R300 per child per month to teach in the Musjid sen area .THE Qari has a wife and one child with no other income .

    1. Can the Qari teach in the Musjid ?
    2. Can he be compensated ?
    3. Can the students recite the Quran , be taught and read aloud ?

    The donor of the lights and water has insisted that he approves the use of the Musjid facilities .

    The trustees are unsure of the appropriate action


    Mahomed S Ismail and Associates
    DUNDEE 3000 DUNDEE 3000
    034 2125400/500
    Wa alaykumus salaamwa rahmatullaah.
    Firstly and formostly teachig in the masjid is a sunnat practise of our Rasul Salalaahu alayhi wasallam. Therefore utilizing the masjid for that purpose will be permissible. However one important factor to bear in mind will be the utilizing of water and lights etc which should be re compensated by the individuals . However if the sponsor agrees then it will be proper. The recital of the qur aan loudly is acceptable if there are no musallis in the masjid.As for the compensation for teaching the qur’aan , it is not permissible. However for the time utilized in teaching , compensation will be allowed.
    And ALLAH knows best.

  10. assalam alaykom getting a dog and a cat to live with you at home is it haram?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    keeping of cats as pets is permissible if one looks after them. Dogs are allowed for security and guarding purposes only.Not as a domesyic pet.

  11. As Salam O Alaikum
    i want to ask u a query regarding baby name. I selected a name “Muhammad Hadi” for my first born baby boy but there are objections by various ppls that Hadi is the name of Allah. I studied that Hadi is also a name of Muhammad (S.A.W.). Had is one of the names of Muhammad (S.A.W.) which also means Hadi. also in quran “yahdi” & “tahdi” are called for Muhammad (S.A.W.) which also mean hadi. now plz suggest me either i should continue keeping the above name or change the name by Abdul Hadi
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Alhaadi is one of ALLAH TA AALA’S ninety nine names. Yes the hadi without theal is also the sifat of rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam. The difference is on the word “al” The usage of it in the manner you named your son will be permissible but because people are in the habit of removing the muhammed and only caling him haadi does create a problem.Many will mistake it for the sifat of ALLAH and it might cause a problem. Although permissible it would be better to rename the child muhammed abdul haadi or abdul haadi if you wish.

  12. Aslam-o-Alaikum
    I want to know tabeer of a dream. I Saw on 10th Zilhaj, After the Khutba-e-Hajj 2008 night in Makkah. I saw i am in maidan-e-arfat with a girl ( i want to marry with this girl). I Saw that we are busy in Dua for whole night, wearing Ahraam.
    Makkah was full with hajjaj-e-karam, i saw on sky for watching the time of namaz and also praying dua, and the girl down head and praying dua.
    time of this khawab is exactly before Fajar at Makkah and when i awake at lahore, there is also Praying Azan-e-Fajar At Lahore.

    Please i want to know the tabeer of this khawab. One thing more, During Khutba-e-Hajj (PTV Telecost), I Pray Dua and Demand of this girl from ALLAH, and then i saw this Dream at night.
    so Please help me.

    ** one thing more on the girl side cast metters are so high. they don’t marry without cast. she belongs to AWAN famly and me from Rajput famly. so plz tel me any powerfull wazifa to take marriage with the same girl.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Many a times we are persistent to know of dreams but we will feel bad about the interpretation.
    Do you realize that you mention you see yourself in the maidaan of arafaat but you are involved in haraam?Yourself with a na mahram girl.Secondly the night is not spent at arafaat but you have to leave it by maghrib time. Therefore the dream is not regarded as a good dream but rather your own thoughts

  13. Could you please enlighten me (and other readers) regarding the following question?
    I am a Muslim, and a musician. I write, compose and perform songs with an Islamic Message. My songs contain elements of faith, the adherence to our beliefs such as Shahadah, as well as the message of Islam that conveys Peace and promotes Tolerance, Pluralism and Diversity.
    We live in a world today where various other forms of music surround us, where they talk about violence, alcohol, drugs and the degrading of women.
    My question is this: if I’m using music for the ‘greater good’ instead of the negative elements just mentioned, is this allowable from your perspective of Islam?
    Please advise.
    Assalaamu alaykum
    The usage of musical instruments is forbidden ib iislam . Rasoolullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhas mentioned that i have been sent to break all musical instruments.(tirmidhi, abu dawood)
    If you wish to compose dongs about islaam then abstain from musical instruments.Using your voice for the singing of anaaasheed is permissible s long as it is not accompanied by musical instruments.

  14. Assalam o Alaikum mufti sahab,please help me i am very much worried.acutally since one year i am having problem of hair fall and my hair have become very thin. ive tried many oils and treatments but still un healthy and very thin.the problem is that they are falling from the front.please help me out and give me some dua.i will be very thankful to you.please dont ignore my request.
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    Hair falling is a natural thing. It normally occurs due to lack of vitamins which are required for hair growth.Certain times the reason is a person using certain oils or shampoo that does not agree with ones skin which causes hair loss.Therefore i would suggest changing you shampoo and trying out some multi vitamin tablets. As for a special du’aa that guarantees hair growth, i am not aware of any such duaa.

  15. aslamo alykum,
    ist of all,i want to thank u for guiding distressed and depressed muslims to the rite paths and solving their queries.i have a problem too.
    i have a dark complexion and want to make it fair.i wanted to try variuos home remedies for it but my mom is so strict that she doesnt let me use them on my face though they work really well but my mom doesnt understand in severe really thankful to ALLAH for what HE has created me but i really do want to lighten my complexion my complexion.can u plz suggest any wazeefa,aayaat or suraah to make my complexion fair?does reading surah rehman or surah yousaf help in this case?plz dont suggest any home remedies as my mom wudnt allow me to use ready to obey all commands of ALLAH to please HIM TO the extent that HE may grant this wish of mine.plz reply soon.
    Wa alaykumusSalaam.
    As far as complexion and skin pigmentation is concerned, theseare all the creation of ALLAH. Unfortunately in todays world people are more concerned of beauty than good qualities. The world has turned into a place where beauty is worshipped only.Having a light or dark complexion should not really bother us. The goodness of the heart is most important. Your mother is right in forbidding you to use these home remedies because anything which causes the skin colour to vbecome lighter leads to skin cancer
    Many a times people advise the recital of certain surahs and when they dont see any benefit they think they have wasted their time by recital of these surahs. Therefore ii refrain from giving any surahs to read. Definitely without doubt the quraan has great benefits but its main reason is guidance and to attain thawaab for reading it.Even if our desire is not fulfilled we still get the eward of tilaawat. Unfortunate is that person who reads quraan for some worldly reason and then give it up when he gets no benefit.
    I wish to inform you of an observation that i have seen. Women who adorn the hijaab who were naturally dark , after a year people asked them how did their complexion change/ This i know as a fact and therefore i would personally advise you to do so too. Insha ALLAH your wish will be granted.

  16. Asalamu-Alaykum,

    I have a quick question about the reward of wordly women in jannah. You see everywhere i read, i always find that men will be getting like 72+ wives, pure mates, hoors, etc.

    However, I know that Allah Ta’ala has promised both men and women paradise and bounties, but I havent come across such great details for women, in any hadith. I have full trust in Allah that He will give the wordly women high rewards too.

    I just think the women of the world work extremely hard, and very often get mistreated by men. Will these men also get such high rewards even though they were unjust? I even know that the man who is in the lowest part of jannah will even get so many pure wives, etc. But what about the women they treated badly, and disrespected in this world. I know some men who think such wrong thoughts of women if they have made a mistake in their life and they never think of that women to be pure even if she has changed her life around and has become a God-fearing muslim woman. These men even consider themselves to be noble and put women down.

    I always read that the women of jannah, will be so beautiful that they will light up the entire earth, etc. I have to admit i get a bit jealous, as i hope that the worldly women get a higher status.

    I find it a bit unfair that muslim men who are cruel and have no feelings of mercy in their hearts will eventually get these bounties.

    I have a good opinion of Allah, it’s just that I need to be more educated in this area, so i can be relieved of my worries concerning the next world.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Firstly do you think that oppressors will be granted free entry into jannah?
    Do you think that a true muslim man is cruel? Was rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam a cruel person?

    Do you really think that those who mistreat will be left unpunished by ALLAH.
    A true muslim woman will be made the queen of the women of jannah and her beauty will surpass theirs by far.She will be granted such clearifffty of body and transparency that her love for he partner could be seen with the naked eye.To know more of the topic a beautiful book was written by ibn qayyim aljowzi rahimahullaah by the name haadiyul arwaah ilaa bilaadil afraah(which i believe has been translated)
    which provides detailed descriprtions on the topic. I advise you try and read it.

  17. salam alikum !

    Its embarracing to talk about sexual matters , but I feel the time is long overdue.
    1 .I am 45 yrs old ,educated,born moslem .
    2 .I am unmarried.
    3 .I have zero attraction towards opposite sex,but normal man in every way.
    4 .I am attracted to sames sex – psychiatrist cannot helpme .
    5. In my life I had casual sex 3-5 times with same sex only.
    6. I am also epileptic (controlled by medicine).
    7. I find very difficult to marry but am forced by my family to marry , cause I am sick , no one to take care of me.
    8. someone I trust took me to a prostitute and told me if I can sleep with her then I can marry .But I just could not sleep with her and ended depressed.
    9. I am religous – I know I lost the world I don’t won’t to lose the hereAfter
    10.whenever the subject of marriage comes about I get very depressed.
    11. Also as u get older u tend to get weaker , and knowing u do not have anybody is even more depressing.

    Help me pls, and pls give me the right advice , so atleast I can get paradise and I will not commit suicide.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam.
    Hmosexuality and being gay is forbidden in islaam and regarded as un natural.
    In tafsir Jalaalain it is mentioned:-
    { وَٱللَّذَانِ يَأْتِيَانِهَا مِنكُمْ فَآذُوهُمَا فَإِن تَابَا وَأَصْلَحَا فَأَعْرِضُواْ عَنْهُمَآ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ كَانَ تَوَّاباً رَّحِيماً }

    And when two of you (read wa’lladhāni or wa’lladhānni) men, commit it, that is, a lewd act, adultery or homosexual intercourse, punish them both, with insults and beatings with sandals; but if they repent, of this [lewd act], and make amends, through [good] action, then leave them be, and do not harm them. God ever turns [relenting], to those who repent, and is Merciful, to them
    Altough the punishment mentioned her is abrogted but replaced by the more severe punishment , it clearly prooves that it is un acceptable in islaam. If someone committed this act, then He should sincerely repent to ALLAH who forgives all sins. No sin is greater then the mercy of ALLAH. Once a person repents , then he is clean of the sin. Insha ALLAH allah forgive you totally, aameen.
    If you feel that you do not have the capability tomarry a woman, then rather stay in aaaaaaan unmarried condition and abstain from oppressing and also stay away from gay affairs.Try and turn towards ALLAH and abstain from friendship with gay people.Tur to your MAKEr and try an live a virtuous life, insha ALLAH you will experience a great difference and a feeling of happiness and solice.

    1. asalam this is misbah main aj kal bohat paraishan hon meri shadi 1996 ko hui jo tooth gai tub say ab tak main paraishanion kay ghairay main hon 14 sal say mujhay dukh kay siwaaur kuch na mila main job kay liyay apply karti hon magar nahin milteh meri qualification hai ba ap mujhay zaror jawab dain
      Wa alaykumus Salaam
      Sawaal kiya he aapka. Samajh nahin aarahi he ke kis cheez ki jawaab doo.

  18. Assalam o Alaikum,
    My wife and her family are very persistant in that we should not change the name of one of our sons. The name is Ayaan. I am suspicious that it doesnt really mean what most of the websites say it means “gift of god”. What i do know is that it is a multicultural name which also happens to be the name of a hindu god in one of the indian languages. i think that its a name that more hindus have than muslims.

    1. I would like to know the meaning of this name “Ayaan” and would like to know if you think that it is a proper name ?

    Also, i would like to change the name of one of my other sons whom my wifes
    family named “mahad”. I am not satisfied with the meaning of it. They want him to write his name Zain-ul-abedeen but want to call him Zain. Something tells me that at the time of the Imam Zain-ul-abedeen, that no one went around calling him just Zain. It doesnt feel right.

    2. please advise if it is proper to call our son Zain and have him wright Zain-ul-abedeen ?

    Zajah ka-allah kher
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    the name ayyan is not an islaamic name as far as my knowledge goes. It is normally use in arabic for the name “ian” which is not an islamic name at all.Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wasallam has ordered us to give good names to our children.He also ordered names which had bad meanings to be changed.Therefore we advise the changing of the name (it seems it was a title used by officials of the turkish empire too).
    2. as far as shortenng the name without distorting its meaning will be regarded
    as permissible. Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa salaam would call sayyidatin a ayesha radhiyallahu anha as aa ish. Therefore it will be permissible to call him so but preferrable to call by the full name.

  19. asalm-o-alikum.
    mufti sahab mujhe app se ye puchna hai k.
    main nay quraan ki kasam khai hai k main aik larki ko kbhi dhuoka nhn dungal.or na kbhi us ka bharosa torunga.qasam to main nay kha li lekin mujhe ab pata chala hai k wo larki thik nahin hai..
    woh larki bhut buri adaton ki hai matlab larko k sath khelna or un ko phansana or un ko dhoka daina..
    mujhe is baat ki achi tarikay se jaan kari hai k woh larki buhat buri hai..
    ab main chahta hun k main apni us kasam ko tor dun q k mian apni zindagi aisi larki k sath nhn guzar sakta jis pe mujhe hamesha shak rahe.
    mujhe apni qassam torni hai is ka kia kaffara hai ya main aisa kia karun k jis se kasam bhi na tutay or meri jaan chut jaye us larki say..
    plz meri madad karain main buhut mushkil main hun is wajah se..plz
    ap ki bari mehrbani hogi agr ap meri email Id pe ,ujhe reply kardain to..
    main ap ka ahsan mand honga..
    Qasm ka kaffaarah yeh he-
    10 admi ko khana khilaade
    10 admi ko kapra pehnade
    ya kisi ghulaam ko azad kare
    agar yeh na hosake tu
    3 din roza rakhle.
    Bas ta aluqaat band karaade aur kaffaarah dede.

  20. Assalamvalekum va rahmathullahi va barkathu va maqfirathu:

    Mufthi Sahab:

    I am a revert muslim allhemdullella. I love my mother very much and I cant imagine her crying at all (that too because of me). She came to know about me becoming a muslim and she is crying like a child and she is also seriously threatening me that she would commit sucide!!! can i lie for the time being?? My dad, relatives, and friends I know, none of them is going to accept me and I am least bothered about them but MY Parents!!. What should I do now? Can I lie to my parents and stay away from them for a while?? I am praying for their hidaya…Inshahallah Please advise me regarding how to deal with my parents.

    Remember me and my parents in your duas.

    Jazzak allah Khair!!
    Wa alaykumussalaam
    Our parents are our beneficiaries in this world for which we need to show our gratitude to them as mentioned in the qur’aan
    And We have enjoined upon man concerning his partners – His mother beareth him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years – Give thanks unto Me and unto thy parents. Unto Me is the journeying.

    But if they strive with thee to make thee ascribe unto Me as partner that of which thou hast no knowledge, then obey them not. Consort with them in the world kindly, and follow the path of him who repenteth unto Me. Then unto Me will be your return, and I shall tell you what ye used to do –
    Yet in the same breath we are taught not to listen to them when they force us to leave islaam. These two verses of surah luqman are the best advise and the most just that we will find.

  21. assalm mufti saheb

    me apse apni bimary ke bare me bat karna chata hu
    mujhe ocd(obssesive compulsive disorder ) nam ki bimary hai isme unwanted khayal ate me jo sochna nahi chata wohi sochne me ata hai mene docter ko dikha ya unhone kaha tuhe chemical imbalence ho gaya hai jise niyat ke ulte khayal aate hai mera sawal ye hai ji mujhe ma baap ,khuda ke khilaf galat khayal aate hai jaise gali anjana dar lagta hai
    kya mujhe gunah milta hai me yahi sochta rehta hu ki me gunahgar hu bahut taqleef me hu mera treatment bhi chal raha hai please me yahi sochta hu ki me kafir ho gaya dojak me jaoga khuda ke khilaf galat sochta hu sharme ke wajah se kisi aspaas wale mufti se nahi pucha me kuch bure kam nahi karta meri umre 21 saal hai please jaldi jawab dijiega
    khuda hafiz
    W alaykumus Salaam
    Insaan is sooratehaal men apne kalaam ka mukallaf nahin. IN ALFAAZON PAR SACHI DIL DE TOUBAH MAANGLE , aLLAH tamam ghunnaon kr maaf karne wala hai.Jab bhi maraz se khucch ifaaqaa hojaay tu toubah karte rehna.

  22. assalam mufti saheb mene apse apni dimagi bimary ocd ke bare me pucha tha isme jis chiz ko sabse jyada respect kate hai ushi ke khilaf galat khayal aate hai mene pichle sawal me apko bataya tha mujhe abhi bhi confusion hai kya mujhe gunah milta hai please wajahat farmay mujhe dimagi takat ka wajifa batae
    khuda hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Agar yeh khiyaalaat be ikhtiiyari ho tu usmen koi gunaah nahin.AAp you karle ke har namaz ke baad “Ya Qawiyou Qowinie” 11 baar parhliya kare, insha ALLAH khucch ffaida hoga.

  23. Assalamoalikum mufti sahib,mujay apsay puchna tha k agar koi kisi k ghar bachanay k liya jhoti quran ki kasam khalay sirf es niyat say k agar kisi k parda rakha tu ghar bach jaee ga…lakin vo kasam jhoti ho tu es ka kafara kia ho ga aur kia daina ho ga…tauba ka kia tareeqa hona chaheya?
    Meharbani kar k jawab mail bhi kar dein.
    Wa alaykumus salaam.
    Is men kaffarah e yameen laazmi he. Woh he ke aap ya das admi ko khaanaa khilaay ya das ko kapra pehnaaiy ya kisi ghulaam ko aazaad kare. agar yeh na ho sake tu tien din musallsal roza rakhle. Yehi toubah ke liye kaafi he.

  24. Assalamo-alaikum mufti sahib,

    Apkay jawab ka bohat bohat shukria.Mujay kuch sawal aur puchnay hein.

    1) Hum log USA mein rahtay hein…jahan muslim kam n non-muslim ziada hein.Mujay puchna yah hay k sadqa vaghaira k paisay kisi non-muslim charity mein daina theek hay k nahe?Islam non-muslims ki help aur un say salook k baray mein kia kahta hay aur kia humein es ka sawab milta hay k nahe?

    2) Koshre meat khana haram hay ya makru?

    3) Meray husband k credit card k bohat ziada loan hein aur humaray financial halat neechay say neechay ja rahay hein.Kindly koi aisa vazeefa ya dua batein k humara loan utar jae aur mali halat theek ho jaein.
    Allah ap ko ajar day…ameen

    Wa alaykumussalaam.
    1) Ghair muslim organisation ko donation dena jaaiz hoga besharte ke woh kisi church ya religious organisation na ho.Haan yeh nafli sadaqa se sirf aap donate kar sakte he.
    2) Agar yaqeena koi shirki alfaaz zabah ke waqt istimaal nahin hote tu jaaiz warna haraam. Agar shak ho tu makrooh.
    3) Pehli baat toubah aur istighfaar kare. Yaad rakhiye ke credit card balaa he jo insaan ko pansaata hai. Interest dena haraam he . Aur usmen siwaai barbaadie aur khucch nahin.khoshish kare ke interest uspar charne na de. ALLAH asaan farmaaiye .yeh du aa parhliya kare har namaz ke baad

  25. Assalamualaikum Mufti Sahab! ye mere valida ke tabiyat ke bare me he, unki tabiyat aksar kharab rehti, har thode din me kuch naya problem hota he, pehle unko bone replacemnt surgery hui, fir brain stroke, fir kidney problem. Plz ap batay ye koi asraat ya ilm ki vajah se hye kya. aur plz iske liye vazifa bi batay..Jazaka-Allah.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    surah waaqiaa har raat ko parhne ki aadat banaale. Subah fajr parhkar surah yaseen parhliya kare. Uske baad chaar rakaat ishraaq namaz parhle inshaALLAH khucch khair hoga.

  26. aslamo alykum,
    thank u for replying to my previous querry.i asked u about how to make complexion fair and u advised me to adorn hijab.u r right.i have noticed it too that the complexion of the women who adorn hijab improves.but my problem is that as long as im living in my parents home i.e. as long as im not married,i wont be able to wear hijab,becoz my parents consider it as an islamic extremism and would not be happy if i wear it.i will INSHALLAH adorn hijab but after 2yrs when ill be the mean time i just cover my whole body properly by a as long as im not able to adorn hijab,can u advise me anything else to improve my complexion(but not a household remedy plz)..if u give me some aaayaat to read for this purpose ill be grateful to u and i promise not to misuse these aayaat or wazaif or stop reading them even if they dont solve my problem…actually this complexion problem is creating serious agony for me as far as my marriage,relation with wuold-be-inlaws and with my collegues is concerned..plz reply soon.ill be grateful to u.
    Wa alaykumusSalaam
    I would like to know if you have any urinal probrems? It so then i advise you to consult a doctor as kidney problemsdo cayse change of colour of skin too.

  27. Assalamualaikum! Mufti Sahab mere ghar ke halaat thik nahi he..bahot saal se muje aur mere baba ko job ki pareshani he aur mere ammi ki tabiyat bi thik nahi rahti. me saudi jane ke liye bi try kara hu par kuch nahi hora. plz ap koi vazifa batay.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Aap surah waaqi’aa rozana esha ke baad parhna shuru kare. Insha ALLAH perishaani door hojaaigi.

  28. assalam
    mufti saheb mene aapko apne khayalo ke bare me detail se bataya tha mufti saheb please mujhe clear kar dijiye ki in unwanted khayalo ka sharai koi gunah hai ?aapne mujhe jawab nahi diya.
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    Janaab aap ke sawaal ka jawaab kahi baar de chuka hoon. Phir deta hoon.
    Agar in khiyaalaat ka aanaa be ikhtiyaari hon tu koi gunna nahin. Haan maafi maangle aur apne RABB ke saamne aajizi ikhtiyaar kare jab ifaaqaa hojaaiy.

  29. aslamo alykum,
    thank u for replying to my mail.
    no,i dont have any urinary problem,ALLAH ka shukar hai.
    i have heard of a wazeefa which is:
    after namaz-e-esha,read surah fateha 11times n then read ya nooru 1000times.can i do this wazeefa4 my skin problem?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If you feel at ease with it you may do so. I am not aware of its pro’s and con’s.I personaly do not encourage it.

  30. aslamo alykum,
    im really grateful to u for patiently listening to my problems.
    i have an other major problem.ive heard and read that praying 5times a day grants spiritual peace and tranquality to a person.i tried to offer prayers.i managed to offer 4prayers daily for about a month.i know i shouldnt say this but the truth is that offering prayers doesnt give me any spiritual,nor i feel myself growing closer to ALLAH no matter how much i want to,no matter i try to..infact when i start to offer a prayer,in the midst of the prayer,i badly lose my concentration,my chest starts to tighten and i experience such a severe wave of depression,downness and suffocation that i have to break the rakat.same goin with readingtasbeeh or quran..when ever i try to do tilawat,my tongue gets heavy,i start to suffocate and i cant resist closing the quran at that time…this thing happens always whenever i try to indulge in prayers or tilawat but worsens on friday nites and the day of friday,when i try to pray.its just that i strongly desire to grow close to ALLAH without the greed of any reward and without the greed of having my wishes granted,but i dont know y its impossible for me to offer prayers..i cant even read the book named chest tightens and tongue stops working when ever i try to read it.plz advise me that how can i fight the evils of satin,and devalop pure love for ALLAH
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If you are seeking help and are willing to do what is necessary then you can e mail me at

  31. Assalamualaikum! Please let me know wearing of gold in feet in Islam is permitted or not.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    wearing of gold by females is permissible as long as it does not jingle and give a jingling sound.

  32. salam mufti saheb ager namaz me ges aa rahi hai to usse rokne se mine suna hai namaz nahi hoti kya ye sahi hai?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    NNamaz men pishaab , gas waghairah ka rukna makruh he lekin usse namaz hoti he

  33. assalamualaikum ! mufti saheb mene apse apni dimagi bimary ocd ka zikr kiya tha isme muje allah
    ke khilaf galat khayal aate hai jaise tarah tarah ki gali dimag me repeat hoti rehti hai MENE BATAYA THA




    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Janaab hamare fareeza he ke ALLAH TA AALAA ke saamne aajzi aur inkisaari se pech aanaa. Jab yeh khiyaalaat guzerte he aur aapko ifaaqaah hojaate he tu kiya saraminda hokar apne RABB se mafi maangnaa nahin chahiye?

    Namaz parhte rehnaa aur khiyaalaat ka fikr nahin karnaHighway par har qism ki ghaariyaan chalti he , aap apne raaste dekho aur doosre ke fikr nahin klarte ho,. Yahaan bhi jo khiyaal bhi aaajaai usko ki taraf tawajjuh na de.
    Aik naseehat aur ilaaj ke tor par aap thel apne sar par malle aurshehed(honey) ko paani men milaakar piele.

  34. 1)assalamualaikum mufti saheb apne bilkul sahi kaha me bahut bar sharminda hua khuda ke samne mene duao me bhi bahut maafi maangi

    2)me apneaap ko dosre muslim se bekar samjhta hu
    ke mujhe aise khayal aate hai dosro se baat karne me kabhi kabhi nervous feel karta hu

    3)college me bhi yahi sochkar tension me rehta hu ke mujhe aise khayal aate hai docter ne kaha mujhse tum khayalo ko roko mat rokoge tu or ayenge
    4)mufti saheb me har time nahi sochu iske bare me farz namaz ke bad maafi mang liya karu please bataye?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Hadees shareef men he ke” jo shaks apne nama e aamaal men kasrat e istighfaar paaie tun unke liye khoosh khabari he.Istighfaar karte rehna, qiyaamat ke deen baais sa aadat hogi inshaALLAH.

  35. salam mufti saheb
    1)me khayalo ka sochkar depress rehta hu me khayalo ka bilkul tension nahi lu kya?
    2)aise khayal se kufr to nahi hota?
    mere liye please dua kijiye
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ab bilkul in khiyaalon ka tension na lo aur befikr raho in khiyaalon se kufr laazim nahin aataa.

  36. mufti saheb
    1) me aapka bahut shukriya karna chahta hu kyoki jab bhi mere dimag me suddenly khayaal aate the ekdam se khuda nabi ko dimag me gali dede to me sochta tha me kafir ho gaya ab nek aamal karu to koi matlab ke nahi me sochne laga tha
    ke bure kam karu sharab pilu lekin aapne bataya bekabu khyal ka koi sharai gunah nahi to me relax hua ab mujhe nek kam karne me namaz padne me accha lagta hai thankyou
    2)aapne mujhe khuda ke aadab ke liye sharminda hune ke liye kaha tha?

    mufti saheb is bimary me aisa hata hai ke koi bar bar hath dota hai bar bar cheeech check karta hai
    bar bar ek hi baat puchta hai bar bar check karta hai me guilty to nahi ……..i m sorry ek hi baat bar bar puchne ke liye
    Wa alaykumus Salaam

    shak ko doorkarne ke liye aajzi ithtiyaar kare.Aur aik aur baat kahoon ke jab koi kaam karne lagon tu aage chalte rehna aur ziyaada us baat ko na dohraai.warna waswaas barhte jaaega.

  37. salaam , i would like to know if i owe someone money that i need to pay back but i don’t have any contact with that person or don’t know where they live after trying to find out. what can i do to pay this debts off? will i be forgiven for trying? what happens i don’t know what to do
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Try and keep it aside for him/her and if insha ALLAH you do meet them repay them. If it becomes impossible to repay them thengive the money out on sadaqah on their behalf.

  38. A.O.A
    i want to ask about dreams. today i saw green and black snake in my home, i recite ayat ul kursi..previuosly i saw a lion ,,,after seeing it i also recite ayat ul kursi and kalma in dream… similarly these days i see in dream the president and prime mininster…. is these have any meaning? kindly tell me ..
    wa alaykumus Salam
    It seems you have many haasideen (envious people) and enemies wo wish to harm you but insha ALLAH as long as you remain steadfast and continue your wazeefas they will not be able to harm you.

  39. Assalam-o-alaikum Muft Sahab
    Mera swal ye hai k Aik daffa aik badoo Aap S.A.W k eoza pak per aaya aur kuck shair parhe un main se 2 shair ab b roza pak per likhe huay hein aur 2 kitaab main hein (Jaisa k main ne sunna hai). to please aap wo shair aur un ka tarjuma b bta dain please
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ghaaliban alfaaz yehi he_
    yaa khaira man dufinat bil qaaie a’zhumuhu
    Fataaba min teebihi alkaaoo wal akamooo
    ruhi fida li qabrin anta saakinuhu
    fihi alafaafu wafihi aljoodu wal karamu
    The approcimate meaning is
    ” oh the best that is buried on the land which i respect
    due to his presence thearea surrounding has become blessed
    my soul ve sacrificed on the grave which you occupy
    In it is chstity,piety and honour.

  40. Mufti Sahab mujhe ye b bta dain k Jab haiz se pak ho ker roza rakhna ho to kis time tak naha laina chahiay? matlab roza rakh k naha ker pak ho saktay hein ya nai?
    Aur ager roza rakh k matlab sehri kha ker niyat ker k pak ho sakte hein to kis time tak?
    Is baray mein Quran aur Hadith ka is baray mein kiya hukum hai?


    Mufti Sb. Asalam O Alikum,

    I’m debating with myself on one issue and really need your help to answer.

    Me and my wife are not in a good talking terms for the last two months. We just talk as needed but always tense and don’t have any feelings.

    We haven’t had sexual intercourse for more than one month I didn’t even feel like having it. Last week my wife told me that she was listing a CD of Quran with urdu translation and told me that if we don’t have intercourse for three days in a row marriage relationship will be in trouble. I did it last week but without any feelings.

    Please advice me if this is true that if husband wife doesn’t go for intercourse for three straight days marriage is in trouble or finish.

    Your early answer will be highly highly appreciated.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It is the duty of both spouses to fulfill each others sexual desire. However shariah has not stipulated a minimum or maximum period of relayionship. It is left up to the discretion of thee spouse.What she claim she has heard is unfounded.

  42. my question is that i had listening some 1 about namaze khufara ? i dont know is it a really evidence in the sahi bukhari ? if it is really evidence in the hadith so plz tell me according to hadith or sunnah
    please clarify what is meant by namaze khufarah. I am not acquinted with this term.

  43. Aslm

    I would be grateful if you could confirm me if my son & daughter can keep a Rabbit at home.Of course, we will have to keep it in a little cage outside the house.
    awaiting for your reply


    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Keeping a pet is permissible in Islam as long as one fulfills its needs and rights.

  44. ASLAM-o-ALIKUM, what is the order of islam , if some drops of urine comes out of the penis during prayer unintentially , or in daily life, what i have to do? is the prayer will be finish ? i have to change my cloth? please give me answer in detail , i will bw thankful to you.

    ALLAH ap ko jazai khar ata farmaie ALLAH HAFIZ
    Wa alayumus salaam
    Droplets of urine causes firstly your wudhu to break and also requires the person to change the clothes polluted by the droplets.when the dropping occurs the person’s namaz breaks immediately. If this happens continuous in the day then the person will be regarded as a maazoor(excused) and will then only require to make wudhu for every namaz time.Yes it will be necessary for him towear or cover the private with something that prevents the urine from polluting his clothes.

  45. Aur ager ho sakay to please in shairon ko Arbi main likh ker send kerain airab k sath ta k parhnay main ghalti na ho aur meaning b sath likh dain. Shukriya
    Meaning pwhlw de chuka hoon
    Yeh he arabi alfaaz
    يا خَيْرَ مَنْ دُفِنَتْ بِالقاعِ أَعْظُمُهُ فَطابَ مِنْ طِيْبِهِنَّ القاعُ والأَكَمُ
    نَفْسِي الفِداءُ لِقَبْرٍ أَنْتَ ساكِنُهُ فيهِ العَفافُ وفيهِ الجُودُ والكَرَمُ

  46. aslamo alykum,
    i want to use a cream for a medical purpose…kia ap mujhay ksi aisi ayat k baray main bta skte hain jisko is cream per dam krne say iski effectiveness main ezafa hojaey i.e. the effectiveness of the cream(for the purpose for which its used) is enhanced.
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Read surah faatihaa seven times on it and blow into it.

  47. Assalam-o-Alaikum!

    Mufti Sb.,

    Allah bless me with a baby girl. we have decided her name “SYEDA HAMDE KAMRAN”. Please give your openion regarding her name. Its ok as per islamic law.
    I will be very thankful to you for favour.
    And waiting for your reply.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    I have not heard the name HAMDE before. However it would be more appropriate to use hameeda, which means praiseworthy.

  48. Assalam sir mere age 32 ho gaye hai magar abi tak shadi nai hoe,rishta aata hi per kbi hameen pasand nai aur agar pasand aa jaye toa bat nai bante,boy ka ghar wale pasand kar jate hain pr pata ni kya masla hota hi.khush logon ka kahna hai bandisah hoe hi.bohat sa wazeefe parhee pr no ,ma apne parents k pehla baccha hon.kindly koe aisa wazifa batayeen ka bohat acche jaga pa aur bohat jald sahdi ho jaye.bohat meharbani ho g
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Du’aa sab se behtareen wazeefa he. ALLAH tTA AALAA ke saamne ro ro kar apne arzoohon pesh kare, insha ALLAH jald az jald kucch hal niklega,

  49. Assalam-o-alaikum!
    Mufti sahab please SAJDA-E-SAHW ka method bta dain please
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Aakhiri rakat men tashshahud parhke aik taraf salaam kar ke do sajdah kare aur phir tashshahud, durood aur du’aa parhne ke baat salaam phairde.

  50. aslamoalaikum mufty sahib may app say madad laina chahti hoon kyunki mujhay parayshanion nay aisay ghaira hua hay kay kabhi kabhi maut ki arzoo karty hoon mera masla yeh hay kay mujhay 3 saal hu gayay hain may sweden may aik refugee ki zindagi guzaar rahi hoon meray 3 chotay bachay hain sweden ki government nay humain nationality dainay say inkaaar kar diya hay is kay liyay appeal bhy ki hay laikin har dafa case reject hu jata hay do mahinay pehlay meray husband ku in sub tensions ki waja say heart fail hu gaya allah nay nayee zindagi dy hay laikin medicines kay saharay hi hain ab hum nay aik aur appeal ki hay swedish government say kay wu humain nationality day dain is muslay kay liyay mujhay koi khas wazifa bataian kay allah paak ki khas annayat ho jayay aur humain sakoon mil jayay idhar rehnay ki ijazat mil jayay 3 saal say yeh kaam atka hua hay meray liyay apny duaoon may khas dua karain aur mujhay is ka jawab juld az juld dain khuda hafiz
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Do rakaat salaatul haajaat parhle aur ALLAH se du’aa kare, Insha ALLAH behtari ka faislaa hoga.

  51. Asalama AlayKum……I hope I spelt it correctly..

    I’d First Like to apologize If I’m writting this in the wrong section…

    My question was A) How did the Malak Al-Maut, get his Title? I know He got his Title, because Allah (SWT), always intended for Malak AL Maut (To get that Title), but My question was, Exactly How? If that even makes sense?

    Ty once again, and I really do Aplogize if this question had been asked else where already..
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Malakal mout Means Angel of Death.As we Death is a reality and also a creation of ALLAH.IT IS MENTIONED IN SURAH MULK :-
    Who hath created life and death that He may try you which of you is best in conduct; and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving,

    Also it is clearly mentioned in the Qur’aan That The duty of Taking life has ben appointed to Malakal mout.(surah ahzaab) The Angel of death’s real name is izraail.
    The title is linked with his duty.

  52. Asalamaalikum,
    mera masla ha k mera jism bht dubla ha..jism mein sirf hadiyan hi nazer ati han..umer 26 yr ha..koi kupra pehna hua suit nahi kerta , sab mazak b banatay han..bht parashan hun..khana pena sab theek ha koi bemari b nahi..plz koi dua bata dain jis se ye dubla pan khatam hu jai..

    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    kiya du’aa parhne se dubla panni khatam hojaaega? Yeh tu bimaari he ilaaj karwaade. Phir bhook lagegi.

  53. Dear Mufti Sb

    Tiens International is a Chinese company which produces Herbal Products and certain other utility health related appliances. It is a Network marketing comany and working in Pakistan since sep 2002 (registered). Its other details are available on its website also.

    I want to know whether working for it is legitimate in the light of sharia or not. Its working procedure is described below:-

    It produces Herbal food suppliments, cosmetic products and health improving appliances. It is ISO certified, company has the certificates for its products from international Quality control organisations like FDA, Halal certificate from Malaysia and KSA and quality certificates from the PCSIR laboratories of Pakistan. Anyone, irrespective of member or non member can purchase these Herbal food suppliments from their outlets and use. But those who want to join the comapny and become members and do the network marketting for the company, are given commission for introducing people to this company only if they join and purchase/use its products. Company also gives different prizes to those who achieve good grading in the company.
    .Membership costs Rs. 400/- only.
    .Company gives grades to its members on the basis of purachase of products and not on the number of members that one introduces to the company.
    .Every purchase has points and gradings are given on its base. The more the purchases are (your and your downliners’), the higher the grade is that u get in the company. Number of introduced members does not matter. If Mr. A has introduced more people with the company to get the membership but they do not purchase these products, there is no commission for Mr. A. On the other hand if Mr. B has introduced only few people to become members and they purchase / use the company’s products, Mr. B will get the commission for their purchases.
    . No purchases by the downliners or downliners of the downliners, no commission given by the company.
    .Company strictly forbids its members to exaggerate about products or paint false picture of the incentives.
    .Company recommends that the members should first use these herbal food suppliments themselves and then recommend it to others by telling them their advantages.
    .Comapny says,”Do not force or request someone to purchase products or become members of the company. Only explain, motivate and recommend.”
    .Gradings are from Star-1 to Star-8. A new member can rise up to star-3 by purchasing up to Rs. 24000/- but after that he can rise only by the purchase of his downliners.
    . Company gives a fixed amount of commission on the purchases of downliners. When any 3 of the downliners reach & rise up to the grade 3-star, the up liner is raised to 4 -star grade. Downliners keepp duplicating the process and upliners keep on rising to the higher grades up to 8-star
    . The upliner has to keep guiding & working hard to keep his downliners active becasue no purchases, no commission.
    .On reaching 8-star, company gives the prize of a car to its member. There are further stages above it as well.
    .In last 7 years in Pkaistan 18 people have reached 8-star and few others have gone futher high.
    .The point of attraction for people to join this company normally are Good health, Good income generation, good oppotunity of employment and self reliance.
    .The company has its around 130 products in Pakistan and its business is almost in over 104 countries of the world.
    .Live examples of the people are there in front of us who have used their products and have benefited.

    Please tell me if this is legitimate to work for them according to their system.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    There is one factor that auses me disturbance in the whole explanation. The affiliation fee paid. What are the perks and benefits for affiliation besides the introducing of new clients and gaining points?If there is no other benefits then in actual fact you re paying them to work for them.Ifr so then i cannot say it will be permissible.

  54. Dear Sir

    If I could get the e-mail address from your side on which I could send you by attaching the files containing their reward system. Those files cannot be pasted here due to their large size and type.

    Tiens company in fact start paying you in the form of commission after you become 3-star i.e. when one’s downliners carry out the purchases. Plus 10% discount in the form of points added to your account on purchases of general grossary items from Banner Stores which is affiliated to Tiens International.
    If one does not work after becoming member, there are no perks or anything else offered by the company.
    But company does offer free international tour once a year to good working members (in star-4,5,6,7&8).
    One more thing:- One gets free membership also if one goes to Banner Shop and carry out the purchase of Rs. 3000/- at one go, of general grossary or utility items. Banner Store is an international chain of shopping Malls world wide (Chinese) which provides things at retail prices to public. They have a joint venture with Tiens International and therefore, they also work as a sale point for Tiens Products. They allocate a prtion in their shopping Mall for the display & sale of Tiens products.

    Wa alaykumus salaam
    You are most welcome to e-mail their contract details on the following e-mail

  55. Dear Mufti Sahab,
    Please confirm me, kia peechy k baal katna zarori hay?
    Matlab Mardo k liye kia ye zarori hai k peechy (sharam gaah) k baal saaf karay.
    Please confirm me.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    jihaan peeche ke baal katna zaroori he. Bas yeh yaad rakhiye ke jo bal sharamgaah ke aspaas ho aur najasat uspar lagne ka khatrah ho tu us bal ka katna waajib he.

  56. Assalamualaikum Mufti Sahab,
    Mujhe aapse yeh pochna tha ki meri maa ke baal bahut jhadte hai(baldness).bahut saalon tak ilaaj karaya unhone lekin koi faayda nahin mila.main aapse yeh puchna chahti hun ki kya Quran mein koi aisi dua hia jiske padne se koi fayda hotoh please bataiye.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Maaf koi sareeh ayat ya hadeeth uske liye nahin milti he. Haan khucch tel lagade aur ALLAH par barosa karke inshaALLAH faida hoga.

  57. Dear Mufti Sahib,
    My question is related to abortion. I have four children , eldest one is six and half years and old youngest one is about eleven months old. It is less than forty days that my wife has conceived again despite my best efforts by following method of coitus interrupts. I have firm belief in Allah and i firmly believe that He is the one who would feed all of us.
    But the problem is that due to continuous pregnancies my wife has become very frail and is not willing for the fifth child. Moreover she and myself have been exhausted ,it is not easy task to handle four kids at a time specially when they are too young and require a lot of attention. Even on the fourth pregnancy she was not willing but i motivated her for that. But now i am also not willing because i have to put in a lot of effort to control kids and at times my temper as well. Kindly advise me if we go for the abortion at this stage. I personably do not at all like this but keeping in view the above mention factors i am also Majboor. Kindly advice.
    I would also appreciate to kindly advise permissible contraceptive measures in this particular case. I will appreciate an early response.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Abortion in itself is regarded as murder. If you are not willing to have the child then give it up for adoption as there are many people who long for children and cannot have any.
    As far as contraceptives, it is permissible touse any means for spacing between the children,i.e. a two year break in between.

  58. If you say a sentence and if you didn’t know it was a Kufriya sentence (you found out that it was a Kufriya sentence later) do you still have to do Tajdeed Iman and Tajdeed Niqah and if so can you please write the procedure of both in detail?
    If the statement was done in ognorance then by toubah and istighfaar the issues mentioned will be removesd. There will be no need of tajdeed inikaah..

  59. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu wa maghfirhtuhu Mufti Sahab
    If a Muslim husband tells his Muslim wife that he provided her with money and food, but the wife said that it is Allah who provided them with food and money and that he is only the source but the husband kept insisting so the wife asked if he is Razzaq (The Provider-one of the names of Allah), is this statement a Kufriya statment that he is Razzaq a Kufriya statement because when she said it she didn’t know that but afterwards she was afraid that it is a Kufriya statement, so please tell us if it is a Kufriya statement and if it is, what do we have to do and how, please write in detail the procedure.
    We also asked the same question before but we didn’t get an answer so please reply as soon as possible to remove our tension.
    Jazzakallah khair.
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    We should bear in mind that this world is Darul Asbaab and therefore it requires effort for everything.By him saying he is making effort to provide for you is not against ALLAH’S sifat of being AR RAZZAAQ. Saying that is not kuffriyah but one should repent for the statement.

  60. (Jhoot say tooba ka Sharaii Tareeqa?)

    Muhtaram Hazrat Mufti Sahab

    Jhoot say tooba karnay ka sharaii tareeqa kiya hay ? aik shaks nay jhoot bool diya hay , aur abb nadim bhi hay
    jab kay us nay irada kiya hay abbzindagi main kabhi jhootnahin boolay ga
    Jhoot bolna sakht ghunna aur jurm he. Toubah ka tareeqah yehi he ke do rakaat namaz parhe aur uske baad du’aa kare aur ALlAH se maafi maangle. Ager jhoot bolne men kisi ka haq mara he tu uska toubah bhi zaroori he.

  61. ((Kiya Kolhay (jahan say bara istanja kartay hain) kay baal katna zaroori hain))

    Ap nay likha kay Mardoon ko Peechay kay baal katnay zaroori hain.
    Hazrat Mufti sahab
    Main sirf naaf kay neechay aur samnay wali sharamgah(chootay istanjay ki jaga) kay baal saaf karta hun,
    Aj tak KOLHAY (jahan say bara istanja kartay hain) KAY BAAL NAHIN KATAY?
    1.Kiya zaroori hay kolhay kay baal katna ya saaf karna? Jihaan zaroori he.
    2.ager zaroori hay to baligh hoay way mujhay taqreeban 13 saal ho gaey hain , aj tak kolhay kay baal nahin katay hain , tou kiya sari namazain duhrai jain?
    Uss se tu namaz hojaati he lekin karaahat aajaate he. Uskeliye toubaah ki zaroorat.
    3.aur Ager zaroori hain to kaisay katay jain? qainichi say ? shaving razor say to shayad nahin kut saktay baal kolhay kay?
    Shaving razor se hosakta he.
    Umeed hay ap jawab inayat farma ker jald sy jald rahnumai farmain gay,

  62. Imamat bhi main nay issi tarah karwai hay buhut sari dafa kay mairay kolhay kay baal saaf nahin thay tou iski talafi kaisay ki jaey? abb main saaf ker laita hun .JAZAKALLAHOKHAIR HAZRAT MUFTI SAHAB,
    Siwaai taubah uske liye koi aur cheez hi nahin.

  63. (tooba kay baad Market say churai hoi cheez ki talafi kaisay karain?)
    zaid nay abb tooba ker li hay,mager pahlay 12 sal say taqereeban 16 sal ki umer tak jab bhi super marker jata tha zaid to choclates,chewingum,toffees,waghaira market say chura ker jaib main rakh ker gher a ker khata tha , issi tarah kuch bakeries say cakes aur bun bhi churaey hain ,, zaid nay tooba ker li hay ,mager iski talafi kaisay ki jaey .
    Ab ko Allah Jazae khair dair , ap kay liyay dua nikal rahi hay kay aap rahnumai farma rahay hain
    Aasaan tariqah yeh he ke woh sadaqah de aur sawaab us shaks ko bakhsh de jo maalik tha un cheezon kki.

  64. Janab Mufi sahib
    Kuch din pahly meri walida sahiba eisha ke nimaz party howy wafat pa gi. os din say lay kar ajj tak may sirf is bat per tension may ho. is din subah may apni wilda say poochy baghair kam pay chala giya ta, mujy yahi tension or wahim sa hogiya hay agar may subh usy doctor ka pass lay jata to ho sakta hay k wo bach jati.
    janab mufi sahib plz meri ya mushkil hal ke jaiy. or koi tareeqa mujy batay kah mera dil sabar kar jay.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    maut aur zindagi sirf ALLAH ke faisla par hota he Maut har aik ko aani hai. Waqt mujqarrar he. Maut waqt se pehlenahin asakte hai na koi usse rukhsakte he.
    aapko kush hone chahiye isliye walida ko mubaarak maut milli he.Namaza parhkar ALLAH ki piyaari hogayi.Jis jaga woh chali gayi woh is dunya se 1000 barr behter he. Aap ghamgeen na hona bilke unke liye du’aakarliya kare aur unke naam par kuch sadaqa jaari karde.

  65. Salam Aleykum O honorable Mufti,

    forgive me I realised that I might have
    posted my request perhaps on the wrong

    I’ ll still be most grateful I you care to interpret
    my dream.

    I remain patient as I consider the volume of your
    work and I wait to hear from you soon InshAllah.

    The birds I saw in my dream at the top of the mountain sitting next to huge eggs were talking amongst themselves and were making buzzing sounds like, which was subliminal…
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Your dream depicts that some situation will arise which will effect the area you live in. Whether good or bad is left to see.

    1. As Salamu Aleykum O Mufti

      Just Thought I Should Tell you that I live in London And there is been a change of government in the UK last night.

      It is a significant change both politicaly and socialy, but all this is on a Micro System and Allah Has The Macro System.

      Nevertheless I am humbled by your interpretation.

      Then again as you said, ” whether good or bad, remains to see ”

      bless you brother

  66. Salam alaikum

    Mujeh ye janna hai ke Tahajooth ki namaz
    kai se padi jati hai our kaun se time me padi jati hai namaz ke kitne roko hai our us namaz me kaun sa soora padna hai.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Tahajjud esha namaz ke baad hi shuru hote he. Sab se behtarien time raat ki aakhiri tihaahi he . Usmen insaan khwaan 2 , 4 ya 8 rakaat parhsakte he. Yehi qubuliyat ka waqt he aur usmen du’aa zaroor karliya kare.

  67. Mufti sahib
    mery walida foat hochuky. kia may us kay ley nawafel par sakta ho. agar par sakta ho to neyat kasy karonga or kis kis waqt nawafel paronga. Esha ke nimaz may salate wetar say pehlay nafal paronga ya wetar ka bad.
    khatme Qurane Pak un k ley kaisy karonga.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Ager kisi ko e saale sawaab karna ho tu kucch sadaqah unke naam par jaari karde, unke liye khusoosi du’aa kare aur har naik amal men un ke liye niyaat men shareek kare.Nafli namaz pathni ho tu zawaal , tulu e shams aur ghurub e shams, fajr aur asr ke faraaidh adaa karne ke baad wali waqt men nafl na parhe baaqi jab jichahiye parhsakte he.

  68. Muti sahib
    I want to know that what was the Shariat of the holy prophet Hooh(AS)
    Wa alaykumus Salaam.
    We are mukallf of following the shariat oof Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa salllam. All previous shariats are abrogated with the coming of Rasulullaah saaws. As for the name Hooh i am not aware of any Prophet by that name.

  69. mufi sahib
    I asked about the shariat of Nooh(AS).Is any book revealed on him or not?
    Enjeel was revealed on prophet Isa.Jabraeail brought it or Allah ilqa on Ias(AS) heart?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    In reality only four major books were revealed to four anbiya alayhimus salaam. It is the torah to musa as
    the zaboor to dawood as
    the Injeel to eesaa as
    and the Holy qur’aan to muhammed salalaahu alayhi wasallam.
    Besides those there were approximately 121 booklets(saheefahs) that were revealed to various Rusul which is not specified.

  70. asslam o alikum mufti sahib

    i have been trying to concieve but can’t get pregnant. i have been reciting the duaa’s that are in the quran.

    please tell me something(wazeefa , duaa) for baby.

    jazakallah khair
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    My advise is you continue reading the aayahs that you were reading. Do not expect miracle that you read if for a few days and you will conceive. Place your trust in ALLAH because it wil only happen in accordance to HIS will. No ayyat or wazeefah can force the issue.

  71. AOA mufti sahib
    we covere our heads during azaan as soon as the azaan finishes we put off our scrafs.we do this as we saw our elders.Is it Islamic order to cover your heads while hearing the azaan.pls answer.
    Jazzakomullaho khar.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The covering of the head for females is compulsory when in presence of others.Not only adhaan time. The elders did this to show respect to one of the shi’aar (salient features) of islaam. However we should have our head covered,. We should also bear in mind that the adorning of hijaab is a farddh in islaam.

  72. AOA mufti sahib
    I’m memorizing the Quran.During the period can I read and memorize the holy quran after wearing the gloves?
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    your question is very vague. Do you mean to memorise the qur’aan without wudhu whie wearing gloves. If so ten it is makruh .

  73. i need wazifa to get my love..i lover her too much..i need wazifa…plz help
    Sorry no witches and wizards here.

  74. Assalam-o-Alaikum mufti sahab please mujhe is baray main guide kr dain k zana ka kaffara kaise ada kiya jaye?Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Zina ka kaffaarah? Zina ka koi kaffarah he nahin? Matlab samjha nahin.

  75. AOA mufti sahib
    Can I read urdu translation of Quran without arabic text because when I read Arabic it takes a lot of my time.I want to finish quran twice by reading its translation in Ramadan for ajar -o-swab.Can I get hasanaat as much as its orginal text in which quran realved?
    pls answer soon.jazak-o-mullahokhair.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Tilaawat of the qur’aan is in Arabic. The Qur’aan has been revealed in Arabic and a translation is not regarded as Qur’aan. Therefpre we understand that the reading of the translation is not regarded as the reading of the Arabic.

  76. aoa moulana sahab…
    im in state of depression… i have two problems…
    kindly guide me…. anxiously waiting…
    i recite quran surh yasin and surah rehman daily…
    prays 5 times a day… but plz give solution to my problem…
    1) when ever i get depress i start plucking my head hairs… im fed up of this bad habit… jo baat demagh mai baith jai usay soochti rehti hon aur buhat dhuki ho jati hon ya pareshaan hon tu end result is hair plucking.. i want to get rid of this habit.. my hairs were very beautiful n health i want my hairs to be the same again…
    2) my husband is shia.. my overall susral is suni.. my mother in law is also suni anr rest all susral is suni but my father in law n husband r shia… my nikkah was sunni…my husband is very nice person… i have a daughter now.. my mother wants me to leave my husband but i dont want to.. i know its not approprite to marry shia but it happened n i have a baby now..plz suggest some dua or wazifa so that my husband turns towrds the right path… and we want to settle seperately… give dua for his job n settlement…
    Ill be very grategul…
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    I will first answer your second question. Marrying a shia is not acceptable.By doing so you have erred and caused a great difficulty for yourself. Who and which religion will your offspring follow? You should aask him if he is willing to accept islam or not. Also make du’aa to ALLAH to change his heart as HE only controls the heart of mankind. Du’aa is your greatest weapon.
    2. To solve your depression problem read –
    “Laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minnazhaalimeen”.

  77. aslaam o alaikum….plz mujhe bataye k kiya feed karwane wali maon k liye b ramazan k roze rakhna zaroori hy….
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager taqat ho tu rakhna laazmi he warna iftaar karna jaaiz he lekin baad men qazaa karna parega.

  78. Assalamu Alaikum
    My beard doesn’t grow much. From two sides its little bit dense. Chin side its dense but it doesn’t grow till one fist.
    Is my beard Shari’e or according to Sunnah & can I lead prayer?
    I heard Shariah beard is at least upto to one fist, below this is not according to Sunnah.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The condition for one fist is for those who have long growth of the beard. If one does not cut and it does not grow the size iof 1 fist it will be regarded as a sunnah beard.

  79. Assalamualaikum
    will sucking wife breasts nullify the fast when nothing goes inside throat?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Fasting actually requires avoiding sexual contact between the spouses. Such acts can lead to intercourse and thus cause kaffarah to become compulsory. If there is no such act then the sucking of the breast will still be makruh.

  80. Assalamu Alaikum
    During masturbation if mazi comes out .. will it invalidate the fast or its only semen which invalidates the fast. Shukran & jazakumullah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Mazi only comes out due to sexual arousement at the time of erection. What comes out at the time of masturbation is mani. If mazi comes out due to arousement without any masturbation then it will not break the fast.

  81. Assalamualaikum
    If fast is nullified due to mastrubating and person then drinks water. I know masturbation while fasting will make Qadha wajib and not kaffaraha. How about if person drinks water in alone after masturbating. will this also made kaffarah wajib.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If a person broke his fast by masturbating then if he drinks water thereafter there will be no kaffarah as he is no more in the state of fasting.

  82. Assalam o alayikum molvi sahab mujhe ye bataiye ki jisse mera gussa shant ho jaya kare

  83. As salam o alaikum Mufti Sahab,
    Me Ye Janna Chahta Hu Is Kasam Ka Kya Kaffara Dena Padega Mujhe,
    Ek Din Mujhe Ghar Waalon Bohot Daant Lagayi Thi,
    Or Gusse Me Mene Na To Kuch Khaya Na Piya,
    Or Meri Ammi Mujhe Khana Dene Aayi Thi To Mene Gusse Me Ye Keh diya Ki Quran ki Kasam Me khana Nahi Khaunga,
    Or Mufti Sahab Phir Mene Wo Kasam Tod Di Thi,
    Or Me Ye Jaana Chahta Hu ki Is Kasam ka kaffara Hoga, plz Jaldi Bata dijiyega.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager ussi waqt qasm tora tu kaffarah deni chahiye apko.
    Qasm ke kaffaarah yeh he ke 10 admi ko khaana khilaanaa ya kapra pehnaanaa ya tien din ke roe rakhe.

  84. Assalam o Alaikum,
    Ji Mujhe Ye janna hai ki,hume agar koi aisa khwab dikh jaye jis se nahane ki zarurat pad jaye,kya us se roza toot jaata hai, aur agar har do din me aisa hi khwab dikhta rahe to isse hamara roza toot ta hai ya nahi
    Wa alaykumus Salaam.
    Nahin toot ta.

  85. As salam o alykum,
    ji mujhe ye janna hai,agar hame sotey me koi aisa khwaab dikh jaye jis se hume nahane ki zarurat pad jaye, to kya hamara roza toot jata hai, haan agar aise khwaab har 2 ya 3 din me dikhne lage to kya hamara roza toot jata hai ya nahi
    Wa alkaykumus Salaam
    Roza nahin toot ta khwab dekhne se. Ihtilaam jo khwaab ki wajah se he roze ko nahin toete he.

  86. ~as salam o alykum~ jawab dene ke liye aapka bohot bohot shukriya,
    ji me ye or jaana chahta hu,jaise ki quran me 14 sajde aate hai,
    or jaise hi sajda aata tha to me sazda kr leta tha,
    or me mobile me likh deta tha ki mere kitne sajde ho gaye hai,
    or mere se wo sab delete ho gaya, or na to mujhe dhyan aa rahe hai ki mene kitne sajde kiye hai,
    or me ye jaana chahta hu ki ab me kya karu
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager sajdah apne zimme men baaqi ho aur yaad na hho tu aap andaazaa lagakar karle aur toubah maangle ke ager kammi ho tu ALLAH maaf karde.

  87. As salam oalykum,
    mufti s.b mujhe ye maalum karna hai, jaise koi insan naapak hai to use gusal kis tarah karna chahiye.

  88. salam mufti sahab
    mufti sahab kabhi kabhi me chota mota koi kaam karke bhool jata hu, aur mujhe phir yaad nahi aata,kya koi aisi dua hai jisse mujhe bhooli hua kaam yaad aajaya kare
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Durood sharif ko kasrat se parhliya kare.

  89. janab mufti sahib
    kia may apny bahi ko zakat day sakta ho. wo mary sath ghar me rehta, laiken un ka nafa noqsan apna hay. wo apna kamata hay aur may apna, laikan un ka kam nahi hota,. plz is kay bary may baty.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    jihaan aap desakte ho unko.Bilkul jaaiz he.

  90. Salam mufti sahab,
    hame ye janna hai ki ramzan me mobile chalana ya usme game khelna,
    kya isse hamara ramzan makruh ho jata hai
    w alaykumus Salaam
    yeh sab lahw aur fuzul shaghal men shaamil he.Haan roza tu saheeh hoga lekin ajar aur jo ramazaan ka asl maqsad haasil nahin hoga, matlab taqwa.

  91. As-salam-o-alykum
    Mufti sb. Ji Me Ye Jaana Chahta Hu
    PLS… Jaldi Jawab De Dena
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    gheebat kisi kw pwwt piwche unke baari men baat karna he jo usmen kharaabbi he is andaaz men ke ager usko pataa chale tu dukh mahsoos hoga.

  92. Ashlamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    Can i read ayatul kursi and some other quranik dua which has printed from computer without wudu only holding the paper without touching Harf

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    No it will not be permissible. If any aayat written on paper then to touch the paper without wudhu will not be permissible. however if there are non quraanic verses and they are more in number then it will be permissible to touch the paper without touching the quraanic aayat.

    Waa alaykumus Salaam
    Namaz ba jamat parhna waajib he. Beghair kisi uzr shari jamaat se iraaz karna sakht gunah he. Ager koi shaks 40 din tak paanchon waqt namaaz ba jamaat takbeer e ulaa ke saath agaa kiya tu unko doshahaadaten miljaati hr.
    1. Nifaaq se baraa at
    2. Jahanaam se chtkara.

    Ager insaan namaazpaabandi se parhle tu woh khud ba khud gunhon se mahfooz hoga.

  94. As salam o alykum mufti saab, ji mujhe aap ye bataiye ki mene apne dost ki email i.d ka galat istemaal kar liya tha, or wo baat us ladke pata thi ki me uski i.d ka galat istemal kar raha hu, kya ye gheebat huyi, or wo to mene sirf mazak karne ke liye ye sab kara tha, or mufti s.b usne mujhse bolna bhi chod diya
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    mazaakh ka bhi had hota he. Yeh gat’an jaaiz nahin ke aap kisi ki koi bhi cheez ghalat tor pe istimaal kare jis se woh pareeshaan hojaai.AApka hi ghalti he aur is ghalti ki talaafi zaroori he. Jaakar usse maafi maangle.

  95. As salamo alykum, mufti s.b mujhe ye janna hai jaise meri jitni namaze chut gayi hai, to un namazo ki qaza kab parhni chahiye, or qaza ki niyat kis tarah karte hai
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Jihaan Qazaa lazmi he aur qazaa ki niyyat kare k jo namaz mujh se fout hochiki he.

  96. As salamo alykum aur apne ye nahi bataya ki takbeer e ulla ka matlab yahi to jaise hi imaam niyat baandh le to kya foran hame bhi baandh leni chahiye ya fir hame bhi takbeer zaruri hoti hai boli
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Imaam ke baad fouri tor par takbeer kehkar qowl karna behter aut matloob he.Takbeer e ulaa paane ke liye Imaam ke pieche takbeer ke waqt hona laazmi he.

  97. janab mufti sahib
    may ya janan chata ho kah koi agar fix dant ( teeth) lagay to kia us kay saath wazu ya ghusal ho ta hay ya nhi, yani koi agar koi kharab dant kay ooper fixe cover lagay to kia us kay satth wazu yo ghuasal hota hay ya nahi,
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Jihaan hojata he.

  98. aslamo alykum,
    ive read k ‘dua se kismat badal jaati hai’.is it true?if it is,then what sort of destiny can be changed by dua?ager main dua maangun k ‘aey ALLAH is specific insaan ko meri ksimat main likh dain’,tou kia is trha ki dua qabul honay ka chance hai?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Hadeeth shareef men baat aati he ke ager koi cheez kismat ko badal sakti he tu woh du’aa he.”
    Du’aa kare lekin badalna ALLAH ke zimme men he. Ager Unhen chahiye tu kismat badalsakta he.

  99. Assalam-o-alykum Mufti sahab…..ji Mujhe Aap Ye Bataiye….jaise hum sheeshe ke saamne khade hokar wuzu banate hai….. To kya hamara wuzu ho jata hai…
    Waalaykumus Salaam
    Cheese men kiya haraj he? Wudhu bilkul hota he

  100. assalaam o alikum
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager Mahram ki ijaazat ho aur apne shehr ke andar ho tu baaz ulema ne ijaazat si he basharte ke aurat purdah pehn ke nikalti he.

  101. Assalam o alykum mufti s.b ji hume ye janna hai ki koi hum aisi islamic naath sunna jayez hai jisme.. Music.. Vagarah ho…
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Music aur musical instruments haraam he aur huzur e Aqdas ke be’sat ka aik sabab yehi he ke dono ko tore .Aise naath sunna hargiz jaaiz nahin. haan duff sunne men kucch ikhtilaaf he lekin parheiz karna behtat he.

  102. ..Assalam o alykum mufti sahab ji mujhe ye bataiye…jaise kasam ka kaffara me ghulam ko aazab karna bhi bataya gaya hai….to kya hum kisi chidiya, kabutar, parrot, kya hum inme se kisi ko bhi aazad kar sakte…to kya humari kasam ka kaffara adaa ho jayega… Plz plz.. Jaldi bata dijiyega
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    ji nahin. ager ghulam na ho tu jo baad wali cheez he wohi karna parta he.

  103. as salam o alykum kya hume fazar ki namaz ki sunnat agar hamse chooth jati hai… To kya hamari fazar ke farz namaz ho jati hai
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Jihaan hojaati he. Ager chahiye tu sunnaten ishraaq ke baad adaa kare. (ishraaq= tulu e shams ke baad)

  104. as salamoalaikum mufti sahab ji aap ye bataiye..jaise zohor ki namaz se pehle 4 rakaat sunnat hoti hai…. to kya hume chaaron rakaat me surah fatiha ke baad sur milal zaruri hota hai….Wa alaykumus Salaamj
    ihan sunnaten ke tamaam rakaaton men surat surah faatihah ke baad milaanaa zaroori he.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Jihaan har qadhaa app kisi bhi time parhsakte ho siwaai teen waqt, tulu e shams, ghurub e shams aur zawaal ke time. Qazaa men sirf farz aur waajib ka adaa karna laazmi he, Sunnaten parhna zaroori nahin./

  106. SALAAM
    sir plz ap batae kya parents ki khidmat tab hoti hae jab bache job kare
    or agar job na kare to kya parents ka naraaz hone ka haqq hae??
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Maaf karna sawaal saheeh samjha nahgin. Please give clarify.

  107. As salam o alykum mufti s.b plz.. Mujhe aap ye bataiye.. Me zohor ki 2 rakat sunnat parh raha tha.. To me jaise hi salaam pherne jaa raha tha to ulti taraf mene galti se assalam keh diya to fir mene foran sidhi taraf salam phera phir ulti taraf.. To mufti s.b ye jo mujhse galti huyi hai to iske baare me aapka kya hukum hai…. Waise ye galti mene jaan bujhkar nahi ki thi..plz iske baare me aap mujhe bataiye
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Namaz ho chuki he. Namaz ka iaadaa zaroori nahin aur namaz durust he.

  108. Assalam o alykum mufti sb,ji mujhe ye bataiye jaise kisi ko namaz padhte me aansu aane lage to kya uski namaz ho jaati hai..
    Mufti sb ye or bataiye mujhe jumma ki namaz me kitnh rakaat hoti hai..or kaise kaise hoti hai
    wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ager aanson ALLAH ke khauf ki wajah se aarahaa he tu namaz ho jati he lekin ager aankh men takleef ho aur us wajah se anson aajaai tu namaz aur wuzu donon tuthjaata he.

    sir help me in this HADITH
    to sir kya hum haatho ki mehendi me phool nhi bana sakte
    kya flowers banana ghalat hae
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Hadeeth men kisi zhi ruh ka lafz he aur shariat men uska muraad insaan aur janwaron liya jaataa he Nabataat muraad nahin.
    sir guide plz

    Wa alaykumus salaam
    these thoughts are all wasaawis e shaytaan trying to break the peace and harmony in the house. Please explain to your wife that since your sister in law is new it is but natural that the in laws spoil her in the beginning to create a bond between them. The older one is taken for granted as being part and parcel of the family so they bbelieve she will understand. i would avise her to show the same affection to yyour mother as before and also try and befriend the newcomer into the family. she should over look the situation and carry on enjoying her life with her husband.

  111. As salam o alykum ji mujhe ye bataiye. Jaise ham apne aap ko sheeshe me dekhle to kya hamara wuzu toot jata hai
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ji nahin, wuzu nahin toot ta he.Wuzu sirf unhi cheezon se tootta he jo jism se nikaltaa he.

  112. Assalam o alykum apne is sawal ka jawab nahi dia. Kya agar hum masjid ki topy(cap) lagakar namaz padhein to kya hamari namaz ho jaati hai
    Wa alaykumus Slaam
    Jihaan namaz hojaati he.

  113. Aslamualaikum Mufti Saheb

    when we recite three tasbiya; for estegfar can we recite” astagfirullah innallaha gaufurur rahim”. I heard it from our local imam; what is the meaning of this sentence.
    can you give me some other dua for eategfar if you dont mind.

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This wordings are acording to an ayat of the qur’aan. Therefore not only permissible but recommendable.
    TThe meaning is as follows :-
    ” I ask ALLAH for forgiveness. Verily HE is most forgiving, most merxiful.


  114. Assalam-o-alaikum!
    Mufti sahab, mein question krney se pehlay aapko saari details btaati hu plz poora parhain. Mera koi bhai nai hai. aur meri aik best friend ht wo bilkul meri bhen jesi hy. us k husband mujy apni bhen boltay hein aur mein unko apna bhai maanti hu.Hmara contact b hai. ye sub meri friend ko pta hy. us ne khud he hmara contact kraya. hum log bilkul bhen bhai ki trah baat krtay aur lartay aur apni problems b share kr letay hein. mein b married hun. To ab aap se ye puchna hai k Islam mein na mehrm se baat cheet jaaiz nai na he khato kitaabet? per hum moun bolay bhen bhai hein aur hmari neeyat b saaf hai to kya hmara contact jaaiz hy? gunah to nai? agr nai jaaiz to Kin soorto’n mein?please poori detail se jwab dain? Aur agr kuch aur b puchna ho to b mujhe bta dain. aur moun bolay bhen bhai ka concept b bta dain. Jazakallah
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    mynh bole bhai kabhi bhi bhai nahin hoga. na mahram rahega.Aapas men mil jhool haraam he. shariyat men ghair mehram se baat zaroorat ke had tak jaaiz he. agerche niyyat saaf ho lekin shaytaan insaan ko bahkaane ke kiye moqa talahi men he. Ghair zaroori baat kisi na mahram se jaaiz nahin.

    1. To mufti sahab, agr hum logo’n ne apni problems share krni ho’n to wo kr sktay hein na? pehlay ki trah? bus ziyada hansi mzak ya lraai jagra na krain? kis had tk hum contact rakh saktay hein? please clear krain. Aur aik doosray ko gift day saktay hein kiya? please zrur btaain tafseelan
      Jawaab de chuka hoon. Shariat ke daira men raho aur ghalat kaamon se perhaiz karo.

  115. Mufti sahab aik baat btana mein bhool gayi thi k hum log sms k through baat cheeet krtay hein direct ya call k through kbi baat nai kiya is trah b jaaiz nai?
    assalaamu alaykum!!!
    Ghair munaasib he.

  116. As salam o alykum Mufti sahab ji.
    Mera sawaal hai agar koi insaan apne haath ke zariye sex karta hai to kya ye kaam islam me haraam hain or isse kya gunah hota. hai
    pls jaldi bata dijiyega
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Jihaan Haraam he aur gunah zaroor milegaa.

  117. Assalamualekum Mufti Sahab
    My question is that one of my friends want to take up a particular job and wants to have istikhara done. Since he does not know the way to do it, he wants me to do it on his behalf. Can i do the istikhara on his behalf and what will the most approprate way to do istikhara for job?

    In case i am doing the istikhara for him what should i keep in mind for him?

    Jazak Allah Khair
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    I am of the opinion that istikhaarah on behalf of others is not permissible (not advised)). Therefore i refuse any comment on it.

  118. assalam-o-alaikum!
    mufti sahab, mera swal yeh hai k kiya aurat sir k baal katwa skti hai? sheriyat is baray mein kiya kehti hai?
    aur ager shohar bolay k mere liye baal katwaao, mujhy pasand hein to is condition mein aurat k liye kiya hukum hai? please answer in detail. jzakallah
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Baal ka itna lamba hona jis se aurat apne siena ko dhank sakti he, laazmi aur zaroori he. Aurat ke kafn ke waqt baal issi liye istimaal kiya jaataa he. Naal usse kam kaatnaa saheeh nahin bilaa zaroorate shariat.

  119. Asalaam o alaikum Mufti saab,Sir My question is this
    IS birth control is permissible in Islam? Nowadays many Madison & artificial Tec nick use like condom, multi load, injection & tablets etc
    Wa alaykums Salaam
    Birth controol is totally wrong and also modern day birth control is harmful to ones health.

  120. Assalam o Laikum!
    Mufti sahab, i wanted to ask you a question. there is a dhikr Subhanallah Wabihamdihi. in some websites it is written as Subhanallahi Wabihamdihi. there is a difference in pronounciation of SUBHANALLAH Wabihamdihi and SUBHANALLAHI Wabihamdihi. i heard that reciting one of them 100 times a day removes all previous sins. which one is that, Subhanallah Wabihamdihi or Subhanallahi Wabihamdihi? i would be very grateful for your response.
    Allah Hafiz.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam warahmatullaah
    Both are the same. However the correct method is the one with the hi at the end..

  121. As-Salamu ‘alaykum dear shuyukh,

    I have a two-part specific question.

    1) Can one pluralize (make jam’) certain supplications (ad’iyah) that are in the singular (mufrad) in the Qur’an when supplicating/making du’a in congregation (jama’ah)? Like for instance to change the singular aspects of the Du’a of Sayyidina Yunus (Jonah) “laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka innii kuntu minazh-zhaalimiin” into “laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka innaa kunnaa minazh-zhaalimiin” with the niyyah of du’aa (not of reciting Qur’an) after the fard prayers when supplicating out loud together in congregation (i.e. Imam says it out loud to include everyone)? Is this jaa`iz or permissible?

    2) Is it more meritorious (afdal) to say the du’aa of Yunus or others like it as it is quoted in the Qur’an by Allah while making du’aa (with the intention or niyyah of du’aa) in congregation (i.e. the Imam says it on behalf of everyone out loud and others say Aameen to it) or is it equal in merit or reward (ajr) when pluralizing those aspects which relate to us–the congregation with the niyyah of du’aa, since the du’a is already taken from the Qur’an and it’s not being recited as Qur’an but as Du’a?

    I understand that if someone is reading or reciting Qur’an this is not allowed as it would be tantamount to changing the revealed words of Allah, and also that if he does recite these du’aas as is found in the Qur’an (in the singular as if for himself) but with the niyyah of including everyone in the congregation and thus the people of the congregation saying Aameen to it that this counts as well, because every action is according to the intention, but my question is specific in that if someone is Arab or knows Arabic real well and wants to make plural certain aspects of the du’aa (obviously not those that refer to Allah like “illaa anta” to “illaa antum” when referring to Allah) so that he is the spokesperson on behalf of the entire congregation, is this permissible and valid and which way is better? I also understand that this is okay for non-Qur’anic general du’aas but is it so for du’aas taken from the Qur’aan?

    Please provide a clear response with evidences that are accessible to the common person.

    Thank you wa jazakumullah khayran.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Recital of any Aayah of the qur’aan for du’aa purposes is encouraged. To change or pluralize the words for du’aa purposes is permissible .Remember the ruling of an aayah taken as a du’aa is different. This could be undestood by the fact that a female in her monthly cycle is allowed to read an aayat of the qur’aan for du’aa purposes but not as an aayat of the qur’aan. Therefore pluralizing the words will be permissible. However reading it as mentioned in the qur’aan will be better as one will be repeating the words of the qur’aan. In such circumstances where the singular is used it will be regarded as being for every individual who says ameen to the du’aa.

  122. Assalam o alykm mufti sb. Ji mujhe ye janna hai. Jaise koi zuban se roze ki niyat karna bhool jata hai. Or lekin uske dil me roze ki niyat thi. To kya uska roza ho jaata hai. Haan ye or bataiye jaisi roze ki haalat me sote waqt night flow (mani) ho jaye to kya uska roza toot jaata hai…
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    1. Niyat ka ta alluq dil se he. Ager dil se niyyat ho to kaafi.
    2. Ihtilaam aane se roza nahin toot ta.

  123. hamare nye ghar me toilet me mojood W.C ki direction aisi hai k qibla ki taraf peeth hoyi hai, malik makan is bat ko ehmiyat nahin dete, is surat me hamain kya krna chahiye?

  124. Assalaamualaikum!

    I went with a guy to his house three times when his family was away and without the knowledge of my own family. We kissed and I removed my shirt for him and he sucked and licked my breasts, but I kept my pants on and we did not have any sexual intercourse. We just got intimate to this extent and nothing more.

    I am now regretful of all of this and want to repent sincerely to Allah. Will this be considered as committing adultery? How do I ask for Allah’s forgiveness?

    Jazak Allahu Khair!

    1. wa alaykomos salaam wr wb
      Repentence requires conviction of not returning to thesin. Simply ask for forgiveness for the wrong done knowingly and unknowingly.

  125. Slam Mufti Saheb,
    I have a 2yrs old son, he i suffering from cerebral palsy (lack of oxygen at birth time) due to of which he is unable to sit, crawl,walk and even speak, he understand some words and recognize family member.we r very worried about him please help me by giving wazaif .
    i am expecting second pregnancy(six month pregnancy) please tell me wazifa / dua for healthy baby, safe and easy delivery, as my first baby is not normal we r very worried….. kindly help me

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Let us not despair. ALLAH will grant you a healthy child. Let’s turn to ALLAH and make du’aa for the child being born healthy. Also regularly give out sadaqah to the poor and needy.

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