Dream of being pushed by a boy

AS-SALAAM-O-ALAIKUM Respected scholar1 hope you are chirpy by the mercy of ALLAH mufti sahab i saw a dream which got littile bit worried me because i didn,t understand what this dream actually mean! dream:i saw one boy is come and my whole family wished that i got married with him,,after a bit the scene would changed and the boy which is in his car followed our car which is run away along the road actually this boy is not good person he is raffish and has a bad eye on me after a few second our car stopped then he immediate stopped his car and wanna to caught me he caught my hand with his full pressure and wanna to push me in his car because he wanaa to rapped me i tried alot and after a hard struggle and by the help of our ALMIGHTY ALLAH i just pushed him into our car in which my whole family member sit ,,and then immediately i closed the door on that moment my elder brother which was sit at the back seat of our car give the keys of car to my younger sis which was sat on the driving seat i stand outsied the car immediately my younger sis locked the back one door and then i talk to her in a very pleasing manner that please go away (included that boy ) which is in our car and tried alot from run away from the car), i can reach by myself to my my right destiny suddenly the car is gone and then i go in rickshaw to reach on my destiny.. kindly interprete this dream,,i would really oblige to you!thanks
وعليكم السلام
Dear Sister in Islaam, stay away from sins and communicating with boys and abide by the Shariah, your life and property will be save from being damaged and you will overcome your enemies, Inshaa Allaah.


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