27 thoughts on “BAI’-BUSINESS AND TRADE”

    sir please ap tafseel se matlab batae
    Wa alaykumussalam
    is ka aasaan matlab yehi he ke app sabab na bane behayaaie ke phelaane ki.App aisi cheezan faraham na kare jis se behayaai phelti he. Masalan music, dvd etc. doesra matab yeh he ke app doston aur degar logon ko gunnah ki tarf targheeb na kar.masalan movie dekhne ke liye dawat de etc.
    Wallahu a’lam bith thawaab.

  2. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir kya baal katna , baal ko colour karna, or makeup karna gunah hae,
    ye bhi behayaai hae
    please sir guide
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Lambe baal Aurat ki zeenat he. Baal ko mard jaise katna gunah he.Makeup kar ke mardon ke saamne ana sakht gunah he. Hadeeth shareef men he ” jo awrat ghar se bahir nikalti he khushbu la ga kar , tu malaaikah un par laanat bejhte he jab tak woh gharr wapas ne lote.” In sab cheezon ko kiyun kiya haraha he , zaea woh sochiye? Basically to attract attention of the opposite sex which is haraam!!!

  3. assalam-o-alaikum sir i need ur help , please help me . meri mama ka business hae or me unke saath jati hu, business me sach bhi bolte hae or jhoot bhi , lekin me deal nhi karti , deal mama karti hae me sirf kaam karti hu , mene boht koshish ki keh sahi tareeke se business chalae lekin meri koi baat nhi manta , usi business se ghar bhi chalta hae , me kya karu me kisi se deal nhi karti sirf kaam karti hu , kya me sahi hu me mama ko akela bhi nhi chor sakti , please sir guide me as soon as you can
    wa alaykumus salaam
    Batore nasihat men aapko aik baat btana chahta hoon. Aurat ka dukhaan men khare hona, customers serve karna shar’an naajaaiz aur ghalathe.jis mahol men mard/aurat ke ikhtilat ho us maholmen aurat ka hona ghalat he.Us se aap ko parhaiz karni chahiye. Haan agar majboori hon tu tu dukhaan pe jaakar usko haraam samjhe aur ALLAH se maafi maangle.
    masala he ke agar aapko thankhaa milti ho tu tankhaa aapke liye halaal hoga.Jhoot bolne se woh apne aakhirat ko kharaab kar rahe he aur apne amdani kokharaab kar rahe hai.Unkeliye khusoosi du aa kare aur unko samjhate rahe. insha ALLAH aik din zaroor woh baat samajh kar maanega.

  4. assalam-o-alaikum sahab,
    I am opening a call centre with 20 people. The business is about Hoilday hotel Package of Australia where Australian people use to go for holidays in there time, it is day shift and one more process i. e. Canadian it is of phone and internet connection for canadian people.

    My question is that i am doing this business first time but i know every thing about this business but i have a fear of whether this business will work out for me or not . Mujhe aap ki maadat aur suggestion chaiye ke mein apne company ka naam kya rakhun because in every name some importance will be there, kuch achaa naam farmaiye aur koun sa month achaa hai.

    And one more question what things should be done while starting it to avoid any bad occuring zis se koi pareshani na aaye aur har cheez achaaye se ho bus aap se guzarish hai ki is maasle ko hal kijiye.
    Allah hafeez
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    Firstly and foremostly to attain barakah in your business and be contented , two things are required.
    1. TAQWA
    2. TAwAKKUL.
    Make sure your dealings areclean and free of inteest and ribaa and honesty be adopted. InshaALLAH you will see great benefit.
    Secondly look for some name that is easy and has a good meaning. As for the day to start then start on a Friday after jumuah as we are commanded in surah jumuah to search for ALLAH’S fadhl. which is rizq halaal. Linking of dates and time with it is the way of astrologers which i deem haraam.
    Wallaahu a’lam bith thawaab.

  5. Asalam o Alaikum, Mufti sahib!
    First of all tell me ur name and address so that i may know that who r u?
    Mai ye pochna chahta hoon k kia kisi company k shares laina jaez hai ya nai? Darasal mai ne I-com kia hai or ab B-com kernay ka iraada hai to mai janana chahta hoon k agar ye shares laina jaez hai to kis soorat mai
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    My name is muhammed hoosein adam and the institute is based in south africa in a town called rustenburg in the north west province. I have studied in karachi, Pakistan and have qualified in the renouned Institute known as Jaamiatul Uloomil islaamiyyah, Allamah binnori town. I happen to be the Principal sitting in for Mufti shihabbuddin who is on vacation.
    Shares ahkaame shirkat men daakhil hota he.Jaaiz hone ke liye chind sharaait he.
    1.) Jis company men share haasil kiya jaaraha he , woh koi haraam cheez nahin bajhrahe he.
    2.)Yeh Insurance ,Bank, etc, na ho jis ki aamdani wood or unterest se ho.
    3.)Jis men hissa (shares) muqarrar ho, eg 10% monthly, etc.
    4.)Shirkat both profit and loss men hone chahiye.(maylab if the company suffers any loss then the shareholder will have tonear the brunt as well in accordance to his share.)
    Jab in sharaait moujood ho tu shares laina jaaiz hoga.

  6. as salaam alaykum

    Will it be halal for a company to get a government contract in Afghanistan from the usa for construction purposes?

    Will this be considered as helping the kuffar and haram wealth?
    wa alaykumusSalaam
    Acceptance of any contract from an occupying force will be aiding them in their oppression of the people of the occupied lands. Therefore we advise to reject any such contract as it will be endangering your lives as well.

  7. Assalam-o-Akykum!
    I want to start some restaurant business in Hyderabad, India. I have no experience in the business. But I strongly feel that Almighty Allah will help me in successfully running the business.
    I have lot of enemy. I need your selves assistance by seeing Isteqara for me and know the Almighty’s wish about the business start up.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Sorry to dis appoint you but we do not make istikhaaraa on others behalf.

  8. Assalamalaikum,
    I am 25 yrs old n i m interested in 3D animation n games development. I want to be sure before i opt for a course n a job that if it is halaal… 3d film animation (cartoons,etc) not movies is my main interest….. secondly someone told me that game designing is also haraam i want to be sure before i leap into this proffesion…….by games development i mean computer games like PC, Playstation,xbox of that sort or in that case flash games….. please let me know…..
    And one more thing i do hobby 3d modelling in my spare time on 3dsmax just for creativity is it jais or should i stop it……

    My next question is that i n some of my friend s r planning to start a cyber cafe n gaming plaza…. again some people have told me that gaming plaza r haraam…… i wont be having any slot machines but will be having pc games n on the same comp people can browse the net tooo…. so if i make a income out of this will it be jais n haalal….. kindly guide me in the right direction cause its a big decision for me…..

    Assalaamu alaykum
    Regarding judgement of permissibility of abything is based on its moral impact. Will this thing be beneficial or will it be harmful?
    Concerning the opening of the internet cafe, which has a beneficial angle to it, will be permissible on condition that proper security measures are in place to prevent surfing of porn,etc.
    However when it comes to gaming, we know that it only has harm and no benefit. It causes loss of wealth as well as wasting of time. Therefore the income from it is makrooh.
    As for designing, if it be in an educational matter then it will be permnissible.

  9. Assalam alaikum mufti saahab,
    mufti sahab i have been a frequent visitor on ur site lately n i find it very useful n u r doing a very gud job in guiding ur lost brothers n sister n allah will definetly reward u…… inshallah
    i have a problem which i m sure u will guide me in the right direction….. i m 27 yrs old n married…. i m ashamed to say this but i m not very proud of my deeds which i have done in my lifetime uptil now….. i didnt use to read salaat n quran n all the things which SAW has told us to perform…… but i have changed for the better in the past 1 yr after i got married….. n because of my wife n allahs mercy i have started to come on track inshallah…… i used to work with my father in his bussiness but now due to diffrences between me n him m unable to comply…… n i feel tht i want to contribute to towards my community…… whatever jobs i have tried n also tried starting my own bussiness but m sorry to say nothing in this present day can comply to do bussiness in a proper islamic way…… loans, interest, cheating, lies etc all forbidden by islam r in practice, with complete gust n furor…… i m disgusted (i was used to the same ways when i was with my father becuse its a common pratice nowadays) but i want to change n follow the path which SAW told us too….. i have a family to feed toooo sooo i cant sit at home toooo……. so i would like to know what things r jaais n in line our shariyaat…… so that on the day of resurruction i can show my face to allah tala….. pls guide me in the right direction….

    my other question is……
    when i read salaat n quran my mind starts to divert to other worldy thoughts….. i had heard in jamaat once to make ur namaaz puktha u have to make urself feel like u r standing in front of allah taala…….. but no matter how much i tried concentrating on the namaaz n quran tilawaat my brain wanders n then i bring it back….. how do i stop this….. is this a sign that my imaan is not strong that i cannot even shake the bloody shaitain out of my namaaz….. plz guide me i m very much disturbed by this fact…… i have already wasted my young days running after worldy things which dont matter…… i want to make things right from here onwards please guide me…..
    Wa Allaykumus Salaam

    Conerning your first question, i wish to give you some Shariah we are not mukallaf of others doings but rather our doings. What we have to do is carry out the injunctions of Shariat and not worry about others doings to such an extent that we feel despondent and follow trend.This is a ploy of Shaitaan to make us believe business can only be done with dishonesty.We should practise what is right and inshaALLAH we will see its fruits,
    As for that which is jaaiz, the list is long.It depends what you intend doing.On that we can comment.
    2.If any thoughts come to you in salaah the allow it to flow and continue your salaah. The more you fight it the more your concentration weakens.My Murshid and mentor always tells us that when driving on the highway we have to worry of our driving and not concern ourselves with others that are using the road. Similarily we must carry on with our salaah and not worry of thesepasserby thoughts.Insha ALLAH in a short while you will see them disappear.

  10. AS salam alikum.
    Mai ek hindustani musalman hun. yehan islami hukumat nahi hai. Share market me share kharidna aur bechna kaisa hai.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Share kharidne ke liye shar’ii ahkaam ke mutaabiq ho. Agar shares kisi company se kharidna ho tu aap dekhle ke yeh kharubaar haraam cheezen ke tijaarat nahin kar rahe he, jaise sharaab bechna, Haraam ghosht ke karobar, ya khaalis soodi kaam ho tu usmen share na kharida jaaie.

  11. SALAAM janaab ap plz bataiye keh shop chalaane keh liye kya kiya jae
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Sawaal samhja nahin. Aap kucch tafseeol bataade.

  12. shop me barkat ke liye kya karna chaiye
    Bas halaal cheezen rakhi jaaiye aur kisi haraam cheez ko karobar men na laaiye. Namaz ke paaband rahe aur rozana surah yaseen parhne ki koxhish kare.

  13. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir jee ap plz btaiye keh insaan ko zindagi me ghar chalaane ke liye kitni mehnat or kitni koshish karni chaiye
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Hatal imkaan jitni mehnat hosakti he utnahi mehnat kare.

  14. Assalamu Alaikum!!!
    I live in Karachi. As part of my job I am responsible for filing Visa for different countries which require person’s Degree to be attested by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now the proper procedure to get the degree attested has been made very difficult therefore we have to ultimately bribe the policeman stand outside the Ministry office and get the job done.
    So is the case for Ministry of Foreign Affairs office in Karachi, Pakistan where there are agencies outside and they bribe people to attest the degrees.
    I don’t want to bribe or get bribed but I am bothered to do so as the legal/proper procedure has been made very difficult almost impossible.
    Please tell us the right path in light of Shariah what we should do now under such circumstances.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Both The briber and the bribed are in the Fire of Hell. We should refrain from adopting the policy of bribing. However if due to the level of corruption is so high that through normal legal means it is made impossible, then it will be permisible with karaahat to bribe to get the work done as long as there is no foul play from your side.

  15. Assalamoulaikoum Janab,

    Janab Sahab, aaj kal business karna bahot muskil hain… Jaiseh hi Immigration main pass karta houn, to being a muslim keh karhan hamara samaan check karthe hain. Kya koi aisa namaz ya wasifah hain jho immigration ko pass karthe waqt par saqte hain takhe sab kuch aram aur peace se ho.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    aap waziefah kis cheez ke liye naabg rahe ho? customs walon aapko tang na kare ya samaan na mille unko?

  16. Assalamu Alaikum
    If I have an old computer and a shop keeper offers to replace it with the new one with some extra money. Can I give this old computer to shop keeper without negotiating its price and he then provides me with the new one with some extra money.
    Should i have to ask him how much will he pay for the old computer & then take that money from him & then add it to other money & then purchase the new computer.
    Wa Alatkumus Salaam
    If the excess amount is specified then it will suffice. there is no need for the old computers amount to be stipulated.

  17. assalamoalaikum wr wb,
    is it halal to buy something from someone on the condition to sell the thing back to him after some time at a higher price? kindly provide a detailed answer with citing reference to quran and sunnah. also please the mufti answering my query please mention your name and the institution you work for.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam

  18. As salaam.

    Is the Carboncopypro business on the internet halaal or Haraam?

    Pls explain.

    wa Alaykumus Salaam (let us greet in full inshaALLAH)
    Please supply a site address so that we could check out their conditions.

  19. As salam alaikum
    Job mein promotion ke liye dua batayen?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    tahajjud ke waqt uthkar do ya char rakaat namaz parhe aur ALLAH se khuloose dil ke saath apni haajat maangle. InshaALLAH faisa aap khud dekhoge.

  20. Assalam alaikum.
    First of all I kindly ask Allah to award you for the knowledge you hev provided to us.
    My question is.I want to begin up a bussiness of money lending with no interest and clients will be buying application form at a fixed price to all amounts of money they ask for.If the days asked by the client end without him bringing back the money, I will ask him to renew the contract by buying another application form nomatter the balance he is remaining with.The profits I will be geting is the application fee and a wish from a client.
    If HALAL,advise my fellows to try it out.
    Zubairi from Uganda
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This is but another way of trying to legalise riba/interest by calling it a fee for the application form. How cna there be a second application form with another charge???

  21. Selam Aleykum,

    Is it allowed to translate Almabaadi’ul fiqhiyyah (shafiee fiqh) in german and sell it and gain profit?

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    If it is done with the intention of benefitting the masses then it will be permissible as long as no exorbitant prices are laelled to it.

  22. Assalamo Alekum,
    Alhamdulillah I am planning for Haj and after getting the capital ready, I am worried about two things
    1- I am a software developer and among other projects that I have worked is a system that keeps records of Asset management Firm. The system only keeps records of Clients and products they have bought. It does not keep records of transactions i.e. it does not seem to record interest. I am expecting a bonus based on the performance in this project. CAN I USE that amount for Haj expenses when I am in Harmain?
    2- Some money has been gifted to my wife by her father. Her father is serving as a General Manager in a firm which provides services to both Government and Private Sector. Unfortunately, In Pakistan when you are dealing with Government sector it is necessary( sometimes demanded) to give gifts/bribe to related government officials even after winning tender and while winning tender as well. Therefore his company gives bribes and gifts too. The question is CAN I USE the money given by my father in law?
    3- I have a car that is on IJARAH. In the presence of such binding can I perform haj because it may be considered as a sort of loan?
    Looking forward for your response
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    1. The bonus you will be recieving is in lieu for your efforts and work which is totally halaal and therefore hajj with such money is recommended.
    2.Your Father-in-law may be giving bribes which is a grave sin but if he does not take interest then his money will be regarded as clean. Therefore is can be used.
    3. If one will not forfeit his monthly installments on the car nor forfeit payments then it will not be of any difficulty for him to go for hajj.

  23. assalamualaikum

    pls koi aaisa wazifa bataiye jis se mere husband ko acchi salery ki job makkah ya madine mein ya jeddha maein mile meri bahot ziyada khahesh hai makkeh sharif mein rehne ki. abhi hum log uae maein rehte hai
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Tahajjud keliye uthkar 2-4 rakaatr namaz parhiye aur khoob duaa maange.

  24. Assalam -u- Aliakum
    I am setting up business of distribution of a company produts. But later i came to know that the company was owned by Qadianis?
    My question is can a muslim do business with a qadiani comapany? Please giude me in this situtation wether to start business or leave it.

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      Firstly if the goods are for consumption you should verify if halal. Remember any slaughtered meat of a wading is harass. Also check with any halal authority if their products are OK.
      If the goods are not for consumption then there is no problem.

  25. As slam-u-alaikum.First and foremost I want to know that whether the person answering my question is a mufti or not. I wanted to know that hospitals are keeping marketing executives who are offered a certain percent of amount based on their monthly business and these marketing executive in turn give some percent to the referring doctors. whether it is jayaz on the part of the doctors to accept this amount and . ? secondly if the doctor doesn’t accept this then this whole amount is going to the marketing executive only, so whether it can be taken and used to help the needy person with out taking it for personal use? and sir i would also like to add that we have to send to those hospitals only because they are on panel. and we have to refer to the empanelled hospitals only. thus guide me what to do in such case.

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      If the percentage is fixed ( a specified amount ) then the referral profits will be permissible. It is the onus of the recipient whether to keep it or distribute it.

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