Wazifah to get married to him

Assalam o alaikum Maine apse ek wazeefa pochna hain and apko apna masla batana hai mera masla yeh hai mufti sahib k main kisi insaan se bohat pyar karti hoon and he loves me too much s well lakin wo pakistan main rahte hain and main dosre country main hoon main yahan country ka naaam nahin likhna chahti main us insaan se bohat pyar karti hoon and i want to marry him and wo b mujhe se shadi karna chate hain lakin mujhe der lagta hai k ager khuda na kare mere parents na mane tu kia hoga and main chahti hoon k wo is countrymain ajaye jahan main hoon wid my brothers is k liye ap please mujhe koi wazeefa bata dijiye and mujhe yeh b batain k main kia dua yaa wazeefa karoon k meri us insaan se shadi ho jai kyunk na wo mere bagair reh skta hai na main un k bagair so ap plz kindly main koi wazeefa batain k pehle wo is country main ajay unka visa lag jaye and phir zara zziada stable ho jay tab mere parents ko proposal bhaje and hamari shadi ho jaye so plz ap mujhe in dono maslon k liye koi wazeefa bata dein kyunk main bohat parishan hoon maine ek din istakhara b kia tha per mujhe khuch nazar na aya khuaab main ya shahid mera tareeka thek nahin tha mujhe plz batian main kia karoon ALLAH apko bohat khush raghe and is ka ajar de ager apki bari meherbani ho u yeh meri id hai ap mujhe is per b reply de sakte hain sanjana_for_all@hotmail.com

وعليكم السلام

Dear Sister in Islaam, with due respect I would like to inform you that we are not professional Amil to help people in veil and prohibited affairs. It is strictly prohibited in Islaam to community with opposite sex without any extreme necessity. The man you love and want to get married is Ghair Muhram to you and you are not allowed to communicate with him. What I can suggest you is talk to you parents, convince them and carry on as per the advice they give. They will never suggest something that ceases happiness in your life. Parents always wish to see their children ever pleased and happy.



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