Wazifah for Jinn and Sihr effect

AS-SALAAM-O-ALAIKUM! mufti sahab i hav a very serious problem and i want to get your sincere advice on this matter,,sir 2 years before when i saw  nightmare,daliy or may be after two days then i explain my dream to dream interpreter he said to me that i was a victim of black magic and also i hav jinn image on my self,,i do treatment alot and by the mercy of our magestic ALLAH i got releif from black magic and for jinn image i recite “manzil” which is given me by mufti but 5 days before one aamil said that if any one suspect that he/she is a victim of any evil foot step i.e blackmagic or any  evil disaster then he/she should recite surah ZALZALAAL eleven times before going to  sleep in night,, if there is any evil influence then  the person sees through dream what/when/how evil is inflenced and immediately spell is broken within eleven days INSHALLAH and if through the dream the person didn’t sees anything then that means there is no any evil influence outside thats why i recite this surah every night before my bed time on four day when i recite this surah and gone to slept on that night i saw a dream that lots of people is surround me and infront of me there is a black image who talk to me that take back me i said to him i didn’t take back to you and i asked him why i take back to you? and who are you?what is the relation of this image(jinn)which is on myself then he said that i am a freind of him,, and i admit that i spoil your previous treatment ,i asked him how can i take back  to you  he said to me this thing i let you tell you and thats why  i said to you take back me because you haven’t any strength to fight with me and alsoyou havn’t any protective sheild and if you not agree to take back me then see what i do,,you hav to pay for this mistake,,suddenly the scence wolud changed and i saw that my mom felldown  in a serious ill, i got so much anxious beacuse i love my mom alot, please mufti sahab tell me what should i do? i hav a strong beleive on our glorious ALLAH that if person is on right path then ALLAH helped him and removed all hurdles which is come on there way,, plesae help me to solve this matter i would really thankful to you! thanks
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Keep on reciting Manzil and recite each of three Qul-Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas and Aayatul Kursee three times with Bismillah and blow on your hands and then wipe the whole body. Do this everyday in the morning and in the evening after Fajr and Maghrib Salaah and before you to sleep.
As for your mother and other family members, if you can manage then recite with Tajweed the following eight Suraas and blow into water. Everybody of the family must drink this water and when it finishes, it must be refilled and read again. The Suraas are as follows:
1. Yaseen 2. Assaaffaat 3. Al-Dukhaan 4. Al-Ahqaaf  5.Ar-Rahmaan 6. Al-Hashr 7. Al-Mulk 8. Al-Jinn .
والله اعلم


15 thoughts on “Wazifah for Jinn and Sihr effect”

  1. asslam-o-alaikum

    mufti saheb, i have problem for last two years, i couldnt sleep regularly, some times get sleep mostly my head seems to be very heavy, when i awake body feels unrest, i have properly checked up but every things are ok.

    i want to know whether i have problem of (jinn etc. or nazer).

    pls inform me, may Allah bless you.

    for your kind information my name is

    abrar ahmed and mother name is haseebun nisa.

    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Dear Brother in Islaam, we are not Aamil as it has been informed several times and hence we can not use the method professional Aamileen do to find out if one has Jinn effect or something else. What we can suggest you is to stay away from sins, comply with the Shariah, apply Raughane Ahmar, if you get easily before you go to sleep and make a habit of reciting each of three Qul-Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas and Aayatul Kursee three times with Bismillah and blow on your hands and then wipe the whole body. Do this everyday in the morning and in the evening after Fajr and Maghrib Salaah and before you go to sleep. Try to sleep with Wudhoo and if you cannot sleep then recite the Aayah No. 56 of Suratul-Ahzaab 33, Inshaa Allaah you will get a sound sleep.
    والله علم

  2. assalamo alikum mufti sahab,

    I know that 2 people I love have sihr on them, and they are fighting it but i feel that nothing has changed, and the sihr was made to ruin their lives is there anything we can do to try and make it better because our lives are just getting worse and worse and we are always having problems, is there anything we can do. Thank you so much for your time
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    The gender of the referred people and the nature of relation need to be mentioned for writing a proper answer.
    والله اعلم

  3. i had a dream just now. thankfully i woke up and realised it was fajar time and i read my salah, prayed to ALLAH, read aytul kursi on both my children and husband, readd the last 3 verses from the quran. I am strong believer however not perfect. BUt this dream was one of a kind and i have never ever had one similar to it , actually ive never had a dream like this in my life so i truley belive there is a reason behind it.
    I need to give you an idea of what is happening in my mom and dads household. It all started Sept 02.My older sister by 1 year got married in FEB spent 8 days with him reurned home and started having an affair in Sept 02. She is beautiful, beautiful hair is her trademark. She is still having an affair with the same person. Husband came over , she tried to cancel his visa didnt work, she tried getting a divorce didnt work, he got his stay when she wrote embassy a letter didnt work. all this was in secret but somehow it always came out what shed done. oh its such a long story i dont know if i can write it all….her husband basically is still on the scene. she went pakistan and she was happy. she started relations with husband. shes expecting which we never thought would happen as she has medical problems. she knows its a sign as she never got pregant with the man shes still having an affair iwth. shes still in contact with him. i can see the effect it has on her. shes soft when there is no contact and really agressive, hateful when she does speak with the other man. her husband wants her and has shown so much patrience even when she has belittled him, ashamed him etc. Anyway heres the weird bit. ive been saying to my mum shes evil at this moment in her life she isnt right in the head and i tell my mum she changes when she talks to the other man. today i had a dream, i saw the other man in balck with a bald head walk past our house. i saw this gy while i was lying on my side and my sister was sat up on her bed.it was the attic room so you have to get up an look out of window but i didnt i saw him just like that. anyway i asked my sister shortly after you see him then and she smiled and didnt answer. After my sis in law was in room. sister gone by now. i was talking to her and a man from the corner appeared , evil i sensed it, magic….he was saying stuff i cant remeber now and got hold of my sis in law and was trancing her. i was pulling her away wasnt working so i was reading the shahada again and again and the man fainted like he id sucked something out of him and he needed a fix to get better. anyway ran down.i was telling my mum and my urdu was bad and she pulled me up that i called her tum instead of aap, i said mum im sorry i just in a frenzy and have to tell you. anyway its a blur but then i went up and told my dad,my sister in another room heard so i told her out loud what had happened, she started crying and said the man shes having an affair with had dealings like this in the past and she cannot belive it and again the eveil man appeared and this time all of a sudden we were in the attic again in my brothers room. the fire came on i remeber my sister ran away and i was left to contend him. i was scared but i belived in allah and read the aytul kusi out loud. before doing this the jinn had come towards me and i held him back by his arms as he wanted to harm me and i read the aytul kursi and inforont of me his eyes glazed over in white his face went white and he stumbled on floor and went away. i woke up. shaken, did wudu and read fajar. suprisingly it was the right time too. what am i to do how can i help my sster as i now belive what i was saying was right she has some bad surrounding her. this guy shes with i do not liek anyway and i spoke with him a few days earlier telling him to leave her as my sister cannot leave the family. i said he has the power to turn away not my sster. my sister always makes him saty when he says hes leaving. i know its about my sister as i never dreamt of her beofre like this. i know this means something bu=t need guideance. hep me please.
    Asssalaamu alaykum
    It seems that your dream has some reality to it.Encourage her to read her namaz and be firm on it and also let her start recital of qur’aan.Try and read the manzil daily and blow o water and give it to her to drink if posible. Otherwise go to some respectful learned aamil to seek help.

    wa alaykumusSalaam
    Sorry i am not aware of it. Mufti sahib has gone on vacation and it seems that it must have been prior to his departure.

      1. Which posts and please send them to us so that we can erase. There over ten thousand posts.

  5. Thank You for your reply, however, nothing has been done. I wish there was a way of emailing you direct without having everything i say available for all to see. I would like my entries removed. Is this possible?
    Wa iyyakum
    We will remove your name and identity from your entries inshaALLAH
    If in future you need anonymity then refrain from puting your name . Rather opt for a nickname or write anon

  6. Mufti saab
    Please read the complete E-Mail & please respond urgently , what you about to read may sound far fetched .

    I requesting special request from you Mufti Saab, Please forward me details of a good ,honourest and reputable aamil ,
    for 30 years of life the very same people “Muslims” have been busy with my family with unashamed activities .
    the saddest of all is that some of them are family ,others friends .they have no shame in what they are doing ,they
    know that we know what they up too. I went to so many aamils in cape town but they caused more harm to myself and
    my family .Sometimes I talk to these demons ,I tell them that they are only a creation of ALLAH SWA like myself
    and they will get punished for the mischief and harm they cause on this dunya .I have been attacked serval times by shaitan.
    I have scares on my body to proof.
    My Baby daughter can no longer sleep in her room .all kinds of dark shadows making snake like sounds cames from that room.

    Myself and my baby daughter now 10 years old ,are born with the “Helm” ,we see and hear things that normal person cannot see
    and hear.( evil spirits ,demon /devils,ghost,saints )

    c) For many years I have been searching for assistance regarding my capabilities ,
    All the people I went to has caused more harm to me and my family .
    Some examples of what I can do, as a child growing up in District 6
    I could fore tell things that were about to happened ,My own a skeptical told me as a youngster growing up in hard times
    when I see these spirits that I am mad or imagining all these thing.and when I told her about something bad was about to
    happened ,and if it happens she would beat the day lights out of me ,because I am bad luck.
    I can analyze a persons quality and character just by looking at a person .
    I can fore spell death of a person ,not the day ,time or week,but with
    in a period of a year prior to the persons departure . I donnot
    or disclose these information to any one .My wife by knows that
    if I perform certain rituals ( ready a lot of Quran ,nafl salat and Zikr)
    that someone is close to death .She would enquire from me if it is a relative.
    I am very conservative ( Islamically ) with my ways .( Old Fashion )
    I have been insulted by family and friends and some of aforementioned wrong doers
    that I am too Islam and they are all so called modern Muslims.I am too serious with deen.
    I have premonitions ,I have dreams ,I have physical visions.
    Some examples of my visions
    I saw the physical Appearance of the Dajjal two years ago ( I nearly had a heart attack with cold sweet)
    I have seen the Beloved Prophet of ALLAH ,on many occasssions.
    I have seen my own death but my physical appearance before time of death has been blocked out.
    Two years ago ,on the night of laylatul Qadr ,after mosque I was sitting in the lounge at my house listening
    to a lecture on the islamic radio station ,this incident happened 23h10 pm ,a beam of nur descended from the
    samah onto me ,I was lifted several meters from the ground in this nur ,angles ( 5 of them with no facial features)
    was flying around this nur .as I looked down towards the ground below me deceased relatives ,pious saints of the past,
    sheikh Adul Gilani on a white horse was happy and praising me …

    I have seen the entrance of Jannah at the time on seeing this vision I could smell the sweat smell of musk ,I had the taste on my tongue as well.

    d)I give advise to youngsters and some grown up people ,my late mother in law may AllAH her peace on her soul ,almost 80 before she past on
    a Woman of deen ,she gave me alot of inspiration through he actions ,came to me several times asking for advise .
    what ever answers I gave just came following from my tongue without thinking about it.its like my tongue does all the answer and not me.
    all the people that followed my advise ,things turned for the betters for them ,and those who did not listen things turned out bad for them .
    Even Christian people like neighbours came to me for advise .
    One example of my advise giving. Fourteen years ago ,this boy who lived a very bad life style,I called him one day and told him that
    he should change his life style or accept the consequences that was to follow.he did accept my advice .his father died ,no one could find this
    boy he was busy with his wrong doing ,he only got to kwon of his fathers death the following morning when he went ,home .
    Once again I called this boy and told him.that because he does not want to listen to reason ,that there will come a time in his life
    all his family will be taken away from thus duyah and he will be all alone. In fourteen years this boys all nine family members of that house hold.
    Then one day he come to me crying ,because he did not listen to what I have told him .It was only then this boy decided to change his life style
    and started praying every day as he supposed to do.

    All this knowledge and answers just comes to me without thinking or pondering about it for an answer.
    Can do alot of other things which is unexplainable I myself do not know or explain .
    I am not a Hafiz ,Iam not highly learned in deen ,did not go for psychology training .
    I just have all this knowledge in me .’
    I can interpret dreams as well.
    All The answers I give I use examples of the time of the Prophet.
    I love deeny people ,old people ,Loved to be amongst learned people .
    I recall giving advise to a Moulana.
    When the Quran is being read tears beyond my control runs down my checks
    almost if I do understand the meaning of what is being read.
    When a waq ( salat time) dawn upon me ,fear enters my body almost if like I am afraid that I might miss my salat.

    My wife comes from a rich family ,it was difficult for her to adopt to my basic life style .her own brothers and sister look
    down on her because she has no wealth like them .The house that we stay in was her inheritance after her mothers demised

    They her family up today fight over the house we living in although they received 10 fold more than they were suppose too.
    A hold lot of crookery went on the their late mothers estate .
    for the past 2 decays ,my wife has lost several children because of the work of the wrong doers.

    My baby daughter now 10 years old has inherited some of my special abilities.but tells no one about this she is very secretive about it .

    Mufti Saab for for than 40 years of life I have been going thru hell with various difficulties place by man ,with ALLAH SWA Rahmah
    and Mercy I survived .

    Mufti saab what I am requesting the following ,I need some one qualified to assist me with all my special abilities .
    Is all this that I mentioned to you Mufti saab a dream ,my imagination ,shaytaan playing games with me.
    In islam fortune telling is haraam ,why is it ,that I have the ability to fore tell happening ,disasters and even death.
    Am I a sinner or do ALLAH SWA give me Ilm on a day basis .
    Currently I am limping both my feet is swollen up like watermelons because my sister in law threw her napaak in front of my door
    to cripple me. I swear by ALLAH I fear no creation of ALLAH accept ALLAH SWA Himself the one and only and the ever lasting.

    Please HELP I do not want to die kafr I want to make things right if in any way if I were in volve shirk in any way ,
    Please assist Mufti Saab

    Please advise

    Wassalam respected mufti.
    Mohamed Salim Parker
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    To help you with your problem i request thaat you contact me on my phone no so that advises be given to tyou. I am situated in rustenburg (northwest) and my no is :- 014 528 2307

    1. salim parker, mashallah looks like Allah has blessed you with a gift only a few people have been given. Have faith and no matter how toughs things get remember Allah loves you and that alone will be enough to keep you from shirk. Please contact me by email nsheikh1@hotmail.com if you are able to give me some advise.

    2. Dear Brother MS Paker:

      I just want to say my duas are with you and I pray to Allah that he shows you the way and guide you. I will definitely think and discuss about how anyone will be able to help you…I really don’t have words to express my concern, just lots of duas to help you cope with your situation. May Allah bless you…..

    3. Salaam walaikum,

      salim parker, i felt very nice and at the same time my body was shivering on reading this. I always try to stay in the company of good people who have the knowledge of islam and are scholar in islam etc…, I always try to get as much knowledge as possible from the scholars. I know, hadiths and quran are best source for the knowledge but still. I would be happy to have the email id or contact No of Mr. Salim parker saab, If allah wishes, i can also see you if our Jamaat comes over there, we are hungry for knowledge, we are hungry to learn more and more.

      Do remember me in your prayers, Kindly provide me the contact details of Mr. Salim parker
      .Wa alaykuymus Salaam
      Sorry no persoms personal info can be furnished by us. it is up to him if he wishes to contact you. He is but a visitor to our site .

  7. Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    This Fakhir 35yrs old from Lahore-Pakistan and I am working in private firm as Import Executive.
    One day on my Home Gate, One person (look like Faqeer) came myself and asked me that I want to drank water. I gave him drink. Then he show me a card and asked me that I am Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar and give me small piece of page which he took from my gate. He said that close the gate and close your hand and recite dua. After recited the dua and I opened my Hand. That was amazed for me that little piece of page was piece of Ghulab. I show him that piece of Ghulab. Then he give me Rs.20 and asked me please keep in safe. Then he go back.

    Kindly could you tell me what was that power when he converted a little piece of page into piece of Ghulab? and is that person (faqeer) was really Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar?

    Your positive response will be highly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    wa alaykumussalaam
    That power of conversion is done by many kaafir magicians as well.This is magic and what we call in English as mesmerism. May i ask you, do you really believe it was a “ghost’ you met? do not be fooled by such occurrences and rather keep your imaan and trust on ALLAH.none can benefit or harm you except with the will of ALLAH.

  8. Asalaam Aleykum,

    My wife has a dream for last 3 days continously she sees rough ocean and sees her late Father standing there in his sleeping clothes but does not say anything. And she also remembers seeing the whole thing in the morning. Could you please shed some light on this matter.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Try and do some form of esaale thawaab on behalf of your wifes father by either giving out some sadaqah or reading qur’aan on their behalf or any other form of sadqa jaariyah.

  9. Asalam u alykum, mufti saab my entries have not been removed and i have asked many times now. i am sorry i am constantly emailing you on this website however what you said would happen hasnt. Please may i ask you to look at this again.
    wa alaykumus salaam
    The questions once answered has to be searched. This is a task in itself. Actually post on the website is to be published to answered. im sorry for the in convenience but in future if you wish for your questions not to appear on site then please dont post it on the site. Send an e-mail to jaamiahamidia@live.co.za so that it does not appear.The difference is that the reply will be delayed.

  10. Mufti Sahib
    Assalaam O Alaikum

    My name is Khalid Mehmood, 38 years old and living in Karachi with my wife (Qurat ul Ain) 31 years and three kids.
    From the last one year my wife had some strange problems like para psychological. Some time she had some dream that fulfils after some time, some time she predict something after some time near future that also had some results.

    She doesnt like evil mind persons, even somebody (he/she) come to see him having harm for him, she can’t bear that person in front of him. She is very straight forward and say anything on the face of anybody.

    Nowadays, she is feeling something in her body, like heart pain, some time kidney pain, some time she feels that her body become heavy, sometime she feels pain in the whole of body, sometime she feels that somebody tease her body with a sharp pin, some time somebody is moving inside of body or back of the body.
    For the long time she had back-pain also.
    She is very willing to work hard, household works and learning something, but she cant do, she says that somebody stop him to doing so.
    She often says that she want to go abroad.

    Kindly guide me, I shall be highly grateful to you.

    Best regards
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It seems your wife is fortunate to have ben born in a “veil/purdah/hijaab”. Such people do have certain capabilities by birth-right but are also prone to jinn interferemce. This seems to be the problem with your wife and therefore she will need to make a life-long habit of reciting certain azkaar from ahaadeeth. If she wishes to do so then i will furnish to her the azkaar and also the conditions.

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