Ruling on Calling onesefl Deobandi

as salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah,

May this reach you in great health and imaan,

What is the ruling on calling oneself deobandi? And would we say that Deobandiyah are the saved group as opposed to the salafiyah , berewliyah etc. ? What is the criterion for the true doctrine?

Wa alaykumus Salaam wa rahmatullah
Basically the title deobandi is used for “nisbah” – linkage as many use aliraaqi to show their country of origin. Deoband is the name of a city in india where the famous islaamic university is situated and the name deobandi has become synonomous with those who either studied in the institute or adhere to their teachings. It is similar to the title Alazhari used by many graduates of the famous alazhar university. Therefore what could be wrong in using the nisbah -deobandi??
Concerning being from the “Saved” sect is not the claim made by the deobandi ulema but rather the claim of the pseudo-salafi and those who reject the others from being part of the ahlus sunnah.Yes, the deobandiyyah have based their teachings on whatever was to be found in the khairul quroon (the best period- the period of the sahaabah,  the taabi’een and the tab taabi’een) and accepted as being correct at that time. It is a known fact that the sacrifices and upholding of the deen during the occupation of india was done by the ulema of deoband who declared jihaad against the occupiers as being fardhul ayn whereas the barielwiyyah and the laa-math habiyyah/ ahle hadeeth/ salafiyyah of indo- pak refuted this fatwa and alligned themselves with the british as is noticable today by the salafi saudi regime who are quick to make takfeer of muslims but are firm in the allegiance to the war on “Terrorism”. It is known that the ulema of deoband were the ones who eradicated many shirki beliefs from the masses in Indo-pak subcontinent and therefore they were labelled wahaabi/kaafir by the likes of the misguided barielwi group. We have never claimed that the likes of the salafiyyah are kaafir or even that they are khaarij of the ahlus sunnah as they claim about those who do not adhere to their creed. Yes we claim they have certain deviancies in them which need to adressed. Remember ikhtilaaf is something that was accepted by Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wasallam but ikhlaaf and mukhaalafah is rejected in deen. Differences based on proof is accepted which is ikhtilaaf but to oppose others view that is based on shari proof merely because it goes against your view is reject and is known as ikhlaaf and mukhaalafah. We find a common factor amongst the barielwi and salafi that ikhlaaf is their way which is not the way of the ulema of deoband. Both are known as being extremist on the opposite ends and among the deobandis you will find a more balanced approach to issues. You will never find a deobandi claiming that they are the only “saved sect” as many others claim. Rather they feel that they are amongst those who fall in the category of the “saved sect”.
Wallahu a3lam bithawaab


One thought on “Ruling on Calling onesefl Deobandi”

  1. Subhanallah, what a beautiful research article. It make my deen more strong, I wish it could be read by all those who been misguided by pseudo-salafis.

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