Man is responsible to provide maintenance

assalaam alaikum

I have two issue to ask :-
1) Iam the youngest of the four children and i have been married for 15 years now. My eldest sister has always been in financial difficulties because her husband has never worked and was not able to provide for his family, he tried a few times with some business but failed due to being lazy and not working very hard at it. My mother has always supported my sister and her kids with buying clothes, things and school fees. they live in india. Now my siters children have grown up and my mother helped them get fees from some charitiable organization to study for my nehews degree so that he can progress and find means of earning. My mother now wants to use some of the zakaat money that i send for distribution to india, to repay some of that karz(loan). Will my zakaat be permisable to use for repaying part of that loan? we all think that the father should take soem responsibility but he does not do anything. now he is in his 50’s and too old to find a job. he just reads his salat and stays in the mosque most of the time. but what about his duties? why should my mother keep helping them? is it right? is it allowed by shariah?

2) I live in london and as it is difficult to buy a house cash here, we had to buy it on mortgage, the ulamas of uk have given fatwa that one house on mortgage is permisable only if you have no where else to live. so we still have a loan of the house to pay. But my gold exceeds my nisab so I have always taken out zakaat on my jewellry and my husband also removes zakaat on his business materials. we also have another loan for the car to pay off. So are we right in taking out zakaat on the gold and business or is it not necessary (wajib) on us?? the amount of loans exceeds the nisab amount by far.

please reply asap

وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Dear Sister in Islaam, the answer to your question are as follows:
1) Man is responsible to provide maintenance for his wife, small children and dependent daughters till they get married. The maintenance of sound big and adult sons, independent and married daughters is not a compulsion on the father.
The man who fails to carry out his obligation towards his family out of laziness must be forced on doing work and providing maintenance by the local Muslim Jamaat consisting at least one experienced Alim. Such a person defiantly will be taken to account on the Day of Qiyaamah.
Whatever your mother and you are doing for that family is not only right but also a cause of maintaining ties of kinship. If they are dependent and are in debt then giving Zakaat to them will not only be right but it will also cause double virtue; virtue of Sadaqah and virtue of Silatur Reham-maintaining ties of kinship.
2) Zakaat is obligatory for every sane, adult and free Muslim/Muslimah who possesses the Nisaab, free from his/her initial needs and debts, for a whole lunar year whether one possesses the same by one’s own earning, gifts or any other lawful sources.
Therefore, after deducting the debts if each of you and your husband possess separately the Nisaab for a complete lunar year, Zakaat will be Wajib. The one who does not possess Nisaab is not liable to pay the Zakaat.
والله اعلم


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