Negative Thinking is Very Dangerous

Salam:ma Norway ma rahti hon mari shadi pak karchi ma hui ti pir mare haband Norway aga pir un ki mother ki tabyat harab hone ki wajhe se pak ga hen 2006,ko ga te abi tak wapis nai aia wahaan ja kar najane kis ki baton ma aga hen ab tak maweit kar rahi hon wapis nai aia plz mare lye istakahra kareen wo wapis ain ga ke nai ma chati hon plz ap mari help kareen.
وعليكم السلام
Dear sister in Islaam, do not be suspicious and think always positive. Negative thinking is very dangerous and may create a series of problems. Your husband may be in a difficult situation and going through hardship and difficulties. Therefore, keep on communicating with him and help him come out of the situation so that you can meet each other and stay together.
As regard to the Istikhaarah, it is not to find out the reason for something but it is a way of seeking guidance from Allaah in permissible matters. It is not approved by any Hadith to ask someone for performing Istikhaarah. This is performed ones own.


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