Protection from Black Magic & Wird for Baldness

AS-SALAAM-O-ALAIKUM!respected mufti sahab my age is 23 years i hav a problem of baldness because my hair is fallen so quickly that my head  is seen easily i do  treatment with lots of doctor but its not beneficial to me ,i make a istikhara then the answer is come that roohani ilaaj is better for me,, actually i was a victim of black magic,,what i do? i know that  we are lucky that ALMIGHTY ALLAH give us quran in which all problem have solution so please in reference of quran tell me the ayat or some wazeefa,, i would very oblige to you!
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
To protect yourself from black magic and other calamities, recite each of three Qul-Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas and Aayatul Kursee three times with Bismillah and blow on your hands and then wipe the whole body. Do this everyday in the morning and in the evening after Fajr and Maghrib Salaah and before you sleep.
As regard to your baldness, recite the following Aayaah, blow on your hands in a manner that some droplets of saliva come out and then wipe the head with your hands.
“وننزل من القران ما هو شفاء ورحمة للمؤمنين”. (Suratul Israa 17:82)
والله اعلم


One thought on “Protection from Black Magic & Wird for Baldness”

  1. Asalamalaikum,

    Dear Mufti Sahab,

    A family friend recently told me that her husband was able to tell if jaadoo/sorcery had been done on the family by measuring a regularly worn item of clothing with some string, reading something on the string and then re-measuring it. It turned out that the string become significantly shorted which meant that something had been done but on the wifes clothing there was no change in the strings length. When I asked what the husband read he did not want to tell me which I thought was quite sad considering muslim brothers and sisters should help each other. Would you happen to know what would be read to be able to establish if some sorcery has been performed in this way ?

    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    s far as the method of finding out whether sihr/jaado or jin asar to be on a person, there are many ways the aamils do. As for myself i am not an aamil nor have i studied doing these things so i cannot help you in this matter.Afwan.

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