Wird for effect of sihr

AS-SALAAM-O-ALAIKUM!please let me know that can i read surah falq surah naas as a wazeefa 313 times to eliminate the bandish .because when i make a istikahra by AAMIL then he said to me that i am a victim of bandish,,so please tell me the treatment how i can proctect from it,,and also pray for me that ALMIGHTY ALLAH remove all my hurdles which is come in my way,
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
You can recite for the amount of time referred to. For these are the Surars of the Glorious which will never cause any harm. The Glorious is cure and beneficial though you may not notice sometime the benefit apparently. Besides, you may read three Qul-Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas and Aayatul Kursee three times in the morning and in the evening after Farz Salaah, and seven times the following:
“حسبى الله لا اله الا هو عليه توكلت وهو رب العرش العظيم”
“Hasbiyallaahu Laa Ilaah Illaa Hu Alaihi Tawakkaltu Wa Hua Rabbul Arshil ‘Azeem”
والله اعلم


Author: jaamiahamidia

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