Dream ofmuslim behaviour

AS-SALAAM-O-ALAIKUM!respected scholar last week i saw a dream i want to know the interpretation this dream,the dream is” i saw lots of people who are actually jews and russian kept a mask and behave like a muslim in the muslim countries,they make distruction and all over the world the devilness is common, when i heard this news then i became so tense and moving here and there in a room then some one called me(i heard a voice only i didn’t saw a person)that our HOLY PROPHET (PEACE BE UPON HIM)calling me then i go to our dear prophet(P.b.u.h) ,,
what is the meaning of this dream? please tell me i would be very oblige to you!
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Every one of the locality should make sincere Taubah, stay away from sins, abide by the Sunnah of the Beloved Nabee ﷺ and stick to the Shairah. If possible, give something in charity.
والله اعلم


One thought on “Dream ofmuslim behaviour

  1. assalam o alaikum
    Note:(main apne ghar ki chat per so raha tha)
    1 maheene phele main ne eik kuaab dekaha. k main eik jungle ki taruf ja raha hon us jangle ki boundry wall bhi hay. main os ko cross kar k under jata hon kuch parinde urr rahe hain or wo bol rahe hen k iss taruf nahi aao yeh eik jaal hay is taruf na aao. main un sooni kar k aage jata hon or dekhta ho k eik rikshaw kara hay phir main wapas ane lagta hon tori door aane k baad piche dekhta hon k aik aadmi jis shakal ajeeb si hay patla sa pet patli tangen hen meri taruf bhaag kar aa raha hay us waqt mere haat main laathi hay or main dill main sooch raha hon k ye jaisi hi qareeb aay ga main us ko maroon ga main bilkul bhi khoof zada nahi hon us waqt or dil hi dil main smile kar raha hon wo jaise hi mere qareeb aaya mainne us parr warr kar dia wo aadmi wahi girr gaya or merei eyes khull gai main us waqt karwat so raha tha .. mainne saaf apne sirhane hard breathing ki aawaz sun raha tha kaafi der tak. us waqt maine aaytul kursi or sura e quraish parni shuroo kardi main us waqt bohat khuf zada hogaya tha kaafi der k baad wo sanson ki awaz band hoi tu us k baad main niche apne kamre main chala gaya.. bara e mehebani is ka jawab irsaal kar den bohat bohat shukria jazak allah kher
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Dear Brother in Islaam, there is nothing wrong to be concerned. As a word of advice, make sincere Taubah, stay away from sins and comply with Shariah in every sphere of life. Listening to music, for instance, hanging picture of living-being, intermingling with opposite sex, talking to Ghair-Mahram without extreme necessity, taking interest, all are amongst the sins which must be avoided. Make a habit of sleeping with Wudhoo and before you sleep recite each of three Qul-Ikhlaas, Falaq and Naas and Aayatul Kursee three times with Bismillah and blow on your hands and then wipe the whole body. Do the same everyday in the morning and in the evening after Fajr and Maghrib Salaah.

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