Dream interpretation and harms of Games and movies being watched late night

As salaamu alaikum Imam.

I have been having disturbing dreams over the past 3 days.

My first dream on the first night was of being tied to the front of a boat right at the bottom underwater. I couls not breathe so i forced myself to come up for air but it felt like i would drown. I kept on doing this constantly, coming up for air for a short period but the being pulled back down again. I nthe same dream, I later found myself on th boat and someone was trying to inject me with something.

The next night, I dreamt of a pig. I did not see the whole pig. but i saw its snout and it was cut off from the body but it wasn’t bloody at all. I saw it in a house . I was sitting at the table and someone else was with me and I also saw a microwave and then I suddenly saw this snout. It was very disturbing.

Last night I had a dream that I had been sucked into some kind off game. I was running away from a dead mummy who was trying to kill me. I had this type of dream many many years ago. But in this dream, I was running inside a prison and thereafter I saw many many snakes in my path. I tdid not bite me but it was all in my path while I walked over them or between them. I then ran into a classroom that was filled with muslim girls and they told me to hide in the ceiling but the mummy found me and my dream ended. Please help me interpret this dream as my sister also had a dream about snakes for the past 2 nights. We are both concerned.

This morning I also stepped over something outside my house. I think it was an earthworm but my mother says it looks like a baby snake. Please let us know how I can protect myself from black magic and jealousy and if this can affect me

Wa alaykumus salaam warahmatullaah

For protection from allcalamaties we are fortunate that we have with us the qur’aan as well as the teachings of our Beloved Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam. It is narrated in a hadeeth that the individual who recites surah ikhlaas (qulhuwallaahu ahad) three times with bismillaah, surah falaq and surah naas all three times with bismillaaah and blow into his/her hand and wipes over his /her whole body. will be protected from all forms of shar (evil). Therefore we encourage that you make a habit of doing this wird after every fajr and every maghrib salaah for protection. Also try and read aayatul kursi after every salaah. Insha ALLAH you will be protected from all forms of evil and harm.
n.b. A word of advise is abstaining from watching movies and playing games that have a an effect on ones mental status.
May ALLAH grant you protection from all forms of evil and all the muslimeen worldwide. Let us also try and read as much qur’aan as possible and encourage the inhabitants of the house too.


Author: jaamiahamidia

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One thought on “Dream interpretation and harms of Games and movies being watched late night”

  1. I would like to learn to protect my self and the others from this bad thin because i have realised that there are plenty of British people are suffering from this touchore.
    now I have decided help to heal the hummans.
    especially who are saffring this kind of illness.
    sothere for i will knead some one to help teach me the right path i would never ever make it as a busines never will charge andy one money for it.

    thabnk you very much.
    The first issue ASSALAAMU ALAYKUM!!!!!
    Secondly how do you expect to learn? Do you think its an easy task? Time, endurance and development of piety is necessary.

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