Aqaaid (85online fataawa answered)

  1. Ruling on Calling onesefl Deobandi
  2. Does life increase
  3. Does Destiny change by Du’aa
  4. Everything is Predestined
  5. Recital of صدق الله العظي
  6. Interpretation of Kursi/Throne
  7. Helping American against Muslims
  8. Meeting Politicians
  9. Verdict on Witchcraft
  10. Sub-Firqah in Sunni Group
  11. Imaam Mahdi in Sunni and Shia Views
  12. Maududi and Ahmad Deedat are far from Jama’ah
  13. Ghosts/Spirits seen near graveyards
  14. What’s our True Selves?
  15. Churches in Holy Land
  16. Is Athariyyah from Ahlussunnah
  17. Bowing Down & Touching Parents’ Feet
  18. Explaination of ‘my throat would be cut’
  19. Idol Worship
  20. Websites don’t belong to your Madhab
  21. Jamal ad-Din Afghani & M. Abduh
  22. Arabs’ superiority over non-Arabs
  23. Salaam to Shia
  24. Istighaathaa
  25. Where is Allaah??
  26. What is the difference between tawassul and praying to ghairullah
  27. Istighaathaa bil awliyaa is it permissable?
  28. Asking at the maqbarah of Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam to intercede on our behalf
  29. tawheed Haakimiyyah???
  30. Shia claim of the necessity of following their imaams and the reply
  31. Punishment for major sin?
  32. What are the fadhaail of rajab
  33. Asking Ransom For the corpses of Kuffar combatants
  34. Visiting the graves of awliya and oral sex , its shar’ii verdict
  35. Marraige between Sunni and Shia permissible or not?
  36. Danish newspapers reprinting cartoons what to do?
  37. Why did sayyidina Fatima radhiyallahu anha not speak to sayyidina Abu Bakr Radhiyallaahu anhu ?
  38. Can the hadeeth about Najd be used against the salafiyyah?
  39. Homosexuality and entrance into jannah
  40. The difference between sin and its punishment and the entry of a muslim into jannah.
  41. Ibn Kathier’s position on the Atttributes of Allah Jalla Wa 3alaa
  42. denial of Any surah of the qur’aan its verdict!!!
  43. Palm reading in the light of shariah
  44. Forgiveness for sins committed regularly
  45. How to overpower shaytaan???
  46. How to protect oneself from “Jinn”??
  47. Jinn what are they??
  48. A married female accepting islaam alone. the ruling
  49. The Shia and the position of the sahaabah in the eyes of the Ahlus sunnah
  50. Dreams of the Souls of non muslim???
  51. What is the position of people like Ghandi, etc – are they doomed to hell?/
  52. Allegations against Moulana ashraf Ali Thanvi rahimahullah being a saahir
  53. Objections Against “Fadhail A’maal”
  54. Fadhaail A’maal and weak ahaadeeth
  55. Is Albani a Muhaddith?
  56. Following a Math hab?
  57. Date of birth of Rasulullaah
  58. Secular Rulers in muslim lands
  59. Extremist who???
  60. Will a homosexual muslim ever enter jannah?
  61. Reversed in Nature
  62. Tafseer of Sayyid Qutb & Maududi
  63. Deobandi Ulamaa and Abdul Wahaab
  64. Asmaa Wa Sifaat
  65. Deobandi’s view on Barelavi
  66. Du’aa Tawassul & Mashllool
  67. Who are in Majority
  68. Saudi Shuyookh
  69. What a wonderful Bid’ah
  70. Allah knows HIs Limits
  71. Following the Strongest Opinion
  72. M. Omar & Ladin from Ahle Sunnah
  73. Good & Bad Condition Depends on Deeds
  74. Question by non-Muslim
  75. Ruling on Hashshashin
  76. Finah of Salafies
  77. Dhaahiri not Accepted as Fifth Madhab
  78. Deobandi Ulamaa & Suicide Bombings
  79. Kufr used for Ma’asee
  80. Better to Follow Hanbali Madhab
  81. Denial of Hijaab
  82. Dr. Iqbal & Islaam
  83. Only Allaah can Judge
  84. Advice to one who Does Takfeer Easily
  85. Best to Follow Imaam Ahmad
  86. Photography, is it Haraam? Daleel?
  87. Marraige in the month of Shabaan, apprpriate or not?
  88. Dua nadaa Alian and ite verdict

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  1. Asalam-o-Alikum!
    i am Saba from Lahore.I am student of MBA.
    mufti sab please mojhe mere dream k bare main bata dain .. ma ne dream main daikha k main deawoo(bus) main travel kar rahe hon achank bus pani main gir jate hai or main pani main doob rahe hon es k saat he mere ankh khol jate hai
    please tell me some thing about my dream i really worried about it..
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    Dear Sister in Islaam, I am not aware of your situation and hence cannot inform you of a specific interpretation but what the dream suggests it that you will commit lot of sins. Therefore, make sincere Taubah and stay away from everything that leads to sins.
    والله اعلم

    1. Assalam Alaikum Mufti Sahab,

      I’m the person who committed so many Sin’s in my life may be because of that I never find happiness in my life. I feel I’m the one who is most unsatisfied person towards Allah.

      when I see feel happy some situation happens and take me to sadness, most of the time I feel dis hearted and blasphemous words comes to my Mind, I’m the person who is never been thankful to the blessing of Allah SWT. when some thing goes wrong My thoughts and actions drag me towards un thankfulness and unsatisfactory belief in ALLAH.

      How can I control my Mind from thinking Bad about Allah SWT, Alhamdulilha I started praying 5 times and also praying Tahajjud. how can I repent to Allah for those disbelief idea which comes to my mind always. any special dua’s. How can I increase my Iman, How can I remember the blessings of Allah all the time.

      how can I seek mercy from Allah, How can I become more pious, how can I control my Nafs from doing bad things. Is there any dua which will keep me away from those blasphamous thoughts. whether I will be called a Muslim on the day of Judgement or a Munafiq? and how can I be happy all the time?

      Jazakallah Khair
      Wa alaykumus Salaam
      My advise is never to become despondent of the mercy of ALLAH. Make a habit of reciting Istighfaar alot and asking ALLAH TA’AALAA forgiveness. Try an be in the company of a the pious and learn from a practising ALLAH fearing Aalim who is punctual on sunnats.

    2. Salaam. Wondering if you still reply to questions because I just wanted to ask about bidah. Because I learnt there are two types good and bad which come certain Hadith which you probably know. My question is why is mawlid seen by the deobandis as a bad thing. I say this because yes it is innovated but I was taught although it’s an innovation it’s a good one because 1. It’s not a fardh or obligation, 2 . It’s not a eid nor is it better than the holy days known from Quran Hadith and salaf. 3. But it consists of acts of the sunnah such as taking about the seerah of the prophet , reciting durood, quran etc. And it is not limited to just rabbi al awwaul. I don’t believe in the haraam acts such as dancing parading the streets or money wasted on lights etc. This is what I was taught by my shafi scholar. Also I believe the day the prophet was born would be a special day because the prophet mentioned fasting on Mondays because it was the day he was born. Although mawlid is a bidah the Hadith does show significance of the daythe prophet was born. Also what do you say of mujtahid imams such as nawaw ra and imam shafi ra who categorised bidah like this. Also what about hafiz ibn hajar who said in fathul Bari if mawlid is done while avoiding the bad things it’s a good innovation and also the great imam suyuti was of this opinion so it’s known that this was the opinion of many other mujtahids so why condemne it if done with rules above applied. Jazaakallah advance for your reply and may Allah bless you for the work u have done.
      Wa alaykumus Salaam
      Unfortunately Mawlid celebrated nowadays are filled with bid’aat and strange customary acts that are not in conformity with Shariah. Many wrong beliefs have sprung up and therefore the way it is celebrated makes it a bid’ah. I will mention some of the wrongs that are prevalent in present day mawlid celebrations.
      1. Belief that Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wasallam presents himself in the gathering, which is erroneous.
      2, The standing and reading of the salawaat .
      3. The mixed gatherings.
      4.Regarding it merituous ( an act of ibaadah/waajib) and those who do not participate as sinners.
      If these wrong acts are avoided then there will be nothing wrong with speaking about the greatness of rasulullaah saaws. Many deobandi ulema have what they call seerah conferences wherein the speak about the life and deeds of our beloved rasool saaws. The name milaad and mawlid have become synonymous with acts of bid’aat and therefore the change of name.
      Love for Rasulullaah saaws is incumbent on every believer. However our love should be within the boundaries of shariah.
      As for your claim of good and bad bid’ah, one should bear in mind that good bid’ah refers to acts that are done for upliftment of deen and preservation of the sharii ahkaam. The mentioning of the gathering of people in the masjid for taraaweeh to be a good bid’ah was for the upkeep of an act which was part of shariah , i.e. the salaatut taraaweeh. On seeing people unaware of taraaweeh and many not performing it he gathered them in the masjid. Therefore this was for deen and not a new act in deen.The ruling of bid’ah hasana is the same. Therefore the development of a syllabi for our islamic courses are regarded as a bidah hasana because it is for the upkeep of deen and not a new act introduced in deen.
      A very important factor that has to be kept in mind that Rasulullaah saaws encouraged fasting on Mondays (weekly) and did not specify one single day and date. If we are really true lovers of Rasulullaah saaws then let us celebrate in the same manner that celebrated, by fasting.

  2. Assalamualikum Mufti Sb., I want to know is it permissible in Islam, my friend appointed to his wife in the Purchasing Job. Actually he is working in Gulf and his wife also working in Gulf along with me. My friend salary is lesser while comparing his wife salary (she is getting more than double salary while comparing his husband salary).
    In our company work assignment given to her Purchasing Building related materials. She was in the situation to talk every Ghair Maharam because she need to talk to vendor for enquiry sent, Price negotiate with vendor to place the order and apart from that she is talking with Site people with regarding material related clarification / issues.
    The main issue is, my friend having only one month vacation period once in a Year, so he bring his wife from India to Gulf.
    In Gulf House rent is also too high, so he is not earning enough salary to stay with his wife but his wife getting enough Home rent allowance also.
    FYI, my friend financial condition is very good also.
    1. So I want know is it permissible to my friend to send his wife to earn money in the above condition, because I am monitoring about her job on daily basis. I feel is it not permissible in Islam.
    2. 2. Can I speck with my friend about her wife job, if yes, kindly suggest me how can I speck with him because I can’t speak directly with him as it was family related issues.
    وعليكم السلام
    باسمه تعالى
    The job referred to in the above-mentioned question leads her to committing a series of major sins such as being unmindful of Shar’ee Hijaab, intermingling, looking, talking, shaking hands and sometimes being alone with opposite sex. “And stay in your houses, and do not bedizen yourself like the bedizenment of the times of ignorance, and perform the Salaah, and give Zakah and obey Allaah and His Messenger.” (Suratul Ahzaab 33: 33)

    “And when you ask for anything you want, ask them from behind a screen, that is purer for your hearts and for their hearts.” (Ibid 53)

    Imaam Bukhari and Muslim رحمها الله تعالىhave recorded that the Nabee of Allaahﷺ said, “No man should be alone with a woman without there being a Mahram present nor should a woman travel unless she is accompanied by a Mahram.” A man stood up and said: O Messenger of Allaah, I have enlisted for such and such a campaign and my wife has set out for Hajj. He said: “Go and do Hajj with your wife.” (Agreed upon)

    Imaam Tirmiz رحمه الله تعالىhas recorded that the Nabee of Allaahﷺ said, “No man is alone with a woman but the Shaytaan is the third one.”
    Therefore, she is not permitted to work in the referred place nor is it permissible for her husband to allow her to apply for a job in a mixed workplace. However, she may work in case of necessity in a place where she does not have mix or become alone with Ghair Mahram.

    It is your religious responsibility to talk to your friend concerning this issue directly or via some mediator or else you will be sinful and taken to account on the Day of Qiyamah. Imaam Muslimرحمه الله تعالى have recorded that the Nabee of Allaahﷺ is reported to have said, “Whoever amongst you notices an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so, then with his heart; and that is the weakest form of Faith”. (Muslim)
    والله اعلم

  3. if we think that a particular person or a particular dress is lucky for a business , then is it JAAEZ or not and is it true or not . PLEASE guide me
    Assalaamu alaykum
    Rizq and sustainance is from ALLAH. No person can earn more than what is ordained for him. It is the imaan of the ahlus sunnah wal Jamaa’ah that rizq is part of our qadr and that lies only in the “hands” of Allah.In the Qur’aan ALLAH Subhananahu wa Ta’aala mentions-
    “and in the skies lies your sustainance and whatever you are promised” Surah dhariyaat.
    Therefore to believe that anything can cause an icrease in your rizq is wrong and harmful to your imaan.

  4. ISLAM main music haraam hae to naat me music kyun hota hae. Jo naat parta hae usko chahiye keh naat ka adab kare or music na add kare. Ap PLEASE batae keh music haraam hae.
    Assalamu alaykum
    inshaALLAH men muic ki hurmat par khuh roshni daalonga lekin english men.
    In the qur aanul hakeem in the sixth aayah of surh luqman there is clear proof of the hurmat of listening to music. the aayat is as follows:-
    { وَمِنَ ٱلنَّاسِ مَن يَشْتَرِي لَهْوَ ٱلْحَدِيثِ لِيُضِلَّ عَن سَبِيلِ ٱللَّهِ بِغَيْرِ عِلْمٍ وَيَتَّخِذَهَا هُزُواً أُوْلَـٰئِكَ لَهُمْ عَذَابٌ مُّهِينٌ }
    And there are those who purchase trivial speech so that they may mislead mankind from the path of ALLAH and take it as a means offalse pleasure.For those there await a disgraceful punishment.”
    Concerning the tafsir of thi aayat sayyiduna abdullah bin mas’ood radhiyallahu anhu mentioned it was revealed concerning music and muscal instruments.
    (روى ابن جرير: حدثني يونس بن عبد الأعلى قال: أخبرنا ابن وهب، أخبرني يزيد بن يونس عن أبي صخر عن أبي معاوية البجلي عن سعيد بن جبير عن أبي الصهباء البكري: أنه سمع عبد الله بن مسعود وهو يسأل عن هذه الآية: { وَمِنَ ٱلنَّاسِ مَن يَشْتَرِى لَهْوَ ٱلْحَدِيثِ لِيُضِلَّ عَن سَبِيلِ ٱللَّهِ } فقال عبد الله بن مسعود: الغناء والله الذي لا إله إلا هو يرددها ثلاث مرات. )
    In another hadeeth it is mentioned that musica develops hypocracy in the heart like water causes grow to vegetation.
    (وفي «السنن» عن ابن مسعود قال: قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم ” الغناء ينبت النفاق في القلب كما ينبت الماء البقل ” )
    Therefore we could clearly say the singing of any nasheed with music in the background is forbiddenand we need to abstain from it
    Wallahu a3lam bith thawaab

  5. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir agar me ye bolu keh
    “‘ mujhe sawaab nahi chahiye muje ALLAH ki razamandi chahiye, me ye sab sawaab ke liye nhi kar rahi ALLAH ki khushi ke liye kar rahi hu :;’
    aesa sochna or kehna ghuroor to nhi kehlata,
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    yaad rakhiye , ” jis ne ALLAH ki razamandi payi woh sab khucch paya’ aur jis ne ALLAH ki razamandi na payi woh kucch bhi nahin paya.
    ALLAH ki razamandi asal he har amal men, warna sawaab bhi makhlooq he.

  6. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir agar kisi ke faidey ke liye jhoot bole yo uska bhi gunah hae
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Jhoot bolna sakht ghunna he aur jhoot i qasam uthana ghunna e kabira he. Kissi ki faadida ya nuqsaan ke liye jhooti qasam uthana barabar he. yeh ghunna he

  7. Some of the ghair muqalideen /salifis say that taqleed of one of the 4 imams is haram due to reasons . 1. We were not orderded to follow a specific mazhab . 2.The khulufah Arashadeen did not follow any mazhab . 3 .The imams of these mazahibs did not ordered us to follow them . 4 .The students of these mazhabs did not say to follow these imams . 5.Why should we close the door of ijtihaad when it should be remained open . 6. Why confined oneself to the 4 mazahibs when there are more authentic mazahibs like mazhab awza’ee and mazhab Laith bin sa’eed and others .Can u reply to these objections in details please jazak Allah khair .
    Wa alaykumusSalaam
    To understand the issue indebt read this article or booklet

  8. Assalam o Alaikum sir kya animals jaise rabbits parrots etc ko gher me rakhne se gher me barkat ati hai?kya ye sach hai ke animals se gher pr ane wali musibat tal jati hai?plz answer me.thank you
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Jaannworon ka ghar men paalna jaaiz he bashart e ke uske daheeh dekhbaal aur khana ka bandobast ho. Ahggar saheeh intizaam na ho tu waisahi paalna zhukm men shumaar hoga. Baukhaari men ko riwaayaat he jis men do auraten ki tzkirah he. Aik blliko paalti thi lekin us billi ko khana nahin khilaati thi and zhulm karti thi jaanwar par tu woh sabab banne us aurat ka jahannam mne daakhil hone ka. Baraks aik aur aurat thi jofaahisha thi lekin jab kissi kutte ko piyasa paaya tu woh kuwan se paani nikaalkar kutte ko pilaayi. Yeh amal baais bane us aurat ka jannat men dakhil hona. Barkat us waqt hogi jab janwar pi saheeh parwarish ho.

  9. AssalamoAlaikum sir.plz kya ap muje koi aisi ayat bata sakte hain jis se face pr noor aye.or meri eyesight ki improvement ke lye lazer surgery hui hai kabhi kabhi meri eyes me slight pain hoti hai doctor se pucha to kehte hai ke waham hai bt it really hapens.please muje eyes ki freshness or pain ke lye koi dua ya ayat bataye . plz sir do reply .thank you very much
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Eyes ke refreshment ke liye subah shaam yeh wird jaari karde
    “fa kashafnaa anka ghitaa aka fa basarookal youma hadeed” 9 martabha
    Aur agar ho sake tu irq e ghulaab bhi aankon men daale. Yeh bhi dard ko khatam karte he.
    chahre par noor ke liye ghunnahon se ijtinaab zaroorir he.

  10. thank you very much sir for your reply.eyes ki lye jo dua apne batai kya woh Quran se hai?ager hai to plz kis surat ki ayat hai?thank you.
    It is in surah qaaf ayah no 22

  11. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir QURAN me dajjal ka zikr nhi hae ap PLEASE batae dajjal ke barey me kia irshaad hae PLEASE sir

  12. Assalamualaikum Mufti Sahab! mai ne ek bahot bada gunah kiya he apne hone wale shauhar se jhut bolke, lekin meri majburi thi jhut bolne ki, wo mere valda ke sath hospital nahi jane dere the muje islye muje jhut bolna pada, lekin ab me sach bolna chahriu, kyu ki hamari shadi hone wali he, lekin isse muje rishta tutne ka dar nahi he, wo mere upar bahot bar hath utay jhut bolne ke lye islye ar ab bi muje bahot marenge sach batai toh. plz ap muje batay me kya karu?
    Wa alaykumussallam.
    Pehli baat yeh he ke ab tak shaadi nahin huwi tu aapas men ta alluq kaise. Shadi se pehle mil jhool haraam aur mamnoo he.
    Doosri baat yeh he ke shaadi se pehle unko koi haq tujh par nahin.Yeh sab apne bad aamaali aur shariat ke khilaaf warzi se horahaa he. Seen par chale , insha ALLAH ALLAH ki madad zaroor aaegi.

  13. salam alaikym

    Is it not better to just leave Allahs attributes alone? Why even talk about them when the Prophet SAW didnt?

    Wouldn’t it be consider a evil bidah to always discuss about Allahs attributes?
    Wa Alaykumus Salaam
    The aqeedah of ahlus Sunnah wal jamaa ah is to make tafweedh and accept ALLAH’S sifaat as is without any know how nor any tashbeeh(resemblance) to HIS creation.
    Unfortunately certain sects take the meaning of the sifaat literally and therefore the need to clarify the issue.

  14. asalam alaikum

    I have been going through some things which didnt work out and I was hoping they did.

    As of now I’m feeling sad, and just down. Ramadhan is here and I dont feel any excitement for it. I’m just feeling very tired and bored. I wanted to get married but things aren’t really going too well for that either.

    What should I do. I dont feel well.
    Makt taubah and istighfaar. Thereafter start the tilaawat of the qur’aan aand insha ALLAH the barakah of the qur’aan will cheer you up.Also taubah and istighfaar draws the mercy of ALLAH.

  15. Asalamualaikum!!
    Ramzan is going on Ramzan Mubarak to all!!!
    shaitan is chained and it has nothing 2 do with humans nw!!! my problem is when ever i sleep i see wired dreams!! like im fiting with devils whom 1st i think are masked humans, but later on i say shahada repeatedly to kill those 3 devils pointing towards them in triangular motion while i keep reading shahada till they diapear!!
    my khala is given birth to a baby girl!!! i see sudenly that the baby is sleeping near me and is falling down!!
    next time some fites goes on!!!
    next time see some1 geting raped(astagfirullah)!!
    pls help me it happend during day and evening time in sleep, its frequency increased in ramzan, i wake up sudenly sweating!!!
    all this is related to shaitani dreams, if shaitan is chained he cant come to me, so wat is all this dreams abt am i been indicated towards something which i need to be careful abt? pls help
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Certain dreams are from wasaawis(whisperings of shaitaan). To save oneself from these dreams try and make wudhu andsleep with the recital of ayatul kursi and the three quls being read three times with bismillaah and blowing over your hand and rubbing over the whole body.

  16. aslamo alykum,
    kia dargaahun aur mizarun par jaa ker naik bazurgun k waseelay se ALLAH se dua maangna gunnah aur shirk hai?
    wa alaykumus salaam
    dargah pe jaanaaaaaaa makhruh he isliye wahaan bahut khurafat hote he jo shar’an naa jaaiz he.Logon ke zehnon men ghalat fehmi daalna bhi theek nahin. Huzur aqdas salallaahu alayhi wasallam ka irshaad he,”tuhmat aur tuhmat ki jagaaon se parheiz kare”.Kisi naik buzruk ke naam le kar waseela maangnaa ALLAH TA AALAA se jaaiz he lekin qabr pe jaakar maangnaa zaroori bhi nahin. Qabrstan jaanaa tu ibrat ke liye jaanaa aur auraten ka wahaan jaanaa saheeh nahin.

  17. aslamo alykum,
    it is said that shayateen are chained in the month of ramzan…but i suffer from satanic evil attacks overpowering me even in this month compelling me to do wrong deeds and turning away from ibadat.if shaitan is chained in this month,then y am i suffering from the evil attacks of satan?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The greater enemy of mankind is his/her nafs(carnal desires). Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned,” the greastest enemy of oneself is that which he carries in his own bosom”. Therefore at times we have a recurring urge to sin. Waswaas happens a few times but the nafs always recurrs.

  18. aslamo alykum,
    main ramzan main boht ziada ibadat ker rhi offering all prayers,doing tilawat,reading tasbeeh,paying sadqa etc…but the problem is that im not doing it out of sheer love for ALLAH or as a token of little gratitude to ALLAH for all the bounties that HE has bestowed upon doing it to please ALLAH in order to have some of my worldly wishes granted..i find myself more interested in having my worldly wishes granted than offering dua for maghfirat,rehmat,hidayat etc.undoubtledly im taking great pains in offering all ibadat,sacrificing my whole night sleep4prayers,but i feel guilt that im not offering ibadat for sake for ALLAH purely,in love for ALLAH purely,but i feel helpless coz i just dont find myself interested in asking for hidayat i being sinful in asking ALLAH to grant my wordly wishes rather than asking ALLAHA for maghfirat? feel that i would not be awarded much for my prayers and ibadat kyon k meri niat saaf nhi hai..plz guide me whether im being sinful or not
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Continue doing your ibaadah whether you experience the love of ALLAH or not. You are dutybond to yor LORD and therefore do 6your ibaadah with remorse for all weaknesses. Insha ALAH sincereity will come.

  19. SALAM UN ALAIKUM mufti sab main ajj jab sori thi to subhe subhe mujhe ek khawab aya ke koi shaitani hai aur woh kissi bache ko maar ke uska dil nikalke kha rahi hai aur usko dekh ke main aur ek dusra bacha tha woh wahan se bhag mufti sab kya aap mujhe bol sakte hai is khawab ka kya matlab hai.
    Wa alayikumus Salaam
    Horror movie dekhne se perhaiz kare. Unna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon parhle.jab aise khwaab nazar aaiyr.

  20. assalam u alaikum mufti sahib!

    can i keep my nephews name abdul shahid, please help!

    i read maariful quraan of mufti mohammad shafi sahib (ra), in suraat ahzaab, shahid is used for pur beloved prophet mohammad(pbuh).
    Naming any person with abd will only be permissible if it is linked with one of the asmaaul husnaa of ALLAH SUBHAANAHU WA TA AALAA. Our love for Rasulullaah saaws should surpass for all others even ourselves butto claim servitude to HIM saws is not permissible.f

  21. Assalaam Alaikum,

    Can you please send me the Prophets Last Sermon from Imam Ahmed bin Hanbal’s Masnud, Hadith no. 19774 in Arabic?

    I cant seem to find the arabic of this hadith…..

    Would please post it here or send to my email….

    Wa alaykumus salaam
    حمد الله وأَثنى عليه ثم قال :
    أيها الناس اسمعوا قولى فإنى لا أدرى لعلى لا ألقاكم بعد عامى هذا بهذا الموقف ابدا ، أيها الناس إن أموالكم و دمائكم عليكم حرام إلى إن تلقوا ربكم كحرمة يومكم هذا و حرمة شهركم هذا و ستلقون ربكم ؛ فيسألكم عن أعمالكم وقد بلّغت ؛ فمن كانت عنده أمانه فليؤدها إلى من أئتمنه عليها و إن كل ربا موضوع و لكم رءوس أموالكم لا تظلمون ولا تظلمون ، قضى الله أنه لا ربا وأن ربا العباس بن عبد المطلب موضوع كله و أن كل دم فى الجاهلية موضوع و أن أول دم أضع دم ابن ربيعه بن الحارث بن عبد المطلب ( و كان مسترضعا فى بنى ليث فقتله بنو هذيل ) فهو أول ما أبدأ من دماء الجاهلية .
    أيها الناس : إن الشيطان قد يئس من أن يعبد بأرضكم هذه أبدا و لكنه رضى أن يطاع فيما سوى ذلك أمّا ما تحقرون من أعمالكم فاحذروه على دينكم .
    أيها الناس :
    ” إنما النسئ زيادة فى الكفر يضل به الذين كفروا يحلونه عاما و يحرمونه عاما ليواطئوا عدة ما حرّم الله فيحلّوا ما حرّم الله ”
    و إن الزمان قد استدار كهيئته يوم خلق الله السماوات و الأرض و إن عدة الشهور عند الله اثنا عشر شهرا فى كتاب الله يوم خلق السماوات و لأرض منها أربعة حُرُم ثلاثة متوالية و رجب الفرد بين جمادى و شعبان .
    أما بعد : أيها الناس : فإن لكم على نسائكم حقا و لهن عليكم حقا لكم عليهن ألا يوطئن فرشكم أحدا تكرهونه و عليهن ألا يأتين بفاحشة مبينة فإن فعلن فإن الله قد أذن لكم أن تهجروهن فى المضاجع و تضربوهن ضربا غير مبرح فإن انتهين فلهن رزقهن و كسوتهن بالمعروف و استوصوا بالنساء خيرا فإنهن عندكم عوان لا يملكن لأنفسهن شيئا و أنكم إنما أخذتموهن أمانة الله و استحللتم فروجهن بكلمة الله .
    فاعقلوا أيها الناس و اسمعوا قولى فإنى قد بلّغت و تركتم فيكم ما إن اعتصمتم به فلن تضلوا أبدا كتاب الله و سنّة نبيه .
    أيها الناس اسمعوا قولى ، فإنى قد بلّغت و اعقلوا ، تعلمن أن كل مسلم أخو المسلم و أن المسلمين و أن المسلمين إخوة فلا يحل لامرئ من أخيه إلا ما أعطاه عن طيب نفس فلا تظلموا أنفسكم ، اللَّهُمَّ هل بلّغت ، قالوا : اللَّهُمَّ نعم ، قال : اللَّهُمَّ فاشهد .

  22. asalamualaikum, i know that we are required to have sabr in difficult times, and i know troubles also come due to our sins. the thing is my whole life, i have been in a ghafil state, not a good muslim, so that period was spent in disobedience to Allah, but i have repented and come back to Him. Now, i’m just full of grief as i know i am in difficult times because of my sins. does this mean Allah doesn’t like me? i am trying to be firm on sabr, but it becomes unbearable, as i keep thinking of my sins, and think that if i hadn’t had sinned, maybe i wouldn’t be in this state. i feel like the biggest sinner, and my society where i live is looking down upon me, and now i feel that Allah maybe hates me too, I don’t want Him to despise me too. please help,i feel as if my iman is decreasing
    The dificulties and hardships are there to bring a person closer to his Maker and attain his pleadure.What we should realize is that this world is a place of test, trials and tribulations. Do not expect to have a totally comfortable life with trials and tribulations. Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam fas mentioned,” the world is a prison to the believer, and paradise for a kaafir.” (tirmidhi) If we desire a life of paradise in this world then we desire a life of a disbeliever. In another hadeeth Rasulullaah saaws mentioned<' know well the commodity of ALLAH is extremely expensive. Know well that the commodity of ALLAH is jannah." To aatain Jannah requires great effort.Therefore Rasulullaah saaws mentioned " the ambiyaa are the most severe in receiving trials , then those closest to them." Do we wish closeness to ALLAH or not???

  23. asalamu alaykam, I wanted to know if one is praying salah, and one of my parents calls me, am i allowed to break my salah to attend to their needs? are we only allowed to break our salah in the sunnah and nafl rakahs to attend to our parents? or are we also allowed to break the salah if its a fard? because my parents are old, and i am their main support right now, and they are usually calling me every so often to help them with something. if you could shed some light on this issue. jazakallahu khairun.
    If your parents call you for some necessity then you should break your salaah and answer them. What should be remembered if you break your salah you will have to reppeat it even if it be nafl.

  24. salam mufti saab main ne ek khawab dekha hai jis mein main ne dekha ke meri biwi ko charo taraf se magarmuch (crocodiles) ghair liye huwe hai par kahin se ek bada sa snake aya aur un crocodiles ko khaliya magar usne meri wife ko touch hi nahi kara iska kya matlab hai mufti saab .please jaldi reply kijiye.

    bohat bohat shukriya aapka.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Magar mach ka matlab gareebi dushman he jo nuqsaan pahunchaanaa chahte he. Sanp ka matlab koi haasid he lekin agar nuqsaan nahin pahunchaaya tu woh unke shar se mahfooz rahegi.

  25. salam mufti saab main aap se yeh puchna chahri thi ke mera ek kaam hona hai woh thoda thoda hota hai aur phir ruk jata hai to kya aap mujhe koi aisi dua bataiye ke jis se mera kaam jaldi banjaye.
    please mufti saab yeh kaam ki wajhe se bohat pareshan hogai hun so please mujhe ek dua bataiye jis se pad kar mera kaam jaldi hojaye.

    please mufti saab mujhe jaldi reply kijiye.main aapke jawab ka intezar kar rahi hun.

    bohat bohat shukriya aapka
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    ALLAH se sachi dil ke saath aap du’aa kare insha ALLAH pur asar hoga

  26. asalamualaikum mufti saab, if i hurt someone feelings and knew myslf that it hurt them, and did it anyway, is that bad thing? should i be afraid that Allah is watching me while i am causing pain to other persons? i already am aware that another person feeling get hurt as they tell me before too that they dont like to be hurt but i still do anyway. i feel like i have no raham and just dont care. prophet Muhammad -saw was kind to everyone and cared about everyone feelings from orphan to women to children, to poor. and he tell us that muslims are like one body, and we should all care about each other, so am i lacking in this area? what i should do i feel so far away from his teachings?
    wa alaykumus Salam
    to belittle someone is a makor sin. Secondly it shows pride and arrogance on your behalf.
    Here is an article concerning keeping our tongues in control- click here

  27. Salam Alaykoum

    I would like to know if it is halal to practice martial arts who contain the following things.

    1: The wearing of a belt to show you have aquired the skills. I heard that in japan they used to give the belt to people who advance in their art religiously and with skills. Whereas nowadays there are schools who give them only for the skills.

    2: Doing a set of moves wich were taught to know how to fight but these sets had origins in shirk . There were for an example 27 moves in a set bcause this number is a divisor of 108 and the number 108 is important in buddhist religion. But there might be maslaha in the moves to know how to fight or to block. So would it be haram to practice the set with the intention to know how to fight and not by the intention of glorifiying their religion.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The Issue relevant to all your questions is whether these objections are still practiced upon as it was done in the past. If they no more have linking with its old ways and merely are signs with no religious connotations to it, then it will be permissible as long as no shirki act is encouraged.Certain arts still demand the buddhist arts and mannerisms in them and such martial arts are forbidden.

  28. I have a problem understanding the concept of making a vow to other than Allah.

    I know that if someone goes to a grave and says: Oh sheikh heal me and I will give sadaqa to the poor, I know that such person is guilty of shirk al-duaa and shirk in vowing. What I don’t know is if he goes to the grave and says o sheikh ask Allah to heal me and if Allah answers me I will give sadaqa to the poor. I know this is a bidaa but I do not know if it is shirk. Could you also give examples of things wich are shirk in vowing so confusion will leave my mind.
    Firstly understand the fact that to ask from ghairullaah for matters Related to ALLAH is shirk and not permissible.This is not permissible, even if it is asked of a Nabi alayhimus Salaam.In a Hadeeth Rasululllaah salallaahu alayhi wsallam has ordered us thus saying, “If you ask,ask of ALLAH and if you seek help, seek help from allah.”(bukhaari)
    As for the second part of your question it requires a bit of explanation.
    A) It is the belief of the AHLUS SUNNAH Wal jamaah that the Anbiyaa alayhimus Salaam are alive in the graves and they hear.(muslim, mustadrak , tirmidhi)Therefore to ask the anbiyaa a.s. to make du’aa to AL;LAH on your behalf is permissible and ibn Katheer rahimahullaah in his tafseer has narrated a story mention by the famous taabi’ee Utbi rahimahullaah of a Bedouin coming to the grave of Rasulullaah Salallaahu alayhi wasallam and requesting his intercession to ALLAH on his behalf for forgiveness which utbi r.a. mentions he saw in a dream that Rasulullaah saaws mention that the A’raabi was on haqq and forgiven. This is found under ayaah 84 of surah nisaa. Here is the extract from the Tafseer in Arabic.
    وقد ذكر جماعة منهم الشيخ أبو نصر بن الصباغ في كتابه ” الشامل ” الحكاية المشهورة عن العتبي، قال: كنت جالساً عند قبر النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم فجاء أعرابي فقال: السلام عليك يا رسول الله، سمعت الله يقول: { وَلَوْ أَنَّهُمْ إِذ ظَّلَمُوۤاْ أَنفُسَهُمْ جَآءُوكَ فَٱسْتَغْفَرُواْ ٱللَّهَ وَٱسْتَغْفَرَ لَهُمُ ٱلرَّسُولُ لَوَجَدُواْ ٱللَّهَ تَوَّاباً رَّحِيماً } وقد جئتك مستغفراً لذنبي، مستشفعاً بك إلى ربي. ثم أنشأ يقول:
    يا خَيْرَ مَنْ دُفِنَتْ بِالقاعِ أَعْظُمُهُ فَطابَ مِنْ طِيْبِهِنَّ القاعُ والأَكَمُ
    نَفْسِي الفِداءُ لِقَبْرٍ أَنْتَ ساكِنُهُ فيهِ العَفافُ وفيهِ الجُودُ والكَرَمُ
    ثم انصرف الأعرابي، فغلبتني عيني، فرأيت النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم في النوم، فقال: يا عتبي الحق الأعرابي، فبشره أن الله قد غفر له».
    To make a point clear that he categorizes the Hikaayah as being mash hoor and any individual who knows a bit of Usoolul Hadeeth will realize that a Mash hoor narration cannot be rejected.
    B) As for sking others besides the Anbiyaa A.S. then there is a difference of opinion based on the fact of whether theInhabitants of the grave hear or not.Since there is the difference it will be better to abstain from it but it cannot be said to be bid’ah or wrong. However to ask Directly from ALLAH and make use of waseela of their good aamaal.
    والله اعلم


    Maybe my question lacked clarity. My question was not about going to a grave and asking a wali to make dua on our behalf. My question was about saying to them that if Allah answers the dua they are making for me, i will give sadaqa for the poor on their behalf. I wanted to know if that considered as nadhr to gayr Allah. I know some ulama permit asking them to make duaa on our behalf and I know that this is far from shirk. But i do not if you make a condition to do something for them after the duaa is answered if that is shirk and considered a nadhr. I also wanted to know the definition of making a nadhr to other than Allah. Sorry if you misunderstood me, I didn’t want to imply that tawassul or istishfa with the prophet is bidaa.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    What you trying to imply that you will make a sadaqah on their behalf for esaale thawaab? Nadhr is only made on the name of ALLAH.Slaughter will also be on the name of ALLAH. But reward and virtue can be given to the mayyiteen.

  30. asalamoalikum
    mera sawal yeh hai…. k islam mein wazifay parhnay ka kia hukum hai….jahan tak meri knowledge hai k jaiz nahi hai….
    lakin mein ne kuch ulma ki books parhi like mulaqa taqi usmani sahab aur mulana sham zai saab tu unki books wazaif k name se jo books hai usmein wazifa diye huay hain…..
    ap plzz is baray mein muje tafseel se batayaein k k wazifay parhna jaiz hai k nahi…like kisi bhi muqsad k liye parhna….counting k hisab se parhnay ka kia hukum hai according to quran aur hadees…aur hume kin books ko parhna chahiye ya nahi parhna chahiye….jo wazaif se related hooon….
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    ALLAH TA AALAA ka irshaad he
    اور ہم قرآن (کے ذریعے) سے وہ چیز نازل کرتے ہیں جو مومنوں کے لئے شفا اور رحمت ہے اور ظالموں کے حق میں تو اس سے نقصان ہی بڑھتا ہے
    Qur;aan zariya e shifa he aur quraani aayaat prhna shigfa ki niyyat se jaiz he basharte ke woh jaaiz kam ke liye hota he.Wazaaif e quraani khud Huzur aqdas Salalaahu alayhi wasallam ne hamme sikhaaya he.Faqr aur faaqa ko door karne ke liye hamme surah waaqiah parhne ka hukm diya Aap kaise kehrahe he ke wazeefah jaaiz nahin.Hades shafir men hamme sikhaayaa ke gham ko door karne ke liye surah toubah ki aakhiri aayat 7 martabha parhna. Is se pata chalta he ke yeh taalim khud Huzur Sallllaahu alayhi wa sallam se saabit he.

  31. I have a friend who subscribed to an atheist forum wich fights against islam and other religion in order to refute them. Among the 10 conditions they put, one is to reject all religion. My friend pushed the button I will follow the terms. I told him he should not have done that. He told me that it was halal since most of the conditions were halal by themselves and he pushed the button with the niyya that he will follow all the terms when they are halal. He told me that one can say something wich people will understand in a different way then we intend. Could you tell me what I should say to him.
    Assalaamu Alaykum (islamic etiquette)
    Agreeing to denial of religion or the existence of ALLAH knowingly is tantamount to kufr.If he claims he agreed to the terms by meaning only those that are halaal then he will still be in islam but he will require to repent for giving the wrong impression of having denied religion.He should repent to ALLAH for it. If he wrongly thought it permissible to deny the existence of ALLAH or deny religion then he should repent from this erroneous thought.
    Wallahu a’lam

  32. Mohtaram Mufti sahab, asalam alikum
    buhat shukirya ap k javab ka lekin meray sawal puchnay ka asal maqsad ye tha k woh wazaaif jo Rasool Allah (s.w) ne hamei sikhaye un mei to yaqeenan koi shak ki gunjaish nahi hay lekin us k ilawaa agar koi wazeefah koi molvi sahab batatay hein aur agar Rasool Allah (s.w) se ya sahaaba (r.a) ki zindagi se koi rawayat nahi milti us k baray mei kiya hukum hay?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Agar woh wazeefah shirk ke alfaaz se saaf ho aur madad ALLAH se mange jaarahe he tu usmen kiya haraj he?

  33. asalam alikum mufti sahab.

    I came to know that the Islamic ruling for any non-muslim state (country e.g.) is that the muslim state give them dawaah and offer them to become muslim, and if the ruler of the non-muslim state refused then the Muslims should ask them to leave the rulership and if they refused this also then the Muslims should ask them to fight (Jihaad)

    Is it true that we muslims should believe that only we have the right of rule. Any non-muslim ruling his country should become muslim or he should leave his position or else he should face us in fight?

    Is this really a correct way of Shariaah?????

    Please answer ASAP.

    Thank You & Jazak Allah khair
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    What you have mentioned is based on those Non Muslim states thaat show animosity to the Muslim State.If any Non Muslim state is willing to sign a pact with the Muslims they will be left and treated as a friendly State. On the occasion of Hijrah, Rasululaah salallaahu alayhi wasallam had made a pact with the yahud od Medina and kept it up till they broke it.

  34. Asalamu Alaykum.

    In a question I had asked, you told me that if a clothing had lost religious meaning it would be halal to wear it. Is it only when the particular clothe loses religious meaning or when most people wear it without a religious meaning. If some people still wear it religiously would be haram to wear it. If for example a clothing is prescribed in the religious scriptures of hindus, jews or christian and it is so widespread that it doensnt distinguish them from others anymore. would these clothes be halal to wear
    Wa alaykumus salam
    When any object or item has a religious connotation to it, then its usage will not be permissible if it is recognised as a trait orsign that belongs to the religion other than islam. For example many people wear crosses or the star of David penents but normally these are clearly associate with Judaism and Christianity. People who see these think the individual to be belonging to that religion. Therefore such things are forbidden. I would like to know, why would we want to wear something that belongs to another religion?

  35. Asalamu Alaykum.

    Of course no sane person would want to wear religious signs of other religions as this is kufr according to the jumhoor. It’s just that I have read in Al-Mawsuat Al-Fiqhiya that when something is not a sign distintive of the kuffar anymore it is halal to wear it. They brought a saying from Imam Malek that wearing burnous was halal even though it was what the priest were wearing, because it was widespread among muslims too. I wanted to know if for instance and it will probably never happen ,the star of David, or the majus hat would become so widespread in the world that it wouldn’t be a sign only of the jews anymore if it would still be haram to wear it. Would it be the same hukm as when our ulema gave the hukm of tahrim of wearing the western dress during colonial periode because it was tashbih, but during our century they said it was halal because it was widespread among muslims too. Could you tell me if there would be ijmaa prohibiting it or not. I want the answer because I don’t want to die with a wrong belief.
    Wa alaykumus Slam
    Remember if any “shi’aar” of the non believers looses its status as being a specific trait of that religion and is commonly used without it being recognized as a “shi’aar(salient trait) of that religion, then it will be permissible to wear it but with karaahaa. If it is worn by others but still recognised as a trait of a certain religion then wearing it will be tash shabuh which will be classified haraam.
    In My humble opinion the mimicking of the fashion of the kuffar also falls into the category of Tash shabuh. Mimicking the dress of popstars is open fisq and therefore forbidden.

  36. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir i m confused in one HADITH
    sir kesa ilm dunya ka ya QURAN ya dono
    Wa laykumus Salaam
    Ilom se murad jo aap ko ALLAH se qareebtar karte he.Yehi ilm faraz he har insaan par. Is liye ke wajh e takhleeq ALLAH ke pehchaan he.Bas jo bhi ilm aapko maqsad e takhleeq tak pahunchaa te he tu woh murad he usse. Aur yaqeenan woh ilm deen he.

  37. assalamualikum….. sir as u know ‘holy shit’ is a bad word in english… and one shud not utter those words but if the person does not know the meaning or said it mistakenly jus b’coz ppl say dat and referring to anyone and later realised his folly will he consired to b a sinner… and what is the procedure to make tauba.. pls reply soon..
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The procedure of toubah is to ask ALLAH for forgiveness to such utterances and also try and refrain from it in future.

  38. assalamualaikum…sir referring to the above question asked… will the persons imaan be in danger… as i said it is uttered widout intention and also not reffering to anyone… i know dat he wud b a sinner but what if he asks for tauba then is there any harm to his imaan… pls reply soon sir…
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Please supply the question to understand which question.>

  39. sir the question asked about any one uttering ‘holy shit’…. the questoin is will his imaan be in danger even if he has realised his folly and asked for allah’s forgivenessas he knows he is a sinner.. b’coz he did’nt utter it referring to the religion but jus dosnt know if its write or wrong and mistakenly uttered it will he b in danger of his imaan… sir pls reply soon …
    Wa alaykumus Salaam???
    Holy Shit, Bull shit, etc are all utterances that are regarded as abusive and vulgur. It is not linked with one’s aqeedah unless he really worships “shit”.

  40. Al-Salam Alaykoum

    A person in my class says he can hear
    from long distance. He told me that when he sees a person from 200 metres away talking, he can hear what they say if he concentrate. He also told me that he can move things with his mind and he could even make a plane crash with the power of his mind. he does not claim to be able to hear from everywhere in the world or the city he lives in. He does not claim to be able move everything in the world with his mind neither but claims to have limited power of hearing or moving things wich people do not generally have.

    Is this shirk in power or hearing and when would some claimed power like this categorize as so.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    This is not unheard of. You do find people with such capabilities. As you mention these abilities are limited and no further claims are made so how can it be shirk?

  41. Salam alaykoum,

    If someone believes that the prophet (pbuh) is omnipresent only in madina it would still be a shirki belief even if he did not believe that the prophet is everywhere. If a person believes that a living wali can protect everyone who calls upon him in the city he is living in, it would still be shirk even if he claims that the wali can not protect everyone in the world and hear everyone calling him in the world but his hearing and helping powers are limited to the city. So how can a person who claims to move things with his mind or hear from far not be guilty of shirk. Does it not open the door to people to eventually call him when he is away believing he might help them.
    This question is in mind and the shaytan is putting me through a lot of wasswas. I have question like in my mind like: If a person believes that Allah makes the prophet witness everything in the world for a day would it be shirk. The shaytan always comes to me with hypothetical cases of shirk and I feel strongly affected by them and am scared that If I make make mistake doing takfir or not doing it I might be punished or lose my faith.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    It is the aqeedah of the ahlus sunnah waljamaa’ah that the anbiyaa alayhimus salaam are alive in their graves. anyone believing that Rasulullaah Salalaahu alayhi wasallam is omni present is fauly and has wrong aqeedah. none besides ALLAH can help you. Yes To make request of Shafaa’at form the ambiya As is permissible, asking them to make dua on our behalf.Asking them directly for help is erroneous.
    As for the belief that the acts of the ummah are brought forward and shown to Rasullulaah saws is within the qudrat of ALLAH and is mentioned in ahaadeeth. (on fridays)

  42. salaam sir
    ghar me aghar parindah BTAER rakhe to kya is se barkat hoti hae
    BTAER acha hota hae ya rabbit
    reply soon sir please
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Dono rakhna jaaiz he lein barkat hamme pata nahin.

  43. sir kya juma keh din ghusl karna farz hae mard aurat keh liyye
    Jumuah ke ghusl sunnat he agar mian biwi ki suhbat nahin huwi.

  44. assalamualilum…. mufti saheb i am really worried these dayz…. my question is dat me and my husband saw a few episodes of a cartoon series and in couple of episodes based on cristmas and easter they showed jesus in cartoon avatar and we watched the episode… and also once there was an episode where they were showing how prophet muhammad(saws) dat was created by danish news paper should not have been shown(but did not show the prophets image).. but dat episode we didnt see fully coz there was a lot of fear of what will they show next….and so we stopped watching it …. and after dat we didnt see any episode of dat series again and felt guilty about it … sir we never saw it wid the wrong intention it was jus we came across these series and not all episodes contain stuff like these but only few its jus a normal cartoon… sir have commited a sin by watching the episode wid jesus in the cartoon avatar … we really love our ambiyaa and for our prophet and never think bad of them and really respect them with whole heart… and while watching it we didnt realise what we were doing but after dat really felt sorry.. … we follow Muhamad(SAWS) sunnat and never in the dream wud we think of making fun of him or any nabi… but this is the biggest sin commited by us and feel really guilty about it… will ALLah forgive us… have committed kufr. ia our marriage safe? sir pls reply soon …. regards..
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    Your fear is about a cartoon but do you realize watching of television is forbidden too. Sreeing all these haraam soapies that encourage immorality, etc. When toubah is made let it be for watching of all that is haraam and forbidden.s for all cartoons that has animations it is unanimously declared haram.
    Committing of such sin has no effect on your marriage. If you openly make a declaration of kufr then your marriage will be effected.However under such circumstance one should refrain from these wrong acts.

  45. Kia Ya rsool S.A.W kehna ghalat hay?
    Islaami aadaab? ASSALAAMU ALAYKUM
    Ya Rasulallaah pukar ke tor par kehna ghalat he isliye lafze “yaa” kisi shaks ko qhareeb hi se pukaarne ke liye istimaal hota he.Ahlus sunnah Waljamaah ki aqeedat he ke Rasulullaah salallaahu alayhi wa sallam hayat he apne maqbarah men. Ager yeh lafz wahan kahaa jaaiye tu koi haraj nahin. Door se kehnaa ghalat he.

  46. Aur ye bhi k kia ya Rasool S. A .W madad kehna kaisa hay?
    Ya Rasulullaah Madad” kehna najaaiz he. Kisi Sahaabi ne aise alfaaz istimaal nahin kiya , na kisi taabiee ya tab taabiee. tu kaise jaaiz hoga???

  47. assalamualaikum…. i have few questions….1if a person unknowingly commits kufr or doesnt know his statement will lead to kufr is he out of islam will he have to renew his nikah…
    2. if he dosnt remember the words he said and the other person reminds him in front of whom he said but the second person also dosnt remember the
    exact word then what will be the ruling?
    3. if a person says during conversation or argument on other matter and the second person mentions the Allah for some reason and first person says “keep Allah out of picture’ the conversation is between us” or smthng like dis….? is he commiting kufr unknowingly… what if dat person is loyal in islam and loves Allah will kufr still be lazim on him?
    will be waiting for ur reply sir.. pls reply soon is of utmost important … regards
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Remember the utterance of a kufr statement and becomeing kaafir are two different issues. If a person utters a statement of kufr and is unaware of it then he should immediately repent and ask ALLAH for forgiveness for his statement. If one is told of it and he feels that he is right then there is fear of him leaving islaam.
    As for the statement you mentioned, although very in appropriate but it is not a kufri statement.
    The nikah only breaks once a person is adament and firm on wrong belief even after he is told about it.

  48. Please response my quries with relevent hadeeth and quran.
    1. what is sufism?
    2. Is dancing to show love towards Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is allowed.
    (on of my friend has given me the link of one of the muftis who states dancing is allowed and quoted hadees regarding)
    the link:

    Jazakallah khair..
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    1. True sufism is the redormation of one’s soul to remove all spiritual maladies and to inculcate good practises under the tutor-ledge of a qualified shaikh.
    2. The issue of raqs and tamaayul is a disputed issue which our ulema reject and do not allow. The proofs given are ,isquoted and therefore not correct.The issue of the habasheeyeen dancing in the masjid is actually wrong. It was Eid day and they were displaying their spear play , which none disputes its permissibility.InsjaALLAH i will try and write a full article to refure their wrong claims, inshaALLAH.

  49. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir me QURAN ka tarjuma or tafseer ek register me likh rahi hu
    during menses kya me gloves pehn kar us register me tafseer likh sakti hu
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Haan tafseer likh sakti ho bashart e kisi aayat par haat na l;age.

  50. hazrat ayesha(ra)ki waffat kis tarah huwi. aur un ki qabar mubarak kahan per hai. nishandehi ker dein plz.
    Sayyidatina Ayesha radhiyallahu anha Madina munnawwarah men wafaat paaiyi aur hannatul baqi men madfoon he.

  51. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM sir kya shaadi karna farz hae?
    is there any HADITH
    plz sir guide as soon as you can
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    nikaah is of various categories as classified by the fuqahaa.
    1. If a person cannot control himse;f andwill fall into sin then it will be fardh for him to get married.
    2. If the fear of involment in haraam is there then it will be waajib according to the hanfi mathhab
    3. If there is strong desire and one can control oneself then it will be sunnat to get married.
    If there is no fear it is mustahab to get married.

    It comes clear that Rasulullaah salalaahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned in a hadeeth found in Muslim sharif it is mentioned –
    ” if a suitable partner is found for your children then get them marries otherwise they will cause havoc .” Tis shows that to prevent wrong from occuring is necessary and if someone fall in haraam then it will be farz for him to marry. to save himself from sin.

  52. assalamualaikum… respected scholar my question is my huaband has the habit to use name of ALLAH in every talk like fo eg; ALLAH ne aaj accha khana khilaya, ALLah ne achi life di , Khuda ne chaha toh which is very good and b’coz he truly loves ALLah but he is so use to use it dat smetimes it puts him in danger like when once he said ‘ALLah ne tujhe itana stinking or ganda banaya hain’ widout intending to insult khuda but said mistakenly… i realy got angry and told him dat his statement was wrong and dat he shud tell me dat i m bad why take the name of khuda… he realised his folly and imidiately said ‘astaghfirullah’ thrice…. sir pls pls reply in detail is he suppose to renew his eiman and marriage…. is his statement kufriya statement…. pls reply soon
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    His statement is not a”kufri” statement but he should repeny and ask for forgiveness.Although both good and bad is within the control of ALLAH but to attribute bad to ALLAH is highly disrespectful.

  53. Assalamu Alaikum
    On one occasion in a fight my elder brother said “Shariat ki maa ke choot”
    He abused to Shariat. He is married with two children. Is his Nikah intact after abusing Shariat and is it a Kufr sentence.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    He has done a grave injustice and has to repent for his sin immediately.If he refusues to repent then it will become a kufri statement.

  54. Assalam Walaykum ,

    Dear Sir i have two question which i want to asked .
    1)I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on Sings of Qayamat he said that he heard someone tell that one of the sign is that in Majid E Nabvi no man will be able to enter since it will be surrounded by wild animals is this true???

    2) The same person also told me that their is a Hadith that in the end of time people will be
    identified by their beards can u explain it with any reference available
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Itis strange that he gives you the hadeeth and you ask us for the references. I have never heard of this before and will have to check

    1. Assalam Walaykum,
      the person who told that was also not sure about that, Thats why wanted to know if their is any authenticity to it .
      wa alaykumus salaam
      The narration i know of wild animals coming to the city is the condition of the day preceding qiyaamat. Yes Madina munawwarah will be surrounded by the forces of Dajjal . that is a known fact.

  55. Asslamu Alaikum
    If person has vowed that “if he masturbates again then he will give 10k in sadaqa”

    When some Aaalim asks him what vow he has taken then he lies to hide the truth from aalim & says that he’s vowed “if he goes to market then he will give 10 in sadaqah”

    please tell if this lie to an aalim will be a valid oath and in case he goes to market Will he be required to pay 10k.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Its strange how your question reminds me of an incident that one of our senior ulema related. A person who commited zina(adultery) and made the woman pregnant. When asked by his friend,” if you really had to comit the act why did you not use any protection?” He replied,” i heard to use it is makruh!”. It seems we forget the haraam and dwelve in the makruhaat.
    Lying is a major sin and is totally haraam. Your issue is now linked to lying and therefore 10k will not be paid but rather the kaffaarah for swearing a false oath. And that is either to feed ten poor or clothe them. If that is not possible then to fast for three days consecutively.Such is the incident with your previous question. No divorce takes place but rather you will have to pay kaffarah for the false oath you had sworn.(that is a far as her going to the moms place. However In the instance of her going to work , divorce will fall.

  56. mufti sahab,asalam-0-alaikum, ramadan mubarik,
    sir a friend of mine is ismaeili (aga khani), i am trying my level best to convert him into a sunni muslim but he is still saying that agha khais are muslims,plz tell me whether aga khanis are muslims are not,
    what are the main differences between a muslim and a aga khani, plz send reliable sources for informtion provided by you
    thank you
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The agha khani sect are shia ithnaa ashariyah and are out of the fold of islam. Go here for more information

  57. Assalamu Alaikum Mufti sahib mera ek sawal hai ki hamare imam sahib ne parso ye dua mangi”” ya Rasoolallah(S.A.W) rehem kijiye khuda ke waaste”” please ye dua mangni jaiz hai??
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Rahm aur maghfirat sirf ALLAH se hi maanga jaata he. Huzur e Aqdas salallaahu alayhi wasallam ko hukm mila apne aqaa se ke woh yehi duaa maangle ,”Ay mere parwardigaar meri maghfirat farmayaur mujh par rahmat mazil farmaai isliys ke aapbehtareen rahm farmaane wala he.”
    Surah muminoo ayah 118
    { وَقُل رَّبِّ ٱغْفِرْ وَٱرْحَمْ وَأنتَ خَيْرُ ٱلرَّاحِمِينَ }

  58. As-salam alaykoum,

    On the following link it is written that some ulema say it is halal to seek the help of jinns in things that are halal and I wanted to know how could this be possible if it is haram to call upon them.

    Does this mean that if a jinn speaks to me from the ghayb or comes in human form I could ask his help. Does it mean it is only haram to call upon them when they are in their world and are not in contact by voice or presence with us.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    The issue of seeking aid from the jin which is possible for them and permisible in Shariah will definitely be permissible.However seeking help and aid from them in matters that are not permisible like foreseeing the future, using them to harm others, etc is all haraam and forvidden. It is advisable for a person to have a deep understanding of Fiqh and Shariah before he even tries and get into contact with Jinn. I have seen many people mislead and decieved vy jinn. If a jinn encourages you to taqwa and reliance on ALLAH and abstention from sin then having such a friend will be benefical. As for usage of jinn it is mentioned in the Qur’an in the tory of sSulaiman alayhis salam that they did work for him.Remember Jin are but a creation of ALLAH and do not possess suh great poers that they can do as they please. They live like us and they die but their life spn is longer. Yes they are tronger thenus physically because of their size and the advantage of being “invisible” to human.

  59. Al Salamu alaykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

    A person in my masjid said that wine is halal, that pork is halal without adding any other explanation. A man became angry and said he uttered kufr. The other guy responded: see i wanted to test you when i said that.He said he was saying that with the niyah that those things are halal under extreme darura not in absolute way. He said he wanted to use that as a mean to preach us to be careful when we make judgement. I wanted to know what you think about the incident.
    Wa alaykumus salaam
    If a muslim makes a statement the we should first enquire why he said it. A similar incident is narrated of Sayyidina Ali karramallahu wajhahu. He stated i drink that which is haraam. Zmany were shocked but then he clarified he meantt anger which is haram but waajib to drink.

  60. Salam alaykoum,

    What is the ruling if someone claims to know that an event will take place or has taken through telepathy saying that psychologically he feels things sometimes of that nature. He is sure that it’s not from shaytan and also that is not a karamat. Nevertheless he is sure the event will happen 100 %. Is the man a kahin.
    Wa alaykumus Salam
    The difference between such a person and a kaahin is that a kaahin claims to know each and every persons future whereas such individuals at times get glimpses of things to happen via dreams etc. These are an of and on situation and therefore differs from your normal kaahin. 9 I personally experience such occurances but it is not within our control). On the other hand if the individual clims that he knows what will happen to individuals randomly then i fear he is a kaahin, linked to jinn who are misleading him and others as well.

  61. Assalam o aliaum !
    mera ek sawal hai ,ke jab bohot gussa ajaye to kya karna chahiye ,is ke liye koi wazzifa ,ya dua bataye ,plz ,take gussa hamesha ke liye
    khatam hojaye ,thanks
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Ya RAHMAANU 7 martabha parhke paani aur khana par dam kare.

  62. A person (non-Muslim) blocked my driveway so I angrily shouted at him. Immediately after, my wife told me there is akhlaq & that is not how a Muslim behaves. Many anti-islamic sentiments began running through my head & heart when she said that. I was so angry I ALMOST uttered: “I don’t care about akhlaq.” Instead I slammed the door & very reluctantly mumbled: “I know” and walked away.
    When she continued speaking about akhlaq & anti-islamic behaviour & the perception I gave out, the anger & anti-Islamic sentiments grew in my heart & mind to bursting point.
    I was THINKING I don’t care what Islam says about akhlaq. I am going to sort things out my way regardless. I dont care what others may think about Muslims. I was thinking of ways of verbally justifying my actions by using an Islamic argument. These thoughts MANIFESTED themselves by me responding to her Islamic explanation & talking above her as follows:
    1. Next time, you sort the problem out.
    2. I am never allowed to be angry
    3. Sometimes there is only one way to sort things out.
    4. No, the person being rude is not me, it’s him for blocking the drive. So don’t tell me about being wrong.”  
    Neither my wife, nor I, can recall if I did say anything else.  As I said these 4 things mentioned above, I was conscious that I wanted to express my annoyance without verbally saying anything anti-Islamic, yet inside i was raging with anti-islamic sentiments which i was bursting to express explicitly. I know I made a huge mistake.
    (a) Based on the above mentioned, however, I just wanted to know whether I have committed kufr by anything said, done or thought?
    (b) What should I do if I genuinely can’t remember whether or not I said anything else that may have constituted kufr?  
    (c) I suffer from OCD which manifests itself in 2 ways.  First, I take long performing wudhu (in particular washing hands), ghusl and istinja.  Second, I am plagued by kufr thoughts and analyse virtually every statement my wife or I make.  This has been prevalent since at least 2004.  In 2004 we went for Hajj and whilst having a bad time with OCD, I made the following statements:
    “I don’t want to be here, I want to go home , I can’t take this anymore.”  I may have also said (but can’t be sure): “I don’t feel like praying.” 
    The following muftis/institutions all stated that these statements did not constitute kufr:
    Mufti Ebrahim Desai
    Mufi Zubair Dhuda
    Darul Uloom Deoband
    Jamiatul Ulama SA
    Jamia Binoria
    Mufti Mohammed Sajaad
    However, Maulana A S Desai of Majlisul Ulama concluded otherwise.  He stated that I was not insane and that I had shown an aversion to the ibadat of Hajj and that I should re-perform nikah and re-recite kalima.
    My wife refused to re-perform nikah stating that many other scholars had stated that I had not committed kufr and that if she acceeded to my request, the same would happen in the future.
    My negative mindset precludes me focusing on the verdict of the majority and I am constantly worried about Maulana A S Desai’s fatwa.  He stated that nowadays there is no concept of majority verdict. 
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Moulana A S Desai has his opinion and others have theirs. It is up to you to decide who you trust and respect more. A simple solution is to make toubah and continue your life and get out of this shaytaani waswasaa ans start preparing for your aakhirat. The fatwaa given by the other ulema is also correct in my view. Kufr only comes when there is total and open denial and disrespect for the ahkaam of ALLAH. Thoughts do not constitute kufr. However we should repent for our thoughts.

  63. Assalamu Alaikum
    I have a colleague in office who is Shia. He doesn’t offer prayer, Can i preach him to offer prayer?
    I understood that he is a Kafir due to disrespect to Sahaba karaam ajmaeen and their prayer method is also different so his prayer will not help him so hence willl my preaching to him for offering prayer be meaningful?
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Will teaching a hindu to offer prayer be meaningful? Teach him about islam and respect of the Sahaabah radhwaanullaahi alayhim ajmaeen

  64. mufti sahab today i have comited a big gunah dat is dat i saw bad things …. i mean dat plx plx muje btain k mein allah taa’ala se apne gunahon ki maafi ksa mangu….. plx plx plx mri mdad kejia plx……
    Readf 2 rakaats of salatut toubah and thereafter ask from ALLAH foregiveness. Insha ALLAH je will forgive as long as we make sincere intention not to do the same “gunah” again.

  65. ASSALAM-O-ALAIKUM,,sir plz do reply
    ek raat me aasmaan k neeche boht ro rhi thi k mere dil me ALLAH k baare me waswasa kyu ata hae or me munafiq hu,,phir mene aasmaan me ek light dekhi ,,wo MUHARRAM ka maheena tha,,wo light kya thi,,mje yaqeen hae wo light mene dekhi thi,,sorry 2 say kya wo farishta tha,,ya me aesa soch kar ghalat kar rhi hu,,,
    sir plz plz plz batae
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Men wahaan moujood nahin tha tu apko men kaise jawaab do ke kiya tha.

  66. Assalaamu alikum Mufti Saheb,
    Please can you advice me. I am going through a very difficult phase at the moment. I have suffered from waswasas for almost 12 years now. However it has now taken its toll. I know it is more than waswasas as it has developed into a mental problem causing anxiety and emotional stress. M y concern is that sometimes I find myself struggling to say the Kalimah or the word Alaah even for fear of other images in my mind when I say the word Allah. I testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and I testify that Muhammad s.a.w is His servant and messenger. Deep down in my heart this is what I belive but when it comes to saying this with my tongue be it in Zikr, Salaat, Quran my mind is just infiltrated with shirk and kufr. I’m scared I ‘ve come out of the fold of Islam many times due to this. I do feel guilty, surely a mushrik dose not feel guilty as this is what he believes. I don’t believe what comes in my mind. I’m still a muslim aren’t I? At times I say ‘no’ shaking my head and wonder what am I saying no to? Is it to imaan or kufr? I am confused and scared of facing Allah, I feel doomed in this world and the next. I don’t know even if I have said shirk with my mouth out of sheer frustration or not. One things certain that I did not belive it even if I did. especially during the night when I am not sure if I was asleep or awake. I say the shahaadah many times to renew my imaan but I am married so I’m scared my nikah is broken due to these incidents. I can’t keep renewing my nikah and I dont want to live a life of adultery. Please please help.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    Thoughts that flow through ones mind are but thoughts as long as one does not act upon them. If these thoughts do come leave it and make istighfaar for it. One does not leave the fold of islam with such wasaawis and ones marriage is intact. Make a habit of reciting “laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minazh zhaalimeen.” at least 100 times a day.

  67. Assalaamu alikum Mufti Saheb,

    Jazakumullah for your answer, it helped a great deal. I just wanted you to clarify one thing. If when I say Allah with my tongue a thought of another person comes into my mind at the same time, but I feel bad afterwards and refuse to accept this person as my Lord. I’m still a Muslim aren’t I. I try to imagine ALLAH as an invisible being but sometimes its hard to concentrate in Zikr and Salaat as I’m constantly harassed by these thoughts.
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    My advise do not try and concentrate on ALLAH’S being rather place your concentration on IHS name and the zikr you are making.
    2. As for youe thoughts it does not render you out of the fold of islam.

  68. Aslaam Alaikum,
    My Question is about the Marraige itself actually one of my friend has recently married to a girl who was already in married with another man but she did not get Talaq from the first husband as he rejected to do so. I want to know that my friend which married to that girl as a second husband is that marriage is valid or its haram. Please let me know because im very much worried about my friend.

    Thanks & best regard

  69. I have intense fear of people and everything for no reason. I especially fear when someone does something bad to me or disrespects me and I’m afraid to confront them either physically or verbally. Is this a sign of weak faith or no faith at all? And what can I do to fix this problem? I have been reading many surahs and wazifahs but I’m still the same? What could be the reason for this? I have intense fear in my heart. And I feel mentally and emotionally weak. Is this something mental or spiritual? I have fear of both people my age and younger than me. What can be the reason for this, plz reply soon? Also I have trouble exercising and I get tired quickly and my heart runs out of breath. Does all of this mean anything? Plz reply me at jkallah?

    1. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
      I would firstly advise to go for a medical check up. Secondly I will request that you repeat laa ilaha illal laahu muhammadur Rasulullaah at least 100 times a day

  70. asalam alikum mufti saab
    mufti saab main aik bahut badi preshani mianmubtila hun mere khayalo per mera control nahi hai muze allah aur uski kitab aur rasool ke baare main bahut galat galat khayal aate hai jitna unko jhatkne ki koshish karti hununtne jayada aate hai bahut saal ho gye hai ab bardasht nahi hota plz aap muze bataye aesa kyo hota hai kya mai musalmaan nahi hun aalah ke vaste muze bataye ke main in se kese nizat paaun?

    1. و عليكم السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته
      100 baar laa ilaaha illaa anta subhaanaka inni kuntu minazh zhaalimeen rozana parhliya kare inshaAllah najaat milegi

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