Mangni is just a promise

ASalamualaikum sir!
mein Abu dhabhi mein rhti ho , apka mail .
apka pne lagta ni.
mere sath ek masala hai i think so u can help me!
meri  actully magni mre popi ke bete Shabaz k 7 & hoi hai bachpan se,usne 16 ki hoi hein n polic mein hei, muje se  15 16 saal bara hai,mera dil uder ni hai n mei nahi chati  ho haram mal mere gar ae.
yahan Abu dhabhi mein ek larka Amir muje pasnd ha mujse ek saal bara  matrix kia huwa hai n crain ka kam hai , pakistani ha,uski bhi mangni hoi hai chachi ki beti sofia k 7,jo uk mein hai

mein ne ami se kha per ami n uske abu ni man rae cuz hamari zaaat wato n unki gujjar,
n khandan ka dar laga huwa hai.
mein kia karo
hum dono hamare waldein ko naraz ni krna chate ,un ki kushi  n duao k 7 shadi krna chate hein pr
inko maney kesein.
istakara b karaya Amir hi nikla
please madad kr dein
kuch ni tu dua hi kr de,
mein B com krti ho  chae Amir kuobsurat ni yah matrix kia huwa  permuje pasnd hai.
plase koi amal hi bata dein  abhi ramadan b start hone walein hein
mein kud se har namaz k bad 3 time DAROD TUNJINA,DUA E JAMILA ,isha k bad
100 time:prttti honn FAJR K bad  agar ap ujse baat krna chatey hein tu mera personal mobile nos hai :
00971 55 7175964.
apka  bhuhat sukriya meri baat sun ne ke lye,
ALLAh ki bandi  MAhwish Noor.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
اللہ آپ کی مدد کریں اور مناسب و صحیح جگہ پر آپ کا رشتہ قائم کرادیں! منگنی نکاح کے وعدہ کا نام ہے ۔ اس سے نکاح نہیں ہوتا البتہ بغیر کسی معقول وجہ کے وعدہ کی خلافی ورزی کرنا بری بات ہے۔ صورت مسئولہ میں اگر آپ اس منگنی سے خوش اور راضی نہ ہوں تو اپنے والدیں سے بات کرکے اس منگنی کو توڑسکتی ہیں اورکسی دوسری جگہ والدیں کی اجازت اور رضامندی سے شادی کرسکتی ہیں۔ یہ بات یاد رکھنا ضروری ہے کہ جس لڑکا سے منگنی یا شادی کی بات چیت ہوتی ہے وہ شوہر نہ ہونے کی وجہ سے اس سے بات چیت کرنا گھومنا اور بغیر محرم کے اس کے ساتھ سفر کرنا حرام ہے۔ لہذا احتیاط ضروری ہے۔
ہر نماز کے بعد نیچے لکھی گئی دعا پانچ یا سات مرتبہ پڑھنا۔ ان شاء اللہ فائدہ ہوگا۔
“فسهل يا الهي كل صعب بحرمة سيد الابرار, سهل”
(Fasahhil yaa ilaahi kulla sa’bim bihurmati sayyedil abrari, sahhil)

ہم معذرت خواں ہیں کہ مدرسہ کا پرانا نمبر بدل گیا۔ نیچے دئے گئے نمبر پر آپ رابطہ قائم کرسکتی ہیں:
Tell: 0027 14 538  2307
Fax: 002788 14 538  2307

May Allaah help you out of the situation you are in and bless you with a proper match! Mangni is not Nikaah. It is a promise for the Nikaah which should not be broken without any valid reason. However, if you are not pleased with that Mangni then talk to your parents, convince them and get married to someone who is your match with the consent of your parents.
It should be carried in mind that fiancé is not a husband and therefore it is Haraam to talk to him, go out or travel with him without being accompanied by a Mahram.
Keep on reading the following Du’aa especially after every Fardh Namaaz in an odd number:
“فسهل يا الهي كل صعب بحرمة سيد الابرار, سهل”
(Fasahhil yaa ilaahi kulla sa’bim bihurmati sayyedil abrari, sahhil)
<strong>Note: We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you because of changing of phone number. Below is the new number:  </strong>
Tell: 0027 14 538  2307
Fax: 002788 14 538  2307


3 thoughts on “Mangni is just a promise

  1. asalamalaikum mufti sahab,my name is salma i m in a big problem..i love someone very much whose name is touheed even i cant imagine my life widout him he too loves me very much..last month he got engaged with his cousin..he is against with the engagement..he is unable 2 say to his abu as his abu is very strict plz we love each other very much i m praying to allah also can u tel me wazifah so that v both can get married.will be very thankful to u.thanks.
    sorry i cannot give you a wazeefah to influence others thoughts.

  2. Assalam-o-aleikum!
    With all due respect , I would like to explain my situation and want your guidance and any wazifa that I can follow to ask ALLAH swt to fulfil my wish.
    I like a boy and want to marry him. My parents are willing and happy with my choice. The guy whom I wish to marry used to like me as well. And his family wants me as their daughter in law willingly.. But suddenly the guy has changed and does not agree to marry me .. He however states that I am the right girl for him and he like me.. But he has reasons that he can not explain .. But it doesn’t give me any valid ecplaination of his refusal… I do not wish to marry anyone else.. And I also have a doubt that someone is putting pressure on him to step back..
    Is there any wazifa that I can follow to ask ALLAH to change his mind and agree to the rishta?? And I heard about istakhara… What is it? And how can we perform it? Please help me with this..
    your sister in Islam
    Wa alaykumus Salaam

    There might be wazaaif for such requests but i personally think it to be haraam to force someone nto something he does not want. This is exactly what the saahireen do. May ALLAH protect us from their ways. Ameen.

  3. Asak Mufti sahab

    my 2 previous messages haven’t been posted at your site.

    I got engaged few months back. I am going through a tough time, after my engagement my Mother In Law complained that we did not serve best in Engagement. Thus, now she is against this relation. She is being over concerned over small issues & creating a big problem. My Fiance , Father In Law & the relatives who bought rishta for me are very Happy with this relation. My fiance doesnt want to leave me. He just says Pray to Allah as Allah Kareem hai yeh sab aazmaish hai.

    Mufti sahab me & my family are under Black magic so few mufti’s say ke yeh amal hai jo rukawatey paida karta hai. My parents suffered with sickness & alhumdullila recovered now. As, this black Magic is in sequence this will affect the whole family other mufti’s said.

    Mufti sahab Pls give me some wazeefa to Gain LOVE from my Mother In Law so that we dont get insulted, Please mufti sahab give me some I will recite it after each obligatory namaz.
    Awaiting for your Immediate reply..
    Wa alaykumus Salaam
    There is no greater wazeefah than du’aa. Ask from ALLAH and he will definitely grant.

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