Allah Tabaaraka Wa Ta’aala has blessed mankind with the highest of position, being the Ashraful Makhlooqaat (the most honourable of all creations). For the upkeep of this position We have been warned not to fall prey to two of our enemies, Nafs and Shaytaan (Carnal desires and the devil). Allah Subhaanahu Wa ta’aalaa mentions in the holy Qur’aan :-

[12:53](surah yusuf)
And I do not absolve my inner self of blame. Surely, man’s inner self often incites to evil, unless my Lord shows mercy. Certainly, my Lord is the Most-Forgiving, Very-Merciful.”
[35:6] (surah faatir)
Surely ShaiTān (Satan) is an enemy for you. So, take him as an enemy. He only invites his group (to falsehood) so that they become inmates of the blazing fire.

These two aayaahs clearly warn us of the nafs and the shaytaan who will cause our destruction and finally cause us to be the dwellers of jahannam. If an individual falls prey to the whispers of Shaytaan and follows his carnal desires then automatically he will only listen to his desires and will go full out to try and fulfill his desires. Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’aalaa has warned us of this situation and what will its end result be in the following verse :-
So, have you seen him who has taken his desires as his god, and Allah has let him go astray, despite having knowledge, and has sealed his ear and his heart, and put a cover on his eye? Now who will guide him after Allah? Still, do you not take lesson?

Many will complain that who worships his carnal desires?  The true reason of worship is to become subservient and obey each and every rule of the object worshipped. By following our carnal desires are we not infact “worshipping” it? Therefore the stern warning because a person who follows his desires looses all scruples and becomes intoxicated by greed and want. Similarily are those who follow their whims and become slave of fashion.

Fashion in reality is only a means to control the thoughts and lives of the masses and steer them in the direction as needed by the so called powers and leaders.The fashion is changed at regular intervals so that the masses waste their hard earned income  and luring them into credit so that they remain the slaves of the economic powers. Every fashion chain store offers credit accounts for gullible clients who then work hard the whole month to meet their “bills” at the end of the month. No matter how many xlothes we have and all in good condition but as soon as the fashion changes so do our wardrobes and its contents too. Have we not subjected ourselves to wasteage and total submission to the designers and their styles?

Now let us examine the harms and effects of following fashion and becoming its slave.

1. It instills in us the love of dunya and unmindfulness of the aakhirah.

2.It encourages us to be wasteful.

3. It causes us to become pridefull. ( I wont be caught dead in those old clothes)

4. It creates a sense of superiority over those who cannot afford it.

5. Need and want even if it means buying on credit.

6.Total disrespect for islam and its modesty code.


In short to sum it upm i qoute the saying of a famous scholarm” We buy things with money that we dont possess to impress those whom we dont like”.


Author: jaamiahamidia

striving for the upliftment of humanity

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