Recommended Websiites on Tasawwuf

respected brothers i am an english speaking muslim and i am interested in Tasawwuf i would like to study a certain Tariqa but i find some of them preaching shirk going to grave to ask the inhabitants for help , their wrong concept of tawassul. can you recommend a certain tariqa/institute/website to learn tasawwuf
Assalaamu Alaykoem
Brother in islam,
Tasawwuf basically requires the tutorlage of a spiritual mentor for one to attain the quality of Ihsaan. Actually Tassawuf (i.e. the true tassawuf) is  the acquiring of taqwa and Radha in the decision of Allah. This can only be achieved when one adheres to the sunnah and become practical in carrying out deeds. Alhamdulillaah there are many such mashaaikh alive and practising today but it requires one to associate oneself with such mashaaikh. You will find the true mashaakh in many turuq but really one must feel comfortable with the sheikh more than the tariqa. Remember the shuyukh are like doctors who will diagnose your spiritual maladies and in accordance give you the prescribed practises to  help you on your way to the ma aarifat of ALLAH.
In The Naqshbandi silsilaa one of the ulema of haqq’s website is  :-
Another one is the one I (H-Adam) personally adhere to :-
I hope you find them beneficial


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