Interpretation of Kursi/Throne by Asharis and Maturidis

Salamu Alaikum , how do Asharis/Maturidis interpetate Kursi/Throne etc

Wa Alaykumus Salam
this i an extract from the book sharh of aqedah tahaawiyyah that is available on the site which will provide a detailed answer to your question inshaALLAH, :-

82- والعرش والكرسي حق
82- Al-’Arsh and Al-Kursi are true.


They both are mentioned in the Qur’an, therefore every Muslim must believe in them. However, no one knows what they truly are. These two things are among the things that are ambiguous (Mutashabihaat). The Qur’an and the Saheeh of the Sunnah did not go into the detailed explanation of what the Al-Arsh or Al-Kursi is, hence, we do not induldge in it.

All we know about Al-Arsh that it is a massive creation, probably the biggest creation Allah Ta’ala created. And it is the ceiling of Paradise. We also know, that Al-Arsh is going to be carried by eight angels in the day of judgement.

The Kursi is another creation that is smaller than the Arsh. Similarly, we do not know exact nature of Al-Kursi, other than Allah mentioned it in the Qur’an.

Submitting the true meanings of Al-Arsh and Al-Kursi to Allah is the safest way to protect one’s belief.

Anothropomorphists along with the rest of non-Muslims, believe that the Arsh is a throne (like the thrones of kings) and Al-Kursi is the chair (similar to thhe chair of kings), and they believe that Allah Ta’ala sits on the chair or throne like a king!!!, This is a clear blasphemy, and if a Muslims believes it, it renders him non-believer immediately.
Yes, among the meanings of Al-Arsh and Al-Kursi is the throne and the chair, however, we know that Allah is The Creator, who is not a mass to occupy a chair or sit on it, nor is He limited by phycial boundaries to sit !!!! on the throne!!..This is a Torah/Bible derived tale that seeped into some people’s imaginations. May Allah protect us and keep us steadfast on the correct path of truth.
Allah, Ta’ala, said in Surat At-Tauba, Ayah 129:
( و هو رب العرش العظيم )
This Ayah means : ( And He is the Lord of the Grand Arsh.)
The ayah specifically points to two things:
1-The Arsh is described with Grand and Great, it is hence, the Grand Arsh.
2-Allah Ta’ala is the Lord of Al-Arsh

Therefore, and since Al-Arsh is the biggest in size of the creation, Allah called it; The Grand.
However, it is subjugated to Allah, because, like everything else it is a creation of Allah, and Allah existed eternally when no Arsh or the place that contain Al-Arsh even existed. And if this Grand Arsh is subjugated to Allah, then necessarily, -and by definition- what is less in size than the Grand Arsh is also subjugated to Him, subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Taleb, karrama Allah Wajhahu, said:
” ان الله خلق العرش اظهارا لقدرته ولم يتخذه مكانا لذاته “
Al-imam Ali, was replying to the Jews and said:
“Allah Ta’ala, created Al-Arsh to show his Power and Majesty, and did not make Al-Arsh as a place for Him ”

Imam Al-Hafez Ibn Asaker, radiyallahu anhu, said: “All the creation is subjugated by His Power.” No knows what the Reality of the Arsh is but Allah, consequently, all we know about it is its name. Allah, ta’ala, keeps the Arsh in a very high place, and with His Mercy prevents it from falling on the heavens and earth. Keep in mind that Paradise is above the seven heavens and Hellfire is below the seven earths, all of that is the creation of Allah, subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Some scholars said Al-Arsh and Al-Kursi are really the same thing, others said they mean knowledge, others said they are a metaphor for Power and Majest, as per the Arabic language.

The best way is to believe in them, and submit the true meaning of them to Allah Ta’ala, knowing that nothing is like Him, and He Ta’ala is not contained in paces nor spaces.


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