Institutes recommended for Reverts

Salamu Alaikum Shaikh i would like to get some advice regarding the following matter: what is the best place for a revert to study islam , wich islamic university do you recommend to take a course for a few months or year(s) , ofcourse also being taught in english
Wa alaykumus salaam
Respected brother
There are many Islaamic institutes around but very few that offer their courses in English.As we are in South africa i know of two institutes that do teach in english or rather three. Yes all of them are very strict and all follow the hanafi mathhab and have strict dress-code and conduct laws. One of the three institutes hapeen to be ours which in reality is a smaal institute but teaches and provides a special course for reverts as well.Being based in europe , ill will try and find out if there are any institutes offering the course in english in england.


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