Woman touched with Lust by Father-in-law

salam, my question is that what islam says for a married women touched with lust by his father in law in the absence of her husband while women was innocent with no intention, and no sex is accured between them, only a touch with lust of father in law.plz answer me soon.
وعليكم السلام
باسمه تعالى
Sex is not necessary for Hurmate Musaharah. Touch with lust is enough. In the case referred to, if the daughter-in-law was wearing so thick clothes that the father-in-law could not feel the heat of her body or she was wearing thin clothes but the in-law got ejaculation at the time of touching then Hurmate Musaharaat will not take place. But if she was not wearing thick enough clothes nor did the in-law get ejaculation when touching his daughter-in-law with lust then Hurmate Musaharaat will take place. The daughter-in-law can not live her husband for the rest of her life. In such a situation the husband must give Talaaq to his wife so that she can marry so one else. However, if the daughter-in-law alone claims of the touch but the father-in-law denies of it and is not proved with witlessness and the son does not believe the statement of his wife then Hurmate Musaharaat will not take place and nor will it be necessary for him to separate her by Talaaq.
والله اعلم


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