Salaah without Bra and Panty

can a women say her prayer without wearing bra and panty, in normal clothes of full covering, and is she responsible to wear undergarments all the time, like 24 hours?
السلام عليكم
باسمه تعالى
Wearing bra and panty is not necessary for the validity of Salaah. The necessity is covering of Satr-whole body for woman except face, palm and feet. If a woman wears clothes in such a manner that not part of her Sart is open, the Salaah is valid.
As regard to wearing undergarments all the time, it not necessary to wear undergarments. What is necessary is to cover whole body when she goes out whereas it is not necessary to observe full Hijaab when she is at home and no Ghair Muhram is around.
والله اعلم


One thought on “Salaah without Bra and Panty”

  1. Plz email answer!
    If a woman experienced an orgasm but did not have intercourse, is ghusal necessary 4 her?
    السلام عليكم
    باسمه تعالى
    Discharging of semen with excitement even without intercourse necessitates Gusl. Therefore, the Gusl will be Wajib if semen discharges in the case referred to in the above-mentioned question.
    والله اعلم

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